Leveraging New Technologies for the Emerging Hybrid Workforce

The hybrid workforce is here to stay, and IT organizations that scrambled to support remote work and collaboration in 2020 are building environments that will support flexible work for 2022 and the future. Learn about new technologies that provide improved network access, tighter security, and greater employee communication and efficiency.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way information-based businesses work and the hybrid workforce is here to stay. IT professionals will need to support this new reality, managing secure access to corporate resources from a higher number of distributed locations and endpoints and ensuring employees have the tools they need to work together, even when they are physically apart.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of new technologies on the rise to ensure every employee has the applications and access they need, without sacrificing performance, efficiency, or security. This summit will explore infrastructure and application options that enable and empower distributed workforces. Experts will discuss networking platforms, such as SD-WAN and SASE, that support remote work, as well as cybersecurity technologies that keep corporate data and access safe across private networks and the cloud. In addition, learn about collaboration and project management tools that level the playing field and help employees – whether at headquarters or at home – do their best work.

Specific topics may include:

• Best practices for implementing SD-WAN, SASE and ZTNA
• Choose collaboration tools based on specific workforce needs

• Understanding the SD-WAN and SASE ecosystem
• How AIOps can improve cloud and network security

• How to shift from traditional network security models to cloud-based, distributed options
• Ensuring network performance for video conferencing and remote meetings


The shift to remote work caused enterprises to rethink their network connectivity and continues to spur rapid adoption of secure connectivity platforms including SD-WAN, SASE,…

As flexible work environments become a permanent feature, enterprises must ensure their security measures focus on remote access, cloud security, and zero trust.

Enterprises are beefing up tools such as video conferencing, collaboration platforms, and project management tools that allow equal participation for in-office and remote workers.

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