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The Real ROI for Network Visibility Webinar

Join Ixia and our featured guest from Forrester Research in a webinar discussion
This discussion will provide:
- A quick overview of the network visibility market situation
- A list of questions executives commonly have regarding network visibility
- Tips on how to use ROI to address executive questions
- The sources of ROI for network visibility and network packet brokers
- Examples from Ixia of real world ROI savings from our customers
Recorded Dec 19 2014 54 mins
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Presented by
Andre Kindness, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc. & Keith Bromley, Product Marketing Manager, Ixia
Presentation preview: The Real ROI for Network Visibility Webinar

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  • 2016 Cloud Megacast Recorded: Jan 4 2017 33 mins
    Christophe Olivier
    What if you could learn about the various cloud models and also gain insight into some of the leading products in each of those models? That’s exactly what you’ll get with the 2016 ActualTech Media Cloud MegaCast. This is your unique opportunity to educate yourself about what’s happening in across the cloud spectrum and to discover solutions to some of your most complex data center issues. Learn from seven leading vendors how they’re driving positive outcomes for their customers.
  • Tap More. Worry Less Recorded: Dec 15 2016 37 mins
    Jonathan Petkevich
    Today’s networks are increasingly powerful and diverse but can suffer from significant blind spots making them difficult to audit and verify traffic. All too often, seemingly inexpensive solutions end up being unreliable or costly to deploy, or they do not scale as the organization grows.
  • Build Resilient Security Right into your Network Recorded: Dec 1 2016 61 mins
    Lora O'Haver and Jason Landry
    You need 100% data access and visibility, and the intelligence to evaluate vast volumes of network traffic, without slowing or disrupting your network. A resilient security fabric does all this and helps scale your security infrastructure as needs change.
  • Resilient Security Monitoring: One Step at a Time Recorded: Dec 1 2016 52 mins
    Lora O'Haver and Jonathan Petkevich
    Your security architecture was designed to protect your business, but does it have the resiliency to deliver results in the event something doesn’t go as planned? Resiliency is attainable – even on a budget – when you take it step by step.
  • Leverage Ease of Use in Securing your Network Recorded: Nov 30 2016 51 mins
    Taran Singh, Director of Product Management
    Learn how to easily manage and secure networks and establish the fundamentals to grow a competitive advantage with security investment.
  • Three Crucial Concepts for Network Packet Broker Performance Recorded: Nov 30 2016 48 mins
    Taran Singh, Director of Product Management
    Network packet brokers (NPBs) that can inspect data without dropping a single packet are vital to extending the lifetime of slower application monitoring and security tools.
  • 6 Ways Network Visibility can Optimize your Network Recorded: Oct 31 2016 58 mins
    Keith Bromley, Paul Egitto, and Ben Cowan
    How to optimze your network and fifteen examples solution sets.
  • Five Ways to Maximize the Value of Security and Monitoring Tools Recorded: Sep 19 2016 56 mins
    Lora O'Haver and Keith Bromley
    Webinar on extending the life of security and monitoring tools.
  • Ixia Security MegaCast Recorded: Sep 13 2016 31 mins
    Scott Register
    A video presenting the solutions Ixia can offer in Network Security
  • Increase the Return on your Next Gen Firewall in 2016 and Beyond Recorded: Aug 12 2016 29 mins
    Lora O'Haver and Roark Pollock
    Upgrading your Firewall? It's Time for an Inline Security Fabric
  • Evaluating Inline Security Fabric Solutions Recorded: Aug 4 2016 30 mins
    Lora O'Haver and Jeff Harris
    Learn the key aspects of a high-performing security fabric—one that protects network availability and increases the inspection of traffic.
  • The Next Big Thing in Security Recorded: Dec 9 2015 55 mins
    Kushar Perera, Senior Product Manager, DNA and Peter Bahas, Senior Systems Engineer, Ixia
    - What challenges exist around operationalizing security protection
    - How to boost the performance of customers’ security investments while lowering overhead
    - How to minimize your exposure to the Internet Threat Landscape
  • What's on Tap Recorded: Dec 2 2015 60 mins
    Jason Landry (Ixia Sr. Manager, Solutions Marketing), Jonathan Petkevich (Product Mgr) and Rich Higgins (Master Cicerone)
    Discover some network monitoring tool tap varieties, then stay for some beer varieties! In the first half of this event, we will show you the different types of network taps along with some details on how they work, when to use them, and what varieties they come in. For the second half, Master Cicerone Rich Higgins will explore the who, what, where, why, and how of what is poured from a beer tap—including beer styles, regions, seasons, and much more.
  • Are Network Operations Teams Missing Out On Application Intelligence? Recorded: Jul 22 2015 37 mins
    Scott Register, Senior Director, Product Management - Ixia
    As enterprise network bandwidth explodes, security threats become more persistent and subtle. Corporate revenue depends on application delivery, and deep network visibility becomes indispensable. The challenge is delivering actionable insight without enormous tool expenditure. Join us to learn how you can gain rapid, meaningful network visibility through Ixia’s application intelligence solution.

