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Endpoints in the Hyperconnected Era: Weaknesses and Weapons

If ever there were a truly asymmetric battle, it’s in the war for the endpoint. Enterprises must apply defense as broadly and consistently across hundreds or thousands of endpoints as best they can. But to penetrate an organization, the attacker only needs to succeed with one that exposes a weakness. And from the network, to the endpoint itself, to the user that interacts with malicious content, these weaknesses may be many.

There is a new array of tools in the fight for the endpoint that go beyond traditional monitoring and controls, or the trend toward applying machine learning to the art of defense. In this webinar, Scott Crawford of 451 Research and Ofer Israeli of Illusive Networks will examine these issues and opportunities, and shed light on deception technology and other new tools for intelligent defense at the endpoint that can recognize and contain a threat before it has a serious impact.
Recorded Dec 7 2017 60 mins
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Presented by
Scott Crawford, 451 Research | Ofer Israeli, Illusive
Presentation preview: Endpoints in the Hyperconnected Era: Weaknesses and Weapons
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  • Second Wave Mobility: The Enterprise Mobile Communications Revolution Begins Sep 20 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Raul Castanon-Martinez, 451 Research & Andrew Bale, Tango Networks
    Enterprises seeking the productivity benefits of a mobile workforce have been forced to do so with mainly consumer-oriented mobile services.

    The “First Wave” of mobility over the past 20 years was focused on consumers, with the features and service configurations that mattered most to individual, private users.

    But enterprises are demanding change, and a range of new services, feature-sets, and delivery models are characterizing what Raúl Castañón-Martínez of 451 Research has dubbed “Second Wave Mobility.”

    This webinar will explore the advent of enterprise-focused, Second Wave Mobility, including:

    •Moving control over services and policy enforcement into enterprise IT’s hands.
    •Integrating mobile communications with enterprise applications such as Customer Relationship Management, Workforce Optimization, Customer Experience Management and others.
    •Mobile Unified Communications, “Mobile Native” and “Mobile First” communications strategies.
    •Capturing, recording, logging and archiving mobile voice and text communications for compliance.
    •Managing multiple user identities and personas, for separating business and private communications.
    •Advanced applications such as sending and receiving text messages using business numbers.
    •Cloud-based mobility architectures, private wireless and mobility models such as Private LTE.

    The webinar will feature analysis and market trend data presented by Raúl Castañón-Martínez, Senior Analyst, Workforce Collaboration and Communications, of 451 Research.

    Andrew Bale, General Manager of Cloud Services for Tango Networks, will present case studies and use case examples of Second Wave Mobility, including unveiling Tango Networks’ new enterprise mobile communications service and messaging application.
  • Bring Your Sales Process to Life with Sales Engagement Sep 19 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sheryl Kingstone, 451 Research & Flor Larios, ClearSlide
    Many companies have focused investments on systems of record such as CRM that manage internal processes and transactions — but they're realizing these tools don't actually help reps sell. Complementary Sales Engagement technologies are "in the room" with sellers and provide insight and guidance with every buyer interaction — so the right message is used for the right prospect, across formats and channels. This webinar will provide an overview of how to utilize Systems of Engagement to improve win rates, including:

    · The differences between systems of record and systems of engagement
    · Best practices to move beyond activity tracking to measure actual buying signals
    · How to use intelligent automation to improve data relevancy contained in CRM or SFA

    Start the fall with fresh insight about how to improve sales efficiency and impact using the latest developments in Sales Engagement. Register now!
  • Global Unified Commerce Forecast: Top Trends Reshaping Retail Sep 18 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sheryl Kingstone, Research Vice President, and Jordan McKee, Research Director
    The confluence of new technologies, new entrants and new consumer demands has catapulted retail into a state of flux. These market shifts are influencing not only the way in which shoppers choose to obtain their desired goods and services, but how and where they spend their money. Join Research Vice President Sheryl Kingstone and Research Director Jordan McKee as they share key findings from 451 Research’s recently launched Global Unified Commerce Forecast. The webinar will hone in on insights derived from the forecast, pinpointing major market shifts occurring in retail.
  • MDM as an enabler for Digital Transformation Sep 13 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Aslett, 451 & Riversand
    Master Data Management has been around for many years, and has historically earned itself something of a bad name as a silo that is the preserve of the IT department, and – when badly applied and enforced – a bottleneck that slows innovation. However, there are fresh and new approaches to consider that mean that - when properly applied and enforced – MDM can serve as the basis for enterprises becoming more data-driven as part of digital transformation initiatives. For example, baking MDM into new enterprise applications turns one of the traditional criticisms of MDM on its head by directly linking MDM to the delivery of business value and directly involving the users most likely to benefit from it.

