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A review of energy markets in 2016

A review of energy markets in 2016: How have macroeconomics, geo-political uncertainty and the increasing globalisation of energy markets impacted UK Gas and Power Prices? Mark will also look at the possibilities for 2017 and what large end users should look out for.
Recorded Dec 16 2016 54 mins
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Presented by
Mark Linke, British Gas hosted by Priyanka Shrestha, ELN
Presentation preview: A review of energy markets in 2016
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  • Fully funding onsite renewable energy in the post subsidy era Feb 19 2020 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Cameron Welsh, Shimon Shoshani and Imran Khan, Marubeni Europower
    Marubeni Europower is a subsidiary of the Marubeni Corporation. Marubeni is a leading investor in renewable energy who develops and operates Independent Power Producer (IPP) Projects.
    Funding can be a challenge for many organisations. Marubeni will outline new approaches to fully funding onsite renewable generation projects such as Wind, Solar, Storage & EV Infrastructure. The webinar will introduce Marubeni’s capability & outline the steps involved in producing a Corporate PPA proposal for clients to consider.

    Cameron Welsh
    Business Development Manager
    Cameron focuses on origination of new investment opportunities for the Distributed Energy team. He has been working with I&C clients for over 25 years on critical infrastructure projects most recently in the areas of asset revenue optimisation in grid balancing and demand response markets for assets such as Energy storage, CHP and Flexible Generation.

    Shimon Shoshani
    Head of Distributed Energy
    Before joining Marubeni, Shimon ran his own consultancy company advising large energy consumers on energy storage projects. He was a V.P. with Statkraft, heading its UK development activities in onshore wind. Prior to Statkraft, he held various technical, commercial and project management roles with E.ON in the UK, Lahmeyer International in Germany and with the Israel Electric Corporation.

    Imran Khan
    Business Development Manager
    Prior to Joining Marubeni Imran has spent over 12 years building his career within the renewable energy sector. Having worked for some of the larger Utilities and Solar developers working across various roles he has now bought his experience and works with the distributed energy team in progressing our PPA offer to the C&I sector.

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  • Blackouts, Batteries and Brexit: A Review of the Energy Landscape in 2019 Recorded: Dec 10 2019 59 mins
    Mark Davis, Director UK&I, GridBeyond and Eamonn Bell, Head of Market Strategy, GridBeyond
    This webinar session explores the energy trends, topics and events that shaped the year 2019. We look at the blackouts, batteries and Brexit, as well as key market shifts and policy changes. In addition to the implications these had on 2019, we’ll discuss how these affect future energy markets as we move forward into 2020.

    We’ll also revisit some of the key predictions made at the beginning of the year, and analyse how reality matched up in the UK, Ireland, and across the globe.

    Mark Davis
    Director UK&I, GridBeyond
    Mark entered the energy industry back in 2000 when he began in the advanced industrial market for NPower, specialising in complex market mechanisms. Following that ten year stint, he moved into Smart Grid technology, before he moved into a role at Total that encompassed managing I&C cross-border operations. Mark has seen the impact of the changing energy landscape on I&C businesses more than most, and is an expert in taking granular topics and contextualising within a global market.

    Eamonn Bell
    Head of Market Strategy, GridBeyond
    Eamonn’s experience in energy markets, policies and regulations spans ten years. Eamonn holds Masters degrees in Physics from the University of Bristol and in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London. Having worked for a decade on the innovative side of the electricity industry - for aggregators and the wind industry’s trade body RenewableUK – Eamonn is arguably one of the best placed individuals to explain the intricacies of the energy markets and to simplify and clarify this complex part of the energy industry.

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  • Towards net zero: how can businesses play their part? Recorded: Nov 21 2019 59 mins
    Mark Westwood,Head of UK Commodity Solutions Sales, Ørsted Sales UK, Angela Treanor, Senior Corporate PPA Manager, Ørsted
    Balancing commercial priorities with action to slow climate change is a real challenge for businesses. How you choose and use energy is just one part of this complex issue but has major impacts on cutting CO2 emissions. In this webinar, we’ll explore how the right energy strategy can help businesses to speed up the journey to net zero, while protecting their bottom line and growing commercially. Topics for discussion include:

    •Why is net zero so important?
    •The role of energy in our greener future
    •How the SDGs are shaping action
    •Policy and risk
    •Corporate PPAs

    Mark Westwood
    Head of UK Commodity Solutions Sales, Ørsted Sales UK
    Mark has over 20 years’ experience in the energy industry working with major energy clients across a variety of projects including Renewable Commodity contracts, and Risk Management.

