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Dangers of Wireless Networks

Mobile devices are constantly in use and often connect to any available Wi-Fi network, in many cases public networks that are NOT very secure. Spyders’ Chief Technology Officer, Adam Mansour will demonstrate how your communication can be intercepted and ultimately your information stolen the next time you connect to a public Wi-Fi network. Adam will discuss the implications of a compromised mobile device, the potential impact it can have to your corporate Wi-Fi network, and walkthrough techniques to mitigate the risks through the use of advanced technology like IntelliGO.
Recorded Apr 24 2014 28 mins
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Presented by
Adam Mansour, Spyders CTO
Presentation preview: Dangers of Wireless Networks

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  • IntelliGO Kickstart Webcast Recorded: Aug 6 2014 47 mins
    Sarah Cucuz, Director Strategic Initiatives, Adam Mansour, IntelliGO Engineer, Spyders
    The IntelliGO Kickstart webcast is a free, no obligation, live demonstration of a leading mobile device authentication and mobile management solution. The scheduled biweekly webcast is designed to provide you with a brief product overview and illustrate some common use cases based on real world customer deployments. The demonstration is followed by an interactive Q&A session to answer any questions you may have.

    check us out at www.intelligomobile.com/kickstart to register for an upcoming next live session.
  • Building the Right Switching Architecture for New Business-critical Applications Recorded: May 21 2014 36 mins
    Michael Leonard, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks
    In business today, it’s all about the applications. Cloud, mobility, big data, and social media have changed applications in the business world, and they are ever more critical to delivering business outcomes. Are you confident that you have the right data center network to support your new business applications? This webinar will examine the network from the point of view of the application:

    • Does it deliver the right performance?
    • Is it reliable to ensure the uptime you need?
    • Is it easy to scale as your needs grow?
    • Is it easy to manage when you need to make changes?

    In this webinar, we will discuss switching architectures, including Juniper’s Virtual Chassis Fabric, to meet these requirements and support your business outcomes.
  • IntelliGO – An IntelliGent Solution for the Mobile Enterprise Recorded: May 13 2014 2 mins
    Adam Mansour, Spyders CTO
    Are you looking for a NexGeneration Platform that combines Mobile Device Management & Network Access Control for your enterprise? IntelliGO is your solution. IntelliGo allows you to unify your users, devices, applications on those devices and connections to your network all in one platform, through a web portal. Learn more about IntelliGO – the NexGen MDM Platform in one solution! Visit www.spyders.ca/intelligo
  • IntelliGO Enablement for Education Recorded: May 13 2014 3 mins
    Adam Mansour, Spyders CTO
    Are you looking for a solution to safely enable BYOD and all your mobile devices to support the new Century 21 classroom or 1 to 1 program? Do you need a solution that will support different mac, iOS and windows devices, as well as the new chrome books your schools plan to purchase? When it comes to mobile device management, IT departments in the education sector are looking for an easy to manage and cost effective solution that will provide them with the security, scalability and control they need to confidently enable school environments of the future. Watch this short video that speaks to these requirements and describes how IntelliGO, Spyders mobile authentication and device management solution, is the ideal mobile enablement solution for Education.
  • Dangers of Wireless Networks Recorded: Apr 24 2014 28 mins
    Adam Mansour, Spyders CTO
    Mobile devices are constantly in use and often connect to any available Wi-Fi network, in many cases public networks that are NOT very secure. Spyders’ Chief Technology Officer, Adam Mansour will demonstrate how your communication can be intercepted and ultimately your information stolen the next time you connect to a public Wi-Fi network. Adam will discuss the implications of a compromised mobile device, the potential impact it can have to your corporate Wi-Fi network, and walkthrough techniques to mitigate the risks through the use of advanced technology like IntelliGO.
  • Is Your Network Ready for K12 Common Core Online Assessment? Recorded: Apr 22 2014 38 mins
    Gavin Lee, Senior Business Development Manager – K12 Education, Juniper Networks
    Forty-four states, DC and four territories have adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This means that school districts across the country are planning for 100% online assessments during the 2014-2015 school year. One of the most important conditions needed for being able to administer online assessments is network infrastructure readiness.
    Attend this 30-minute webinar and join Gavin Lee, Senior K-12 Business Development Manager at Juniper Networks, to discuss the critical network must-haves that all school districts should consider when looking to deploy a robust and supportable network. You will also receive practical guidance on how to get the most out of your network infrastructure and how to best prepare for the CCCSS assessments:
    • Consortia network infrastructure
    • Wired and wireless network capabilities
    • Robust network security
    • Network support readiness
    • Juniper Networks network infrastructure readiness resources
  • Insight Into the World of Hacker Economics Recorded: Mar 27 2014 59 mins
    Security Experts from Juniper Networks & RAND Corporation
    Join experts from Juniper Networks and Rand Corporation for a fascinating overview of new research about the economics of the cyber crime market. In this research, key economic indicators show cybercrime is rapidly maturing, leading to a more diverse and challenging threat landscape for businesses, governments and people operating in the digital world. In fact, the ability to attack is outpacing the ability for many to defend themselves.