    Join Matt Aslett, Research Vice President, Data Platforms and Analytics at 451 Research and Riversand executive (TBD) as they explore how MDM can help establish data as a foundation for digital transformation efforts.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    •Current trends in the MDM market and how MDM enables digital transformation initiatives
    •The role of data – and more importantly, how organizations can leverage data to create better and faster business outcomes
    •Collaborative, self-service data management approaches that lead to insights
  • Key Management as a Service – Cloud, Compliance & Control Sep 12 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Garrett Bekker of 451 Research & Imam Sheikh of Equinix
    As enterprises strategize and execute their digital business transformation, security and control are crucial to success. Encryption key management is an effective control and plays a critical role. However, compounding factors like using Software as a Service and deploying multicloud architectures create additional data security challenges. 451 Research Analyst Garret Bekker and Equinix’s Imam Sheikh will discuss how cloud, compliance and total key control impact encryption key management, especially as enterprises embark on digital transformation journeys to drive competitive advantage.
  • A Sea of Change - Migrating Workloads and Applications to the Cloud Sep 12 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    William Fellows of 451 Research and Rob Lalonde of Univa
    We are witnessing a major shift in attitude when it comes to cloud adoption. 451 Research estimates that 90 percent of companies will be in the cloud by 2019. Furthermore, the cloud category is the fastest growing HPC category at 14-18 percent. New frameworks, containers and cloud are changing how enterprises look at technical computing, to name a few factors. Yet what does this mean for the on-prem HPC users looking to migrate to the cloud? This webinar will discuss the shift that digital leaders are making to move faster toward off-premises IT – resulting in accelerated business and IT transformation. It will also cover how Univa is helping its customers migrate their HPC workloads to the cloud, to include some unique hybrid cloud bursting case studies.
  • Machine Learning in IT Operations: the Role of Transparency, Trust and Control Sep 6 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Nancy Gohring, 451 Research & Elik Eizenberg, BigPanda
    As IT is rapidly shifting from being a support function and a cost center to being an active enabler and driver of digital transformation, IT Operations is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. Yesterday's IT Operations tools are just not capable of supporting complex IT infrastructures and digital services. This invariably leads to disappointed customers, both inside and outside the organization. Machine Learning and AI can help, by empowering IT Ops teams to rapidly identify, respond to, and resolve problems. But traditional approaches to Machine Learning suffer from an 'explainability' problem. IT Ops and NOC teams are often unable to clearly and easily understand the logic behind AI and ML-driven Ops tools, impacting confidence, adoption and ultimately, time to value.

    In this Webinar, Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst at 451 Research, and Elik Eizenberg, CTO and Co-Founder at BigPanda, discuss IT Operations, Machine Learning and the importance of Transparency, Trust and Control so that IT Ops leaders and practitioners can choose the right tools to support their critical digital transformation initiatives.
  • DCIM Maturity is Accelerating Successful Growth – How You Can Succeed, Too Sep 6 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Andy Lawrence of 451 Research & Mike Jackson of Eaton
    With the advancement of DCIM offerings, users are starting to achieve marked success in deploying an overarching software solution to pull together their data center in a pane of glass. Given the need for capacity planning, infrastructure monitoring, executive visibility, reporting, compliance and more DCIM is offing a solution that is driving efficiency within the operations space. Join our webinar to review what are some key factors to successfully deploy and value that is driven by DCIM in today’s market.
  • Overcome the Challenges of Building Your Own Cybersecurity Program Aug 28 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Aaron Sherrill of 451 Research & Avinash Prasad of Tata Communications
    Building and maintaining a robust cybersecurity program is difficult and brings operational, organizational and personnel challenges that lack straightforward solutions. The number of cyberattacks on the enterprise is increasing, while the attacks themselves become more deceptive and elusive. Furthermore, the rate of adoption of new technologies and computing models by the enterprise, as well as regulatory and compliance requirements such as GDPR, continue to heighten security demands on organizations of all types.

