MDM as a Platform for Systems Consolidation, Migration and Upgrade

Ravi Shankar, VP, MDM Product Marketing, Informatica
How was your last data migration project – was it on time and within budget? Between 1999 and 2007, 84% of the data migrations went over budget and overtime. On an average, data migration projects cost $875,000, and roughly 30% of it is due to project overrun. To complicate the issue further, too often consolidations, migrations, and upgrades are handled as a one-off project leading to costly delays in product launch, minimal to no best practices and reusable assets, and increased risks to realizing business objectives. To top it all, 34% of migrations have lost or missed data.

Successful organizations have combatted these issues using master data management (MDM) as a platform for their systems consolidation, migration, and upgrade projects. MDM creates authoritative and trustworthy data for use in migration, simplifies migration architecture using hub-and-spoke architecture, maintains data consistency across new and old systems post-migration, and, above all, enables reuse of data, mappings, and rules for the next migration project. MDM allows organizations to minimize risk and increase the speed of data migration.

In this webinar, you will learn:
-The challenges in systems consolidation, migration and upgrade
-How MDM helps address these challenges in pre-migration, during-migration, and post-migration phases
-Examples of companies using MDM to manage data migration as a repeatable process
-Expanding the use of MDM beyond data migration for operational and analytical purposes
Mar 19 2014
28 mins
MDM as a Platform for Systems Consolidation, Migration and Upgrade
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  • Turning Big Data into Great Data: Best Practices for Data Preparation Apr 21 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    You have tons of data, but how useful is it? Explosive data volumes and expanding data footprints are a reality for every data services team today. This is why so many enterprises are turning to big data platforms like Hadoop. But could your data consumers get even more value from your big data investments? Big data can be useful but great data that is clean and trusted is better.

    Refining big data into great data offers many benefits:
    - Faster deployment and repeatable delivery of big data projects
    - More comprehensive data for better contextual understanding of information by consumers
    - More trusted information for higher quality business insights

    Join this webinar, with host David Lyle of Informatica and guest speaker Mark Madsen, Research Analyst and CEO from Third Nature, to learn about the differences between what we're used to doing to manage data and how the new big data architecture changes what we do. Mark will review what's different with the data we're adding, how and when to prepare it (or ignore it), how new data changes our data architecture, and how to govern data so that you can expedite and amplify the return on your investments in Hadoop.

    David will discuss how Informatica’s customers have successfully extracted more value from Hadoop for all sorts of applications like targeted marketing and fraud reduction by quickly ingesting, parsing, profiling, transforming, and cleansing big data into great data.
  • How Retailers Can Capture Accurate Data Throughout the Customer Journey Mar 19 2015 2:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Retailers face the challenge of getting customer data and communication right from every channel throughout the customer journey. Without verifying and cleansing data at the point of collection, costs are higher, customers are frustrated, and your reputation is at risk. Watch this webinar, presented by Thomas Brence, Director of Informatica Data as a Service Product Marketing, and Donal Dunne, Informatica Senior Marketing Manager for Retail and CPG, to see how Informatica Data as a Service can help retailers achieve accurate customer contact information every step of the way.
  • Successful Application Consolidation & Migration: Data Management Best Practices Mar 10 2015 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    According to Gartner, “through 2019, more than 50% of data migration projects will exceed budget and/or result in some form of business disruption due to flawed execution."(1) Furthermore, 1 in 6 large IT projects go over budget by 200%, according to a Harvard Business Review article. It is widely recognized that application migration and consolidation projects are “risky business” – high-ticket items for the corporation, with a scary chance of failing. If you are undertaking any IT modernization or rationalization project, such as consolidating applications or migrating applications to the cloud or ‘on-prem’ application, such as SAP, this webinar is a must-see.

    The webinar is going to shine the light on the critical role that data plays in the success or failure of these projects. Application data consolidation and migration is typically 30% to 40% of the application go-live effort. There is a multitude of data issues that can plague a project like this and lead to its doom, and these are not always recognized and understood early on, which is the biggest problem.

    In this webinar, Philip Russom of TDWI will walk us through the potential data pitfalls a corporation should consider when undertaking an application consolidation or migration project. Philip will share best practices for managing data in order to minimize risks and ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of these projects. Rob will discuss Informatica’s unique methodology and solution to support these best practices. Rob will also share real-life examples on how Informatica is helping customers reduce risks and complete application consolidation and migration projects on budget and on schedule.

