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Securing DNS Infrastructure

DNS is the cornerstone of the Internet yet rarely is given a second thought when it comes to securing it against attacks and exploitation by malware. In 2013, Internet attacks against DNS servers grew 200%; and malware exploitation of DNS enabled major security breaches (e.g. NY Times, Facebook, etc.). If your DNS services are down or slowed, business revenue and productivity are impacted. Identification and mitigation is difficult because DNS applications don’t provide enough visibility into attacks and exploits. Additionally, traditional practices of over provisioning server capacity and manually maintaining blacklists no longer apply as it’s not possible to keep up with evolving threats.

In this webinar, Infoblox will share insights on how to secure external and internal DNS services against Internet-based attacks and malware exploitation. Centralized visibility on attacks and infected clients combined with automatic updates against evolving threats and malicious domains enable businesses to secure their DNS services.
Recorded Feb 20 2014 38 mins
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Presented by
Arya Barirani, VP Product Marketing, Infoblox
Presentation preview: Securing DNS Infrastructure

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  • Live Broadcast: Master DNS Security for a Bulletproof, Tier One Network Jun 28 2018 5:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Tony Scott, DJ Goldsworthy, D.J. Long, Cricket Liu, Victor Danevich
    You're charged with building a bulletproof, tier one secure network. If your Domain Name System (DNS) goes down, nothing else matters. And, DNS is the leading attack vector for cyber villains. Say “Hack no! ” to DNS threats.

    Join guest speaker Tony Scott, former CIO of the United States, Microsoft, and the Walt Disney Company, alongside leading practitioners from Aflac and McAfee in this live panel discussion. This unique gathering of industry experts will discuss their perspectives on building a safe, secure network and actionable best practices in this era of cloud and mobile. Moderated by Infoblox Chief DNS Architect Cricket Liu, this discussion will give you an opportunity to hear from the experts and ask questions about.

    - What leading organizations are doing to secure their DNS
    - When to best utilize DNS data, network context, and threat intelligence in your security operations
    - How to integrate DNS data with your security ecosystem to accelerate threat mitigation and remediation
    - How Aflac blocked nearly 37 million threat connections with < 100 false positives

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  • Shining a Spotlight on DNS Security Recorded: May 2 2018 57 mins
    David Veneski and Krupa Srivatsan
    The Domain Name System (DNS) plays a crucial role in network connectivity. Unfortunately, cybercrimals have come to rely its connective nature to execute a broad spectrum of attacks, from malware to ransomware to data exfiltration.

    Regrettably, in many organizations, DNS represents a gaping hole in network defenses.

    In this webinar, you will discover how the innovative Core Bundle Promotion from Infoblox helps protect your network from aggressive DNS-based threats, while providing an integrated suite of capabilities mandatory in today’s challenging environments.

    Join us and learn how the Core Bundle can help you:
    •Gain comprehensive capabilities, including advanced DDI services, DNS security, reporting and analytics, and application performance optimization
    •Maintain application availability while protecting your infrastructure
    •Protect your data and mitigating the effects of malware
    •Implement best practices for threat containment and operations
    •Get more value from your investments through the compelling economics of the Core Bundle Promotion

    Whether you are new to Infoblox or an existing customer, you owe it to yourself to attend.

    Be in the know. Stay safe.
  • Learn How to Close the Gap in Your DNS security Recorded: Apr 30 2018 44 mins
    Troy Hager and Blair Rampling
    There’s Something Missing from Your Defensive Lineup

    Cybersecurity is a team sport. No one player can win the game solo. Unfortunately, existing “players” often leave gaps in your defenses. One of the most serious of these is DNS. It’s used by more than 90% of malware to communicate with menacing C&C servers, steal data, or hold it hostage through ransomware—malicious activities that go undetected by traditional technology players.

    Learn How to Close the Gap in Your DNS security
    Infoblox ActiveTrust® Cloud turns DNS from a security gap into your MVP of defense. Attend this live demo webinar and see how ActiveTrust Cloud allows you to:

    •Automatically block DNS-based data exfiltration and stop the spread of malware.
    •Enhance visibility and prioritize issues fast, by accessing rich network data in context.
    •Achieve rapid results with a service which deploys easily and scales quickly without dedicated IT resources.

