Transforming the Health Care Professional Experience Thru Social, Mobile & Cloud

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Anne O'Riordan, Accenture |Todd Pierce,
New expectations of Healthcare Professionals are driving a transformation across life science companies. Social, mobile, and cloud technologies represent a significant opportunity for Life Sciences companies to re-define physician interactions and drive deeper 1:1 relationships and lower costs, while giving physicians time back to focus on patients and deliver better health care.

Please join Accenture & to learn more about how cloud innovations are significantly accelerating and improving the way life science companies engage with physicians to help them facilitate better patient outcomes. You’ll hear about:

• Trends driving the need for increased multi-channel physician engagement
• The opportunity for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to more effectively interact with their healthcare professionals; and
• Practical examples in use at leading life sciences companies.

Anne O’Riordan, Global Industry Managing Director for Accenture’s Life Sciences practice
Todd Pierce, Senior Vice President, Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Solutions,
Aug 14 2014
52 mins
Transforming the Health Care Professional Experience Thru Social, Mobile & Cloud
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  • What's Your Buyer Persona IQ? Understanding Customer Perception to Win Business Sep 29 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
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    What happens when you interview customers to understand the attitudes and interactions that affect their buying decisions? You uncover the specific customer perceptions that marketing and sales professionals must influence to win more business.
    Over the last year, Buyer Persona Institute interviewed customers in roles as diverse as CEO, CIO, engineer and physician, probing for the truth about the factors that affected the outcomes of their recent buying decisions. In this presentation, Adele Revella, author of Buyer Personas: How to Gain Insight into Your Customer’s Expectations, Align Your Marketing Strategies, and Win More Business (Wiley, March 2015), will highlight the most compelling insights revealed to her team.
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    Cara Bingham, Product Marketing Director at Salesforce | Kamilla Khaydarov, Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce
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    Fortunately, there’s a solution for all of this. In our webinar, Gain Better Sales Insights with Salesforce, you’ll learn how to get a complete picture of your business across both your direct and indirect sales channels. Anywhere.
    With Sales Cloud and Partner Communities Salesforce, information is in one place so it’s easier to prioritize and make quick decisions based on the most up-to-date information, no matter where your data is coming from. And do it all from any device — a laptop, a phone, you name it.
    Join us to hear from one of our successful customers, who will share their own Salesforce success story. The webinar will also feature product experts, a product demo and a chance for you to ask your questions live.
    Cara Bingham, Product Marketing Director at Salesforce
    Kamilla Khaydarov, Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce
  • Mastering the Retail Omni-Channel Experience with ALDO Aug 26 2015 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Omar Zaibak, Salesforce. Mike Bogan, Traction on Demand. Serge Rose, ALDO Group.
    The retail industry has gone through a massive transformation driven by changing consumer behaviors, new channels, and emerging technologies. According to Forrester, most retailers now cite mobile and omni-channel efforts as their two top priorities.

    Retailers must ensure that in-store and digital channels are supported and integrated with each other to ensure a consistent customer experience and stay relevant in an increasingly competitive landscape.

    Join us for a special 45-minute webinar featuring ALDO to understand how they’ve approached integrating the Salesforce platform into their business and how they’re looking to develop their own omni-channel strategies that keep the customer experience at the center of everything they do.

    Learn how one of Canada’s leading retailers:

    · Created a single and complete 360-degree view

    · Participates in conversations about its brand on social networks

    · Streamlined inventory operations to get products to customers faster

    · Reduced the time to resolve customer service issues by 50%
  • Fuel Your CRM with High-Octane Data Aug 25 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jim Hopkins, Salesforce
    To accelerate sales and drive rapid growth, competitive companies have come to rely on CRM as the high-performance engine that powers the business. But your CRM engine is only as good as the customer data fuel you put in.
    Learn what dirty fuel is costing your business, and how you can use advanced customer data to boost performance.
  • The Future of Patient Services in Life Sciences Aug 18 2015 3:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Anne O’Riordan, Accenture Global Life Sciences Practice Lead | Josh Newman MD MSHS, Salesforce Chief Medical Officer and GM
    Do you know when patients want services to help them to manage their health? Do you know how they want to receive those services?

