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Three Key Drivers & The Hybrid Epiphany

Watch this webinar to discover: -What is driving businesses to consider alternative deployment options -How a hybrid file sharing solution works - Why a hybrid solution is the future for file share and sync
Recorded Feb 19 2014 58 mins
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Presented by
Dave Ewart, Senior Director Product Marketing (Workshare) & Terri McClure, Senior Analyst (ESG)
Presentation preview: Three Key Drivers & The Hybrid Epiphany

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  • WORKSHARE 9: #1 FOR ATTORNEY PRODUCTIVITY Recorded: Sep 24 2015 50 mins
    Dave Ewart, Sr Director of Product Marketing & Nick Thomson, Chief Revenue Officer
    Against a back drop of increased firm competition and changing legal fee structures, Workshare Professional 9 simplifies and speeds up the document review process between lawyers and their clients, driving a 70% improvement in attorney productivity.

    Attorneys can now save minutes per document as they are automatically alerted that an email attachment has changed when it arrives in their inbox. In a single click, lawyers can easily compare the new document with the original, accept and reject changes, and apply house styles. Then intelligently review and securely share across all devices and platforms all from a single application.

    Over the past 2 years Workshare has invested in over $20 million into the innovation of the Professional 9 suite and the end results have been astounding. Join Nick and Dave to see a live demo of this single seamless experience and see why Professional 9 is #1 for attorney productivity.
  • Take Control of Unsecure File Sharing with Workshare Recorded: Sep 3 2015 48 mins
    Dave Ewart, Sr Director of Product Marketing
    Traditionally, most organizations have used email for sending files to colleagues or clients. However, as files increase in size and email attachment limits are an issue, employees are forced to either use old-fashioned FTP or circumvent company regulations by turning to insecure consumer-grade applications. 72% of the people we surveyed do! Let us tell you about a better way.

    Join us to learn 4 key best practices:
    1) Don’t mess with what users know – continue to use Microsoft Outlook to drive file transfers (just don’t leave it to Outlook to deliver them)
    2) Don’t leave it to users to decide when something is too big or too sensitive to send by email
    3) Do make the experience better and faster for users (as opposed to more complicated and slower)
    4) Have a policy (and protection) that covers email-based sharing even when mobile

    With Workshare, employees can email links to files, eliminating the need for attachments, while continuing to us the familiar Outlook to do it. Policy-enforcement means companies can secure, track, and expire file access and activity beyond the corporate firewall.

    Workshare also uses its customizable policy engine to ensure that the content that is shared is secured and removed of any sensitive information before it is shared.
    Intelligently scan and secure documents too large or too important to send by email. IT can set policies to determine when a file is too large to send, or critically when to block or clean a file if it contains sensitive hidden data that would expose the company to risk.
  • Protect your documents with Professional 9 Recorded: Jul 30 2015 39 mins
    Dave Ewart, Sr Director of Product Marketing | Ryan Soosayraj, Professional 9 Product Manager
    Sharing documents through email can be risky! Sensitive data, or metadata, such as tracked changes or hidden columns in excel, can be hidden within documents and inadvertently sent outside your organization. This could potentially be very harmful.

    Join us to see how Professional 9 helps protect your documents! We'll demo how to identify and clean hidden data from documents and how to securely send files outside your organisation.

    2,000 firms are already enjoying the benefits of Professional 9. Attend this webinar to see why.
  • Workshare Webinars: Document Comparison in action with Professional 9 Recorded: Jul 14 2015 41 mins
    Dave Ewart, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Workshare | Ryan Soosayraj, Product Manager, Workshare
    DeltaView is back and better in Professional 9!

    Join Ryan Soosayraj, Product Manager at Workshare, to see how Professional 9 quickens document comparison, shortens review cycles and makes life easier for legal professionals.

    2,000 firms are already enjoying the benefits of Professional 9. Attend this webinar to see why.
  • How to minimize risk in “The Age of the Data Guardian” Recorded: May 28 2015 40 mins
    Dave Ewart, Sr Director Product Marketing, Workshare | Matt Brown, VP Product Management, Workshare
    Disruptive forces are accelerating a change in workplace technology, leaving organizational data at risk. In the past, IT was able to create a ‘walled garden’ with clearly set protocols for how data came in and out of the organization. This is no longer the case.
    As a response, Workshare recently hosted a series of roundtables and polls, where we asked CIOs and senior IT professionals how trends in the workplace are affecting their IT strategy.

