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Business Disruption in the Age of Cloud

Brett Azuma, SVP Research, will share insight and examine both the strategic and technical aspects of transformation. During this interactive webinar, Brett will outline the platforms and technology, strategies and tactics, and trends and buying behavior that are needed for service providers, vendors and their financial backers to address business disruption in the age of cloud.

During the webinar, you will learn:

•Ways your organization can prepare for the digital revolution.
•What businesses' top priorities are.
•Which vendors are disrupting the market.
•How hosting and cloud budgets are being allocated.

Bretts's presentation will conclude with an interactive Q&A session.
Recorded Jun 28 2016 26 mins
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Presented by
Brett Azuma, SVP, Research
Presentation preview: Business Disruption in the Age of Cloud
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  • Challenges and Opportunities in Workflow Automation for the Modern Workforce Jan 11 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chris Marsh, 451 Research Director | Ryan Duguid, Nintex SVP of Technology Strategy
    Designing and managing complex, specific and even specialist work is no longer only the remit of centralized teams of specialist project managers, analysts and process experts. Companies are looking for looser, more matrixed, decentralized and collaborative forms of organization, they are reconsidering processes, people and technology as part of this shift with a focus increasingly on enabling these types of work to be done by business leaders and their teams.

    Unfortunately the traditional mix of collaboration, team, task, project and business process management tools are struggling to deliver the balance of cohesive, flexible and extensible work processes business teams need.

    They need a way of building automated processes that span across different systems and applications so that their myriad tactical workflows can be elevated into a strategic mesh of operations, giving them new ways to think about organizational culture, business agility, employee engagement, work throughput and customer satisfaction.

    In this webinar Chris Marsh, Director of Workforce Productivity and Compliance at 451 Research and Ryan Duguid, SVP of Technology Strategy at Nintex will discuss the trends, pain points and opportunities around content and workflow automation for the modern workforce.
  • Accelerate Digital Transformation with Integrated Machine and Human Data Dec 6 2017 7:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst and Ancy Dow, Senior Product Marketing Manager at PagerDuty
    With the proliferation of data and tooling, it’s becoming harder to make sense of and take action on business-impacting events, yet it is more critical than ever to do so with revenue and brand impact on the line. Teams need to integrate machine data with human intelligence, alongside response best practices to drive action when it matters most. In this webinar you'll learn best practices leveraged by thousands of the most mature operations teams in reducing alert fatigue, improving productivity, and driving an empowered culture.
  • The Foundation of Cloud Security Nov 30 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Garrett Bekker, Principal Security Analyst at 451 Research & Richard Walters, Chief Security Strategist at CensorNet
    Cybercrime damages are predicted to cost organizations $6 trillion by the year 2021, doubling from $3 trillion in recent years,1 and some say this astronomical figure may be an underestimation. As more organizations shift their infrastructure to the cloud, the number of attack vectors grows fueling an exponential increase in cybercriminal activity – and it’s not expected to slow down any time soon.

    Lack of visibility is one of the greatest vulnerabilities posed by the move away from on-premises, firewall-protected systems and apps to the cloud. Ultimately, it is near impossible to protect what you can’t see, and gaining insight into cloud properties owned and managed by external vendors can be a challenge. Yet, building strong cyber defenses depends on having a view into every corner of your environment to identify single risk factors as well as anomalies across your network.
    In this webinar, 451 Research and CensorNet share how organizations can implement a comprehensive security solution that delivers visibility throughout your environment. We’ll cover:

    •An overview of the cloud security market and current trends
    •The four most common attack vectors and how to secure them
    •Why a unified approach to security is imperative to identifying threats
    •Why avoiding complex security solutions helps improve visibility
    •How to expand your visibility beyond single points of vulnerability to catch cloaked attacks
    •And more

