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451 Research’s 2016 Enterprise IT Spending Benchmarks

Please join 451 Research’s ‘Voice of the Enterprise’ leadership team as they share highlights from our on-going surveys of 27,000+ mid to senior enterprise buyers. With over a million data points gathered in 2015 alone, our fact based analysis provides exceptional insight into how the enterprise IT market will be shifting in 2016 and beyond.

During the webinar, we will explore six key technology markets: Cloud, Security, Storage, Datacenters, Servers & Converged Infrastructure, and Software Defined Infrastructure and you will learn:
• What spending changes to expect across each market
• The top enterprise buyer priorities and pain points
• What major trends we will be watching in 2016
Recorded Feb 23 2016 64 mins
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Presented by
Nikolay Yamakawa, Dan Harrington, Daniel Kennedy, Andrew Reichman, Simon Robinson, Ned May
Presentation preview: 451 Research’s 2016 Enterprise IT Spending Benchmarks
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  • Beyond the WAN: Networking the Enterprise Datacenter to the Cloud Mar 23 2017 6:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Jim Davis, 451 Research; Josh Snowhorn, CyrusOne; Ramsey El-Fakir, Fi-Tek
    Enterprises are using a variety of cloud and SaaS services to remain competitive, but can lose out when their network architecture either becomes a deployment bottleneck or impedes application performance. Network interconnection has often taken a back seat to other issues in application design and deployment, but enterprises should not continue to ignore this critical component of infrastructure.

    In this webinar, we examine how today’s interconnection services can break what used to be the tight links between distance, capacity and cost. Indeed, a rethink of networking strategies in the datacenter can help unlock more agility and efficiency in digital enterprise transformation efforts.

    This session will look at issues affecting enterprise use of datacenter networking services, including:

    -Changing cloud consumption patterns by enterprises, employees, partners and customers
    -The different types of interconnection offered by multi-tenant datacenters, including datacenter interconnect, and cloud exchange
    -Real world experiences of enterprises who have leveraged interconnection to solve application performance and availability issues
    -How datacenter interconnect services can be used for disaster recovery, enhanced application performance, and access to partner and vendor ecosystems
  • How Platforms Are Conquering Challenges in Large Mobility Programs Mar 15 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chris Marsh, 451 Research; Avinash Harsh, Sonata Software; & Michael Ong, Halosys
    Enterprises are facing an ever growing demand for mobile applications. To create and manage meaningful and sustainable mobility programs, while keeping up with the pace of this demand, enterprises should seek solutions that help them conquer the top challenges in large scale mobility programs by providing:

    •Security across apps, data, users & devices
    •Reducing cost & increasing the speed of development
    •Seamless connectivity to multiple systems including legacy and home grown environments
    •Holistic & consistent experience across mobile & web channels
    •Deployment of applications to customers, partners, employees and vendors
    •Streamlined post launch operations by providing real time monitoring abilities

    We will discuss these challenges and look at how one of the next generation mobile platforms is simplifying enterprise mobility and addressing these key challenges.
  • The Case for Continuous Data Integration: An In-Depth Look at a Blended Approach Mar 14 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Aslett, 451 Research Director, & Mark Van de Wiel, HVR CTO
    How do you drive the most value from your data? There is growing attention on the need to process and analyze data in motion. As your business looks to generate additional value from multiple data sources, simply processing historical data is likely not going to be enough, and nor is relying solely on real-time streaming solutions. In this webinar learn how continuous data integration can drive value for your business and gain insights into how leading global organizations have implemented this approach and the impact on their business.

    Join 451 Research Analyst, Matt Aslett, and HVR’s CTO, Mark Van de Wiel for this discussion with a short Q&A at the end.
  • When will 5G come to Latin America? Mar 9 2017 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Wally Swain, Ken Rehbehn
    Going into this year’s Mobile World Congress, it is easy to predict that 5G will be the hottest topic of conversation. Targeting revolutionary use cases beyond the reach of LTE, 5G presents opportunity and challenge. But while pre-commercial trials in South Korea, Japan and Russia get the headlines, decision-makers planning for network investment must ask hard questions. When will these technologies come to emerging markets like Latin America? Do emerging markets users need the firepower that 5G promises? Why would operators spend money on 5G if they have not yet realized all their investments in 4G? How does LTE Advanced Pro play into the 5G timeline?