    Mark works collaboratively with clients to identify, develop and implement energy solutions to provide cost and carbon reductions. All of this with the aim of improving the client’s bottom line, enhancing their CSR credentials whilst allowing them to focus on their core business activities and taking away the energy ‘headache’.

    Angela Treanor
    Senior PPA Manager, Corporate PPAs Offshore, Ørsted
    Angela has 7 years’ experience working in the renewable energy industry. Qualified as a civil engineer, she has a background in project management, developing renewable energy assets.

    Focusing on the commercial development of projects, Angela builds Corporate PPA solutions for Ørsted’s clients, prioritising long term sustainability and risk management.

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  • MCPD: what your business needs to know Recorded: Jul 4 2019 60 mins
    Leigh Preece, Power Electrics, Steph Charnaud, Enzygo, Jack Christie, KiWi Power
    The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) and Specific Generator Regulation aim to improve air quality and reduce pollution by cutting harmful emissions from medium combustion plants (1-50 MW) and specified generators. The regulations apply to all medium combustion plants across the UK including back-up generators, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant and boilers.

    The legislation is complex with multiple compliance deadlines and this has resulted in a lot of confusion amongst businesses. This webinar will untangle the process and clearly explain how businesses are affected and what they need to do.

    -MCPD & abatement – Leigh Preece, Power Electrics
    -Permitting – Steph Charnaud, Enzygo
    -Impact on DSR – Jack Christie, KiWi Power

    Our expert speakers:

    Leigh Preece, Sales Director, Power Electrics
    Leigh Preece is the Sales Director for Power Electrics, the UK’s largest independent supplier of FG Wilson generators.

    Steph Charnaud, Principal Consultant, Enzygo
    Steph has 16 years’ experience within the environmental sector, within non-governmental organisations, local authorities and as a regulatory officer and policy advisor within the Environment Agency.

    Jack Christie, Head of Account Management, KiWi Power
    Jack has worked with KiWi Power for the past three years within the company’s sales team, becoming the head of the account management channel in June 2017.

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  • Capitalise on rising energy costs: Five ways to transform your buying strategy Recorded: May 23 2019 58 mins
    Stuart Lea, Inenco, David Oliver, Inenco, Michael McGowan, Ibstock

    •Inenco - Stuart Lea, Head of Energy Procurement
    •Inenco – David Oliver, Technical Product and Insight Manager
    •Inenco customer – Michael McGowan, Group Sustainability Manager, Ibstock

    Increasing commodity and non-commodity costs amidst a back drop of unprecedented economic uncertainty means that revisiting your energy buying strategy is more important than ever.

    A robust energy strategy, executed well, will give your businesses long-term cost and carbon savings, it will shelter you from rising commodity and non-commodity energy costs and provide you will revenue generating opportunities.

    In this webinar, we will share our top five essential steps for developing a future-proofed energy strategy that can handle anything 2019 throws at it.

    You will also hear from Inenco customer, Ibstock, who will share first-hand experience of how an effective energy procurement strategy helped their business achieve a competitive advantage, despite a changing and challenging environment.

    The webinar will explore all elements of the energy strategy, from choosing the right procurement tools through to optimising your consumption patterns.
  • The right medicine: reducing cost and carbon in the NHS Recorded: May 16 2019 59 mins
    Lorcan Anglin, Inenco Mark Winn, Inenco
    Lorcan Anglin, Head of Solutions at Inenco
    Mark Winn, Lead Consultant, Public Sector at Inenco

    How can a better approach to energy management help NHS organisations to deliver the Ten Point Efficiency Plan?

    Bottom lines in NHS Trusts take a direct hit every time energy costs rise, forcing organisations to direct an already-stretched budget away from front line service delivery. Many choose to fix their energy prices annually, but taking a different approach to procurement can provide greater budget certainty and create opportunities to better control energy price inflation. Looking afresh at energy consumption can also unearth real optimization opportunities and the chance to control overall costs.

