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Ensuring Security in Machine Data

This Webinar will discuss why it is inherently safe to collect and transmit Machine Data for further analysis in the Cloud. It will also discuss best practices for collecting machine data to ensure that no sensitive data ever leaves your firewall.
Recorded Feb 4 2015 50 mins
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Presented by
Glassbeam and OBS Global
Presentation preview: Ensuring Security in Machine Data

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  • Using Machine Data to improve the economics of EV charging stations Recorded: Jul 30 2015 37 mins
    Carlos Quezada, Glassbeam and Vipul Gore, Gridscape
    Mining Machine Data that gets sent from Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging stations can tremendously help in performing both regular, as well as predictive, maintenance. The data is also helpful to better understand the install base and gleaning other valuable business insights.

    These business insights are tremendously helpful in reducing support costs and also for identifying new revenue streams.

    Join Glassbeam and Gridscape in an engaging and interactive Webinar that discusses the tremendous efficiencies that IOT technologies can bring to EV charging stations.
  • Ensuring Security in Machine Data Recorded: Feb 4 2015 50 mins
    Glassbeam and OBS Global
    This Webinar will discuss why it is inherently safe to collect and transmit Machine Data for further analysis in the Cloud. It will also discuss best practices for collecting machine data to ensure that no sensitive data ever leaves your firewall.
  • Enabling Remote Diagnostics for IoT Devices Recorded: Nov 12 2014 50 mins
    Marty Bakal, Flexera Software and Devang Mehta, Glassbeam
    IOT-enabled devices have some kind of connection to the Internet but typically you can’t debug them in the field easily. The only way is to get a log file; but many times this is tough because their interfaces were designed around the business use cases and not retrieving log files. In addition once you get the log files it may contain unstructured or semi-structured data and trying to do any analysis is needle in a haystack type of work. When you start adding the number of customers for any given product and this task becomes huge.

    This Webinar will show how Flexera Software and Glassbeam can help both in retrieval and analysis of log files to enable companies to do remote diagnostics on IoT enabled devices. These diagnostics, and powerful analytics built around the data, can help in reducing support costs and to realize new revenue streams.
  • Virtues of Call-Home data in an IOT world Recorded: Sep 30 2014 54 mins
    Puneet Pandit and Ashok Agarwal
    The IOT movement has increasingly put an onus on product manufacturers to instrument their products to send back (aka “call-home”) useful data from log files and other sources. Consequently, it also requires end-customers to easily enable devices to send back data without any impediments. This Webinar covers important topics around call-home data: how often it should be sent, what it should contain, security policies, optimal payload, and other critical factors involved in implementing a successful call-home policy. The Webinar will also describe benefits that both manufacturers and end-customers can gain from insights that can be gleaned by parsing call-home data
  • Learn how Glassbeam and Dimension Data keep your data secure in the cloud Recorded: Aug 5 2014 59 mins
    Ashok Agarwal, VP of Engineering at Glassbeam and David McKenzie, Sr. Director, Solutions Architects at Dimension Data
    In the era of cloud computing, data protection & security issues remain a key challenge to IT organizations. Cloud infrastructure has transformed the way organizations approach IT but the trust in public, private and hybrid clouds is tied to implementation architectures and deployment models that ensure data security.

    Join Ashok Agarwal, VP Engineering, Glassbeam and David McKenzie, Solutions Architect, Dimension data to learn more about how best to secure each layer of the cloud environment, including infrastructure and application layers. Find out how Glassbeam, a leader in machine data analytics has designed a secure approach to analyzing machine log data by integrating the latest security technologies and industry best practices.
  • Proven ROI for Internet of Things (Iot) Data Center Infrastructure Market Recorded: Jun 9 2014 60 mins
    Mike Matchett, Principal at Taneja Group; Puneet Pandit, Co-founder & CEO, Glassbeam
    Internet of Things (Iot) is a hot trend in todays’ connected device economy. Every high-tech device in the data center industry - storage, servers, switches, application software, or any appliance – generates copius amounts of machine data that can be analyzed to help the manufacturer gain operational and strategic insights. These insights can assist in reducing costs to support customers by lowering mean time to resolution (MTTR) per case. They also enable manufacturers to build and sell specific value add services to their customers with the objective of being proactive, predictive and prescriptive in front of their top enterprise accounts. Finally, deep insights can be gleaned off this kind of machine data analytics, if done the right way, to funnel strategic information onto the future product roadmaps. All of these benefits are very quantifiable if there is a solution like Glassbeam in place in such markets.

