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Summit Agenda

January 15: Building a High-Performance Sales Culture

Learn how to hire, structure, motivate, train and manage a winning sales organization.

January 16: Developing Full-Funnel Forecasting

Accelerate sales through proper activity and performance metrics at every stage of the funnel.

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International Women’s Day 2019

With every new year, women in hi-tech positions are making greater strides towards closing the gender pay gap and achieving equality in the workplace. With these achievements also come new challenges and opportunities; including leveraging today’s technologies and newfound diversity and inclusion programs to blaze a better trail for future female leaders around the globe. Hear from the women that are pioneering what it means to be successful in this industry, from founders and entrepreneurs, to engineers, team leaders, mentors and beyond.

Featured Summit

Future of Sales in the Connected Era

Today, we expect everyone and everything to be connected. Always. In this connected era, information is so easily accessible that is has changed the relationship between buyers and sellers forever as buyers control who they connect with, when, where and how. This requires a new approach with new technologies. Learn from top sales leaders as they discuss how you can accelerate sales and increase productivity by leveraging cutting-age strategies and tools necessary to ensure you are prepared for today's connected economy.