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How to Replicate Data from SQL Server to Amazon Redshift

This short tutorial will show you how to set up a task in Attunity Replicate to replicate data from SQL Server to Aamazon Redshift.
Recorded Dec 9 2013 6 mins
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Presented by
Charlton Book, Attunity
Presentation preview: How to Replicate Data from SQL Server to Amazon Redshift

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  • Data Loading to the Amazon Cloud for Faster Business Insights Recorded: Dec 12 2013 30 mins
    Chris Hayman, Data Architect at AWS; Brad Helicher, Attunity's Director of Cloud Business
    In order to take full advantage of AWS cloud storage, including S3, RDS, and Redshift, as well as benefit from the promise of Big Data analytics, companies must first successfully load data from on-premises sources or move data between AWS regions. This can often be a challenging feat that involves a lot of complex and time-consuming scripting, data transfer, and inaccurate loading.

    In this webinar, presented by Chris Hayman, Data Architect at AWS, and Brad Helicher, Attunity's Director of Cloud Business, we will review the benefits and features of the various AWS repositories available, the common challenges of data loading to these repositories, and introduce Attunity CloudBeam as a best practices solution for overcoming the common, but often back-breaking data transfer bottleneck.

    Attend and you’ll also learn about:

    • Common data transfer pitfalls to avoid
    • Simplifying and accelerating data loading for Big Data Analytics
    • Best practices for maximizing the value of Amazon S3, RDS and Redshift
  • How to Replicate Data from SQL Server to Amazon Redshift Recorded: Dec 9 2013 6 mins
    Charlton Book, Attunity
    This short tutorial will show you how to set up a task in Attunity Replicate to replicate data from SQL Server to Aamazon Redshift.
  • How to Replicate Data from an On Premises Database to Amazon RDS Recorded: Dec 5 2013 10 mins
    Charlton Book, Attunity
    This short tutorial will show you how to set up a task in Attunity Replicate that replicates data from SQL Server to Amazon Redshift. In this tutorial we will be using SQL Server as the source database and Oracle as the Amazon RDS database.
  • Attunity Replicate for Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) Recorded: Dec 5 2013 2 mins
    Charlton Book
    For organizations looking to run Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL in the Cloud, Amazon RDS can be an attractive proposition. With Amazon RDS, organizations enjoy a cost-efficient, scalable solution that requires virtually no administration.

    However, while organizations look to capitalize on the potential operational gains, they face the challenge of moving large amounts of information from source databases to Amazon RDS. Organizations may also need to move data from Amazon RDS to a database running on EC2, to Amazon Redshift, or even to an Amazon RDS instance in a different AWS region.

    Attunity Replicate for Amazon RDS is designed to remove this data transfer bottleneck, leveraging high-performance data replication, ease-of-use, and high-speed data transfer technologies. The solution offers a simple and powerful way to extend on-premises database management effectively and affordably without draining precious IT resources.

    So how does it work? One Attunity Replicate is installed on-premises alongside the source database while another Attunity Replicate is installed on an EC2 machine in the same region as your RDS instance. Following a simple setup, and thanks to Replicate’s drag-and-drop interface, you’ll be streaming your data to Amazon RDS in no time.

    And Attunity Replicate’s real-time monitoring dashboard keeps you constantly up-to-date about transfer progress, load speed, errors and more.

    To learn more, please visit: http://attunitycloudbeam.com/services/amazon-rds.
  • Attunity's 'Click-2-Load' Solution: Accelerated Data Loading for HP Vertica Recorded: Dec 5 2013 3 mins
    Charlton Book
    Attunity's Click-2-Load solution for HP Vertica, featuring automation and optimized technologies, is a complete solution engineered from the ground up to load data for Big Data Analytics fast and with high-performance throughput. Enabling operational data stores (ODS) or data warehouses for Vertica's environments by providing high-performance, end-to-end data loading with quick time-to-value, the Attunity solution empowers HP customers to quickly load data from heterogeneous data sources and then maintain the changed data continuously and efficiently. Attunity for HP Vertica effectively facilitates the movement of incremental changes via innovative and powerful TurboStream CDC, a log-based change data capture (CDC) technology, which streams high volumes of transactional changes captured from the source databases to the data warehouse with very low impact on the source.

