Getting Started with Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Today's organizations prioritize security, growth and agility - this is all now a reality with Azure Red Hat OpenShift. It is a fully-managed, cost-effective, cloud-based service that allows you to focus on the things that matter.

Join Red Hat and Microsoft on a virtual experience where you will be able to learn more about Azure Red Hat OpenShift. Hear from our leadership about the future of OpenShift, listen to analysts discuss where the public cloud is heading, deep-dive with a demo, or learn the coolest pieces of developer tooling. There is plenty to watch and learn on the topics you’re interested in and meet the needs of your role.

To gain access, view tracks below and select sessions to register for free.

Business Track

Discover how a managed container platform can support your business growth, save costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Hear about Azure Red Hat OpenShift use cases as well as the cloud native and Kubernetes latest market trends.

Technical Track

Join to explore Azure Red Hat OpenShift with a deep-dive demo, learn the latest on developer tooling and hear from our product team about upcoming features and enhancements.

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