    Enterprises must approach their security efforts holistically, paying equal attention to people, processes and technology. This webinar examines the challenges that come with building and maintaining an effective cybersecurity program, and it explores the opportunities, as well as the potential hurdles, around partnering with managed security service providers (MSSPs) to overcome these challenges.
  • The Age of Consumption: HCTS 2018 Q&A Recorded: Aug 21 2018 30 mins
    451 Research Vice Presidents Kelly Morgan, Melanie Posey and Al Sadowski
    451 Research’s 14th annual Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit (HCTS) in Las Vegas from September 24-26 is coming up fast! HCTS welcomes executives in the hosting, cloud, datacenter and managed services sectors to hear timely, actionable insight into the competitive dynamics of innovation from 451 Research analyst talent and guest speakers including AWS, Microsoft, Huawei, ING, DH Capital and more. In this webinar, we will be discussing what to expect from this year’s Summit, some highlights from previous years and asking about upcoming sessions with three 451 Research Vice Presidents who will be taking the main stage at HCTS: Kelly Morgan, Melanie Posey and Al Sadowski. Join this Q&A webinar to learn about:
    - What is the Age of Consumption and what should we expect to see from it?
    - Why should organizations have a strong business-IT alignment when moving forward with a Digital Transformation strategy?
    - What, if any, key shifts are happening in the multi-tenant datacenter space as a result of the age of consumption?
    - Why are hyperscalers both a friend AND foe to other service providers?
  • Digitalization in the Factory, How to Protect The Network for IIoT Recorded: Aug 16 2018 52 mins
    Rich Karpinski, 451 Research & David Knapp, Chatsworth
    This presentation presents recent survey data from 451 Research [VOTE product] on trends in Digitization of the Factory from the perspective of Operational Technologists. Top use cases for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the current project focus of IT/OT teams will be discussed. Followed by a discussion of how to protect your technology investment in non-traditional environments, including extending the network onto the factory floor, the wireless overlay, and the addition of compute and storage resources on the site (edge computing).
  • IT Steps Up: Strategic Enabler of Transformation Recorded: Aug 15 2018 60 mins
    Melanie Posey & Dan Thompson, 451 Research and Charisse Richards, Iron Mountain
    State of Transformation: Hybrid IT Progress Report from the perspectives of the IT executive and the IT practitioner. Organizations are accelerating their digital transformation efforts to keep pace with changing customer expectations. In the digital era, business innovation is highly IT-dependent, thus creating an expanded role for IT organizations in today’s enterprises. Forward-looking IT leaders are embracing the challenge, which entails not only the traditional IT task of “keeping the lights on” but also development and maintenance high-performance hybrid IT environments that provide the scale, speed and operational efficiency required to harness the potential of data and data-centric technologies to drive business value and competitive differentiation.

    In this session, Melanie Posey and Dan Thompson of 451 Research and Charisse Richards of Iron Mountain will discuss:
    • Hybrid IT: an update on uptake
    • Key attributes of “strategic” IT organizations and the role of IT as a as a strategic enabler of digital transformation
    • Hybrid IT and the role of third-party service providers in harnessing the big data beast
    • IT/line-of-business alignment in the digital era
  • Big Data HOAP as a Service-Why do you need it Recorded: Aug 14 2018 50 mins
    Jim Curtis, 451 Research & Rohit Jain, Esgyn
    Big Data has grown in IoT, Data Lakes, Advanced analytics, Machine Learning, and real-time analytics use cases. It has pulled in various master, operational and historical data from the enterprise, enabling Big Data to widen the insights it provides in complementing existing operational and business intelligence systems, also supplementing or offloading those systems on a lower TCO scale-out Big Data architecture. This has led to the need for a richer and wider set of application workloads to be supported on Big Data platforms, ranging from stream ingest and processing, to transactional and operational, to ELT, to Business Intelligence, to advanced analytics. This also entails integrating the varied data models in the Big Data world, of search, graph databases, document processing, etc.

