We’re hosting three Summits during Cloud Month, focused on the three key subject areas of the cloud: Cloud Ops, Big Data, and Security. Join us throughout October for live and interactive coverage of Cloud Month 2017.

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From IT Ops to Cloud Ops

From IT Ops teams managing on-premise hardware and servers, to fully-integrated off-premise cloud infrastructures, the transition to cloud ops is in full swing. Although this simplifies workforce, cables, and physical space, it can complicate storage models, managing a mobile infrastructure, and living a hybrid cloud lifestyle. Latency, cost and bandwidth are just a few factors that can impact your business -- tune in to learn more.

Big Data in the Cloud

Businesses must consider the infrastructure implications as they corral data, understand and translate data. Deploying big data projects in various cloud environments and having them interact with one another correctly is only getting more complicated as the world adopts data as its universal language. Learn from the leading experts how to take advantage of the cloud, its infrastructure and analyzing power.

The Future of Cloud Security

Cloud computing is an increasingly vital element of information security. It’s used to protect sensitive data; for identity and access management; for network security and to aid with incident response. However it’s not without it’s own set of risks and has been hit in the past with significant and newsworthy breaches. Join our expert thought leaders for this Summit (part of BrightTALK’s Cloud Month) as they discuss the key opportunities that the cloud brings, whilst also covering the risks that continue to foster mistrust.

Featured Presenters

Ulf Mattsson headshot

Ulf Mattsson

Head of Innovation


Bala Kalavala

Founder & CEO

Adiya Inc.

Paula Greve

Senior Director, Data Science

McAfee Labs, Intel Security Group

Jim Jagielski


The Apache Software Foundation

Ryan Allphin



Ted Harrington headshot

Ted Harrington

Executive Partner

Independent Security Evaluators

Jeanne Morain headshot

Jeanne Morain

Digital & Cloud Strategist, Author, Speaker

iSpeak Cloud, LLC

Chris Orlando

Co-Founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer


Ricardo Baeza-Yates


ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow

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