    Fast loading & throughput, drag-and-drop setup, end-to-end automation
    Attunity for HP Vertica is an automated and highly-optimized solution that enables fast and easy loading to Vertica with minimal IT resources and no development staff. The Attunity solution can be set up quickly and will load data with high-speed and ease, enabling customers to achieve value faster. Instead of relying on a complex, resource-intensive ETL process which moves data in batches, Attunity enables ELT with a simple yet powerful GUI, expediting the traditionally-slow process of data provisioning. The Attunity solution will load the data, and complex transformations can then be added using scripts or downstream transformations in the data warehouse. This approach eliminates the need for development during data loading by automating the entire process, and developers can be leveraged effectively only when needed to support lower total cost of ownership for the entire project.

    Learn more at: www.attunity.com/replicate
  • Remove Big Data Bottleneck & Release the Full Power of Your Data Recorded: Dec 4 2013 3 mins
    How are you looking to use Big Data? Are you using it for business intelligence and analytics? Do you need real-time operational reporting? Are you trying to distribute Big Data across data centers or to the cloud for content distribution, Disaster Recovery or other uses?

    Before you can actually USE Big Data, you need to MOVE big data. From point A, where it resides in operational systems, to point B where it can meet your needs. And delivering Big Data can be a BIG challenge.

    Traditional technologies are just too slow, too resource-intensive, and too costly -- to install, configure, and maintain -- to handle large volumes of varied data. They strain systems and create a bottleneck that results in data being delivered too late to be useful. That's why you need Attunity.

    Attunity removes the Big Data bottleneck by making it fast and easy to move any data, any time, any where. Attunity can uniquely move massive amounts of both structured data AND unstructured files... with blazing speed -- up to 10x faster than other solutions - and then ensures your data automatically stays in sync, in real time, so accurate information is always accessible.

    Attunity solutions are low impact, require less infrastructure and are easy to use -- which means less load on both your systems and your IT department. With Attunity you can simply move more data, in less time, with less cost. That's why Attunity is used by more than 2000 companies worldwide and partners with industry leaders including Amazon Web Services, Teradata, EMC Greenplum, Microsoft and others.

    Remove the Big Data Bottleneck and release the full power of your data. Contact us today.
  • Introducing Attunity Replicate 3.0 - Going Farther & Wider with Data Replication Recorded: Oct 17 2013 63 mins
    Richard Thomas, Attunity's Director of Technical Services, & Doug Wheaton, Attunity Senior Software Engineer
    Check out our next-generation data delivery solution!

    This high-performance data replication and loading solution features easy, Click-2-Replicate design and targeted optimizations for the broadest range of databases and data warehouses in the industry. Attunity Replicate enables Big Data insights in real-time across globally distributed operations. Join this informative webinar to learn more about Attunity Replicate 3.0 as well as:

    How to eliminate data transfer bottlenecks when loading Big Data
    Easy and fast Big Data movement over LAN and WAN for BI/analytics, Disaster Recovery, Content Distribution and more
    Unique advantages of high-performance loads and CDC for real-time data capture
    Interesting case studies - featuring Attunity customers Kongsberg and Domain Holdings
    And a lot more
    Richard Thomas, Attunity's Director of Technical Services, will present the session while Doug Wheaton, Attunity Senior Software Engineer, will provide a live demonstration of Attunity Replicate 3.0 delivering data from Oracle to SQL Server.
Move the Data that Moves Your Business
Attunity is a leading provider of information availability software solutions that enable access, sharing and distribution of data, including Big Data, across heterogeneous enterprise platforms, organizations, and the cloud. Our software solutions include data replication, change data capture (CDC), data connectivity, enterprise file replication (EFR), managed-file-transfer (MFT), and cloud data delivery. Using Attunity’s software solutions, our customers enjoy significant business benefits by enabling real-time access and availability of data and files where and when needed, across the maze of heterogeneous systems making up today’s IT environment.

Attunity has supplied innovative software solutions to its enterprise-class customers for nearly 20 years and has successful deployments at thousands of organizations worldwide. Attunity provides software directly and indirectly through a number of partners such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and HP.

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  • Title: How to Replicate Data from SQL Server to Amazon Redshift
  • Live at: Dec 9 2013 6:15 pm
  • Presented by: Charlton Book, Attunity
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