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Adopt IT Operations Analytics to Make Better Decisions, Faster

In the digital era, IT has an extraordinary opportunity to become a data-driven business partners helping the business achieve its goals of revenue generation, cost reduction, and risk mitigation. However, IT reporting and analytics have historically focused on descriptive and diagnostic work – describing what happened and why. The speed and agility of the digital revolution demands the ability to not only describe what happened in the past but to predict what might happen in the future and to make recommendations about what should be done.

IT operations analytics offers IT organizations a path to evolve the use of machine, operational and business data for more effective, forward-looking prioritization and decision-making. And in a recent BMC sponsored survey, 79% of IT pros said they would be more effective at their job if they had access to non-IT sources of data to help them make decisions in business context.

Join Donnie Berkholz, 451 Research, and Erin Avery, BMC Software, for a high energy, fast paced discussion on adaptive, real-time analytics that any IT operations organization can adopt to become highly prescriptive and predictive.
Recorded Apr 28 2016 53 mins
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Presented by
Donnie Berkholz and Erin Avery
Presentation preview: Adopt IT Operations Analytics to Make Better Decisions, Faster
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  • The Evolving Threat Landscape in the Public Cloud Jun 20 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Fernando Montenegro, 451 Research & Suda Srinivasa, Dome9 Security
    Public cloud services are turning information security on its head. Traditional approaches to security that worked well in the datacenter are inadequate in public cloud environments. For example, the growing use of built-in platform services such as Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift and computing paradigms such as containers and Azure Functions are creating new challenges for security. The public cloud requires a new born-in-the-cloud approach to security.

    In this session, Fernando Montenegro, Senior Analyst on the Information Security team at 451 Research, and Suda Srinivasan, VP of Marketing at Dome9 Security will discuss new security implications and challenges presented by the public cloud and approaches to establish and maintain security and compliance at scale.
  • RPA and Cognitive Document Automation fuel Digital Transformation Jun 20 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Shery Kingstone of 451 Research and Ryan Bazler of Kofax
    70% of organizations are in the midst of plans to digitally transform the way they conduct business for more process efficiency, reduced cost, optimized customer experience and competitive advantage. Experiences not price or products will be the battleground of the future. But where to begin? Robotic Process Automation promises to automate repetitive, manual tasks normally done by humans. Cognitive Document Automation provides related benefits, but for documents and emails – typically a challenge for RPA. Together, RPA and document automation deliver the one-two punch that organizations need to succeed in their digital transformation initiatives. Join us to understand how RPA and document automation work together to automatically and efficiently acquire, understand and deliver content in critical business processes.

    Don’t miss this webinar where we will discuss:
    •The state of Leaders and Laggards of Digital Transformation
    •Business benefits of RPA and Cognitive Document Automation
    •Applying software platforms for common use cases

    Register today!
  • IT Complexity and the New Monitoring Landscape Jun 19 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Nancy Gohring of 451 Research and cPacket
    Businesses across sectors are adopting a host of new technologies – containers, SDN, IoT and many others -- as digital transformation disrupts practically every industry. The result is a significantly more complex IT environment than ever before. These environments present new challenges for professionals tasked with ensuring applications perform perfectly, leading to a re-examination of a once widely accepted monitoring toolset.

    Join as we discuss:
    •Why monitoring has become a big data problem
    •The morphing monitoring tools landscape
    •The value network monitoring tools can bring to APM and security
  • A Catalog-First Strategy: Getting More Value Out of Your Data Lake Jun 14 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Katy Ring, Research Director, IT Services at 451 Research & Paul Barth, CEO at Podium Data
    For many companies, their data lake has either dried up, or it’s spilling over. And only a small percentage of businesses can claim victory in managing, analyzing and operationalizing datasets that exist as well as new sources.

