Supermicro – Vision for the Future of Computing

Supermicro - Vision for the Future of Computing

Supermicro presents the future of computing with the latest advancements in system hardware and how those technologies will accelerate performance increases from the data center to the 5G edge. In addition to an executive keynote and several featured videos, all are welcome to immerse themselves into the future of computing by entering the Supermicro virtual event. Here attendees can interact with 3D models of new products, chat with technology experts and view more videos and printed content.

Watch the Keynote and Visit the Booth: 4/6 10:00am PT

Opening Keynote

Supermicro CEO Charles Liang and Intel® Executive Vice President and General Manager of Data Center Platform Group, Navin Shenoy will share their vision for the future of computing. The discussion will include how the latest advancements in system hardware accelerate performance increases from the data center to the 5G edge. Mr. Liang will highlight the deployment of solutions to meet the requirements for the full spectrum of workloads such as 5G/Telco, AI, HPC, big data analysis, streaming and content delivery, and virtualization and general enterprise applications. This session is a must for anyone interested in winning in this era of digital transformation.

Introducing the Supermicro 3D Virtual Experience

Introducing the 3D demo of the latest Supermicro systems in a 360 degree virtual experience.
Visit the booth and get a chance to win a prize!
Virtual Booth Live on 4/6.

  • 360 Degree interactive virtual booth
  • Highlighted product TechTalks
  • Deep Dive sessions presented by industry leaders
  • Responsive 3D models of Supermicro servers
  • 1:1 direct chat with our product experts
  • Meeting scheduler with our sales team

Upcoming Sessions

Supermicro’s servers provide efficient, high-performance Edge to Cloud platforms for advanced applications and new network deployment. This interview will reveal how a leading operator has implemented its new 5G network with the latest and most advanced technology from Supermicro and Intel®.

Supermicro’s Jerry Dien, director of server products, and our product leaders demonstrate our latest hardware and software technologies designed to set new workloads performance, ready for fast deployment for Cloud, AI, HPC, and 5G Edge. Deep dive into our product experts’ technical live demos, including Supermiro’s AIOM for flexible and blazing fast networking, the next generation server orchestration and management software, our rapid data center deployment through the comprehensive rack integration process, and the leading 5G Edge server designs. Powered by Supermicro and Intel®

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