    Using real life case studies and practical advice, this webinar will focus on delivering both better energy procurement and an holistic approach to energy optimisation. Our industry experts will address:

    1.How differing approaches to procurement strategies can achieve better outcomes and reduce the risk of annual price variations and provide greater budget certainty
    2.Taking a shorter-term focus on invoice validation to remove the need for retrospective review and recovery, keeping much needed resources available for vital frontline services within financial year
    3.What opportunities exist to review technology and processes that will optimise energy consumption to both reduce cost and help achieve 2020 carbon reduction targets
    4.Five essential steps for identifying saving opportunities, prioritising them and developing investment cases based on short pay-back periods.
  • Capitalising from clean energy: finding the right on-site solution Recorded: Mar 19 2019 59 mins
    Stuart Reid, Managing Director (Projects), Mark Tarry, Chief Financial Officer
    On site energy centres can provide long-term cost and carbon savings, sheltering large energy users from rising energy costs and boosting sustainability through low carbon generation. Industrial sites and commercial property infrastructure are playing an increasing role in the decentralised energy system but technology is rapidly evolving, and no one solution suits all users. Businesses face a myriad of choices, from on-site heat and power generation and waste heat recovery to peaking plant to provide export services.

    In this webinar, Stuart Reid and Mark Tarry from AMP Clean Energy will explain how businesses can still benefit from the transition to decentralised energy, despite a changing subsidy environment.

    The webinar will consider what options are available to businesses looking to explore a switch to on-site generation, from choosing the best low carbon technology for your site’s needs to overcoming financial obstacles to secure investment.

    You’ll also hear real-life examples of how the installation of an on-site peaking plant is helping a commercial property developer attract new tenants and how award-winning British grower Villa Nursery’s CHP plant has reduced their gas spend by £200,000 per annum, and the rewards they have reaped since its installation in 2017.

    About AMP Clean Energy
    AMP Clean Energy provides businesses with low-carbon heat and power solutions, with significant funding available to invest over the next five years in low carbon and clean tech energy projects. With investment in over 120 low carbon assets, their tailored solutions for high volume heat and electricity users provide long-term cost and carbon savings through fully financed, turnkey solutions.

    •Stuart Reid, Managing Director (Projects), AMP Clean Energy
    •Mark Tarry, Chief Financial Officer, AMP Clean Energy
    •Case studies: Villa Nursery & Centric Power
  • Targeted Charging Review: Likely Winners and Losers in Energy Charges Shake Up Recorded: Feb 1 2019 60 mins
    Dan Hickman, Helen Gardner, Dan Connor, Herdial Bibby
    Our webinar will take you through Ofgem’s proposed changes to the way in which major Network Charges such as Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) and Distribution Use of System (DUoS) are calculated. We will also look at the scenarios under which energy users may benefit under these major changes– and which may face cost increases.
  • ESOS Phase 2 - are you compliant? Recorded: Sep 27 2018 59 mins
    Adam Pigott, Liz Morgan, Pri Shrestha
    ESOS Phase 2 – are you compliant?

    Now is the time to start thinking about ESOS Phase 2, become compliant and avoid fines of up to £235,000.

    This webinar will highlight what you have to do for ESOS Phase 2 and ensure that you hit the deadline of 5th December 2019. You may think that December 2019 is a long time in the future but your data preparation period began 1st January this year.

    So make sure that you tune in for Adam Pigott & Liz Morgan, Kinect Energy and Pri Shrestha, Energy Live News as they take you through the seven easy steps to ensure your compliance.

    To sign up for this exclusive webinar, click on the ATTEND button in the panel below.
  • How to beat your competition – become an energy leader with distributed energy Recorded: Sep 11 2018 50 mins
    Andrew Donald, Simon Farr, Pri Shrestha
    Simon Farr and Andrew Donald from Centrica Business Solutions discuss the findings from the Energy Advantage Report which spoke with over 1,000 respondents from six countries on their organisations’ attitudes to energy.

    See how energy leadership has business benefits and those taking the lead are gaining a competitive edge.

    Understand the ways to improve your energy efficiency and operational performance through the adoption of distributed energy solutions.
  • Your Network Charges Are Changing - Will You Be Paying More for Energy? Recorded: Sep 7 2018 42 mins
    Daniel Hickman, Pri Shrestha
    The Targeted Charging Review (TCR) and the Reform of Access Arrangements & Forward-Looking Charges proposed by Ofgem could be the largest ever changes proposed for Network Charges since market start-up.

    We would like to share with you what we know about these proposals so far and how you can make your voice heard in these discussions.