    1)Gartner report titled "Best Practices Mitigate Data Migration Risks and Challenges" published on December 9, 2014
  • The Catalog Stream - Informatica Procurement 8.0 - What's New Mar 3 2015 8:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Connecting buyer and supplier in B2B has always been a challenge. The need for speed and information quality as increased over time.

    B2B supply of product catalogs large customers is the core of the sales business of distributors and manufacturers. Feeding the procurement system of large enterprises quicker can bost revenue and build customer relationships.

    On the other side purchasing teams are focussing minimizing manual efforts when sourcing product catalogs from b2b suppliers. The quality of product catalogs from suppliers is still not on the level of quality procurement specialists dream of.

    In this webinar procurement specialists and B2B suppliers will listen and learn:

    Informatica Procurement at a glance

    - Catalog Stream, the B2B Commerce Machine: PIM-2-Procurement B2B integration, for better data quality from suppliers to reduce data management efforts

    - Simple order and approval process in the catalog interface with enhanced ERP integration & eMail

    - Always Auto Content: Auto content synchronization for always valid content and search on classification view with user-based views and new catalog content

    - Catalog Information Everywhere: Integration with surrounding applications based on the Service API (ready for data fueled mobile apps)

    - Demo & more
  • Building an Impactful Data Governance Program One Step at a Time Recorded: Feb 26 2015 72 mins
    Effective data governance requires the effective application of people, process, policy and technology to ensure consistent delivery of trusted, connected, and secure data across an enterprise.

    Organizations across all industries are investing in data governance to gain business value from their data to meet industry regulations, reduce the cost of doing business, and grow revenue and profits.

    In this webinar dedicated to data governance, Michael Wodzinski, Director of Information Architecture team, Lisa Bemis, Director of Master Data, and Fabian Torres, Director, Project Management at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), global leader in publishing, will share their experiences in implementing a data governance program within HMH. Our guest speakers from HMH will discuss some of the unique data management challenges within HMH, how the data governance program has helped address those issues and open up new opportunities for the company. While walking you through their data governance journey, our guest speakers will offer their insights on how to establish a viable data governance practice in a complex enterprise environment, share their best practices and lessons learned. David Lyle, VP of Produce Strategy, from Informatica will share his observations in the data governance space, discuss Informatica’s data governance solutions and our thought leadership behind those offerings.
  • Data-Driven Retail: The Path to Maximize the Shopper Experience Recorded: Feb 25 2015 58 mins
    Retailers today must juggle multiple priorities to achieve success. The most important of these priorities is adapting to a world where shoppers have unprecedented power in their interactions with retailers.

    Attend our webinar on Feb 25th at 1PM Eastern, 10AM Pacific, to learn how Best-in-Class retailers make strategic use of data to overcome their challenges. Our discussion will help you increase brand awareness, grow revenue, achieve operational excellence and minimize risks when managing customer data. So join the webinar to learn:
    •The Profile of a Data-Driven Retailer
    •How to Meet and Exceed Evolving Consumer Expectations
    •Steps to Optimize your Merchandising & Supply Chain Activities
    •Best Practices to Ensure Data Security & Privacy
    •How to Leverage IT to Drive Better Shopper Experiences
  • 5 Key Elements to a Successful Ecommerce Product Taxonomy Recorded: Feb 25 2015 47 mins
    In this Webinar, Mark Leher from WAND, the recognized global taxonomy leader, will review five of the key elements that anybody with a product catalog should be thinking about to best organize the product data in their catalog. Once you’ve learned these elements, you will be ready to maximize the value of your product catalog and present the data to users in the most effective way.

    Demonstration of the WAND eCommerce Taxonomy and how it can help you rapidly develop a robust product taxonomy tree and attribute structure.

    How the WAND eCommerce Taxonomies integrate with Informatica to quickly enable collection of detailed product category and attribute level information on your product catalog.
  • How OneAmerica® is Shifting from Policy-Centric to Customer-Centric Recorded: Feb 5 2015 60 mins
    Consumers' expectations of insurance companies have changed. They expect a seamless, integrated and consistent customer experience throughout their life stages.

    What does this mean for insurance companies? They need to transform how they operate to deliver better customer experiences. CRM applications promised a 360 customer view, but never quite delivered. The fact is, not all valuable data about customers is in CRM. It's scattered across multiple policy-centric applications. And, the core customer data that should be the same across applications, isn't, which makes it difficult to reconcile.

    Join us for a webinar to hear how Nicolas Lance, VP of Retirement Income Strategies & Head of Customer Data at OneAmerica®, is leading the shift from a policy-centric to a customer-centric view to improve customer experience. Find out how OneAmerica® is using master data management (MDM) to bring together business-critical data from multiple applications, clean and enrich it, merge duplicates, and create relationships between data. Then, fuel CRM and other applications with clean, consistent, and connected customer information.