    Join 451 Research analysts Wally Swain and Ken Rehbehn as they debate the impact and timing of these new wireless ultra-broadband technologies across the globe.
  • Destination Digital - plotting a new course for Digital Transformation w/ Cloud Mar 8 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    William Fellows (451 Research), Nick Law (Atos), & Ken Audette/Yatin Chalke (VMware)
    Technology is driving business change at a breath-taking pace. Digital transformation is the watchword – established enterprises need to adapt rapidly to compete with agile and flexible digital-first disruptors as well as cater to their customers’ evolving requirements. To hold back is to court obsolescence. But saying and doing are two different matters – legacy infrastructure and applications, increasing security concerns, complexity and the need to be agile all present serious challenges that must be overcome. This is crucial if organizations are to find differentiation and competitive edge in the battle for customer loyalty.

    Cloud has become a key agent for digital transformation with cloud first strategies becoming the new norm. With many enterprises now employing multiple cloud combinations, this webinar will look at the trends and expectations for these different environments, drawing upon a new study from 451 Research commissioned by VMware and Atos.
    The discussion will include:
    • The latest state of play in digital transformation and how it is impacting cloud decisions
    • The challenges affecting established enterprises from becoming digital-first
    • The latest cloud trends and expectations helping to deliver digital transformation
    >>> Cloud first
    >>> Multiple cloud combinations
    >>> The rise of the digital private cloud
    >>> The trends in enterprise use of cloud in European countries and the US
    • How the issues of scale, security, agility and complexity can be overcome
    • Best practice examples and insight from global enterprises who have adopted a digital private cloud solution from Atos and VMware


  • Is it Time to Replace Your MPLS? How a global SD-WAN fits (and trims) the bill Mar 7 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jim Davis, Senior Analyst of Service Providers at 451 Research; Dave Nuti, VP of Business Development at Aryaka
    The biggest challenge facing global enterprises today is the ability to deliver fast and reliable performance of mission-critical applications to worldwide users, especially when they work in cloud and SaaS environments. The move to cloud has exposed some of the limitations to MPLS networking services. Is it time to replace (or augment) MPLS with SD-WAN?

    Join Jim Davis, Senior Analyst of 451 Research, and Dave Nuti, Vice President of Business Development at Aryaka, as they present their latest findings on the best practices for delivering fast and reliable application performance using a global SD-WAN. Attend this special webinar to learn:

    •The current challenges with data and application delivery faced by global enterprises, including striking a balance between performance, cost, and deployment flexibility.
    •Why legacy networks, such as MPLS and the public Internet, do not work for application delivery in today’s global environment
    •The best practices to improve global application performance using an SD-WAN as a service
  • Operational Excellence: The Key to Safeguarding Your IT Infrastructure Mar 2 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dan Thompson Senior Research Analyst 451 Research and Kelly Sullivan, VP Global Data Center Operations at CenturyLink
    Data center uptime is more critical than ever as more and more business processes are digitized. Having a sound foundation starts with having a solid and reliable data center in which to deploy your IT infrastructure. The data shows that how a data center is run and managed is the single biggest contributor to uptime.

    Join 451 Research Senior Analyst, Dan Thompson, and Kelly Sullivan, VP Global Data Center Operations at CenturyLink for a dialog on how operational excellence is put into practice and has become a core of the organizational culture at CenturyLink.

    Hear real-world experience and insight derived from managing a global fleet of 57 data centers and how the Uptime Institute Management and Operations Stamp of Approval program helped them raise their game through a regiment of continual improvement.
  • A View of the World's Largest & Fastest Growing Data Center Spot Feb 28 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kelly Morgan 451 Research and Mark Kidd Iron Mountain
    A View of the World's Largest & Fastest Growing Data Center Spot and why you should be there

    The Northern Virginia market, which includes multiple locations in/around Washington DC, continues to be one of the largest and fastest growing datacenter hot spots in the world and top market for cloud providers. While much has been said about the area, please join us to discuss the latest in: what makes the market special, why so many firms want datacenter space there, how the market is evolving, and which locations to consider when thinking about a deployment in the area.

