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The Great APT Chase

The increasing awareness of the APT threat landscape has encouraged more customers to leverage technologies based on a virtual execution environment to detect threats that evade traditional defenses. This significantly increases the difficulty for an adversary to penetrate an organization’s network. Does this mean that the adversary can no longer succeed? The reality is – the adversaries rapidly evolve and adapt.

Join our webinar, The Great APT Chase presented by Mr RongHwa Chong, Malware Researcher in FireEye Asia. He will share on how the attacker evolves through exploiting more zero-day vulnerabilities, leveraging new techniques and on the various file formats. to evade heightened defenses. It is a session for both technical and business professionals interested in the latest in advanced threats.


1. Solving A Jurassic Problem
2. How Cyber Threats Evolves
3. To Chase Or Be Chased
4. Questions & Answers
Recorded Feb 27 2014 43 mins
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Presented by
Mr RongHwa Chong
Presentation preview: The Great APT Chase
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  • M-Trends 2017: Trends Behind Today's Breaches & Cyber Attacks | APAC Spotlight Recorded: Apr 19 2017 43 mins
    Tim Wellsmore, Director, Threat Intelligence,Mandiant Consulting; Rob van der Ende, Vice President, Mandiant Consulting, APAC
    Join this important webinar as the Mandiant team explores trends that define today’s threat landscape based on Mandiant’s investigation of the year’s successful cyber attacks. Register today for an intelligence-led look into:
    · New phishing trends breaching today’s companies.
    · Changes in modern attack telemetry and methodology.
    · Intelligence-led insights into emerging global threats.
    · Modern defensive strategies to better protect your organization.
    Special features spotlight trends in the APAC regions. Take a guided look at the M-Trends Report, pinpointing current and emerging global threats as discovered from the front lines of today’s leading forensic investigations.
  • FireEye in 2017 Recorded: Apr 7 2017 31 mins
    Bryce Boland, Asia Pacific CTO, FireEye
    Over the years the security market has evolved, as has the threat landscape. The threats have changed from being a nuisance, to ones that are specifically targeted to carry out activity such as theft of intellectual property, exposure of sensitive customer data, or holding the victim to ransom. Organisations need to keep evolving their security program to keep up.

    There are several challenges that FireEye has observed that reduce the ability to self-discover and operationalise response to breaches: lack of visibility, lack of intelligence, too many tools, too many alerts or not enough expertise.

    Join us in a live webinar and listen to Bryce Boland, FireEye's Asia Pacific CTO, as he describes how FireEye in APAC can support organisations in overcoming all these challenges, learn about the new platforms FireEye has to offer and the intelligence required to build a next generation security program.
  • 7 Questions To Consider When Looking For An Effective Endpoint Security Solution Recorded: Jan 25 2017 31 mins
    Josh Goldfarb, VP, CTO - Emerging Technologies, FireEye, Inc.
    The endpoint market is one that everyone seems to be talking about these days. With all that hype and buzz comes a confusing vendor landscape filled with nearly identical marketing speak from each and every vendor. How can the security professional make sense of all this noise? While certainly not an exhaustive list, here are seven questions to get you started.
  • Financial Impact of Data Breaches Recorded: Jan 10 2017 49 mins
    Roger J. Francis, Senior Consultant at Mandiant, a FireEye company
    Cyber threats are constantly evolving, increasing in both sophistication and how they impact victims. In today’s world, you must battle a wide range of adversaries, from hacktivists to state-sponsored threats. The most significant of these threats are advanced attackers who carefully plan and execute breaches into victim organisations.

    In this live webinar, Roger J. Francis, Senior Consultant at Mandiant, a FireEye company, will discuss real-world incidents and steps organisations should take to minimise the financial impact of a data breach.
  • Predicting Change in 2017 in Cyber Security Recorded: Dec 14 2016 54 mins
    Bryce Boland, Chief Technology Officer for Asia Pacific; Tim Wellsmore, Director of Consulting and Intelligence, Mandiant
    Major events of 2016 have created great uncertainty about the future, but in cyber security, one thing is certain: Some attacks and crimes will continue and new challenges will emerge.

