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Energy efficiency tax review: What the proposed changes will mean for business

The latest government consultation on energy efficiency taxes is now open: Treasury, BIS (Department for Business Innovation & Skills) and DECC (Department of Energy & Climate Change) are working together to consult on and review the existing energy efficiency tax framework, which could streamline taxes and reduce the administrative burden on businesses.

The government plans – ‘Reforming the business energy efficiency tax landscape’ – is aiming to simplify energy tax and reporting schemes, and improve the effectiveness of policy in realising cost-effective energy and carbon savings. The proposals on the table are:

Scrapping the CRC and creating one CCL-type consumption tax for businesses

Creating one single reporting framework, bringing together elements of the different schemes that businesses currently comply with into one ESOS-style scheme

Potentially introducing new financial incentives to encourage businesses to invest in energy efficiency measures

Between now and November 9th businesses are being invited to share their views and opinions on proposed changes to the business energy efficiency tax landscape to help shape its reform.

What do the changes mean for businesses? Who will be the winners and the losers? How can businesses get involved?

Join BIS and energy experts Inenco Group for a webinar on the changes proposed, the impact on business and why you should get involved.

Amongst other things, you’ll gain:

An improved understanding of the review

An understanding on how the changes proposed will impact your business

Advice on how to get involved
Recorded Oct 29 2015 59 mins
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Presented by
Arjan Geveke, Assistant Director Energy Policy BIS; David Oliver, Policy expert, Inenco Group; Helen Wheeler, Inenco Group
Presentation preview: Energy efficiency tax review: What the proposed changes will mean for business
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    Pioneer organisations, including United Utilities, Sainsbury’s, Aggregate Industries and Tarmac, are working together, and calling for others to join them, to create an electricity network that takes inspiration from nature to deliver, store and use electricity in the most optimal way possible.

    This will make our system more compatible with the abundant renewable sources of energy around us, helping us achieve a 1.5-degree world and making our energy system ready for the future.

    Is your organisation a pioneer?

    Can you help drive the Living Grid movement forwards?

    Join this webinar to find out:

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    - How your organisation can get involved
    - What the benefits are for you


    Martin Hunt, Head of Networks and Partnerships, Forum for the Future

    David Hill, Business Development Director, Open Energi
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    So learn from the experiences of The Energy Desk and find out what you need to watch out for. Zoe Chadwick, Associate Director will take you through what they have learnt and what you need to watch out.

    This is perfect for you if you are end user or a broker/consultancy looking to help customers.
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    In 2015 National Grid launched its Power Responsive campaign to help deliver Demand Side Response (DSR) at scale by 2020.

    Join this webinar at 2pm on Thursday, 17th March to find out why and how your business can benefit.

    You’ll hear from:
    •Paul Lowbridge, Power Responsive Programme Manager at National Grid
    •Chris Kimmett, Commercial Manager at Open Energi
    •Martyn Newton, University of East Anglia
    •Glyn Lee, East of England Co-op

    They will share their expertise and experience of Demand Side Response, providing you with an overview of:
    •How our energy system is changing and the role of DSR
    •The different types of DSR
    •How to develop a DSR strategy
    •Challenges and lessons learnt from implementing DSR
  • Behaviourial Change and Engagement Recorded: Feb 25 2016 44 mins
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    Sophie Longmate of Walgreens Boots Alliance looks at the psychology of people to drive greater engagement around energy savings and share with you the journey that Boots has been on surrounding this topic.
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    Gareth Williams and Kyle Macneill
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  • Minimum Energy Performance Standards: How to unlock the commercial benefits Recorded: Nov 26 2015 58 mins
    Helen Wheeler - Head of Property sector, Inenco; Kevin Jackson - Head of Property sales, Inenco; Speaker TBC, CIBSE
    The Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) will come in to force from 2018, but property firms must start taking action now to meet them in time. By April 2018 all rented properties in the non-domestic sector with an F & G rated building will need to be improved to be rented out - and from April 2023 all existing commercial lettings will also need to be improved.

    Are the rules for D & E rated properties going to change? What can businesses do now to get ready? What is the value opportunity for agents and tenants?

    Join energy property experts Inenco Group for a webinar on how the changes brought about through MEPS will enable energy efficiency and cost savings to be achieved.

    Amongst other things, you’ll gain:

    An improved understanding of MEPS and an update on the current rules

    Expert Advice on what you should be doing today in order to be ready for MEPS

    An understanding on how to turn a legislation into a cost reduction

    Tips on using MEPS to increase the property's appeal by reducing energy costs
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  • Title: Energy efficiency tax review: What the proposed changes will mean for business
  • Live at: Oct 29 2015 11:00 am
  • Presented by: Arjan Geveke, Assistant Director Energy Policy BIS; David Oliver, Policy expert, Inenco Group; Helen Wheeler, Inenco Group
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