    Please join us and your peers for a webinar on Tuesday, August 18 at 8:30 am PST where we will share the key findings from an Accenture survey of 10,000 patients around the world on their unmet services needs in seven therapeutic areas across the entire patient journey.

    In addition, we will share:
    - Leading edge practices in patient services;
    - Key factors that are shaping the future of patient services;
    - A demonstration of Accenture’s Patient Engagement Salesforce - FullForce Certified Solutions, part of Accenture’s groundbreaking Intelligent Patient Platform.

    Learn how pharmaceutical companies quickly execute their patient-centered strategies using outcome-based analytics to deliver a uniquely designed experience and improved patient support.
    Come see the future of patient services!

    Anne O’Riordan, Accenture Global Life Sciences Practice Lead
    Tony Romito, Accenture Life Sciences Managing Director, Life Sciences
    Rich Sherman, Accenture Life Sciences Connected Patient Technology Lead
    Josh Newman MD MSHS, Salesforce Chief Medical Officer and GM Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • How Third Rock Ventures Wins Employee Engagement with Salesforce Communities Aug 13 2015 6:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Megan Anderson, Project Manager, Third Rock | Patrick Morrissey, CRO Simpplr | Julian Armington, Product Marketing Salesforce
    Meet Third Rock Ventures, a company that has reinvented the model of venture capital by building biotech companies from the ground up, and basing their investments on life saving innovations — not profit margins.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how Simpplr helped them build a Salesforce Employee Community to:
    - Engage employees with a personalized help and support they need,
    before they ask
    - Share experiences and critical knowledge across their portfolio of
    - Inform employees with activity streams to keep everyone, on every
    project, aware and aligned
  • Precision Wealth Management: Reinventing the Customer Experience Aug 13 2015 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jacob Schutt, Principal - Parallel Advisors | Eran Agrios, Wealth Management, Salesforce| Nick Fedotoff, Salesforce
    A perfect storm of industry, cultural and technological change is reshaping client expectations for firms offering wealth management advice. Learn how Salesforce views the industry changing and how we’re helping our Wealth Management customers respond to industry trends with specifically tailored solutions.

    Jacob Schutt, Principal, from Parallel Advisors will share how he’s using Salesforce to transform the way they engage with clients to deliver an unmatched experience.
  • Ride the Wave and Crush Your Quota: Analytics Cloud for Sales Aug 11 2015 4:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Max Lydstone, Chief of Staff, Unitrends | Ramya Babu, Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce Analytics Cloud
    Selling is not walk in the park. Sales managers often change course after gaining visibility into forecasts and need to effectively manage teams with KPIs. And the list goes on. These are challenging especially given that current analytics apps are stuck in the past and restricted to experts.

    But with the Salesforce Sales Wave App, you can generate actionable insights from your sales data. Join this webinar to learn more about how you can drive sales performance at your fingertips.
  • 6 Powerful Email Tactics to Engage New and Existing Customers Aug 6 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mitch Lapides, President & CEO, FulcrumTech | Bryan Richey, E-mail MKTG, FulcrumTech | Pete Doucette, VP, Boston Globe
    In today’s evolving digital landscape, The Boston Globe sought new ways to drive increased digital revenue. In this webinar, learn how The Boston Globe worked with email-marketing agency FulcrumTech to increase annual subscription growth by 90% over the previous year.

    You’ll take away:
    - A methodology for how to prioritize the right campaigns to optimize
    - How to predict the potential impact of changes to your email program
    - 3 optimization tests you’ll definitely want to try
    - A quick guide for setting up and running multivariate tests

    End the session with a special Q&A with email thought leader Mitch Lapides, CEO and President of FulcrumTech, Bryan Richey, FulcrumTech Director of Email Marketing, and Pete Doucette, Vice President, Consumer Sales & Marketing.
  • 3 Keys to Measuring Marketing and Sales Success with Salesforce and Pardot Aug 6 2015 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Thomas Krawczyk, Solution Engineer - Salesforce Pardot
    Powerful reporting and actionable insights are key to optimizing your funnel, but 48% of B2B marketers feel they lack the analytics and reporting skills to measure their return on investment, and 33% aren't measuring ROI at all (Omobono).