    What new developments in cyber security should you expect in 2017 in Asia Pacific?

    Join us to hear from some of FireEye’s top experts about our predictions for 2017 which draw from our executive team, Mandiant incident responders, FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence, and FireEye Labs.
    Register to understand what lies ahead, so you can prepare to stay one step ahead of cyber security threats.

    Join Bryce Boland, Chief Technology Officer for Asia Pacific and Tim Wellsmore, Director of Consulting and Intelligence, Mandiant in this presentation about emerging trends in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Why Today’s Changing Threat Landscape Requires Agile Security Recorded: Nov 12 2016 60 mins
    Rajiv Raghunarayan, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, FireEye. Robert Westervelt, Research Manager, IDC.
    Advanced threats continue to grow in severity, complexity and reach as threat actors expand their attacks to hit soft targets. Adding to this, as business workloads move to the cloud, and as shadow IT continues to proliferate, unforeseen security gaps expose new vectors for exploit and abuse.

    Attacks are not just targeting the core of a network, nor are they limited to just large scale enterprises. More and more, threat actors are aiming at vulnerable endpoints, distributed network environments and porous perimeter defenses. To combat this, security solutions need to be as agile as today’s threat actors.

    In this webinar, we will discuss the changing threat landscape and how today’s threat actors and advanced malware are impacting businesses of all sizes and types. Additionally, we will examine new security solutions and deployment models that provide agility, flexibility and widespread protective reach that scales and grows with IT and security needs.
  • Intel & Threat Analysis – The Defensive Duo Recorded: Nov 4 2016 41 mins
    Jens Monrad, Global Threat Intelligence Liaison, FireEye; Al Maslowski-Yerges Manager, Americas Systems Engineering
    The ongoing battle with cybercrime is asymmetric. You’ve invested millions in protection technology but unknown attackers still find a way in. So how do you stay ahead of the curve?

    "The core problem is that most cyber security tools do not make a distinction between everyday malware and advanced targeted attacks. If security tools cannot tell the difference, security teams have no way of prioritizing the alerts that matter the most."

    Join Jens Monrad, Global Threat Intelligence Liaison from FireEye in this webinar that will discuss:

    •How to ensure you are responding to the alert that matters

    •Benefits of Alerts with threat Intelligence

    •Using threat intelligence to think like your attacker

    •How to apply threat intelligence, expert rules and advanced security data analytics in order to shut down threats before they cause damage

    •How security teams can prioritize and optimize their response efforts.
  • Breach Defense: Prepare & Respond Recorded: Oct 25 2016 49 mins
    Vipul Kumra,Consulting Engineer, FireEye India,Shantanu Mahajan, Consulting Engineer, FireEye India
    Are you ready to handle a security breach? In the age of relentless cyber crimes and nation state sponsored cyber attacks, companies need to be breach-ready, and be proactive in their incident preparedness. This could essentially save organisations from devastating cost.
    Incident preparedness is more than having an incident response plan, it’s more than having skilled personnel on staff. Come join us for a discussion on key elements that every company should consider. Major security breaches have become part of everyone’s daily news feed—from the front page of the newspaper to the top of every security blog—you can’t miss the steady flood of new breaches impacting the world today. In today’s ever-changing world of business and technology, breaches are inevitable: you must be prepared and know how to respond before they happen
  • Breach Readiness: Next Generation of Incident Preparedness Recorded: Oct 2 2016 56 mins
    Russell Teague, Managing Director, Mandiant, a FireEye Company
    Are you ready to handle a security breach? Russell Teague, Managing Director, Mandiant, a FireEye Company, will discuss the Next Generation of Incident Preparedness. Mandiant is the world leader in Incident Response Management; no other company is involved in more of today's largest breaches. Russell will discuss what companies need to do to be breach ready, and how being proactive in your incident preparedness is essential and could save you from devastating cost.