    There will be impacts (many companies will be charged more, some will be charged less) and we at npower Business Solutions want to ensure business customers have all the relevant information.
  • Is battery storage a viable technology for my business? Recorded: Nov 30 2017 58 mins
    Tim Barrs, James Dow
    Tim Barrs and James Dow will discuss the market context, technical considerations together with the business case and potential revenue streams of a battery storage installation.
  • Energy Resilience - have you got it? Recorded: Nov 28 2017 45 mins
    Pri Shrestha, Tim Wynn-Jones
    As more businesses are beginning to feel the true impact of not having a dedicated Energy Resilience strategy, learn about the practical steps you can take to ensure your business is more energy resilient.

    We will discuss

    •What is Energy Resilience?
    •The risks of non-resilience?
    •How do I know if I am resilient?
    •What do I need to do?

    Join ELN's Pri Shrestha and Tim Wynn-Jones, Centrica Business Solutions as they take you through it.
  • Oil prices are rising, how do you control ALL your energy budgets Recorded: Nov 23 2017 42 mins
    Julian Keites, Priyanka Shrestha
    Controlling your gas and power budgets through flexible procurement contracts? Well now you can for liquid fuels too: total fuel budget control. If you’re worried about your strategy for liquid fuels, Julian Keites of Kinect takes you through the new thinking on fuel price risk management…..and how you can make significant savings.
  • Energy purchasing made simple Recorded: Oct 11 2017 42 mins
    Mark Davis, Phil Best
    With emerging technologies, changing regulations and increasing pressure from the boardroom to help meet organisational goals, being an effective energy buyer has never been more challenging. However, one thing remains core – getting the right supply contract for your business.

    Aimed at the energy buyers who want to make sure they are covering all of the basics, Total Gas & Power will highlight what you need to know and why.

    Viewers will also receive a complimentary copy of the MEUC’s Contracting for Power and Gas training guide.
  • How to minimise non-commodity charges on your energy bill Recorded: Mar 31 2017 60 mins
    Pri Shrestha
    We will be running a special webinar on 31st March at 10 a.m.

    Non-commodity charges are going up and are becoming a bigger part of your energy bills. The expert team from British Gas will join Chief Reporter, Pri Shrestha to discuss what’s changing and how you can start to alleviate these charges.

    Topics to be covered include

    •T&D costs
    •Green Charges
  • Understanding Water in the National Trust Recorded: Jan 24 2017 60 mins
    Mark Roberts, Pri Shrestha
    Mark Roberts works for the National Trust as an internal consultant on water. His role is to provide their properties with advice and guidance on all aspects of water across the properties including key items like mains water usage, private water supplies, private sewage systems, flood risk and sustainable drainage. He is passionate about the environment and is keen to improve the way the organisation manages water and reduce the impacts it has on the local water environment.

    Mark will discuss how to baseline and monitor water and then look at wider aspects of water including the deregulation happening in April. We will be joined by Jodi Robinson, VAS Operations Manager at Water Plus. She is knowledgeable in water efficient products and building tailored Water Management strategies to suit individual requirements. Jodi has over 15 years working in various consultancy and project managements positions.

    A big thank you for Fit for the Future helping to pull this all together.
  • A review of energy markets in 2016 Recorded: Dec 16 2016 54 mins
    Mark Linke, British Gas hosted by Priyanka Shrestha, ELN
    A review of energy markets in 2016: How have macroeconomics, geo-political uncertainty and the increasing globalisation of energy markets impacted UK Gas and Power Prices? Mark will also look at the possibilities for 2017 and what large end users should look out for.
  • TPIs: transparency and trust Recorded: May 20 2016 60 mins
    Sumit Bose, Emily Groves, Giles Hankinson, Michael Dent
    Giles Hankinson the CEO of Utility Aid, Michael Dent, MD Inprova Group and Emily Groves, the MD of last year’s most trusted TELCA winners Indigo Swan join ELN Editor Sumit Bose for a robust chat on broker fees and reputation. Don’t miss it!
  • Managing both sides of the bill-3 steps to minimise non-commodity costs in 2016 Recorded: May 20 2016 58 mins
    David Oliver, Matt Osborne
    With non-commodity costs making up the lion’s share of an energy bill, how can businesses manage growing network charges, fixed environmental levies and a Climate Change Levy set to double in the next three years?

    Inenco’s Matt Osborne and David Oliver will guide you through how non-commodity costs are forecast to change and outline strategies to mitigate them, from changing the way we think about risk management to unlocking flexibility in your business.
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