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Welcome to the BrightTALK Summit series. Our summits are a collection of topical webcasts run over the course of one or two days focused on a variety of relevant and timely subjects that matter most to you. They are free to attend. Choose all or specific summit webcasts to attend live or on demand.
Throughout 2015 Virtualization is proving its place within the infrastructure and the efficiency it can bring to servers, data centres, workspaces and more. Software-defined solutions are pushing the technology to its ne..
As organizations grow and expand their offices across the nation or globally, it becomes imperative to provide their workforce with the necessary tools to attend meetings, collaborate on projects and have face-to-face co..
Content marketing has proven itself as a central tool in customer acquisition and engagement. With the current state of the industry at an all time hype, marketers need to look for the best strategies beyond the moment o..
Not all customers are created equal, but you have the opportunity to turn any customer into a vocal brand advocate. Customer marketing relies heavily on the exploitation of strong customer relationships. To be successful..
Machine learning is one of the hottest topics in data science today and, of course, a key tool in the data scientists' toolbox. In this summit, co-produced by Hakka Labs and BrightTALK, we've sourced talks from experts a..
The ITSM industry is changing fast. Would you like to know what’s in store for the ITSM Industry in 2014 and what trends are emerging? Join this summit to hear from industry experts on the what’s new and exciting wit..