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  • CSO Lessons Learned:Cybersecurity Risk on the Road to Digital Transformation Nov 15 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Aaron Sherrill Senior Analyst 451 Research, Dave Mahon CSO CenturyLink
    Organizations on the journey to digital transformation are encountering new challenges with managing risk. Not only are complex digital transformation initiatives making it difficult for organizations to fully grasp their entire risk profile but digital transformation is also resulting in new types of risk for the company. Organizations with strong risk aversion are in danger of preventing or stifling innovation and change. How can organizations manage risk and create a strategy that empowers digital transformation? What have organizations learned on the road to digital transformation that can help others early on in the journey?
  • Lower your risk of datacenter outages – proactive maintenance via data analytics Nov 13 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Daniel Bizo 451 Analyst, Datacenter Technologies; David Crites COO at Panoptic
    Your mission-critical datacenter runs on a highly resilient infrastructure: it has N+1, N+2 or better still, 2N mechanical and electrical capacity redundancy for critical components. But does it really? Based on Panoptic’s experience many datacenters carry a variety of lurking issues that might develop into a cascading failure. According to the Uptime Institute, the vast majority of even the world’s most elite datacenters do not operate as designed/installed on day one. This webinar will cover, in case study form, some of the causes underlying poor performance, and how a proactive maintenance program can uncover and help avoid an impact on the availability of services.
  • Simplify and Accelerate Your Next Generation Data Center with HCI Nov 9 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Henry Baltazar, 451 Research & Rob Jones, NetApp
    Provisioning speed and simplicity are key requirements for organizations looking to build their Next Generation Data Centers. HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) has recently emerged as a key infrastructure building block, delivering scalability and simplified management tools appropriate for generalists. Join us on Thursday, November 9th for a webinar discussing requirements for Next Generation Data Centers and the benefits which can be delivered by HCI.
  • The Machine Fights Back: Autonomous Response for a Self-Defending Network Nov 7 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Scott Crawford, 451 Research | Bethany Edgoose, Darktrace | Michael Sherwood, CIO of the City of Las Vegas
    The scene is changing: classic compromises like stolen data or defaced websites are no longer the only threats to organizations. Hackers are launching high-speed attacks on a global scale, shutting down networks with WannaCry ransomware and targeting IoT devices to disrupt the internet. But attackers are also wreaking havoc in stealthier ways, waiting quietly on networks in order to undermine the very integrity of data.

    Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands a fundamentally different approach to cyber defense. To level the playing field, organizations across the globe are turning to self-defending cyber ‘immune systems’ to autonomously respond to in-progress threats, in real time. Leveraging advances in machine learning and AI algorithms, Darktrace Antigena is the only proven solution capable of fighting back against this new era of cyber-threat.
  • The Choices in the IoT Edge to Cloud Continuum: Clearblade & 451 Research Nov 2 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ian Hughes, Senior Analyst IoT at 451 Research & Aaron Allsbrook, CTO, Clearblade
    With increased understanding of IoT across many varied enterprise types, challenges arise in how to manage and build distributed architectures. Some situations suit pure device to cloud implementations but many more patterns are now possible. This has implications on the skills needed and for how security is implemented. It also requires flexibility in the tooling and platforms used in order to be implemented and run successfully.

    In this webinar Ian Hughes, Senior Analyst IoT at 451 Research and Aaron Allsbrook, CTO, Clearblade discuss Edge and Cloud IoT patterns available and which ones solve industry vertical problems.
  • Managed Security Services: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Nov 2 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Aaron Sherrill and Dan Thompson, Senior Analysts at 451 Research
    We’re past the point of product pushing – that’s actually part of the problem. Selling through the fear, ‘tyranny of the urgent’, or one-off point solutions may close some deals, but it likely won’t turn one-time customers into lasting business relationships. Companies today are looking for well thought out, managed solutions, which will help them minimize cyberattack risks and stay compliant with industry and federal regulations. The question now is, are services that fill those needs worth offering for your organization? In this session we’ll take a look at the following:

    - Where are enterprises struggling and what service(s) can you offer to fits their needs
    - Services that could be good, but are usually poorly delivered
    - Services that use to be strategic but are now just a commodity Services that your company should walk away from immediately (and things your company should quit saying)
    - Should your company even be offering Managed Security Services?
  • The Rise of India’s Datacenter Market in the Cloud Era (US Audience) Nov 1 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Agatha Poon, Teddy Miller and Kelly Morgan
    The colocation and managed hosting market in India is expected to hit the $2bn mark in revenue by 2019, up from $1.3bn in 2016. Global hyperscalers and IT services providers looking to tap into India’s potentially lucrative enterprise segment are major driving forces behind the rising demand for multi-tenant datacenter capacity in the country. Geographically speaking, most datacenter investment is currently focused on India’s top-tier cities. In this Q&A discussion, we will highlight key findings on trends, competitive landscape, and operational challenges that help shape the dynamics of the top thee datacenter investment locations - Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore.
  • Powering Real-Time Big Data Analytics with a Next-Gen GPU Database Nov 1 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Aslett, Research Director, Data Platforms & Analytics at 451 Research, Dipti Borkar, VP Product Marketing at Kinetica
    Freed from the constraints of storage, network and memory, many big data analytics systems now are routinely revealing themselves to be compute bound. To compensate, big data analytic systems often result in wide horizontal sprawl (300-node Spark or NoSQL clusters are not unusual!)— to bring in enough compute for the task at hand. High system complexity and crushing operational costs often result. As the world shifts from physical to virtual assets and methods of engagement, there is an increasing need for systems of intelligence to deliver contextually relevant systems of engagement, alongside more traditional systems of record. New approaches to data processing are required to support the real-time processing of data required to drive these systems of intelligence.