    This webinar will discuss the right elements of such a solution, lay out the foundation of ROI with specific benefits, and discuss a case study with a Fortune 100 account of Glassbeam.
  • Transforming the IoT Medical Device market with Machine Data Analytics Recorded: May 14 2014 49 mins
    Glen Allmendinger, President, Harbor Research, Vivek Sundaram, Solutions Architect, Glassbeam
    Join this webinar to learn more about
    • The IoT Medical Device Market
 Business Drivers and Requirements for a Medical IoT platform
 A Solutions Showcase of a Medical IoT platform

    Today, billions of devices are connected to the Internet and their device logs can be mined to reveal accurate product usage & operational data along with feature adoption by facility and physician behavior across the installed base. This valuable information can be leveraged across the enterprise to decrease support costs and increase service revenues creating a high-impact ROI solution for a medical enterprise.
  • Log Analytics for Customer Service & Support - Use Case Featuring Meru Networks Recorded: Feb 19 2014 57 mins
    Carlos Quezada, Director of WW Service Operations, Meru Networks; Vivek Sundaram, Solutions Architect, Glassbeam Inc.
    Support teams of any complex product manufacturer frequently face problems in troubleshooting customer issues to quickly identify the root cause and deliver a solution to resolve the issue. Tune into this webinar to learn more about:

    - How to simplify looking through logs for faster troubleshooting?
    - How can I automate to resolve issues faster?
    - How to codify tribal knowledge in my group into a tool?
    - How to effectively store an accessible history of my logs?

    Meru Networks, a market leader in the development of mobile access and virtualized Wi-Fi solutions, uses the Glassbeam platform to quickly diagnose and resolve customer issues to increase the efficiency of its support team while elevating customer satisfaction levels.

    Glassbeam’s log analytics solutions go beyond simple log file search to deliver “big data” applications with pre-built dashboards and reports that quickly identify key trends, exceptions and events requiring immediate attention.
  • Big Data Use Case: Deriving Real Business Value from Customer Logs Recorded: Nov 14 2013 47 mins
    Srikanth Desikan, VP Products, Glassbeam
    Customer logs contain valuable information that can be effectively mined to increase ROI and add business value.

    In this webinar, Srikanth of Glassbeam will discuss:

    The hidden value in these data logs
    How to mine this data and leverage it for business intelligence
    Why you should trust machine generated data for business decision making

    He will also go over building an effective architecture to deal with complex log bundles and CRM installed base information.
  • Data Analytics in the Cloud: Possibilities, Perspectives and Making it Work Recorded: Oct 17 2013 62 mins
    Sanjay Mathur, CEO Silicon Valley Data Science; Vish Agashe, Google; Puneet Pandit, Glassbeam; Rajeev Dadia, Saama
    The cloud is now worth billions of dollars and home to increasing amounts of IT infrastructure. Where does the story go with big data? With innovations like BigQuery and cloud BI, it’s clear we’re on the horizon where some of the most exciting technologies meet. Join this live roundtable with big data and cloud industry experts as they discuss the following:

    -Why BigData? Why now?
    -What are the benefits of cloud BI and are they worth the switch?
    -What kind of resources do you need to make the cloud as successful as possible for big data?
    - What are the real challenges involved in big data in the cloud?
    - How can you start to leverage the cloud for big data projects?
    - Discussion of any success stories or customers who have done this today.
Leading innovator in Big Data predictive analytics
Glassbeam’s platform is an automated highly visual solution to unlock the business and operational value of machine data. Glassbeam has a core technology (SPL™) to parse this unstructured / semi-structured data and build a scalable data store and a set of pre-packaged applications for deep analytics.

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  • Title: Ensuring Security in Machine Data
  • Live at: Feb 4 2015 7:00 pm
  • Presented by: Glassbeam and OBS Global
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