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Une cyberattaque n’est pas quelque chose que l’on choisit de traverser. Cela reste une situation subie. Ce qui ne laisse que deux voies : la…

Effectively manage the supply chain in a globalized and uncertain business environment with emerging technologies and proven security strategies.

Effectively manage the supply chain in a globalized and uncertain business environment with emerging technologies and proven security strategies.

Ensure your hybrid and mobile workforce remains productive and secure with a best-fit hosted or virtual workspace

The enterprise data center is alive and well, but must embrace some of the characteristics of cloud computing to meet modern demands

Data science can drive business success, but organizations must carefully select the tools and techniques that provide the insights they need

Strengthen your cloud applications and infrastructure against threats with expert strategies and tools

Organizations must prepare for increasingly sophisticated and costly cybersecurity risks in the year ahead.

Stay on top of containerization with leading orchestration products and best practices to secure and monitor your company’s containers

Deploy the right collaboration solutions to ensure your workforce is successfully engaged and productive

Learn about the latest cloud, serverless, security and infrastructure trends in the market. Can’t make it to Las Vegas? Register for these live-streamed panel discussions…

A surge in attacks and breaches, coupled with more stringent regulations, means your data security practices must evolve to keep pace

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Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) programs empower organizations of all industries and sizes to better manage crucial activities within the company – boosting the effectiveness…

Discover best practices for integrating security while optimizing network performance, improving resource allocation and reducing operational costs

Effectively managing complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments is crucial for today’s organizations to make the best use of cloud and realize business benefits.

Detect and prevent the most pervasive cyber threats with these expert tips and proven success strategies

Unleash the power of augmented analytics to optimize core business processes, source new revenue streams, improve customer satisfaction and drive long-term success

Expand and empower your workforce with the latest recruitment technology and workplace learning training tools.

Le cloud hybride promet d’améliorer l’agilité, d’offrir de nouvelles opportunités et d’optimiser les stratégies autour des données dans tous les secteurs et toutes les entreprises.…

Brought to you by BrightTALK, this one-day virtual event features an all-star lineup of practitioners eager to share their favorite ABM power tactics. Engage live…

Live-streamed expert conversations between industry professionals and Enterprise Strategy Group analysts, powered by Tech Target Studios.

The IT organization is critical to driving and achieving sustainability goals with green computing initiatives and informed procurement strategies.

Empower your business with digital processes and tools that drive results in the face of changing consumer expectations, new security threats and compliance challenges.