    Data-driven strategies help organizations better compete in the digital economy, giving them an advantage due to a more responsive business process. In this live discussion, the presenters will share the benefits of a “catalog-first strategy” which delivers a truly functional data marketplace or “data bazaar” as coined by 451 Research. Dr. Ring and Dr. Barth will show attendees the thinking behind the strategy, and how it represents a powerful enabler fueling the adoption of the self-service marketplace, including;
    •Data as a Service; the components of a data bazaar/data marketplace
    •From data sharing to data monetization
    •The movement to cloud
    •The Catalog-First strategy; Automated & metadata driven
    •Building a Smart Catalog (smart data ingestion – validation/profiling)
    •Making data business ready (cleansing, conformed, protected)
    •Provisioning for Easy Consumption (browse/search, refresh, publish, access controls)
  • Enterprise IT Shifts Off-Premises: Cloud, Data, and Digital Transformation Jun 14 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Melanie Posey, 451 Research
    Digital transformation initiatives such as business intelligence/analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and big data are top priorities for IT organizations in 2018. Toward that end, according to a recent 451 Research survey, a full 60% of more than 1,000 IT leaders surveyed report that they plan to run the majority of their IT off-premises by year-end 2019, including public cloud and SaaS.

    At the same time, a number of organizational, cultural, and technology challenges have kept almost two-thirds of IT executives from developing formal digital transformation strategies.

    What is the path forward? What does the off-premise landscape look like? What are the key elements of a successful strategy?

    Melanie Posey, research vice president and general manager, Voice of the Enterprise at 451 Research will delve into the data and strategies IT organizations are implementing to facilitate this strategic shift and arrive at the point where they can focus on helping differentiate their business, rather than merely keeping the lights on.
  • Agile Data Warehousing Jun 13 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Aslett of 451 Research & George Fraser of Fivetran
    Data warehousing projects are inherently risky. Traditional waterfall methods usually go over budget and take months, if not years, to implement. Because of their complexities, they create unnecessary dependencies and roadblocks.

    In this webinar, learn how to take an iterative data warehousing approach instead. See how a simplified architecture helps your team prove value early, reduces risk in the long run, and creates an agile, high-performance analytics culture.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    -The benefits and challenges of adopting a cloud data warehouse
    -New tools and approaches to modern analytics and ETL/ELT
    -How to quickly and easily transition to agile analytics
    -The long-term value of a simple data architecture
  • A Sea of Change - Migrating Workloads and Applications to the Cloud Jun 6 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    William Fellows of 451 Research and Rob Lalonde of Univa
    We are witnessing a major shift in attitude when it comes to cloud adoption. 451 Research estimates that 90 percent of companies will be in the cloud by 2019. Furthermore, the cloud category is the fastest growing HPC category at 14-18 percent. New frameworks, containers and cloud are changing how enterprises look at technical computing, to name a few factors. Yet what does this mean for the on-prem HPC users looking to migrate to the cloud? This webinar will discuss the shift that digital leaders are making to move faster toward off-premises IT – resulting in accelerated business and IT transformation. It will also cover how Univa is helping its customers migrate their HPC workloads to the cloud, to include some unique hybrid cloud bursting case studies.
  • Service Provider infrastructure evolution trends Jun 5 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Al Sadowski, Research Director of Voice of the Service Provider
    Service Providers are no longer just purveyors of compute and storage; they are now seen as partners for services beyond basic infrastructure and key allies in hybrid architectures. As such, vendors are now paying more attention to this increasingly important buying center.

    451 Research launched Voice of the Service Provider to both qualify and quantify buying behaviors, business drivers and strategic priorities for the expanding universe of public cloud providers, hosters, MSPs, Telcos, Systems Integrators, SaaS companies, and Colos.

    Join 451 Research’s Al Sadowski, Research Vice President for Voice of the Service Provider, to see highlights from the inaugural Voice of the Service Provider Q1 2018 survey, and learn:

    •The top service providers pain points
    •Which architectures service providers will use next for compute, storage, and networking
    •The areas where service providers are expanding services geographically
    •The resources service providers turn to when they run out of datacenter floor space or power
    •How service providers leverage emerging technologies like GPUs, Blockchain, machine learning/AI, Microservices, and IoT
  • The Need for Universal Identity Management Recorded: May 22 2018 37 mins
    Garrett Bekker of 451 Research & Lewis Carpenter of Auth0
    Companies seeking identity and access management (IAM) solutions are confronted with a fragmented marketplace. There are various solutions aimed at solving authentication and authorization, but each tends to focus squarely on a single audience, whether it’s consumers (B2C), business partners (B2B), employees (B2E), or IoT devices. This siloed approach makes the process both confusing and costly for those needing identity across the entire organization and beyond.