    Incident preparedness is more than having an incident response plan, it's more than having skilled personnel on staff. Come join us in an eye-opening discussion on key elements that every company should consider. Major security breaches have become part of everyone's daily news feed, from the front page of the newspaper to the top of every security blog, you can’t miss the steady flood of new breaches impacting the world today. In today’s every changing world of business and technology, breaches are inevitable, you must be prepared before they happen. Learn how to become prepared from the industry leader in breach management and ultimately control your cost in post breach recovery.
  • Security-as-a-Service: New Threat Landscape Demands a New Paradigm Recorded: Sep 30 2016 47 mins
    Rudy Araujo, VP, Product & Solutions Marketing
    The security paradigm for nearly two decades has been to increasingly invest in technology. These solutions have not only failed to solve the problem but have made the challenge more complex. Even if true threats are detected, they are lost in a sea of alerts and lack the context to prioritize and build response. This security posture is only exacerbated by the skills deficit currently facing the industry.

    In this webinar, we look at the emergence of a new security-as-a-service paradigm and the capabilities required to help organizations reduce risk and time to protection. The discussion will cover how the cost, specialization and complexity of cyber defense have positioned security to follow other markets in adopting an “as-a-service” paradigm.

    We will also address the capabilities that define an ideal security-as-a-service partner such as:

    •the availability of security expertise
    •a broad intelligence capability and
    •flexible deployment options

    Not only does this approach improve a security posture and reduce risk but it does so with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Register today to learn more about this emerging security-as-a-service model.

    The FireEye Team
  • How prepared are APAC organisations in responding to a data breach? Recorded: Sep 20 2016 37 mins
    Bryce Boland – CTO FireEye Asia Pacific and Rob van der Ende, Vice President for Mandiant Consulting, Asia Pacific and Japan
    Our Mandiant consultants have responded to and investigated many of 2015's biggest security incidents. The insights gained from these consultancies provide us with a unique vantage point when it comes to understanding the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

    This webinar will discuss key trends, statistics, and case studies to illustrate the evolution of the advanced threat actors over the last year in Asia Pacfic.

    Register for the webinar and join Bryce Boland – CTO FireEye Asia Pacific and Rob van der Ende, Vice President for Mandiant Consulting, Asia Pacific and Japan at FireEye as they dicsuss the top findings from this report and explains how to prepare and respond to a breach when it occurs
  • Know Your Enemy: New Financially-Motivated & Spear-Phishing Group Recorded: Aug 18 2016 50 mins
    Steve Elovitz, Manager, Consulting Services (Mandiant), Ian Ahl, Manager, Incident Response (Mandiant)
    Beginning in January 2016, Mandiant identified a financially-motivated threat actor that launched several tailored, spear-phishing campaigns—targeting industries that process large volumes of consumer credit cards such as retail, restaurant, and hospitality. To date, Mandiant has seen this group at over 150 organizations. This group is interesting due to the large number of organizations they quickly targeted, how quickly they shift tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs), and their unusual persistence in attempting to re-compromise an organization after remediation.

    During this conversation, we will walk through examples from several Mandiant investigations of this groups activity. We will take a technical look at this threat actor's TTPs as well as talk about what to look for to determine if they are active in your environment.

    Register for this webinar as our experts share key insights on this new cyber threat group!
  • Recognise your Threats, Regulate your Risks Recorded: Jul 26 2016 53 mins
    Vipul Kumra,Consulting Engineer, FireEye India,Shantanu Mahajan, Consulting Engineer, FireEye India
    Cyberattacks against Banking and Financial Institutions have evolved from annoying pop-ups and machine crashes to denial-of-business events. CxO resignations and losses/damages running into crores of Rupees have heightened the awareness around cyber security, and shifted it from an IT problem to a business priority risk.
    Recently, Asia has been a hotspot for such cyberattacks, with many high-profile attacks being the subject of headlines across the region, including the most recent Bangladesh Bank breach.
    In its latest annexure to banks titled “Cyber Security Framework in Banks”, RBI has outlined a number of proactive measures that Banks in India need to take to ensure a robust cyber security/resilience framework, and to ensure adequate cyber security preparedness on a continuous basis.