    Fortunately, B2B marketers can use the power of Pardot + Salesforce to easily understand which campaigns, content, and channels truly impact ROI. Join Thomas Krawczyk, Solutions Engineer at Salesforce Pardot, for a 40-minute webinar to learn more about:

    - how Salesforce and Pardot work together to illuminate the marketing activities that are closing deals
    - which stage of the sales cycle your prospects are in — and where there are bottlenecks in your funnel
    - how to use data to optimize and forecast for better results
  • Medicaid Delivery System Transformation with “CRM” (DSRIP, ACO, HH, MMC, PCMH) Aug 5 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Lora Lindsey, Healthcare Innovation Executive | MaryGrace Apostoli, Healthcare Solution Engineer
    Across the country, healthcare delivery reform programs like DSRIP are continuing to evolve and learn from other cross-border leadership teams. These ambitions require a significant shift in the infrastructure that supports care delivery and a new approach to more effectively managing patients outside the hospital.

    Salesforce has been working with hospital leadership teams across the country to explore how our technology can help:
    · Track, manage and grow a complex network of care providers (clinical and non-clinical)
    · Adopt a targeted approach for caring for high risk populations (execute tailored communications, coordinate care teams, standardize care processes across disease groups)
    · Activate patients in the community (support effective patient self-management, education and empowerment)
    Please join us for a brief webinar as we discuss the use cases being explored by NY’s DSRIP PPS leadership and see a demo of how the platform can help your organization lower administrative costs ensure data accuracy, manage complex relationships, increase provider engagement, and simplify reporting
  • How Papa Murphy’s Perfected its Recipe for Franchise Success with Salesforce Aug 4 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jenni Doyle, Director of Information & Technical Services & Business, Papa Murphy’s|Lisa Henderson, Product MKTG, Salesforce
    Find out how Papa Murphy’s Partner Community helps franchisee holders coordinate every step of new store openings from the ground up.
    You’ll learn how they designed their social intranet, Pathway, to streamline previously cumbersome processes with:
    - Real-time collaboration between franchise owners, field teams and partners
    - 360-degree transparency into the entire process, including task allocation and progress
    - Reduced task coordination moving from 15-20 spreadsheets to one single template
  • Reinvent Advertising with a Single View of the Customer Recorded: Jul 29 2015 47 mins
    Gabe Joynt, Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce | Zachary Reiss-Davis, Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce
    In this webinar, packed with stats and customer success stories, we’ll look at top trends forcing a change in online advertising, and a new and award-winning solution from Salesforce.

    Active Audiences allows you to advertise based on a cross-channel view of your customer, connecting to Facebook Custom Audiences, Twitter Tailored Audiences, and the broad display advertising ecosystem. Learn specific tactical steps you can take this quarter to get more out of your marketing investments, and see performance benchmarks from our recent study of more than 2 trillion ad impressions.
  • Simple Email Strategies for Increasing Member Engagement Recorded: Jul 28 2015 41 mins
    Blake Miller, Salesforce|Megan Glynn, Blue Star Families|Laura Roberts, Blue Star Families| Kelly Babbs, Blue Star Families
    Email is a tried and true digital channel to reach brand members and subscribers, but how do marketers ensure email engagement when they click "send"?
    Join this webinar to learn three simple ways Blue Star Families, a charity organization in support of military families, is using Salesforce Marketing Cloud to increase member engagement in emails.
  • How Eli Lilly Uses Salesforce1 Platform to Build Apps and “Power the Business” Recorded: Jul 28 2015 59 mins
    Richard Grogut, Director of IT, Eli Lilly | Steve Pratt, Principal, Deloitte Consulting | Bandar El-Eita,
    The pace of innovation in Health and Life Sciences is accelerating, and overweight legacy systems slow down even the best organizations. Large Enterprises are at risk of disruption unless they can fuel their innovation engine. For Eli Lilly, making advances in global health means never slowing down and always innovating.

    In this webinar, hear from Richard Grogut, Director of IT, Emerging Technologies at Eli Lilly on how they utilize the Salesforce1 platform to build apps faster than they had ever imagined, align IT more closely with the business, and innovate to “power the business”. Steve Pratt, Principal, Deloitte Consulting, will also explain why the gap between IT and the rest of business continues to grow, and how visionary leadership can revolutionize the role of IT.
  • The State of Sales - Four Key Best Practices That Drive Sales Performance Recorded: Jul 23 2015 37 mins
    Peter Gaylord, Director, MKTG Research and Thought Leadership, Salesforce | Shane Trigg, AVP, Commercial Sales at Salesforce
    Welcome to the age of buyer sophistication, where behaviors and expectations are fueled by the constant information streams at customers’ fingertips. What does this mean for today’s sales teams?