    RAND researchers will discuss:
    • Current and historical trends in cyber crime methods and tools
    • How the black and grey market for vulnerabilities shapes the criminal landscape
    • Key indicators of cyber crime market maturation

    Juniper experts will outline:
    • How organizations can use these findings to help inform a better and more active defense strategy
    • Breaking the cyber crime economic model with advanced intrusion deception technologies
  • Sneak Preview: Juniper Networks at HIMSS14 Conference & Exhibition Recorded: Feb 18 2014 26 mins
    Susan Biddle, Enterprise Marketing Director – Healthcare, Juniper Networks
    The HIMSS14 Conference & Exhibition (www.himssconference.org) is the largest and most important Health IT conference of the year. Bringing together more than 30,000 Health IT executives across the globe and featuring influential keynote speakers like Hilary Clinton, HIMSS14 is a “must attend” event for Juniper Networks and our healthcare partner ecosystem.

    In this webinar, we will review and share highlights of Juniper’s event plan for HIMSS14, including opportunities to engage and network with the Juniper Healthcare executive leadership team and ways to learn more about how at Juniper Networks, we help transform healthcare delivery through network enabled patient care. Join us.
  • MetaFabric Architecture: Data Center Switching with the New QFX5100 Recorded: Jan 29 2014 45 mins
    Satish Surapaneni, Senior Product Line Manager, Juniper Networks
    The Juniper Networks QFX5100 switch provides the flexible foundation required by today’s data center, contributing to a simple, smart and open MetaFabric architecture that accelerates the deployment and delivery of applications within and across multiple sites and clouds. Join Satish Surapaneni, Senior Product Line Manager at Juniper, for a deeper look at Juniper’s new QFX5100 line of switches and learn how they address your current and future business needs while protecting your existing data center investments. Register now to attend!
  • Build the Future: Security Recorded: Jan 25 2014 2 mins
    Juniper Networks
    Build the Future: Security
  • Popup Campus – An Automated Workflow for your Wired and Wireless Campus Network Recorded: Dec 13 2013 33 mins
    Oliver Schuermann - Technical Director, Government, Education and Emerging Solutions, Juniper Networks
    The rise in demand for more and more bandwidth coupled with resource constraints are common challenges in today’s Higher Education networks. Join Juniper Networks to discuss the Automated Workflow nicknamed “Popup Campus” and learn how to use Junos Automation to minimize redundancies and manual processes, while freeing up design level resources to do more innovative tasks that take your technology to the next level.

    Register now to attend!
  • A Day In The Life Of A Mobile Clinician Recorded: Dec 4 2013 60 mins
    Jen Pulsifer, Healthcare Industry Principal and Director of Business Development, Juniper Networks
    Today’s Health IT leaders face a difficult task in handling mobile device security and policy compliance, particularly given the mobile transformation happening in healthcare today. Driven in part by the adoption of new care models like remote patient monitoring and telemedicine, and the Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD trend, the consumerization of IT is driving end-user demand for ubiquitous access – to networks, to clouds, to applications, to everything – from any device, anywhere at any time.

