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How Governments Can Adapt - Making Digital Transformation a Reality

Can government institutions use modern tools and technologies to become more flexible and responsive to their constituents? What should they be looking at, and how should they adapt to the challenges of data security, privacy, and reliance on legacy systems? Digital transformation is an ambitious project for any organization; government decision-makers are hoping it will provide a path to broader citizen engagement, empowered employees, and new digital infrastructures that will provide better access to data and services.

In this webinar we will discuss the results of a survey on the challenges and imperatives of digital transformation, including the perspectives of government managers on their technology and operational challenges and expectations.
Recorded Sep 27 2017 53 mins
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Presented by
Keith Dawson - Principal Analyst, 451 Research, Michael Mueller- Director - Solutions Management, CenturyLink
Presentation preview: How Governments Can Adapt - Making Digital Transformation a Reality
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  • Why Fast Big Data Apps Are Becoming The New Normal For Business Success Mar 22 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Aslett of 451 Research & Nathan Trueblood of DataTorrent
    Join Matt Aslett of 451 Research for a briefing on the current big data analytics trends that are driving customers to utilize fast big data applications for increased customer engagement, reduced risk, and greater operational efficiency. After which, Nathan Trueblood will share DataTorrent's direct experiences working with enterprise organizations who are deploying fast big data apps to accelerate business outcomes TODAY and why they believe their customers' use of these applications will be the difference between success or failure in the future.
  • Money Pitfalls and Failed Expectations: Optimizing Essentials for the Cloud Mar 20 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    William Fellows & Owen Rogers of 451 Research and Willy Sennott of 2nd Watch
    Cloud promised a simple pay-as-you-go approach to technology, with cost-savings at the top of the agenda. But data from 451 Research finds that costs are a major issue for enterprises as new pricing models, services and features introduce waste and complexity into the procurement process. In this webinar, we examine the challenge facing enterprises and find a level of intricacy that can’t be solved using manual process – tools and expertise are needed.
  • 2018 Digital Commerce Fraud Outlook Mar 14 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jordan McKee, Principal Analyst
    Transactions are migrating from offline to online channels, driving dramatic shifts in the fraud landscape. 2018 will be another challenging year as increasing EMV penetration in the US further throttles the counterfeiting market, shifting more fraudulent activity into digital channels. Join 451 Research Principal Analyst Jordan McKee as he discusses the major fraud trends to monitor in the New Year and shares market data on the current and future state of the digital commerce threat environment.
  • Cutting Cost and Driving Innovation Through Hybrid Cloud Storage Mar 8 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Henry Baltazar of 451 Research, Jaap van Duijvenbode of Talon & Kevin Hill of NetApp
    Hybrid Cloud are the future of IT infrastructures, but we cannot get to that ultimate state without greatly enhancing how we handle workload and data mobility between on-premises environments and public clouds.

    Join us on March 8, 2018 when we will be discussing:

    •Key pain points such as rapid data growth which Enterprises and Service Providers are facing
    •How Cloud storage services are evolving and creating new value propositions
    •Why hybrid cloud storage technologies can consolidate the infrastructure needed to deliver data in edge/remote environments
    •How Cloud NAS and file services will help facilitate data sharing and collaboration
  • Beyond Hyperconverged: Software Composable Mar 1 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Steven Hill of 451 Research and Tom Lyon of DriveScale
    With data center requirements rapidly evolving, there’s really no “one size fits all” solution. Shifting production demands and growing application workloads call for a dynamic infrastructure that’s as flexible as software challenges, yet that continues to prove elusive due to the limitations imposed by legacy approaches to hardware.

    An option, hyperconvergence, has proven to be an interesting alternative that combines traditional server hardware, software defined storage and virtualization that is well suited for many generalized workloads. This modular solution for modular tasks is limited by the fact that storage and compute must be scaled in lock-step. Disk resources are still physically tied to the server systems, so adding more storage requires adding more compute and vice versa. However, big data applications with big demands need more flexibility when it comes to scaling compute and storage; and DriveScale is looking to change all that.