    Salesforce Research, part of Salesforce, surveyed more than 2,300 global sales leaders to find out. The findings, presented in this webinar, will reveal four clear trends that separate thriving sales leaders from those merely treading water.

    Learn best practices and practical guidance from Shane Trigg, Area Vice President of Sales at Salesforce, and also hear the Salesforce sales playbook on boosting sales performance. Register now and learn what successful sales teams are doing in 2015.
  • ShotSpotter Delivers Winning Support for Law Enforcement with Service Cloud Recorded: Jul 23 2015 38 mins
    Jeff Jaeger, Operations, ShotSpotter | Mike Will, Technical Support & Customer Service, Shotspotter | Kate Mirkin, Salesforce
    When it comes to providing solutions to law enforcement for gunfire alert and analysis, it's important to delivery the right type of support at the right time. Learn how ShotSpotter transformed their support operations with Service Cloud through automated case escalation and improved agent productivity. Enhanced visibility enabled ShotSpotter to have better collaboration between support, sales, and account management while driving improvement throughout the organization with reporting insights.
  • Marketing at Velocity - How Fresh is Best in Marketing Data Recorded: Jul 22 2015 54 mins
    Chris Brogan, Author, Journalist & Business Advisor; CEO, Owner Media Group
    We're in an amazing time. There's more sales and marketing data available to us than ever before. However, an abundance of data causes all new issues along with some great opportunities.
    How can you take advantage of the power of exceptional marketing and sales data AT THE TIME OF NEED instead of weeks later, in a historical format? What are the opportunities related to velocity-based-marketing? How can anyone in the sales chain (from marketer to salesperson to point-of-sales person) take advantage of this great opportunity?
    Join business advisor Chris Brogan of Owner Media Group as he covers this and other related topics.
  • EMC Powers Shared Services on Service Cloud Recorded: Jul 21 2015 56 mins
    Alissa Chellis, EMC |Jeff Wojnar, Accenture|Ian Jacobs, Forrester Research, Guest Speaker Discussing State of Shared Services
    Shared services organizations face ongoing pressure to reduce costs and drive efficiency. Join this to learn how EMC, a global leader in B2B IT infrastructure, uses the Service Cloud and Accenture solution to serve their internal customers--their employees--to overcome these challenges and transform operations for 15 distinct services, with additional service deployment planned.

    This webinar will cover:
    - An outlook on the state of Shared Services by a guest speaker from Forrester Research
    - EMC’s journey to drive greater efficiency and successfully manage over 150,000 requests per quarter (via shared services portal, email, mobile)
    - How EMC improved internal customer experience (employees) by centralizing help from 5 disparate locations, to one place
    - EMC’s success in pivoting visibility from manually tracking 30+ files, to real-time performance dashboard
    - EMC’s path to replacing 2 disconnected web forms with a self-service community
  • How to Save Time & Money with Pardot Recorded: Jul 21 2015 43 mins
    Phil Simpson, Regional Sales Manager - Salesforce Pardot
    B2B marketing and sales teams are on a constant quest to improve upon their revenue-generating efforts, and the tasks involved — seeking out new business, creating a seamless buyer experience, building and tracking campaign efforts — all require significant time and effort.

    What if there was a way marketers and sales teams could save time and effort and increase revenue generation at the same time?

    Enter, your technology toolbox. With Pardot marketing automation, marketing and sales teams can maximize campaign efforts, boost productivity, and shorten sales cycles — yielding consequential benefits both marketing and sales teams. Join us for a quick 40-minute look at how Pardot can:

    - help generate new business
    - identify quality leads for quick conversion
    - create a faster, smoother buyer’s experience
    - prove real results

    Also, hear from one of Pardot's incredible clients as they share how using Pardot has their benefited their teams and business!
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  • Title: Transforming the Health Care Professional Experience Thru Social, Mobile & Cloud
  • Live at: Aug 14 2014 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Anne O'Riordan, Accenture |Todd Pierce,
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