The next wave of Identity is here. Is your organization ready? Join us for the CONVERGE 21 REPLAY to catch the latest releases from Saviynt, hear from top industry leaders, and see cloud transformation stories from global enterprises. We've also included additional, exclusive sessions designed for Asia Pacific.

Watch cybersecurity experts, thought leaders, and industry-leading CISOs discuss how they are reshaping the way we approach identity. This is your opportunity to gain valuable insights on how to improve your security posture, and implement proactive strategies for new and emerging threats.

Identity Transformed | 9 am AEDT

Success in modern cloud identity depends on our ability to evolve. By taking a transformative approach today, our industry can offer systems, software, and strategies built to scale with tomorrow’s unknowns.

Saviynt SVP, Dan Monstephen explores the adaptive nature of identity and outlines long-term success strategies supported by Saviynt’s hands-on partnership and innovation.

Dan Montstephen

Being Prepared: Adapting To The Modern Risk Landscape | 9:15 am AEDT

The modern cyber-risk landscape is changing daily, with new vulnerabilities and new ways to protect against them. From remote workforces to supply chain security, global enterprises can stay prepared with an identity-based perimeter.

Maersk CISO, Andy Powell walks through the modern risk landscape, Maersk’s approach to security posture, and proactive strategies for new and emerging threats.

Plus, an interactive group discussion with Ricardo Lafosse and Andy Powell led by Saviynt CEO, Amit Saha.

Andy Powell
Maersk CISO

Ricardo Lafosse
Kraft Heinz CISO

Riding The Wave: The Future Of Enterprise Identity Cloud | 10:15 am AEDT

Saviynt was created to challenge the status quo. 10 years later, we continue to deliver on that promise through steady innovation and industry-leading features and capabilities.

Saviynt CPO, Vibhuti Sinha shares a vision for the future of converged identity governance, with the latest product developments and roadmap for Enterprise Identity Cloud.

Vibhuti Sinha
Saviynt Chief Product Officer

Sandipto Banerjee
Saviynt Senior VP, Products & Solutions

Building the Plane While Flying Fast: How IAM Drives Growth + M&A Success | 11 am AEDT

See how Saviynt simplifies identity, supports growth initiatives, and streamlines compliant mergers & acquisitions.

Accelerating Healthcare Innovation with Identity | 11:45 am AEDT

It’s all too common in the healthcare industry: Adopting new technology reveals security risks that can deter the innovation process. But in the current digital climate, any threats from innovation are increasingly outweighed by risks from outdated systems. The good news? Modern identity management and governance solutions can help your organization accelerate innovation without compromising patient privacy, information security, or compliance.

In this session, identity experts from Deloitte, and Saviynt will discuss the current state of healthcare identity management, the challenges around access and compliance, and share ways to address them head-on with the cloud identity solutions.

Closing Keynote | 1 pm AEDT

That’s a wrap! Join Dan Montstephen, Senior Vice President, APAC, as we close out CONVERGE 21 Replay APAC.

Dan Montstephen

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