    Fortunately, change is underway and enterprises are realizing that a universal approach to identity is saving money, time, and most importantly, giving developers the freedom they need to focus on product innovation rather than security. Today’s marketplace demands a more adaptable solution that can handle the rigors of identity, and anticipate the needs of the future.

    Join this exciting webinar with Garrett Bekker, principal analyst at 451 Research, on the current state of the IAM industry, his take on its evolution and where it needs to go, as well as an overview on Auth0’s universal approach to identity.

    During this webinar, participants will learn:
    •The necessary evolution of the IAM industry
    •The valuable resources and costs wasted when disparate identity management solutions are used within one enterprise
    •Benefits of a “hybrid” approach and how it solves multiple use cases simultaneously
    •What “cloud nirvana” is and why platform convergence is necessary now for tomorrow’s economy
  • How NoSQL Trends and Consistency are Fueling Enterprise Digital Transformation Recorded: May 17 2018 54 mins
    Jim Curtis of 451 Research & Aerospike
    NoSQL databases have been established for the better part of a decade but they are only now playing a deeper role in Enterprise Digital Transformation, extending beyond their initial use cases. Historically NoSQL databases have emphasized such characteristics as scalability and performance but recently vendors have begun to introduce other characteristics such as strong consistency for transactional data for both highly engaged applications and backend systems of record.

    In this webinar, James Curtis, Senior Analyst - Data Platforms & Analytics for 451 Research, will review:

    •The trends and growth in the NoSQL market
    •NoSQL use cases across industries
    •New trends and characteristics appearing in NoSQL-based applications, including data consistency, and how these characteristics are being applied to modern applications
  • Cutting Through the Noise: The Role of Documents in Digital Transformation Recorded: May 16 2018 60 mins
    Melissa Incera & Chris Marsh of 451 Research, Steve Bower of Nitro Software and David Floss of Zebra Technologies
    Join our webinar to learn how democratizing PDF productivity and electronic signatures can save money, modernize information management, and advance digital transformation across your organization.

    As the most prevalent document format in any organization today, PDF was meant to simplify formatting, fuel collaboration, and improve productivity. But prolific paper-based processes and the failed promises of expensive, legacy technologies have made it impossible for many enterprises to keep up with the explosion of digital documents.

    On May 16, Melissa Incera and Chris Marsh of 451 Research invite Zebra’s Global Client Support Manager David Floss and Nitro’s VP of Customer Success & Solutions Steve Bower for this live panel discussion.

    Together they’ll discuss:

    •The state of today’s landscape
    •The power of simple, flexible solutions
    •The importance of partnership in achieving DX

    Register now to discover how enabling your workforce with the right tools can boost your bottom line, drive customer loyalty, and progress your digital transformation journey.

    RSVP now to reserve your spot!
  • Digging into DevSecOps: Realities and Opportunities Recorded: May 15 2018 62 mins
    Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst, Cloud Management and Containers, 451 Research; Meera Rao, Senior Principal Consultant, Synopsys
    To learn more about the realities of DevSecOps today and the real degree to which security is or is not being included in enterprise continuous integration/continuous delivery workflows, we surveyed 350 decision-makers at large enterprises across a variety of industries.

    What we found is that only about half of enterprise CI/CD workflows include any security elements at all, highlighting ample room for improvement. Enterprises did seem to show an awareness of the importance of adding security elements into DevOps releases, but they are not necessarily injecting security early in the process -- ideally at code commit and in pre-implementation. This webinar will cover these and other results of our survey, and offer guidance on how enterprise organizations can effectively integrate security tools, thinking and people into their CI/CD workflows to reduce rework and risk without sacrificing velocity.
  • AI & Cyber Security: The Self-Defending Digital Business Recorded: May 15 2018 31 mins
    Nick Patience of 451 Research, Justin Fier of Darktrace and Michael Sherwood of City of Las Vegas
    We are today witnessing a new era of cyber defense, powered by artificial intelligence. AI is now relied on not only to identify sophisticated cyber-threats, but to autonomously respond to them as well, without the need for human intervention.