    Please join us for a webinar with Kelly Morgan, Vice President at 451 Research and Mark Kidd, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Iron Mountain Data Centers, for a discussion on the Northern Virginia market and Iron Mountain’s approach to the market.
  • Account-Based Marketing: A Constellation of Multivendor Offerings Recorded: Feb 23 2017 45 mins
    Keith Dawson
    Join 451 Research to learn how account-based marketing (ABM) is taking on new prominence in the marketing technology stack. In this webinar we’ll examine how ABM has developed into a key methodology for aligning marketing and sales teams in B2B environments. Critical to its evolution have been advances in data science and machine learning, which allow marketers to find and target leads more accurately and with better relevance. Vendors across the martech landscape are developing features that augment ABM practices; in this discussion we will talk about the practicalities of fitting ABM into existing marketing automation frameworks, and how vendors can differentiate their offerings and clarify the landscape for buyers.
  • Real World IoT – Practical Advice from the Front Lines of IoT Implementation Recorded: Feb 22 2017 32 mins
    Christian Renaud
    Christian Renaud, Research Director, Internet of Things, discusses the vertical and horizontal approaches to the Internet of Things, the state of IoT deployments, 2016 IoT M&A, and a preview of what to expect at the upcoming Real World IoT event, 5-6 April at the Landmark London.
  • Security Myths Debunked: Running Your Business In the Cloud Recorded: Feb 21 2017 57 mins
    Adrian Sanabria, Senior Analyst, Information Security at 451 Research & Aaron Newman, CEO & Founder at CloudCheckr
    Organizational efficiency and convenience were the initial appeal of the cloud: add servers when you need them, get rid of them when you don't. Offering businesses the ability to automatically scale with workload and application needs, the cloud offers endless potential to grow at scale. As cloud technology continues to evolve and diversify—from public to private, hybrid to multi-cloud—the use cases and potential benefits have also expanded. And, unlike traditional IT, cloud performance and capacity drivers also tend to improve infrastructure security. During this webinar, we'll explore:

    *Using cloud security as a competitive advantage for your business
    *How focus on performance, agility, and efficiency in cloud mutually benefits security
    *The changes in thinking and design necessary to unlock the cloud’s potential for improving security
    *Practical strategies for automation, monitoring, mitigation and incident response

    Join 451 Research and CloudCheckr for an exclusive webinar to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities for organizations looking to leverage the true potential of the cloud.

    About CloudCheckr:
    CloudCheckr is a unified cost and security automation platform that gives you visibility, insight, and automation for your AWS environment. CloudCheckr delivers a suite of products for cloud operations, security and finance teams for Cost Management, Security and Compliance, Utilization and Inventory.
  • 2017 Tech M&A Outlook Recorded: Feb 7 2017 61 mins
    Brenon Daly, Research Director - M&A
    With tech acquirers having spent a record $1 trillion over the past two year, what’s the outlook for M&A activity in 2017? Where will buyers be looking and what do they expect to have to spend? Drawing on data and insight from across 451 Research, our annual Tech M&A Outlook webinar will highlight specific trends in key enterprise IT markets – including information security, software, mobility and IoT -- that will shape dealflow and valuations in the coming year.

    Join Brenon Daly, 451 Research’s Director of Financials, for a look at where the tech M&A market is headed after its recent record run.
  • Harness the Power of Sales Engagement Recorded: Jan 31 2017 51 mins
    Sheryl Kingstone - Research Director at 451 Research and Meera Mehta - Senior Director, Product Marketing at Clearslide
    Many companies have primarily invested in systems of record such as SFA, CRM and ERP to manage internal processes and transactions and gain operational efficiencies. Complementary Sales Engagement technologies are emerging that disrupt and/ or augment the “buying” process to provide insight, guidance and interactions to ensure the right message is used for the right prospect, across formats and channels. This webinar will provide an overview on how to utilize Systems of Engagement to improve win rates, including:

    · The differences between systems of record vs systems of engagement
    · Best practices to move beyond activity tracking to measure actual buying signals
    · How to use intelligent automation to improve data relevancy contained in CRM or SFA

    Let’s kick off 2017 by learning how to not only improve sales efficiency but also sales effectiveness.
  • New DevOps Trends With Microservices Recorded: Jan 27 2017 54 mins
    Donnie Berkholz, Research Director at 451 Research; Sinclair Schuller, CEO, Apprenda
    Join Donnie Berkholz, Research Director for 451 Research, and Sinclair Schuller, CEO of Apprenda, for a presentation on the trends in software development lifecycle at a time when containers are leading to Cambrian explosion of application development. Berkholz will present research from 451 on how organizations are currently using containers and container management. Schuller joins the discussion to add insights from working with many Fortune 500 through their transformation to using containers for rapid delivery and efficient management of applications.

