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Welcome to the BrightTALK Summit series. Our summits are a collection of topical webcasts run over the course of one or two days focused on a variety of relevant and timely subjects that matter most to you. They are free to attend. Choose all or specific summit webcasts to attend live or on demand.
BI changed rapidly in 2013, with trends including increasing mobile and cloud adoption and advanced analytics capabilities being pushed out across the enterprise. While tools have grown more sophisticated, storytelling h..
HR is quickly becoming a strategic part of organizations as employee success has direct correlation with client and organizational success. Join this summit to learn about a range of key topics crucial for HR leaders fro..
Regardless of seniority, hiring a good salesperson is tough. They need to exemplify a mix of empathy, intelligence and drive, and at the end of the day, be able to consistently hit and exceed their quota. Join this summi..
It seems like every week brings another network or data breach, leaving a new crop hundreds of thousands of people vulnerable now that their sensitive data has been stolen. As more of our clients and associations are tru..
As marketers, the pressure to do more with less time always seems to be the challenge. Automating your marketing campaigns is the most efficient way to keep your customers coming back and knowing how to keep them engaged..
40,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bytes (40 Zettabytes), that’s how much digitally stored data humankind will possess by 2020, according to IDC -- all a result of social, mobile and cloud data. And it's up to storage prof..