    Join 451 Research and Kinetica to learn:
    •An overview of the business and technical trends driving widespread interest in real-time analytics
    •Why systems of engagement require systems of intelligence and new approaches to data processing
    •How a new class of solution—a GPU-accelerated, scale out, in-memory database–can bring you orders of magnitude more compute power, significantly smaller hardware footprint, and unrivaled analytic capabilities.
    •Hear how other companies in a variety of industries, such as financial services, entertainment, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas, benefit from augmenting their legacy systems with a modern analytics database.
  • Why Datacenters Need Real-Time Management Systems Nov 1 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Andy Lawrence, Research Vice President at 451 Research & Rebecca Kan, VP Marketing at RF Code
    The data center of today and tomorrow is required to support all kinds of workloads, spanning mission critical services, hybrid cloud, big data and analytics and IoT. These workloads place ever more challenging requirements on the infrastructure for availability, latency, and efficiency, requiring high uptime, rapid recovery and accurate and continuous tracking and monitoring. In this webinar, we discuss why partial solutions are not enough and why real time management systems are becoming an essential requirement for the datacenter workloads of today and tomorrow.
  • The Rise of India’s Datacenter Market in the Cloud Era (APAC Audience) Nov 1 2017 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Kelly Morgan, Agatha Poon, Teddy Miller
    The colocation and managed hosting market in India is expected to hit the $2bn mark in revenue by 2019, up from $1.3bn in 2016. Global hyperscalers and IT services providers looking to tap into India’s potentially lucrative enterprise segment are major driving forces behind the rising demand for multi-tenant datacenter capacity in the country. Geographically speaking, most datacenter investment is currently focused on India’s top-tier cities. In this Q&A discussion, we will highlight key findings on trends, competitive landscape, and operational challenges that help shape the dynamics of the top thee datacenter investment locations - Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore.
  • Getting the Most from Big Data: The Benefits of Partnering with a DBaaS Provider Oct 31 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jim Curtis 451 Research, Steve Croce, Product Manager for ElasticSearch and DBaaS Object Rocket
    Clearly, the onslaught of data, particularly big data, continues to cause many organizations to look for new ways in which to store, analyze, and manage that data. Cloud computing from public cloud vendors is often one place in which enterprises turn. Traditionally deployed and managed on-premises, databases are the lifeline of many enterprises. And while the cloud is appealing for a number of reasons, there are still questions on the minds of many organizations in choosing the right cloud partner to manage their database in the cloud.
  • Shifting Mindset on Cloud Security Controls Oct 26 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    451 Analyst: Fernando Montenegro, Cloudvisory Speaker: Richard Eisenberg
    “The traditional mindset of ‘lift & shift’ is sub-optimal. Perimeter security controls don’t need to go away, but organizations need to utilize Cloud-Native controls for micro-segmentation and stronger security of cloud resources” Source: 451 Research

    In this webinar, Fernando Montenegro, Information Security Analyst of 451 Research and Richard Eisenberg, VP Client Development of Cloudvisory will outline how companies can successfully transition to optimal Micro-segmentation and Security Orchestration in cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments. Done correctly, this will speed up dev-ops, greatly improve security and lower operational costs.

    1. Understand network security concepts in cloud environments, including difference between perimeter and workload controls.
    2. Learn the benefits of integration between workload security controls and DevOps processes.
    3. See Cloudvisory's approach to workload security with a demo covering key use cases such as discovery, orchestration, micro-segmentation, and auto-remediation.

    About Cloudvisory:
    Cloudvisory continuously discovers and visualizes multi-cloud infrastructures across providers like AWS, Azure, OpenStack...in real-time. It orchestrates and provisions immutable security policies with 24x7 audit and compliance.
  • Why DCIM fails: Overcoming the pitfalls Oct 25 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Fred Dirla, Dave Eastman, John Parker, Rhonda Ascierto
    When deployed successfully, managers say that DCIM software has revolutionized their operations. It lowers risk, it makes it easier to push utilization levels higher, and it enables effective capacity provisioning and planning, among other benefits.