    Join us as we discuss how these trends are influencing IT strategies today, as well as the best practice for reducing risk.
  • The Legal Efficiency Challenge Recorded: Apr 23 2015 44 mins
    Stephen Allen, Head of Market Strategies, DLA Piper | Matthew Brown, VP Product Management, Workshare
    As revealed in Workshare’s recent ‘Exposing Legal Productivity Challenges’ report, 78% of legal professionals are struggling to deal with the sector's productivity demands.

    In response, Head of Market Strategies at DLA Piper, Stephen Allen, Matt Brown, VP Product Management and Owen Oliver and Ben Ridgway, Product Managers at Workshare, will discuss how these challenges inhibit legal efficiency, and present measureable ways to overcome them.

    Join the discussion to take advantage of top tips to address the efficiency struggle, and be more productive.
  • The Smart Way to Shorten Document Review Cycles Recorded: Mar 5 2015 49 mins
    Dave Ewart, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Workshare; Emmanuel Potvin, Director General, Tikit France
    Cutting down on the time taken to complete complex document review cycles allows the modern lawyer to operate at the pace required by their industry.

    Join our webinar to learn top tips for shortening these review cycles without losing document integrity and risking corruption. We’ll also cover what technologies are available to provide a quick and accurate way to improve document review efficiency.
  • Cómo ahorrar tiempo durante la revisión de documentos | La manera fácil Recorded: Feb 25 2015 45 mins
    Ana Lazkano, Responsible de Marketing de Producto, Workshare; Carlos Garcia-Egocheaga, Director General, Tikit Spain
    Ejercer mayor control sobre los cambios realizados en un documento ayuda a reducir el tiempo de intercambio de revisiones.

    Atiende nuestro seminario donde te explicaremos las mejores prácticas para llevar a cabo revisiones más eficientes y cómo eliminar el riesgo de corrupción de documentos. Presentaremos tecnología que te ayudará a llevar a cabo revisiones rápidas y exactas de la manera más fácil.
  • Escape Legal Deal Admin Through Technology Recorded: Feb 23 2015 51 mins
    Dave Ewart, Sr. Director of Product Marketing; Workshare & Ben Ridgway, Product Manager, Workshare
    Transactional lawyers face many challenges in managing the organisation and circulation of legal documents between parties.

    Attend our webinar to learn about best practice and discover new technology for managing your legal deal admin in a secure, organised way. Find out how to: make deals more efficient, cut costs, and improve your overall experience.
  • Work Smart with Workshare Professional 9 Recorded: Dec 8 2014 47 mins
    Dave Ewart, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Workshare
    Working smart means getting your document through the review cycle quickly, easily, and with no loss of integrity.

    Join us to find out how Workshare Professional 9 delivers benefits to lawyers and IT teams alike.

    We’ll be covering everything you need to know about Professional 9 including licensing, deployment, new features, and improvements, all of which enable you to work smart and achieve more.
  • Workshare Professional. Remastered. Recorded: Nov 17 2014 46 mins
    Dave Ewart, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Workshare & Ryan Soosyaraj, Product Manager, Desktop and Integrations, Workshare
    Learn how Workshare Professional 9 integrates file sharing, sync and collaboration features.

    We will demonstrate our lighter, more streamlined install with fewer Office add-ins to show you how our new enhancements will deliver major benefits for lawyers and IT teams alike.
  • Think Outside the Dropbox Recorded: Nov 14 2014 50 mins
    Ryan Reyes, Regional Account Manager (APAC); Andrew Lee, Customer Success Manager
    Dropbox and other unsanctioned consumer file sharing services put your company’s sensitive data at risk, create departmental silos, and compromise IT control and policy.
    Watch our webinar to learn how Workshare Connect facilitates file sharing between employees without adding additional risk or friction, providing peace of mind for the company and team alike.
  • Reimagining Multi-party Review with Workshare Professional 9 Recorded: Oct 31 2014 42 mins
    Dave Ewart, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Workshare
    Join our webinar to see how Workshare Professional 9 simplifies multi-party review. We will use real-world scenarios that are familiar to legal professionals everywhere to demonstrate how you can save time and improve accuracy.
  • Beyond File Share & Sync: The Future of Document Collaboration Recorded: Sep 25 2014 59 mins
    Dave Ewart, Senior Director Product Marketing at Workshare & Rob Koplowitz, Principal Analyst at Forrester
    File share & sync solutions allow seamless access to content from anywhere, on any device. While these represent very compelling technological advances, they are only part of the wider document collaboration process that drives business value.