    Please join 451 Research in a frank conversation with technology visionary Tom Lyon, Chief Scientist at DriveScale as we explore a unique and flexible model for breaking the traditional boundaries between compute and storage with Software Composable Infrastructure.
  • Today’s AI/ML: Analyzing and Acting on Your Real-time Data Feb 28 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Aslett, Research Director at 451 Research & Matt Bushell, Director of Product Marketing at Aerospike
    Businesses are getting smarter by leveraging as much data as they can as fast as they can. To do this, they’re using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in order to automate decision-making and predict behavior. For example, payment processors are slashing fraud, online retailers are increasing purchase rates and financial services organizations are delighting their online customers. These enterprise industry applications have some common data architecture principles that can be adopted by virtually any industry to create smarter, more innovative businesses.

    Join us in this webinar, where Matt Aslett, Research Director for Data Platforms and Analytics at 451 Research, together with Satish Iyer, Head of Product and Solutions Marketing at Aerospike, will review:
    - The differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    - The types of predictive behaviour, decision making, automation and efficiencies can be derived from AI/ML
    - Customer case study, and why systems of engagement are the first, best application of AI/ML
  • Catalog your data as a crucial first step on the journey to self-service data Recorded: Feb 15 2018 61 mins
    Matt Aslett, 451 Research Director for Data Platforms & Analytics; Andy Sheldon, Vice President of Marketing Unifi Software
    Before an organization can benefit from a self-service data environment to reduce time to insight, an essential first step is to catalog your data so that business users can discover what’s important to them. Seamlessly wrapping other self-service data tools around a comprehensive data catalog is the remainder of the journey to faster business insights.

    This webinar will discuss approaches that enable self-service data for analytics, from discovery to insight, including making the most from a data lake and standing up new data processing pipelines for achieving business success.
  • Reducing Security Operations Risk: Turning Small Steps into Big Victories Recorded: Feb 14 2018 48 mins
    Eric Hanselman of 451 Research and Karen Crowley of Tufin
    As security threats become increasingly more challenging, it’s important that organizations raise their game in security operations. The manual, labor intensive traditions of the past are unscalable and too risky to keep up with infrastructure complexity and meet the compliance requirements that demanded today. Firewall rule sets have ballooned to the point of unmanageability and complex network configurations hide/mask security lapses. But at the same time, a leap to comprehensive automation can seem risky and expensive.

    This webinar will dig into a measured way to gain insight into as-built networks and leverage that visibility to infer policy and validate controls. Small steps can be taken to begin to tackle the mess that most operations teams face and allow them to build and move towards policy-driven environments that span on-premises and cloud resources in ways that manage risk. Abstracting and coordinating controls and gaining situational awareness will improve your overall processes and lead to continuous compliance capabilities.

    Join 451 Research and Tufin to sort out the first steps towards reducing operations risk.
  • 2018 Trends in Information Security Recorded: Feb 13 2018 66 mins
    Scott Crawford, Research Director, Information Security and Dan Kennedy, Research Director, Voice of the Enterprise
    In 2018, the gains realized from applied analytics will become so pervasive that we expect virtually every security product to be an analytics product. Automation will become more evident, identity will assume new importance, and consolidation will be the word of the day at the endpoint. With new classes of security concerns already making headlines in 2018 – and with EU Global Data Protection Regulation and privacy in the spotlight - what risks are on the horizon?

    Join Scott Crawford, Research Director, Information Security and Dan Kennedy, Research Director, Voice of the Enterprise, for a live webinar on February 13 as he reviews these and other trends expected to shape the information security landscape in 2018, and the level of impact those trends will have on the market. Come armed with questions, as there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.
  • 2018 Trends in Datacenters Recorded: Feb 13 2018 56 mins
    Andy Lawrence & Daniel Bizo
    Datacenters of all types are facing a wave of disruption. Owners and operators of mission-critical facilities, and the suppliers that serve them, are aligning their strategies to several converging trends. These include the application of cloud computing and analytics to facility management and resiliency; new approaches to automation, networking and industrialization, driven in part by next-generation edge computing; and, critically, a growing need to increase agility and efficiencies without compromising availability.