    Register to watch the demo.
  • Data Protection and Malware Mitigation with ActiveTrust Cloud Recorded: Apr 3 2018 43 mins
    Krupa Srivatsan
    Your First line of Defense—DNS Security

    Your data is your crown jewel. It is also the jewel that bad actors want to steal. And they will use the least protected pathway to get to that data. Today, the least protected pathway is DNS. In addition, your workforce is increasingly mobile (according to Gartner, by 2019, 57% of workers will not be deskbound in the office) and the number of connected devices is exponentially increasing. Security needs have changed and need to be where your employees and devices are–everywhere.

    Meet your data’s own security detail – your DNS. DNS is the perfect choke point to stop not just data exfiltration through it, but also detect and stop malware like ransomware from spreading and executing. Infoblox ActiveTrust Cloud protects your devices everywhere - on or off the premises, prevents DNS-based data exfiltration, and automatically stops device communications with command-and-control servers (C&Cs) and botnets. It is delivered as a service, which means you get:

    -Easy, fast, reliable, high value implementations at lower upfront costs
    -Unlimited scale
    -Ease of use without the need for dedicated IT resources

    Watch this webinar to learn how ActiveTrust Cloud can become your core defense.
  • Securing App Performance with DNS-based GSLB and New Network Core Services Recorded: Mar 26 2018 61 mins
    Rohit Mehra and Prakash Nagpal
    In our digital economy, business-critical applications must be available, responsive, reliable, and able to meet global on-demand application performance expectations. Network and security teams face stronger challenges than ever before:

    -24/7/365 global app availability
    -High cost of application failure
    -Global deployments across hybrid clouds
    -Proliferation of SDN and IoT
    -Ongoing security threats

    IDC has just completed its latest research on the new core–the cutting-edge functionality essential to empower and secure today's networks. Guest speakers from IDC, Infoblox, and a leading global law firm will share the latest thinking on issues such as network visibility, reporting, predictive analytics; traffic control for uptime and performance; detection and prevention of data exfiltration and malware.
  • Better Network Availability & Security: 10 Questions to Evaluate a DDI Solution Recorded: Aug 8 2017 68 mins
    Roger Barlow, Senior Product Manager, DDI; Tom Coffeen, Chief IPv6 Evangelist; David Veneski, Product Marketing Manager
    Defining Your DDI Future

    A DNS, DHCP, and IP address management solution (DDI) is essential for network availability and functionality. As networking demands increase and expand, it’s important to move beyond zero-dollar products, spreadsheets, and first-generation IP-centric systems to a modern solution for highly available, reliable, and resilient core services that can meet those future demands. But not all DDI solutions are created equal.

    Join this webinar and learn:

    - Why DDI is used
    - 10 questions you should ask to evaluate a DDI solution
    - How Infoblox uses DDI to integrate and deliver enterprise-grade network solutions and connectivity
  • Protect Your DNS from Ransomware Attacks Recorded: Jun 20 2017 68 mins
    Farsight Security CEO, Dr. Paul Vixie | Infoblox Chief DNS Architect, Cricket Liu
    On May 12, 2017, the WannaCry and Jaff ransomware attacks infected hundreds of thousands of computers in 150 countries. If the targets of those attacks had employed a strong DNS defense, including DNS Response Policy Zones (DNS RPZ), prior to May 12, chances are they could have protected their data.

    Learn more about WannaCry, Jaff, and other cyber threats and how you can protect your data and organization by attending our exclusive security event. Hear from RPZ creator and DNS luminary Dr. Paul Vixie, CEO of Farsight Security and Infoblox Chief DNS Architect Cricket Liu in a live videocast.
  • Avoiding Business Disruption From Advanced DDoS Attacks Recorded: Jun 1 2017 54 mins
    John Pescatore of SANS Institute, Cricket Liu of Infoblox, and Sam Kumarsamy of Infoblox
    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have moved well beyond brute force attacks and continue to evolve - and continue to cause significant business disruption. Application level DDoS attacks evade simple rate-based detection and filtering approaches. They’re targeting business-critical services such as DNS. Ransomware, a denial-of-service attack that focuses on data, is a growing delivery method for cyber crime. Recovery from any of these forms of DDoS is always complex and labor intensive - prevention and mitigation are key.

    Attend this webinar and gain key insights as SANS Institute's John Pescatore discusses the latest trends in DDoS attacks and Infoblox's DNS pioneer Cricket Liu discusses the importance of protecting your infrastructure from internal and external DNS attacks.
  • Enhancing Your Security Infrastructure with Infoblox Threat Intelligence Recorded: Apr 26 2017 39 mins
    Jonathan Abbe, Security Product Managerment, Infoblox; Sam Kumasarmy, Senior Product Marketing, Infoblox
    If your organization is like many, you've subscribed to external intelligence and/or you're using internal patchwork of threat intelligence within various departments—some information here, some information there that can't be used anywhere else—no way to integrate. And that means, you end up with gaps in your view of the threat intelligence and your defense across your infrastructure.