    Here are just a few requirements:
    -Board approved cyber security policy
    -Continuous surveillance
    -Cyber crisis management plan
    -Cyber resilience framework
    -Cyber security awareness among stakeholders / top management / board
    FireEye invites all banks and financial institutions to join this exclusive webinar where the speakers will review the RBI guidelines and suggest ideas to bolster your response strategy and limit the consequences of a breach.

    Date: 26th July, Tuesday
    Time: 11:00 am
    Duration: 40 mins. With Q&A
    Vipul Kumra, Consulting Engineer, FireEye India
    Shantanu Mahajan, Consulting Engineer, FireEye India
  • Cyber Risk Conversation: Security Trends & Best Practices Recorded: Jul 26 2016 54 mins
    Ron Bushar, Managing Director, Mandiant (a FireEye company)
    Over the last decade, cyber security has evolved from a niche concern confined to IT professionals to a major priority for CEOs and boards of directors. Company leaders are now charged with managing cyber risk with the same urgency that they have managed traditional business risk.
    The emergence of cyber risk as a centerpiece of risk management is being fueled by new and increasingly complex threats. Organizations must deal with a quickly evolving set of threats to their information systems and data. Many of these threats were unimaginable just a few years ago.

    In this discussion, we explain the different forms of cyber risk and show how the threat level has risen in recent years. We also provide a basic framework for managing cyber risk, and finally, we pose five key questions business leaders should ask themselves to ensure their security posture is sufficiently robust and resilient to meet evolving threats.

    Register for this webinar today. As usual, we’ll leave time for Q&A.
  • Good Enough Security: Is It Hurting Your Business Recorded: Jun 22 2016 59 mins
    Shantanu Mahajan, Consulting Engineer, FireEye Technologies Pvt Ltd
    “Good Enough Security: Is It Hurting Your Business “
    Imagine a continuous state of alarm - that alarm sounding every second …24 hours a day …7 days a week …all year long …
    That’s the situation IT security teams around the world face with their cybersecurity tools. With so many alerts, it is not your security that is working hard, it’s your security team. And with so many alerts to review a security team can end up with alert fatigue, causing them to ignore a high percentage of the messages. When that happens, cyber attacks can slip by.
    Organizations with traditional defenses often face an uncomfortable and expensive tradeoff: add security staff and tools at considerable cost or risk fatigue and missing a critical alert.
    Truth is, you can avoid this tradeoff.
    Join the FireEye webinar “Good Enough Security: Is It Hurting Your Business” where we will throw some light on:

    1.The true costs of ineffective security
    2.Detection Efficacy: Invest in security tools that highlight alerts that matter
    3.Key considerations when evaluating a cyber security solution - The need for a platform that includes response
    Register Today
    The FireEye Team
    Time to check your security posture!

    Date: Wednesday, 22nd June 2016
    Time: 11:00 a.m
    Duration: 40 mins. and Q&A
    Speaker: Shantanu Mahajan, Consulting Engineer, FireEye Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  • Ransomware : A Disruption or Distraction? Recorded: Jun 1 2016 54 mins
    Vipul Kumra,Consulting Engineer, FireEye India
    It is 8:00 am, and you are on the way to work. You get a frenetic call from your office – “hackers are holding your computers hostage in exchange for a ransom”. Your order processing application is one of the casualties. Your last successful backup was over a month ago. Do you pay the ransom and regain control? Your money or your data?
    This scene may seem to be straight out of a Hollywood movie, but for several organisations, it has become an unfortunate reality today. Ransomware is a growing menace to enterprises and consumers alike, and given the recent trends observed by FireEye, it is here to stay. Some ransomware variants encrypt your critical files, others lock you out of the systems. Some demand bitcoins, others demand payment vouchers. Some are a disruption to your business, others are just a distraction.
    Join the FireEye webinar “Ransomware: A Disruption or Distraction", and get an in-depth view into the mechanics of ransomware. You will learn about:
    1.Ransomware: Impact & Trends
    2.The Economics of Ransomware
    3.A Distraction or Disruption
    4.Lessons Learned: Tackling Ransomware
  • Threat Update: SYNful Knock - A Cisco Implant Recorded: Oct 13 2015 16 mins
    Bill Hau, VP, Mandiant Consulting, a FireEye company & Tony Lee, Technical Director, Mandiant Consulting, a FireEye company
    SYNful Knock, once a theoretical cyber attack, is now a reality. This Cisco router implant was recently discovered in multiple organizations and several countries.

