Focus: ABM Power Tactics

Brought to you by BrightTALK, this one-day virtual event features an all-star lineup of practitioners eager to share their favorite ABM power tactics. Engage live with marketing and sales thought leaders, get access to fresh data and research, and walk away with actionable learnings that can help take your ABM program from good to great.

It seems fair to claim that we’ve now moved past the question “Why do ABM?”. For today’s practitioners, it’s now about how to do ABM really well. And the pressure is on all of us as we battle for revenue in competitive and volatile business environments. Since deals are harder to come by, each account interaction is more important than ever. The right ABM tactics can grow your revenue, and continued missteps could take you off the consideration list – for good.

Activating any effective ABM strategy links together many tactics. So leading teams laser-focus their targeting using superior behavioral signals. They leverage intelligence to tailor content and powerfully engage buying teams. And they continuously align their resourcing to achieve the best-possible business outcomes.

Join us on June 21 for Focus: ABM Power Tactics, a virtual event brought to you by BrightTALK. We’ve gathered top practitioners from around the globe to break down their favorite ABM power tactics for you. Their sessions will help build momentum in your organization and add real impact to your own ABM programs.

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