    Join us for an upcoming webinar and learn how Infoblox Threat Intelligence Data Exchange (TIDE) can help you:

    • Get what you need: Easily create threat intelligence data feeds to combine Infoblox’s high-quality data with the data you already have.
    • Easily deploy data: Obtain, manage and distribute data across your infrastructure from a centralized point.
    • Prevent malicious activity: Deploy threat intelligence directly within Infoblox DNS Firewall and other security technologies.

    Register today and get the complete picture.
  • Designing an Effective IPv6 Addressing Plan Recorded: Apr 10 2015 44 mins
    Tom Coffeen, Chief IPv6 Evangelist
    The developed world's global Internet registries have officially depleted their supply of free IPv4 addresses. IPv6 is not just the future—it’s already here (65% of Verizon’s traffic is over IPv6!). Some organizations even have their IPv6 allocations already. But since a single site assignment in IPv6 contains 1 trillion, trillion, addresses (or 279 trillion Internets!), designing an effective plan can be both intimidating and unnecessarily time consuming. With that many addresses, where do you start? Join us for this webinar as Tom Coffeen, Infoblox IPv6 evangelist and O'Reilly author of IPv6 Address Planning, discusses how to design, deploy, and successfully adopt an effective IPv6 addressing plan. Both IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 adoption are real and happening now. Take the first step to realizing an effective IPv6 address plan and adoption strategy, and watch this webinar today.
  • From the Front Lines: The Top 10 DNS Attacks Recorded: Apr 9 2015 31 mins
    Srikrupa Srivatsan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Infoblox
    More than 75% of organizations in the U.S. and U.K. have experienced at least one DNS attack according to SC Magazine. DNS Attacks are increasing in frequency and evolving constantly. They range from common amplification, reflection, and flood attacks to more sophisticated and stealthier types. These might have fancy names like random subdomain, phantom domain, and domain lock-up, but their effects on DNS are far from pretty. Join this webinar as we reveal the top 10 attacks on external and internal DNS servers; and the impact they have on your operations.
  • Anatomy of a DNS Security Breach Recorded: Mar 26 2015 26 mins
    Srikrupa Srivatsan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Infoblox
    DNS security breaches are more common than you think. From hijacking of a DNS record at the registrar to cache poisoning to data exfiltration through DNS, they can cause significant damage in terms of direct revenue loss, theft of sensitive information, and brand damage. Because DNS is rarely monitored closely, malicious actors use it to avoid detection and slip under the radar. Early detection is key to minimizing damage and disrupting the cyber-kill chain at the DNS level. Join this webinar to learn the different breach tactics, the impact a security breach can have, and best practices and mitigation techniques. Keeping your DNS secure means keeping your data secure.
  • Simplifying Private Cloud Deployments: The Next Generation of Network Automation Recorded: Mar 26 2015 29 mins
    Matt Gowarty, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
    Private cloud deployments are going mainstream. The problem is that VM visibility and DNS, DHCP, and IP address management automation are still a huge challenge that can cause delays, manual work, and errors. Those days are over. Watch this webinar and learn how you can be enabled to put your private cloud networking on auto-pilot. See the next generation of network automation for cloud and virtual environments to help simplify your private cloud deployment.
  • Defend Your Network from APTs that Exploit DNS Recorded: Mar 24 2015 33 mins
    Seema Kathuria, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Infoblox
    Cybercriminals are bypassing conventional security tools and increasingly using DNS — a business-critical but rarely protected service — to execute APTs, infect devices, and exfiltrate data. In 2014, according to Ponemon Institute, data breaches cost an average of $159 per record, impacting companies like eBay, JPMorgan Chase, and Sony Pictures. Can you afford to be next? Find out why you should be worried about APTs that exploit DNS — and how to defend your network.
  • DNS as a Control Point for Cyber Risk Recorded: Jan 15 2015 46 mins
    Cricket Liu, Chief Infrastructure Officer, Infoblox; Dr. Paul Vixie, Chairman & CEO, Farsight Security Inc.
    The Domain Name System (DNS) is a key building block of internet communications, which is fast becoming one of the top cyberattack vectors for external attacks on the infrastructure. In addition, APT and malware use DNS to connect to malicious domains or botnet controllers. Listen in as Cricket Liu, Chief Infrastructure Officer of Infoblox, and Dr. Paul Vixie, CEO of Farsight Security, present on common vulnerabilities and attack surfaces, different types of DNS threat vectors, as well as security strategies and configuration techniques to help mitigate risk. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from the industry’s leading DNS thought leaders on the pivotal role DNS plays in securing the world’s digital infrastructure, watch now!
  • Defend Your Network against DNS-based DDoS Attacks Recorded: Jan 8 2015 28 mins
    Cricket Liu, Chief Infrastructure Officer, Infoblox
    DNS is business-critical and an easy target for attack and exploitation. Daily news headlines tell of businesses hit hard by DNS-based DDoS attacks—stories about angry customers, lost revenue, and damaged reputations. In 2013, DNS-based attacks increased by 216%! With Forrester estimating the cost of a 24-hour outage at $27 million, can you afford to take your chances? Watch this webinar to hear Cricket Liu, author of DNS and BIND, share insights on why you should be worried about DNS-based DDoS attacks—and how you can make your DNS servers into their own best defense.
  • Protecting DNS: Securing Your Internet Address Book Recorded: Dec 17 2014 47 mins
    Cricket Liu, Chief Infrastructure Officer, Infoblox & John Pescatore, Director, SANS Institute
    The Domain Name System (DNS) is a critical protocol in internet communications and is increasingly being focused on by hackers to launch advanced targeted attacks. Securing DNS assets is often overlooked in organizations efforts to protect IT infrastructures, since most legacy security technologies do not address the DNS security gap. As a result, man-in-the-middle attacks and denial-of-service attacks that severely impact business are common but are also easily avoidable. To change the present situation, network, data center and security experts as well as practitioners and executives need a better understanding of this threat and techniques to combat it. Watch this webinar to hear from the industry’s leading DNS thought leaders on how the Critical Security Controls are used to address these risks.
  • Network Automation Survival Guide Part 2 Recorded: Oct 24 2014 24 mins
    Matt Gowarty, Sr. Product Mktg. Manager
    If you’ve ever ventured into the network wilderness equipped only with manual processes, you know how challenging it can be to slog through a morass of unforeseen issues, one by one. While we applaud your pluck and fortitude, we’d like to suggest some innovative strategies.