    Join our webinar featuring guest speaker Rob Koplowitz from Forrester Research, Inc., to understand the business drivers shaping the future requirements for file share & sync applications.
  • Professional 9: Collaboration Reimagined Recorded: Aug 27 2014 47 mins
    Dave Ewart, Senior Director Product Marketing
    Professional 9, coming this fall, combines major product enhancements with tightly integrated online services to create a single, simple thread through the entire review and revision workflow.

    Join us to learn:

    • How Professional 9 empowers business professionals to evolve documents at the pace and precision required by their profession

    • An overview of the major new features included that streamline document collaboration and multi-party review

    • How IT groups can utilize tracking and control features to centrally manage document sharing and access at the user and data level
  • Embracing new trends in mobility Recorded: Jul 23 2014 44 mins
    Dave Ewart, Senior Director Product Marketing
    Mobility is now a well-established phenomenon in the workplace. As sales of tablets and mobile devices are set to reach 2.9 billion units in 2017, Gartner predict that laptop PC sales will continue to decline.

    There is now a rising pressure on IT groups to effectively embrace this trend and empower users to access and work on information anywhere, with total control and security.

    Join our webinar to:

    • Discover the latest findings and predictions around mobility trends, and learn what this means for your business

    • Learn how to mobilize content securely by extending your systems of record to the cloud

    • Find out how Workshare can help you empower users to securely access and share work on the go
  • The Power of Policy Recorded: Jun 25 2014 40 mins
    Dave Ewart, Senior Director Product Marketing
    Today’s business is made up of two opposing forces; closed policies enforced by IT and governance, and the open connectivity and mobility that users require.

    Join our webinar ‘The Power of Policy’ as we uncover key drivers for policy implementation and discuss new thinking and technologies for securing collaboration and file sharing.

    Attend to learn:

    • The legal requirements, user needs, and risk that drive policy enforcement
    • The required capabilities to facilitate compliance, risk mitigation, and data leakage prevention
    • Best practice and real world examples for harmonizing the need for policy with the need for mobility
  • Risk Revealed: How to safely share your work Recorded: May 28 2014 44 mins
    Dave Ewart - Sr Director Product Marketing
    In a recent poll, we asked over 600 knowledge workers about the way they share files. We discovered some surprising facts about how employees are sharing work documents and the risks this poses to their organizations.

    Join our webinar to:

    - Gain powerful new insight into how users are sharing business documents
    - Understand the risk and develop strategies to manage and mitigate it
    - Be among the first to get Workshare's free document risk detection tool
  • 8 Reasons why Professional 8 is Number 1 for Legal Recorded: Apr 23 2014 54 mins
    Ryan Reyes - Regional Manager, APAC
    Join our webinar and find out why Professional 8 is the number one choice for law firms and lawyers across the globe.

    Why attend?

    - Learn about recent updates to sharing and syncing files online
    - Discover all new DMS integration methods
    - See real world examples of Professional 8 usage
    - Watch a live demonstration of what’s new
  • Three Key Drivers & The Hybrid Epiphany Recorded: Feb 19 2014 58 mins
    Dave Ewart, Senior Director Product Marketing (Workshare) & Terri McClure, Senior Analyst (ESG)
    Watch this webinar to discover: -What is driving businesses to consider alternative deployment options -How a hybrid file sharing solution works - Why a hybrid solution is the future for file share and sync
Reinventing the way you Work
Workshare's webinars cover a wide range of topics, from how to save time on document review to the best ways to handle efficiency challenges in the workplace. Workshare's webinars are usually based on market research conducted in-house.


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  • Title: Three Key Drivers & The Hybrid Epiphany
  • Live at: Feb 19 2014 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Dave Ewart, Senior Director Product Marketing (Workshare) & Terri McClure, Senior Analyst (ESG)
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