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Balancing yield and risk through multi-asset

Fund Manager, Andrzej Pioch discusses why advisers should avoid committing to a specific yield target as they negotiate the "unprecedented challenge" of the current low-return environment.
Recorded Jan 20 2017 5 mins
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Andrzej Pioch
Presentation preview: Balancing yield and risk through multi-asset
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    To dial in to audio only please use the phone numbers below. To view the presentation please watch via the invite link.

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    PIN Code: 5089879#

    Standard International Access +44 (0) 20 3059 2627
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    To dial in to audio only please use the phone numbers below. To view the presentation please watch via the invite link.

    International numbers available via pdf attachment.
    PIN code is 4950689#

    Standard International Access +44 (0) 20 3059 2627
    UK Toll Free 0800 368 0707
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    •What is portfolio construction and preparing for a possible bear market?
    •Importance of diversification in a typical investment portfolio
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    In addition, commodities are typically driven by underlying factors unconnected to those driving equities and fixed income. This means they offer the potential for uncorrelated returns and an allocation to commodities can is one of the ways to diversify a typical portfolio.
  • Impact of disruptive technology Recorded: Jun 14 2018 44 mins
    Simon Hynes, Head of Retail Distribution, EMEA, Nick Hartley, Co-Head of Active Equities, Howie Li, Head of ETFs
    From robotics to cyber security, what are the potential opportunities?

    Our world is being transformed as a new wave of innovation, often technology-led, challenges every aspect of how we live and work. For investors, this could bring new investment opportunities, with the potential for higher growth than traditional investments.

    Please register to join the discussion about this key emerging megatrend and the potential opportunities being created

    June 14 2018 at 10am (London) / 11am (CET)


    - Welcome and introduction to L&G ETF: Simon Hynes, Head of Retail Distribution, EMEA

    - Research-led overview of the disruptive technology investment theme: Nick Hartley, Co-Head of Active Equities

    - Potential ways to access this investment theme: Howie Li, Head of ETFs
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Webinars for financial advisers and discretionary fund managers
Welcome to LGIM's webinars for financial advisers and discretionary fund managers

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  • Title: Balancing yield and risk through multi-asset
  • Live at: Jan 20 2017 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Andrzej Pioch
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