BrightTALK @ Big Data LDN 2022

Big Data LDN aims to bring together a host of leading data and analytics experts, ready to arm you with the tools to deliver your most effective data-driven strategy. Join us as we engage with these world-class big data professionals in live sessions dedicated to bringing you the latest in data-driven strategy.

Expertise, amplified.

Live-streamed expert conversations between industry professionals and Enterprise Strategy Group analysts, powered by BrightTALK Studios.

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Potential Discussion Topics:

These are samples of prospective topics an ESG analyst could discuss with a vendor spokesperson, the specifics of which can be tailored to meet the vendor’s unique perspective on the topic:

– How Managed Services are Unlocking the next generation of DBAs and Developers

– The Importance of Reliable and Automated Data Pipelines

– Transforming the Business with Modern BI

– The Rise of Data Observability and its Impact on Data Hygiene
Bridging the Gap Between DataOps and MLOps

– Extending Governance Standards to MLOps

– Managing Data Analytics at Scale

– Empowering the business with trusted data – Quality, Governance, Security, & Compliance

– Enabling AI at Scale Across the Business

– Unifying the Data Experience

@ Summit Sponsorship Opportunities:

Exclusive Fireside Chat 

Exclusive 1:1 fireside chat with ESG analyst and your SME

Fireside chat to be streamed live on BrightTALK live from the event 

1x Promotional Video Snippet of your SME during the panel to be used in direct promotion (delivered within 24 hours)

1x Promotion enablement package   

175 EMEA leads*

Exclusive Partner Panel

Exclusive opportunity to cast your SME and two partner participants of your choosing in an ESG moderated session

Panel session to be streamed on BrightTALK live from the event 

1x Promotional Video Snippets of each SME (3 total) to be used in promotion (delivered within 24 hours)

3x promotional enablement packages 

175 EMEA leads*

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