Ransomware: Improving Resilience and Readiness

Ransomware is ranked as the number one threat in Australia by CISOs, continues to hit the headlines, and continues to cause significant disruption to business operations. The nature of ransomware though has changed significantly, and “you need a better back up solution” is not a realistic solution to the current threat. Improving your resilience against, and readiness to response requires a joined up approach involving people, processes, and technology.  This event will be of interest to you as you navigate the journey to best practice. 

In this session VMware Security’s Australian and International experts will deliver you actionable advice.

Forrester has named VMware a Leader in Endpoint Security Software As A Service in Q2 2021.


– Cutting through the hype: Redefining ransomware; a snapshot of current ransomware techniques and an evaluation of the real level of risk.
– Quick wins: Where to focus and how to deliver improvements to your readiness and resilience fast.
– The longer term goalpost: Actionable advice across the pillars of people, process, and technology that will continue to lift your readiness and response capabilities.

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