    During this webinar, Nicolas Lance from OneAmerica®, Naveen Sharma from Cognizant and Jakki Geiger from Informatica will:

    • Discuss barriers to seeing a total customer relationship view across products and channels
    • Explain how OneAmerica® is shifting from a policy-centric to a customer-centric view
    • Share the business benefits OneAmerica® expects to achieve
    • Reveal the lessons OneAmerica® has learned from this experience
  • Great Data for Great Analytics: Best Practices for Data Management Recorded: Jan 27 2015 59 mins
    The verdict is in. Data is now broadly perceived as a source of competitive advantage. No wonder many organizations view their Analytics initiative as highly strategic. Yet, many Analytics initiatives fail to deliver their promised value. Pretty visualizations and dashboards are only as good as their underlying unrefined data. Simply put: ‘garbage in-garbage out’. What is needed is great data.

    However, business leaders often fail to recognize the inherent complexities in building and maintaining a great data foundation for Analytics. Oversimplification leads to disappointing Analytics initiatives, and hence bad decision making.

    In order to deliver great data you need to:
    •Integrate data from many different systems, on-premise, in Hadoop, or in the cloud
    •Combine data from all the different data sources
    •Ensure the data is of the highest quality
    •Operationalize a repeatable process for generating and modifying reusable reports at the speed of business.

    In this webinar, hosted by David Lyle of Informatica, Philip Russom of TDWI will walk us through the potential data pitfalls, which a corporation should consider when designing a successful Analytics effort. Philip will share best practices for managing data, in order to promote an Analytics initiative that is truly based on great data. And David will discuss how Informatica can help you make better decisions with great data that’s refined, so you spend more time analyzing and less time finding and fixing data errors.
  • Introducing Informatica Data as a Service Recorded: Jan 21 2015 20 mins
    What is Data as a Service, and why is it important to you? Join Justin Helmig, Vice President of Data as a Service Products, and Thomas Brence, Director of Product Marketing for Data as a Service, as they discuss the powerful combination of AddressDoctor and StrikeIron.
    New offerings include:
    - Data Quality Services: Email Verification Plus Hygiene, Address Verification, Phone Validation, and Do Not Call List Verification.
    - Data Enrichment Services: Reverse Phone and Address Lookup, Business Data Enrichment, Consumer Data Enrichment.
    - Mobile Services: SMS Mobile Messaging, Mobile ID.
    With the creation of Data as a Service, Informatica now offers a variety of products to enterprises to help them confidently connect with their customers using accurate and verified data. Attend this webinar to learn more about how Informatica Data as a Service can help your organization.
  • Introducing Informatica Data as a Service Recorded: Jan 21 2015 19 mins
    What is Data as a Service, and why is it important to you? Join Justin Helmig, Vice President of Data as a Service Products, and Thomas Brence, Director of Product Marketing for Data as a Service, as they discuss the powerful combination of AddressDoctor and StrikeIron.

    New offerings include:

    - Data Quality Services: Email Verification Plus Hygiene, Address Verification, Phone Validation, and Do Not Call List Verification.

    - Data Enrichment Services: Reverse Phone and Address Lookup, Business Data Enrichment, Consumer Data Enrichment.

    - Mobile Services: SMS Mobile Messaging, Mobile ID.

    With the creation of Data as a Service, Informatica now offers a variety of products to enterprises to help them confidently connect with their customers using accurate and verified data. Attend this webinar to learn more about how Informatica Data as a Service can help your organization.
  • Analytics and Data for the Strategic CFO Recorded: Jan 7 2015 53 mins
    CFOs that we have talked to are increasingly reliant upon data and analytics. However, they see the production of financial and business data as impeding their move to strategic business leaders. CFOs say that they need timely, accurate data yet they find their financial and business systems get in the way. Most CFOs say their teams are still manual massaging and consolidating the financial data used for reporting. This includes the management change. These facts limit CFOs to mostly a backward facing, bean counting role. To change this, CFOs need to get control over their financial house and refocus their resources upon driving business predictability as well as a forward facing business conversation.
  • Collect Valid Customer Data: Demo of Email, Address, and Phone Number Validation Recorded: Dec 22 2014 7 mins
    Watch this quick Data as a Service demo on how Informatiac's Email Verification, Address Verification, and Phone Validation at the point of entry will increase your data quality and improve your customer communications. Give your customers the opportunity to make corrections while they are still engaged with you.
  • Tech Talk: Completing the Big Data picture with Big Content Recorded: Dec 19 2014 36 mins
    Today 40% of companies have more than 80% of their customer data stored in separate systems across their organization. It costs 5 to 10 times as much to win a new customer as it does to keep a customer. A mere 5% increase in customer loyalty can translate into a 75% increase in profitability. These are all compelling reasons why banks and insurance companies need to be more customer centric when it comes to big data.