    Join Andy Lawrence, Research VP, and Daniel Bizo, Senior Analyst, for a live webinar on February 13 as she reviews the trends expected to shape the datacenter landscape in 2018, and the level of impact those trends will have. Please come armed with questions, as there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.
  • 2018 Trends in Infrastructure Recorded: Feb 12 2018 57 mins
    John Abbott, Co-Founder & Research VP
    In 2018 we expect to see the gap between private and public clouds narrow, with hybrid IT widely adopted. Scale-up, scale-out, hyperconverged and accelerated systems operate under unified management as a spectrum of infrastructure resources to which appropriate workloads can be directed.

    Join 451 Research Co-Founder & Research VP John Abbott for a live webinar on February 12 as he reviews the trends expected to shape the infrastructure landscape in 2018, and the level of impact those trends will have. Come armed with questions, as there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.
  • 2018 Trends in the Internet of Things Recorded: Feb 9 2018 62 mins
    Brian Partridge & Christian Renaud
    If 2016 was the year that the Internet of Things transitioned from an ill-defined buzzword to a mainstream industry, 2017 saw the growth and maturing of IoT across all verticals globally. As we move forward in 2018, a more sober, pragmatic tone has emerged that reflects the complexity of scaling operationally focused IoT applications and the necessity for analytic workloads running at several points on the continuum from the far edges of the IoT networks, to aggregation points, to the centralized cloud.

    Join 451 Research’s leading IoT analysts, Brian Partridge and Christian Renaud, for a live webinar on February 9 as they review the trends expected to shape the IoT landscape in 2018, and the level of impact those trends will have. Come armed with questions, as there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.
  • Tech M&A: What the Red Hat Acquisition of CoreOS Means for Containers Recorded: Feb 9 2018 62 mins
    Jeanne Morain, iSpeak Cloud, Jay Lyman, 451 Research and Chris Haddad, Karux LLC
    The containers and microservices industry has exploded in recent years. With companies like Docker blazing the trail, we've seen a huge expansion in the application container market with other open source platforms like Red Hat, Mesosphere, Kubernetes, CoreOS... and the list goes on. However, when it comes to major mergers and acquisitions, the containers market hasn't been high on the list of deals.

    It was recently publicized that Red Hat is acquiring their fellow open source vendor CoreOS for $250 million. This deal will allow them to expand their share of the Kubernetes market and enhance their Kubernetes software management.

    What does this type and size deal mean for such an emerging market? What are the possibilities, potential, and even ramifications for application container, cloud application, and cloud infrastructure providers?

    Tune into this expert panel with Jeanne Morain, Digital Transformation & Cloud Expert, iSpeak Cloud, Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst, 451 Research and Chris Haddad, Chief Architect, Karux LLC as they discuss these and other pertinent questions in the tech M&A marketplace.
  • 2018 Trends in Cloud Recorded: Feb 9 2018 61 mins
    William Fellows, Melanie Posey, Katy Ring, Owen Rogers
    We’re entering the era of cloud consumption. The market is transitioning from one that has been defined mostly by building clouds to one in which cloud service acquisition is the primary driver of IT spending. For enterprises seeking to take advantage of cloud, the key question is ‘how fast can I go?’ As both the foundation for digital transformation and as the platform to support innovation, cloud will bring profound change in 2018.