    In this webinar, Nick Patience, Research VP at 451 Research, and Justin Fier, Director of Cyber Intelligence & Analytics at Darktrace, will discuss how Enterprise Immune System technology is helping to build self-defending networks, powered by machine learning and AI algorithms that iteratively learn a sense of ‘self’ for your organization. They’ll examine how this self-learning system is today uncovering some of the most hard-to-find attacks, from IoT hacks and insider threats, through to ransomware and stealthy attackers lurking in your systems.

    Special guest presenter Michael Sherwood, CIO of the City of Las Vegas, will wrap up with a case study on how he implemented Darktrace across the city’s corporate network and smart city initiatives, and how he uses the technology to autonomously respond against fast-moving threats in real time.
  • IoT = IT + OT: Solving the Enterprise IoT Equation Recorded: May 9 2018 56 mins
    Rich Karpinski, Research Director for Voice of the Enterprise – IoT
    The Internet of Things (IoT) represents an enormous opportunity for technology vendors. But selling IoT outcomes – in particular into industries that have deep industrial or operational technology (OT) roots – is a fundamental departure from the traditional IT sale.

    Vendors face a more complex solution sale that goes beyond the usual IT buyer and involves multiple stakeholders that sit at the crossroads of IT, OT and strategic business agendas. For the first time ever, 451 Research launched a Voice of the Enterprise (VoTE) IoT: OT Stakeholder Perspective survey in addition to the quarterly VotE IoT: survey of IT decision-makers. Together, these two surveys provide complementary insights and guidance into the IT and OT view of enterprise IoT deployments, budgets, spending, technology priorities, vendor choices and more.

    Join 451 Research’s Rich Karpinski, Research Director for Voice of the Enterprise – IoT, to see highlights from this first-ever VotE IoT: OT Stakeholder Perspective survey and learn about:

    •How to best work with OT and IT buyers
    •The key OT-heavy verticals driving industrial IoT, including manufacturing, utilities, transportation, oil and gas and smart cities
    •How to target the very specific OT-centric use cases that are driving IoT deployments and spending in those verticals today – and in the future
    •How to position IoT products and services effectively with OT decision-makers – what they want and need from both their IT- and OT-centric vendors
    •Where and how OT and IT are collaborating most effectively on IoT – and where and why they are in active conflict (and how you can help)
  • Navigating the Hidden Challenges of IoT: How to make your IoT Project a Success Recorded: May 4 2018 61 mins
    Brian Partridge of 451 Research & Bryan Lubel of Integron
    Deploying and managing thousands of connected assets across an enterprise and around the world can be a daunting task, to say the least. From hardware selection and multiple carrier contracts, to device management, security, coverage, and global rollout, the complexities are numerous. These complexities can result in delayed time-to-market, cost overages, and inability to scale.

    Enterprise companies are turning to outsourced managed IoT servicers to address these challenges – achieving a faster time to market and reduced total cost of ownership for their solutions, with edge-to-cloud managed services becoming increasingly important piece of their outsourcing strategy.

    In this webinar, join 451 Research vice president Brian Partridge and Integron president Bryan Lubel as they:

    •Discuss today’s IoT market drivers, challenges, and new opportunities
    •Review 451 IoT research results on connectivity trends, IoT skills gap, and IoT adoption strategies
    •Share many of the hidden challenges and roadblocks that enterprise companies face as they roll out their IoT projects
    •Discuss models and approaches for addressing and overcoming these hidden challenges to optimize cost and reduce risk
    •Discuss real-world case studies in healthcare, energy, transportation, and retail
  • Delivering Connected Commerce – From Opportunity to Reality Recorded: Apr 26 2018 59 mins
    Jordan McKee of 451 Research & Eleni Coldrey of Equinix
    Merchants and consumers alike expect buying and selling online to be easy, efficient, and safe. Join 451 Research and Equinix on our upcoming webinar as we discuss the role of payments in supporting these criteria and enabling effective digital shopping experiences.

    Our webinar will explore:
    - The impact of evolving consumer expectations. 75% of consumers say they want to be connected to the internet at all times. Retailers must now cater to always-on consumers who have elevated expectations when it comes to shopping experiences and brand interactions.

    - A new vocation for Payment Service Providers. The future of payments is about more than enabling transactions. Successful providers must move beyond associations as a commodity and cost center to become a strategic partner for merchants, helping to drive conversions and improve shopper loyalty.