    In this live session you will learn:
    • How to isolate issues using L2-7 filtering and Netflow
    • How to deal with the increase in encrypted traffic
    • How Ixia can help you reduce expense and use your tools more effectively

    Register now to reserve your spot.
  • Quantifying the Performance vs. Security Tradeoff in Today’s Encrypted World Recorded: Jun 17 2015 36 mins
    Daniel Munteanu, Product Specialist - Ixia
    While encrypted communication is gaining momentum, are you fully aware of all its implications? Will your networks and services still be able to keep up with the required load and demand once a new security policy was deployed? Join our TechTalk to find out how to assess the performance and security effectiveness of an encrypted environment and its different characteristics.

    In this webinar we will cover:
    • Encryption – where and how it is being used
    • Commonly faced challenges in today`s highly encrypted environments
    • Demo: show you how to validate performance and security resiliency under real world encrypted traffic and attacks.

    Register now to reserve your spot.
  • The Best Kept Secret to Maximizing Network Security Recorded: May 18 2015 51 mins
    Keith Bromley - Ixia, Sr. Product Mktg Mgr and John Kindervag - Forrester Research Inc., VP, Principal Analyst
    One of the biggest challenges for IT staff today is to get the proper
    network information they need, when they need it so that they can make informed decisions about network security and problem resolution. Proper network visibility is the solution. Without this visibility, how do you know that you haven’t been breached? If you have been breached, what was affected? This webinar will provide you with an overview of the value that proper data acquisition can bring to your network security and the basics of how to implement network monitoring correctly. With the proper visibility architecture in place, you’ll be able to see what is (and what is not) happening on your network.

    Join leaders at Ixia and our featured guest speaker from Forrester Research in this live webinar to find out:

    · What a data acquisition network is and why you need one
    · The benefits of merging your security architecture with a data
    acquisition network/visibility architecture
    · Examples of what the merged architectures look like
    · How to optimize your security network by using a life cycle

    Bonus: All seminar attendees will receive a free copy of Ixia’s new eBook, “How To Secure Your Network Through Its Life Cycle.”

    If you provide your (ISC)2 ID certificate number when you register for the webinar, your CPE credit will automatically be added to your (ISC)2 account within 4-6 weeks.
  • Hold Your Service Provider Accountable - Verify New WAN Access Readiness Recorded: May 6 2015 38 mins
    Nicolas Ribault - Ixia, Product Manager
    When deploying new WAN access to connect business-critical sites or data centers, you want to have full knowledge of the service level delivered by your provider. In this webinar, we'll show you how to get visibility of service delivery quality, discover potential performance issues, and quickly gather irrefutable data on whether your service provider delivery is meeting SLA guarantees.

    Join our live Tech Talk to learn how to:

    •Assess network service QoS at delivery time with Ixia's IxChariot software endpoints

    •Make this process cost efficient and easy to communicate back to your service provider

    •Not only measure throughput, but also qualify network delay/jitter/loss and readiness for advanced services like voice or unified communications

    Register now to reserve your spot today.
  • Tech Talk LIVE!: Validate Website DDoS Defense Recorded: Mar 31 2015 38 mins
    Phil Trainor, Manager, Product Management - Ixia
    Practice Makes Perfect When Defending Against DDoS Attacks

    DDoS attacks have been on the rise, especially hard-to-detect Layer 7 attacks that take down websites via resource exhaustion. Take the guesswork out of defending against these attacks by validating your DDoS defense effectiveness using realistic scenarios of real-world users and attacker behavior at scale.

    In this webinar, we will analyze and discuss the techniques and technology necessary to validate defenses against DDoS attacks:
    • Take a deep dive into multi-vector DoS attack strategies
    • Learn how to attack yourself in a controlled, safe environment
    • Create a DDoS Range to test your network defenses, personnel, and incident playbook

    Register now to reserve your spot.
  • WEBINAR: Transforming Network Security with a Life-Cycle Approach Recorded: Feb 18 2015 59 mins
    Keith Bromley, Product Marketing Manager - Ixia & Douglas Hurd, Technical Alliances Manager - Cisco
    Of the largest security breaches ever recorded, 40% occurred in 2013. Is your network resilient enough to defend against these attacks? The webinar, “Transforming Network Security with a Life-Cycle Approach,” shows you how to bolster your network security defenses by using a fresh approach to create a resilient architecture.

    Join leaders at Ixia and Cisco in this live webinar to find out:
    • What a network life-cycle approach to enterprise security is and its benefits
    • How to realize the benefits of a life-cycle approach
    • How Cisco strengthens your network security defenses

    Bonus: All seminar attendees will receive a free copy of Ixia’s new eBook, “How To Secure Your Network Through Its Life Cycle.”

    If you provide your (ISC)2 ID certificate number when you register for the webinar, your CPE credit will automatically be added to your (ISC)2 account within 4-6 weeks.
  • Not sure how that new security device will perform in your network? Recorded: Dec 23 2014 34 mins
    Don Shin
    We’ll Tell You Things Their Data Sheet Won't... Hear about how to best manage the adoption of new security technology by getting the information you need to know how it will impact your network before you buy or implement it.

    This on-demand webinar is available now! Hear about how to best manage the adoption of new security technology by getting the information you need to know how it will impact your network before you buy or implement it.
Ixia makes hardware, software and system applications run stronger
Ixia provides the tools and capabilities organizations can use to test, visualize and secure their networks so their applications run stronger.

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  • Title: The Real ROI for Network Visibility Webinar
  • Live at: Dec 19 2014 9:30 pm
  • Presented by: Andre Kindness, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc. & Keith Bromley, Product Marketing Manager, Ixia
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