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Welcome to the BrightTALK Summit series. Our summits are a collection of topical webcasts run over the course of one or two days focused on a variety of relevant and timely subjects that matter most to you. They are free to attend. Choose all or specific summit webcasts to attend live or on demand.
Whether it’s a natural disaster, epidemic or system outage, your organization must be prepared to withstand a disruptive event and continue operations without the loss of data, human resources or infrastructure. This c..
Will 2015 be a year of growth? The global recovery isn’t following a set script with IMF having cut its global growth forecasts for 2014 and 2015. They’ve also warned that the world economy may never return to the p..
Many consider the software-defined data center (SDDC) as the final evolution of virtualization. By having a virtual data center, you create ultimate reliability by abstracting applications from the data center infrastruc..
With security attacks becoming more sophisticated seemingly by the day, the threat landscape is changing constantly. Recent high-profile data breaches have caused CIO’s and CISO’s all over the world to re-think their..
The data center is increasingly at the center of your organization. As we move further towards the cloud and add virtual layers to our infrastructure the data center has had to deal with further and further pressures. Th..
In 2013, 20% of companies reported taking longer than 30 hours to recover IT operations after their last major disruption, according to the State of IT Resiliency and Preparedness study conducted by Forrester Research an..