    For others, however, the software has not achieved the ROI they expected. This is often because DCIM is an enabling technology as much as it is a management approach. To realize DCIM's full value, project leadership, operational process and cross-domain collaboration are essential. This means that the cost – and value – of a DCIM installation goes well beyond the software license; new internal operational, business procedures and workflows are required.

    This webinar explores these issues in detail and addresses the key question: "Is there any ‘easy’ button’ for DCIM to be successful?" Tune in to find out!
  • Customer Insight: Future-Proof your Colocation Data Center Oct 25 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rhonda Ascierto, Research Director at 451 Research; Greg Jones, VP Strategy - Cloud & SP segment, Schneider Electric
    Against the ever-changing and complex hybrid IT landscape, 451 Research surveyed more than 450 colocation customers globally – to understand the changing facets driving colocation demand and how colocation providers can be positioned for success today, and in the future. This research shows that the role of the colocation provider has never been more important – but the threats and challenges will intensify, and the opportunities will be uneven. Led by 451 Research’s Rhonda Ascierto, Research Director – Data Centers, and hosted by Greg Jones, VP Strategy – Cloud & Service Provider segment, Schneider Electric, this webinar will reveal the findings of this research along with actionable guidance colocation providers can use to plan for the future.
  • Best Monitoring Strategies for Containers Oct 24 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Nancy Gohring, 451 Research, Senior Analyst | Craig Lee, Blue Medora, Chief Systems Architect
    Like everyone else undergoing digital transformation, large, established organizations know cloud and DevOps adoption are critical to delivering the immediate, personalized, data-driven user experience customers demand. But often these companies have existing investments that limit their ability to monitor a DevOps toolset without fracturing their ability to see critical performance and availability metrics across their entire organization.

    In addition, containers provide some unique monitoring challenges. Containers come and go so frequently, and change so rapidly, that they can be an order of magnitude more difficult to monitor and understand than physical or virtual hosts.

    In this webinar you’ll learn:
    •How traditional IT operations teams are adapting to monitor the DevOps toolset
    •Ways to fill the container monitoring gap between hosts and applications
  • 451 Research & Gemalto Present "Alphabet Soup: Deciphering Multi-Cloud Security Recorded: Oct 19 2017 57 mins
    Eric Hanselman, Chief Analyst at 451 Research and Michael Gardiner, Security Lead for CTO office, Gemalto
    The cloud provides organizations with elasticity and speed and by 2018 60% of an enterprises’ workloads will run in the cloud says 451 Research. The amount of business operations running in the cloud means organizations have more cloud computing service providers, with a typical enterprise having roughly six. This requires companies to develop and implement a multi-cloud strategy, especially when it comes to security. But each CSP has its own security offerings and integrations sometimes making the process confusing and complex. Even prior to the cloud, encryption and key management have presented challenges for many organizations, but with encryption becoming ubiquitous – a strong key management strategy is key. This is especially important with industry mandates and government regulations like European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and U.S state data breach disclosure laws.

    In this joint webinar with 451 Research, we will cover topics including:

    -Building a multi-cloud security strategy for encryption and key management
    -Best practices, benefits and pitfalls of managing your own security
    -Impact of regulations on data protection in the next few years
    -Understanding the different CSP requirements for key management:
    oCustomer-Supplied Encryption Key (CSEK)
    oBring Your Own Key (BYOK)
    oHold Your own Key (HYOK)
    oGeneral cloud service provider key management services overview
  • Multi-Cloud, Security & Encryption: The State of the Market Recorded: Oct 12 2017 59 mins
    Rory Duncan 451 Research, Charles Goldberg Thales
    The rapid rise of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud infrastructure is enabling business agility and cost reduction, but at what price to infrastructure security? Concerns over increased hacking and malicious attacks, regulatory compliance, and internal auditing are driving infrastructure decision-makers to think again about protecting sensitive data in multiple cloud workloads, and what security solutions to spend their budgets on. At the same time, the lack of skilled talent, rapidly evolving cloud security offerings, and the management of legacy environments is creating additional strain on protecting data.

    In this session, Rory Duncan, Research Director with 451 Research will outline market trends and disruptive factors facing the security services market, sharing demand-side primary research and providing insight into areas of innovation.
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