    A mature solution exists, with decades of investment and many patents to its name, open sourced as Apache Trafodion, and commercialized as EsgynDB, that has been addressing many of these wide HOAP application needs of customers across the world. It has been deployed by customers in the Cloud, as well as in multi-tenant deployments on premise.

    Esgyn is introducing EsgynDB Strato, which facilitates self-service deployments of “IoT” applications, “Run your business” operational applications, “Optimize your business” Data Lakes, BI, and analytics applications. It will also offer a full white glove concierge Managed Service, for customers to just focus on their cloud or on-prem applications, and let Esgyn take care of the database, from design, to creation, to management, to monitoring, to tuning, enabling customers to get to production value faster and be more successful. Customers can choose what services they want managed.

    In this Webinar, we will introduce you to EsgynDB Strato, to help you appreciate what differentiates it from the rest of the Big Data solutions, as the single solution for all your Cloud based HOAP needs.
  • Accelerate Digital Transformation through Hybrid Workflow Integration&Automation Recorded: Aug 9 2018 50 mins
    Carl Lehmann, 451 Research & Dan Kogan, Azuqua
    Rivalry and empowered customers are forcing enterprises to reconsider how they do business. ‘Digital transformation’ has emerged as a means to craft engaging customer experiences, automate business operations and fend off threats from rivals. It’s driving the need to rethink enterprise application design and accelerate the use of cloud services, thus forcing a redistribution of workloads across disparate hybrid IT infrastructure.
    To cope, business and IT leaders must conceptualize new means to align business strategy and operations with modern IT automation and integration frameworks that can create new competitive advantages. Among the core technologies needed is a new approach to integration workflow automation that is now spawning the next-generation hybrid integration platform market.
    Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst at 451 Research joins Azuqua to discuss the strategic thinking and technical apparatus needed to enable new competitive advantage by:
    •Describing the fundamental analytic techniques needed to craft compelling digital transformation strategy.
    •Revealing how next-generation automation and integration platforms come together to enable a hybrid architecture that supports digital business.
    •Suggesting how business and IT teams can link strategy with architecture capable of rapid response and adaption to the challenges, risk and opportunities posed in the digital era.
    Attendees will learn the strategy and practices needed to become digital businesses by mastering hybrid IT integration and automation as means to continuously create new competitive advantage.
  • How to Justify an Investment in a Data Catalog Recorded: Aug 1 2018 57 mins
    Matt Aslett of 451 Research & Andy Sheldon of Unifi Software
    Analytics teams are becoming a shared resource throughout an organization and increasingly report to the Office of the CDO or CAO. As the roles of IT Managers, Developers and Data Scientists continue to evolve and Analysts engage more directly with business users we see self-service analytics taking root. The question then of investment and justification to spend on infrastructure and data management tools to enable self-service analytics is also shifting. This webinar will shed light on a recent survey of IT decision makers, CDOs, Analysts, Data Stewards and business users, who as users and purchasers must track and measure the ROI of a Data Catalog.

    In this Webinar participants will learn:
    •More on the evolving roles within organizations and the rise of stakeholders
    •Which business ROI criteria were most critical in the decision to purchase a Data Catalog
    •What capabilities of a Data Catalog respondents deemed most important when evaluating an investment
    •Hear first-hand from a customer what their experience has been in the evaluation and use of a Data Catalog; and
    •How ROI for a Data Catalog may be calculated
  • Industrial IoT: What is Missing and What is Next? Recorded: Jul 26 2018 53 mins
    Ian Hughes, Senior Analyst IoT, and Emily Wentworth, Research Associate
    451 Research has covered the adoption of Industrial IoT for several years, and it is a significant area to consider both for existing IT providers and for those industries looking to automate further. IIoT has significant long-term equipment installations, brownfield sites, as well as major new installations adopting all of the latest technology, under its umbrella. This area also has the ongoing organizational struggles between Operational Technology (OT) and IT, making projects more complicated to build and deploy. There are also some noticeable gaps in the approaches to IIoT and its related technologies that may not have been dealing with adequately.