    Part 2 of the 2-part series will illustrate how Infoblox can help you use network automation to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and prevent human error. By using Infoblox NetMRI to intuitively manage layer-2 and layer-3 network devices, you’ll experience the joys of automated discovery and visualization, change and configuration management, and compliance and policy validation, enabling you to run a highly dynamic network infrastructure and ensure success.
  • Infoblox Network Insight with Authoritative IPAM Recorded: Oct 24 2014 19 mins
    Rick Bylina, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
    Managing core network services in dynamic enterprise environments is a daunting task. In many organizations, data is created and maintained by different teams at different times with different data-collection objectives. IT teams using disparate tools and data sources burden the OPEX budget with inefficient workflow processes, less-than-optimal resource utilization, and an ever-looming risk of introducing errors. Network insight changes all of that.

    Watch this webinar to see how Infoblox Network Insight can help you effectively manage your core network services with unprecedented visibility to the IPAM solution and enables integrated workflows that are shorter, more accurate, and based on authoritative data.
  • Your Network Isn’t Secure if Your DNS Isn’t Secure Recorded: Oct 9 2014 23 mins
    Arya Barirani, VP Product Marketing, Infoblox; John Kindervag, VP Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
    The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the fastest-growing vectors for online security threats, and most companies are not doing enough to secure their DNS. Watch our guest John Kindervag, Forrester Research’s expert in network security, and Arya Barirani of Infoblox share insights on: the current state of IT security, the importance of DNS and how vulnerable it really is, and best practices for managing DNS security.
Security. It's in our DNS.
Infoblox delivers Actionable Network Intelligence to enterprises, government agencies, and service providers around the world. As the industry leader in DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI), Infoblox provides control, security, and analytical capability from the network core, empowering thousands of organizations to pursue the big initiatives driving business success today—next-generation data centers, security, compliance, and digital transformation—and achieve business outcomes such as increased efficiency and visibility, reduced risk, and better customer experience.

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  • Title: Securing DNS Infrastructure
  • Live at: Feb 20 2014 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Arya Barirani, VP Product Marketing, Infoblox
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