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Welcome to the BrightTALK Summit series. Our summits are a collection of topical webcasts run over the course of one or two days focused on a variety of relevant and timely subjects that matter most to you. They are free to attend. Choose all or specific summit webcasts to attend live or on demand.
Understanding where prospects are in the buyer’s journey enables sales reps to shorten sales cycles. Using data and lead scoring can predict what accounts have a better chance of becoming an opportunity which ultimatel..
ITOps and DevOps are evolving at a rapid pace to meet the demands of the changing business environment. Organizations need to adjust their culture, delivery frameworks, and service models to deliver and run mission-criti..
DevOps is a trend rapidly spreading throughout the tech community. As any other new concept, it is often confused with other terms, which creates many discussions among industry peers. This summit is meant to clarify wha..
As the sector that has probably been affected the most by the FinTech boom, there is definitely a lot that has changed with the way we process payments today. From consumer and retail payments to using your mobile to tra..
With millions of pieces of personal data lost last year, this month's Summit will focus on whether data breaches are inevitable and if the worst happens, how you should respond to protect your organisation...
CSI continually improves the effectiveness and efficiency of services and processes. There are thousands of tools and methodologies to help you with the implementation of a CSI strategy, but which ones are the right ones? Our thought leaders will debate exactly this question alongside with other overarching CSI topics...