    - The power of enabling technologies. From AI to IoT to 5G to the cloud, there is a wealth of new technology driving and supporting innovation in the digital payments. Effectively harnessing these technologies will be essential to delivering transformative digital shopping experiences.

    Please join us at 2pm BST / 3pm CET / 9am ET on April 26 to learn more.
  • Empower Everyone: Work Management for the Modern Enterprise Recorded: Apr 19 2018 51 mins
    Chris Marsh from 451 Research and Stephan Schirrecker from One2Team
    Have you ever felt like there must be a better way to work?

    During this webinar, Chris Marsh, Research Director of Workforce Productivity and Compliance at 451, will delve into the challenges of the modern enterprise in managing work across siloed teams, data and tools.

    Then, Emilie Bisson-Runac, Bel Brands USA's Industrial Development Director, will share how One2Team, a work management platform, has helped them achieve seamless orchestration of product development to accelerate time-to-market.

    One2Team's Chief Product Officer, Stephan Schirrecker will wrap up the discussion by sharing insight into One2Team's product roadmap followed by a Q&A session to respond to your questions.
  • How Customer Intelligence Platforms Power Customer Experiences with AI Recorded: Apr 19 2018 54 mins
    Shery Kingstone of 451 Research and David Corrigan of AllSight
    451 Research named Customer Intelligence Platforms (CIPs) as the #1 Customer Experience & Commerce trend for 2018. Changing customer demands, digital transformation and an abundance of data has propelled the need for an intelligent Customer 360, driven by AI and aimed at business-users. These new requirements have set the stage for Customer Intelligence Platforms that do more than consolidate a single view of the customer; they include data governance, machine learning-based synthesis and identity matching, and dynamic UIs including graph, visualization and customer journey analytics.

    In this webinar, hear from Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director at 451 Research and David Corrigan, CEO at AllSight as they explore how CIPs bring together data, analytics and action to address key customer experience (CX) use cases including:
    •Customer-centric marketing and micro-segmentation
    •Interaction personalization and customer journey optimization
    •Self-service data access and customer data lakes
    •CRM and MDM modernization
    •Risk and compliance including GDPR
  • Paging Doctor IoT: IoT’s growing influence in healthcare Recorded: Apr 12 2018 47 mins
    John Spooner, Senior Analyst, IoT
    The ability to remotely connect and collect data, coupled with the immediacy, breadth and depth of the insights generated by all that data, will impact healthcare over the next 12-24 months, greatly influencing payers, providers and patients, alike, as all three seek better experiences, more proactive treatments and lower costs.

    Join 451 Research Senior Analyst John Spooner as he discusses his perspectives from HIMSS18 and beyond, including views on the overall status of healthcare digital transformation and its impact on payers, providers and patients as well as semiconductors, devices, infrastructure, applications and platforms that serve them.
  • AI-Based Anomaly Detection for Proactive Business Monitoring Recorded: Mar 28 2018 64 mins
    Matt Aslett of 451 Research, Greg Kurzhals of Pandora and Dr. Ira Cohen of Anodot
    Businesses are inundated with countless bytes of data in databases, data lakes, business platforms, devices, and more. Discovering negative trends and problems are an issue for every organization because every organization lacks the human resources to monitor data in real time, report on changes, and investigate the root cause relationships between business and performance. Indeed, with so many moving parts in data-driven businesses, it is practically impossible to track all the data and events manually using traditional BI tools like dashboards... you always miss something crucial, which turns into revenue loss, angry customers or brand damage...

    Are you ready to move into the future of BI and AI-driven business monitoring?

    Join our speakers: Matt Aslett, Research Director for the Data Platforms and Analytics Channel at 451 Research, Greg Kurzhals, Product Analyst at Pandora and Dr. Ira Cohen, Chief Data Scientist at Anodot for a discussion on:
    •An overview of best practices for AI analytics and anomaly detection
    •Real-world examples of how Pandora is using anomaly detection to track millions of events per day and investigate potential pitfalls
    •Use cases like churn, data quality and missing data, real-time data deviations, bug fixes, pricing opportunities, and more
    •Approaches and techniques to apply AI to anomaly detection to proactively focus where the business needs your focus
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