    To Be Discussed:

    • Are organizations running docker containers in production?
    • How has software development lifecycle changed with advent of
    microservices and containers?
    • Where are your peers concentrating their microservices efforts?
    • How container platforms change development lifecycle?
  • 2017 Trends in Software Recorded: Jan 26 2017 41 mins
    Nick Patience, Founder and Research Vice President - Software
    Digital transformation is real, and it's happening, although there is still a very long way to go. We believe it is an inescapable truth that every business is becoming a digital business, controlled by software, which is the manifestation of these digital transformations. Businesses must react, driven by the imperatives of improving intelligence, agility and their customer-centricity, with the ultimate goal of survival in a digital world.

    Join Nick Patience, Founder and Research Vice President for Software, as he dives into the three business imperatives behind digital transformation and what specifically will be transformed in 2017.
  • Are Hybrid Clouds in tune with future business growth? Recorded: Jan 25 2017 54 mins
    Agatha Poon 451 Research, TJ Akhtar Tata Communications
    Advancements in infrastructure and platform technologies with growing availability of innovative business models has inclined the focus on user-centric service delivery mechanisms by redefining the very nature of IT strategy within a business organization. Companies that wish to pave the way for a successful digital transformation journey must shed conventional thinking and embrace towards an agile approach to IT operations and have a reliable and intelligent Ecosystem. So, to start with, we ask ourselves How and What should we look for in a partner?
  • 2017 Trends in Cloud Recorded: Jan 24 2017 60 mins
    William Fellows, Founder and Research Vice President - Cloud and Melanie Posey, Research Vice President for VotE- Cloud
    Digital transformation is a business imperative, not an option. Cloud is powering this change: It provides the new style of IT that supports the information, process and platform transformations required to link technology and information assets with marketing and customer experience to deliver new or enhanced digital processes.

    Join William Fellows, Founder and Research Vice President for Cloud, as he discusses what’s coming this year in cloud, and how the industry’s major battleground in 2017 will be how, from where and at what price cloud transformation services are delivered to customers.
  • Are Hybrid Clouds in Tune with Future Business Growth? Recorded: Jan 24 2017 61 mins
    Agatha Poon 451 Research, Rajesh Awasthi Tata Communications
    Advancements in infrastructure and platform technologies with growing availability of innovative business models has inclined the focus on user-centric service delivery mechanisms by redefining the very nature of IT strategy within a business organization. Companies that wish to pave the way for a successful digital transformation journey must shed conventional thinking and embrace towards an agile approach to IT operations and have a reliable and intelligent Ecosystem. So, to start with, we ask ourselves How and What should we look for in a partner?
  • 2017 Trends in Infrastructure Recorded: Jan 19 2017 64 mins
    Al Sadowski, Research Vice President - Infrastructure
    Enterprises and service provider customers have more storage, networking, and cloud technology choices at their disposal than ever before, and aggressive technology adopters will gain a performance and agility edge over their rivals in 2017. All Flash Arrays, Object Storage and Disaster Recovery to Cloud/Disaster Recovery as a Service are key technologies transforming the storage landscape. These new innovations account for a relatively small amount of storage revenue today, but will gradually displace traditional disk based storage systems, ultimately opening up opportunities for new innovators. The pace of change in networking technology provides the speed, capacity and agility demanded by cloud, IoT, social media, content delivery and the fabric that makes digital transformation possible.

    Join Al Sadowski, Research Vice President for Infrastructure, as he dives into what’s accelerating the virtualization of network applications and how traditional vendors will need to transform their “innovation supply chain” to produce product equivalents to highly scalable cloud infrastructure.
  • Escaping the Storage Licensing Money Pit Recorded: Jan 18 2017 57 mins
    Dave Wright - Vice President & General Manager, NetApp SolidFire and Tim Stammers - Senior Storage Analyst, 451 Research
    The tables have been stacked against storage buyers for decades, but a change is coming. Forget the endless refresh treadmill of monolithic storage systems, and licensing models that are not just inflexible, but also force you to pay again and again for the same technology. Join this webinar to learn how to liberate your storage budget, and pay for storage the way that suits your business rather than the vendors, with 451 Research senior analyst Tim Stammers, and NetApp SolidFire’s Vice President & General Manager, Dave Wright.
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  • Title: 451 Research’s 2016 Enterprise IT Spending Benchmarks
  • Live at: Feb 23 2016 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Nikolay Yamakawa, Dan Harrington, Daniel Kennedy, Andrew Reichman, Simon Robinson, Ned May
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