    Based on research from Mandiant, a FireEye company, we believe this is just the first of many possible router implant techniques and expect similar attack methods to become more popular and sophisticated in the future.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn about the malware and its capabilities, as well as tools to detect the threat in your organization.

    Join us to discover:
    - How SYNful Knock works
    - Why SYNful Knock is so difficult to detect, even when you suspect an implanted router
    - How you can better detect and foil SYNful Knock
    - What future variants of this attack might look like

    Register today to learn all about SYNful Knock
  • Securing Enterprise Networks against Advanced Attacks Recorded: May 29 2015 58 mins
    Rajiv Raghunarayan, Director, Product Marketing
    How can your company ensure all threat vectors are protected? In this webinar you will:

    - Find out what it takes to secure your organization from today’s evasive advanced cyber threats
    - Discover how to detect blended attacks that point products miss
    - Learn how to safeguard your intellectual property, critical infrastructure, and customer records from multi-vector, targeted attacks
    - Understand how to respond to incidents faster by reducing the number of false positives your security team has to sift through
    - Get introduced to the FireEye products that can help achieve enterprise network security
  • APT30: Behind the Decade-Long Cyber Espionage Operation Recorded: Apr 29 2015 39 mins
    Bryce Boland, CTO, Asia Pacific, FireEye
    Learn more about the tools, tactics, and procedures of APT30 - the cyber threat group that had successfully compromised entities for at least ten years, and how to detect, prevent and respond to this threat.

    FireEye recently released a report that details how a cyber threat group APT 30, had successfully exploited largely in Southeast Asia countries and India – in both government and commercial entities — who hold key political, economic, and military information about the region for at least a decade.

    Join us on this webinar with Bryce Boland, CTO of FireEye Asia Pacific, who will share more on this threat intelligence.

    In this webinar, you can understand more about the operations behind APT30 as we outline the profile of the attacker so that you can better understand their threats.

    • Learn about their tools, tactics and procedures (TTP)
    • Find out how you can detect, prevent, analyze and respond to this threat

    This session is for business and security professionals, especially in South East Asia and India, who would like to know more about this APT group which is one of the longest running advanced threat groups we have observed.
  • Outgunned in Cyberspace. Can your company defend itself? Recorded: Mar 5 2015 46 mins
    Steve Ledzian, Director of Systems Engineering, Asia
    A report from FireEye detailed a study of over 1200 real world production networks and found that 96 percent of those networks experienced a breach during the study.

    Even some of the largest of companies had their defenses defeated by attackers despite millions of dollars invested in cybersecurity. Cyber-criminal organizations and nation state threat actors alike are also constantly evolving in sophistication. With more at stake than ever and against these increasingly advanced threats, many organization who are looking at their own in-house security teams are feeling outgunned in cyberspace.

    For organisations that are concerned about the ever increasing rate of cyber-attacks, but do not have the ability or desire to build their own team of dedicated cyber defenders, what are their options available against these attackers? Are there strategies that can help organizations instantly level the playing field? How can FireEye-as-a-Service (FaaS) help?

    Attend this webinar and find out how FireEye-as-a-Service (FaaS) can be an arsenal for these organisations.

    In this webinar, Steve Ledzian, Director of Systems Engineering, Asia will explore these topics, and discuss how FaaS leverages a unique combination of Technology, Intelligence, and Expertise, to defend against evolving cyber-attacks, and resolve any incident in minutes and not months.
FireEye APAC
FireEye English-speaking Asia Pacific & Japan

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