    Join 451 Research’s leading cloud analysts, William Fellows, Melanie Posey, Katy Ring and Owen Rogers on February 9 for a live webinar as they review and discuss the trends expected to shape the cloud landscape in 2018, and the level of impact those changes will have. Please come armed with questions, as there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.
  • The Second Wave of Business Mobility: The Intersection of Big Data and Mobility Recorded: Feb 8 2018 59 mins
    Chris Marsh of 451 Research & Jay Klauser of NetMotion Software
    The first era of business mobility is over. Companies are expecting a better return from the investments in mobile devices and applications and stronger utilization of the mobile data that runs across them. As a result companies are looking for new ways to assert security while also looking to a wider range of benefits from their mobility management solutions. Cost control, performance management and compliance, in addition to security, top the list. Fortunately the intersection of mobility and big data is showing the way, with vast amounts of data from outside the firewall capable of being intelligently analyzed so that IT Operations teams can make better decisions, faster.
  • 2018 Tech M&A Outlook Recorded: Feb 7 2018 61 mins
    Brenon Daly, Research Director, Financials and Tim Miller, VP & GM, Financial Markets at 451 Research
    It’s no longer business as usual in the multibillion-dollar tech M&A market. New buyers are displacing many of the long-time leaders, while other companies from far outside the tech industry are suddenly looking for ways to buy into new trends. To help you navigate this changing M&A landscape, join Brenon Daly, 451 Research’s Director of Financials, for a look ahead to activity in 2018. Drawing on data and insight from across 451 Research, our annual Tech M&A Outlook webinar will highlight specific trends in key enterprise IT markets – including information security, software, mobility and IoT -- that will shape dealflow and valuations in the coming year.
  • 2018 Trends in Application Software Recorded: Feb 7 2018 52 mins
    Nick Patience, Sheryl Kingstone, Chris Marsh, Matt Aslett, Carl Lehmann
    Software is driving the digital economy. Combining insight across key areas of the software market, we look ahead at what we think will transform in 2018, using predictions from four of our Research Channels: Customer Experience & Commerce, Data Platforms & Analytics, Development, DevOps & ITOps and Workforce Productivity & Compliance.

    Join 451 Research’s leading software analysts, Nick Patience, Sheryl Kingstone, Chris Marsh, Matt Aslett, and Carl Lehmann on February 7 for a live webinar as they review and discuss the trends expected to shape the software landscape and the level of impact those changes will have. Please come armed with questions, as there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.
  • 2018 Trends in Services Recorded: Feb 6 2018 45 mins
    Kelly Morgan, Research VP and Penny Jones, Principal Analyst
    Not all enterprise workloads are moving to public cloud just yet, but difficulties in managing workloads and data in multiple locations – e.g., on premises, in public cloud, hosted – create opportunity for the right providers. Hosting and managed service providers as well as datacenter providers are benefiting, and the overall industry will continue to grow from the bottom to the top of the stack. However, consolidation will continue as firms seek to gain scale and skills.

    Join Kelly Morgan, Research Vice President for Services, and Penny Jones, Principal Analyst, as they uncover what service providers will need to change in order to gain a competitive advantage in 2018, and what the sources of demand for multi-tenant datacenters will be in the coming year.
  • Going Tribal With CISOs Recorded: Jan 31 2018 67 mins
    Gary McGraw, VP Security Technology, Synopsys Scott Crawford & Dan Kennedy, Research Director, 451 Research
    CISOs play an important role in our software-driven world, but what they do on a daily basis—and why—have largely remained a mystery—at least until we studied them in the wild and created the CISO Report.

    Join us as Gary McGraw, CISO Report author and VP of security technology at Synopsys, along with analysts Scott Crawford and Dan Kennedy from 451 Research discuss the evolving role of the CISO and what this novel study reveals:

    - What are the four newly identified CISO tribes, and which characteristics distinguish them?
    - How can knowing your tribe advance your organization’s security initiatives and spur career development?
    -Why does your CISO’s tribe reflect the priorities and dynamics within your organization?
  • Sizing up the Enterprise Container Market Recorded: Jan 30 2018 55 mins
    Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst, Development, DevOps & IT Ops
    In this 451 Research webinar, we will discuss our market sizing research on container software revenue and growth, as well as enterprise drivers, challenges and the vendor landscape centered on Docker, Kubernetes and other container software.
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  • Title: How Governments Can Adapt - Making Digital Transformation a Reality
  • Live at: Sep 27 2017 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Keith Dawson - Principal Analyst, 451 Research, Michael Mueller- Director - Solutions Management, CenturyLink
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