    In this webinar, we will highlight the challenges of mobile device security, management and policy today. We will consider the issues faced by Health IT teams when managing different operating systems across a myriad of devices, some of which are user-owned. Finally we’ll look at how Juniper Networks solutions address a broad spectrum of security and end-user experience issues, as we walk through a day in the life of a mobile clinician.
  • Are You Spending More Than You Should to Operate Your Network? Recorded: Nov 22 2013 28 mins
    Khaled Mansour
    Description: Advances in technology continue to occur at a rapid rate bringing better and cheaper network technology and services to the market. At the same time, competition in the provider market is growing fierce, yielding rewarding cost savings for those able to identify and seize the opportunity. Watch this webinar to learn about Spyders’ Proven Network Environmental Scan Methodology that has lowered Network infrastructure costs by 15% to 30% per annum, while enhancing performance, functionality, service, security and technology.
  • Does Your WLAN Support Your mHealth Needs? Recorded: Nov 14 2013 55 mins
    Ryan Witt, Sarah Cucuz, Michael Perry
    Does your current wireless network securely and reliably enable your mobile health (mhealth) needs? Hospitals and healthcare facilities have unique challenges in deploying and managing robust wireless networks and strict requirements for a mission critical WLAN. Join Juniper Networks & Spyders Inc. to find out how to design and deploy a WLAN that safely enables your current and future mobility needs.
  • Smarter Security in Healthcare: Beating Back Bad Actors and Data Breach Mishaps Recorded: Nov 5 2013 63 mins
    Health Security Solutions & Juniper Networks
    Meaningful Use incentive programs. New HIPAA regulatory measures. Medical data explosion. Mobile health demands.

    Numerous factors are driving healthcare organizations to control who’s allowed to access the healthcare network and what resources –applications, data, patient records - they’re entitled to view or edit.

    But consider this: A doctor, who inadvertently picked up malicious code during a telemedicine event, can infect your entire network. A disgruntled employee can exfiltrate patient records. And cyber criminals are always looking for ways to steal and sell your valuable data.

    Is your network designed to identify the suspicious traffic and/or anomalous behavior to a specific user or device? Can your organization afford the painful penalties under the final HIPAA/HITECH omnibus rule due to a security breach?

    What happens next depends on the policies and controls you have in place to restrict and protect your assets and data from the vulnerabilities that openness and user mobility bring. Not to mention, the controls you need simply to comply with industry and government regulations.

    Take some time to join us for this free webinar. You’ll hear from Steve Spearman, HIPAA regulation specialist who will guide you through the in’s and out’s of the newly-announced Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. We’ll also provide an overview of Juniper’s network security portfolio, designed to help ensure secure, consistent access to data while reducing your risk associated with HIPAA and Meaningful Use mandates.
  • Key Steps To A Sustained DDoS Protection Strategy Recorded: Oct 28 2013 49 mins
    Johnnie Konstantas, Juniper Networks
    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are not new, but terms like diversionary DDoS, slow loris and application layer DDoS offer ample evidence that DDoS has evolved. Attackers are clearly becoming more sophisticated at launching DDoS... Have your methods for mitigation kept up? Likely not.

    During this information packed session we'll explain the trends in DDoS attacks and mitigation tactics giving you a path for tipping the security scales back in your favor.
  • 5 Damaging Cyber-Attacks in 45 Minutes Recorded: Oct 11 2013 42 mins
    Eric Matthews
    Spyders' Senior Security Specialist Eric Matthews outlines 5 damaging security attacks that can be executed in under 10 minutes each.
  • How Branch Offices and Data Centers Differ In Next Generation Security Needs Recorded: Aug 1 2013 52 mins
    Johnnie Konstantas, Juniper Sr. Director of Security, Business Development
    At your branch offices you worry about end users, their browsing behaviors and their devices. The security you employ to monitor and control users is critical in preventing valuable data exfiltration.
    And the data center? Protecting it is all about ensuring availability and continued operation against the mounting threats from targeted scans, botnets and DDoS attacks. Want to find out how your current and planned defenses stack up against best practices?

    Join us for a discussion led by one of Juniper’s top security experts, Johnnie Konstantas to review typical security deployments at branch offices and data centers. We'll cover the differences in design and where the two merge for maximum effectiveness and security.
Enterprise Security; Risk Mitigation
Spyders is a fast-growing provider of networking and information security services for clients across industry verticals including financial services, healthcare and education. For over 25 years, Spyders’ team has been delivering cost-effective network and IT security services and training to help Private and Public sector businesses gain a competitive advantage in the market place. Organizations of all sizes rely on Spyders to protect their critical assets, mitigate and manage risk and reduce costs.

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  • Title: Dangers of Wireless Networks
  • Live at: Apr 24 2014 10:55 pm
  • Presented by: Adam Mansour, Spyders CTO
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