Data Architecture Best Practices

Build a data architecture that streamlines data efficiency and leverages data intelligence to solve tough business problems.

A well-designed data architecture enables effective data management, fosters a modern data-driven work culture, and delivers analytics to help organizations make smarter business decisions. This is a straightforward concept, but there are several considerations and steps for creating a successful data architecture. Attend this three-day summit for expert insights and resources to help you build and manage a data architecture that leverages data intelligence to solve the business problems of today and the future.

Content to be added soon. You will be able to register for free and gain access to live webinars, fireside chats and keynote presentations from the world’s leading data innovators, vendors and evangelists.

April 18
Data Warehouses, Lakes, and Lakehouses

Harness the power of data management architectures to enhance data quality and consistency for analytics uses while improving data intelligence

April 19
Emerging Data Platforms

Understand how to use new technologies for centralizing data to eliminate silos, increase efficiency and deliver more trustworthy data

April 20
Evaluating DBaaS

Learn the most important steps to take and features to evaluate when choosing a DBaaS system

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CIOs, CTOs, MDs, Heads, EVPs, SVPs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Practitioners, and Consultants within:

IT / IT Architecture / IT Infrastructure
Systems Engineering
Software Engineering / Data Engineering
Solutions Architecture

Cloud Architecture / Cloud Security
Data Strategy & Architecture / Data Center Ops
Hybrid-Cloud / Multi-Cloud
AI Automation / Machine Learning

Cybersecurity / Cyber Intelligence
Network Development
Development Operations
Project & Product Management

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