    During this webinar, Ian Hughes, Senior Analyst for IoT, VR and AR, and Emily Wentworth, Research Associate, at 451 Research will describe the current state of play of IIoT and then introduce some key challenges and opportunities in the future. Ian will touch on the challenge of defining architectures in IIoT, and testing and implementing solutions. He will further highlight the importance of uniting OT and IT and the role of people in what is often portrayed as a pure automation play, as well as cover how front-line workers will need to engage with IIoT on the shop floor, using tools such as Augmented Reality (AR) to get the full benefit of this digital transformation wave. Emily will cover her work on Cobots in this presentation.

    The webinar will be of use to those in the IT industry who will benefit from the OT perspective and vice versa.
  • Your Secure Hybrid Cloud Simplified. Too good to be true? Recorded: Jul 24 2018 56 mins
    Henry Baltazar of 451 Research & Clint Wyckoff of Datrium
    Gone are the days that IT was focused on configuring, managing or troubleshooting infrastructure. The lines between "Clouds" are continuing to become blurred more and more. IT now demands simplicity; the business demands that all applications run fast and perform reliably. In this session, our experts will discuss the evolution of the datacenter focuses on a few core tenants: Simple. Scalable. Reliable. Secure.
  • What It Means to be a Container-Native SQL Database Recorded: Jul 24 2018 55 mins
    Jim Curtis of 451 Research and Ariff Kassam of NuoDB
    No matter the industry – telco, financial services, medical devices – companies depend on applications to deliver services and/or to connect with customers. In this digital age, companies must accelerate application delivery to keep up with ever-changing customer demands and market pressures.

    Modern application architectures and infrastructure - including microservices and containers - have emerged to deliver the application agility needed to propel digital transformation projects forward. However, traditional database architectures are guilty of anchoring both data and applications, forcing organizations to contend with heavyweight processes and development models. Monolithic relational databases simply weren’t meant to scale dynamically and can’t deliver the agility businesses and applications need. NoSQL databases scale, but force existing applications to go through a redesign process that is time intensive, expensive, and risky - requiring new technology training and support.

    What is needed is a modern container-native SQL database - a flexible, distributed system that delivers the benefits of a typical SQL database (transactional consistency and ACID compliance) and is built to address the data and application demands of an agile, rapid development container environment.

    In this webinar we will:
    • Discuss the drivers for Digital Transformation initiatives
    • Review how microservices and containers provide development agility
    • Describe database options and what it means to be "container-native"
    • Provide an overview and benefits of NuoDB's container-native SQL database
  • Assessing the impact of data science on the analytics landscape Recorded: Jul 19 2018 57 mins
    Matt Aslett, Research Director
    The evolution of data science – including machine learning, deep learning, and other forms of artificial intelligence – has had a significant impact on the data analytics landscape in recent years, and looks set to drive considerable change in the market in the coming years.

    In response, 451 Research’s new Data Management and Analytics Market Map 2018 includes a complete re-categorization of our Analytics Market Map to reflect the realities of analytics users and use cases today, dividing the analytics market into four key sectors:
    •Analytics tools
    •Analytics platforms
    •Data science tools
    •Data science platforms

    During this webinar, 451 Research’s Research Director, Data Platforms and Analytics, Matt Aslett, will explain the rationale and definitions behind the new categorization, as well as identifying the key challenges and innovations that will shape the analytics and data science market, and also revenue and growth expectations.

    The webinar will also touch on other aspects of note delivered with the Data Management and Analytics Market Map 2018, including:
    •The ongoing evolution of Corporate Performance Management
    •The addition of Data science Management to the Data Management Market Map
  • Considerations in Data Integration, Management & Governance Recorded: Jul 18 2018 58 mins
    Carl Brooks of 451 and Jeff Budge of OneNeck
    As today’s midmarket organizations start to tackle modernization, it cannot be done in a vacuum. There are many considerations outside of a specific application or workload that impact the data that powers a business. Data no longer lives in one location (data center) as it did in the past, as it’s now in varying clouds, and in some cases like IoT, on the edge close to end users. So it’s critical to take a holistic approach that considers data’s role and flow in and out of each application and workload.
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