    These financial institutions need a complete, current and accurate view of their businesses now. Together with Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine (AIE), Informatica delivers it’s next generation Data Virtualization solution to the Financial Services market.

    Join us on Thursday December 11th at 11:30am PST / 2:30pm EST to learn how Informatica and Attivio deliver solutions that go beyond structured and unstructured data for complete insights into customers, organizations and new business relationships.
  • Next-Gen Architecture: A “Business First” Approach for Agile Architecture Recorded: Dec 17 2014 60 mins
    The top challenge facing all architects is directly connecting architecture to business strategy and business value delivery. In this session, we will discuss how Informatica, using tools and methodology recently acquired from Proact is enabling that direct connection between business strategy and architecture.

    In this session you will hear about:
    •The capabilities of the BOST framework and why industry analysts such as Forrester give it high ratings compared to other Enterprise Architecture methodologies.
    •How the framework has been extended for enterprise information management
    •How a business-led Architecture practice can help you to accelerate your enterprise initiatives and reduce risk regardless of your current level of EA maturity
  • Architecting for Success in Big Data – Learning from Successful Early Adopters Recorded: Dec 16 2014 56 mins
    Big Data is a BIG DEAL!

    According to Wikkbon, organizations are projected to spend US$28.5 billion in 2014, growing to $50.1 billion in 2017, on Big Data technologies to help transform their business – improving customer retention/acquisition, streamlining operations, and moving to predictive/proactive decision making.

    Successful early adopters have shown that to harness the multiplying terabytes or petabytes of big data requires a New Architecture that marries existing and new technologies to meet the extreme scale and integration requirements of big data processing and storage.

    In this webinar on December 16th at 11am PT, you will hear about this New Architecture and a set of Cisco/Informatica’s early adopter Big Data Project Success Factors including how to:

    •Control the escalating costs of DW platforms to handle data growth
    •Quickly deploy Big Data projects from proof-of-concept to production
    •Leverage existing staff deliver Big Data projects
    •Keep up with evolution of Big Data technologies
    •Effectively aggregate huge amount of data from numerous sources
    •Address the breadth of data integration required across use cases
    •Economically move data to Hadoop hub for storage and processing

    Join us to hear how the Cisco/Informatica Data Warehouse Optimization solution can save you time, money, and improve the effectiveness of your data.
  • Launch of Informatica REV (Cloud Data Preparation) Recorded: Dec 16 2014 51 mins
    Ray Wang from Constellation Research presents the “Future of Work”. Ray explores how, for the first time, the everyday business user will be able to significantly increase their personal productivity by rapidly preparing their own datasets and by speeding their time to valuable insights. In addition, see how IT will now be empowered to operate at the increasing speed of the business by proactively provisioning data to the business. Hear from Interstate Batteries, Conde Nast, G&K Services and Tableau as they talk about the advantages they have and will gain by leading the way into the “Future of Work” with data.

    In addition, all participants who watch this webinar will be given Free access to REV. Stay tuned for more information that will be sent to you via email.
  • Enabling Analytics in the Age of the Internet of Things Recorded: Dec 11 2014 61 mins
    As we move into a world where practically everything is connected and capable of generating data, what is the value to government? With the ever-growing power and sophistication of analytics engines comes the need for more, and better, data. Predictive and prescriptive analytical models that drive better decisions and automated processes thrive on such data. The use cases are endless — supply chain optimization, improvements to citizen and warfighter healthcare, more effective cybersecurity and efficiencies in transportation — to name a few.

    GovLoop and Informatica will talk about enabling analytics in this new era of the Internet of Things. The following topics will be discussed:

    • Data trends and challenges related to the Internet of Things.
    • The value of data derived from IoT to government agencies.
    • Steps to see business value from the IoT with existing resources.
  • How Insurers Can Master Data Governance Recorded: Dec 11 2014 57 mins
    In an analytical and data-intensive industry like insurance, it is critical for businesses to adopt strong data management and governance strategies. A trusted source of data is essential to increase revenue, lower operational expenses, deliver optimal customer experience, and reduce risk and compliance exposure.

    Attendees will develop a better understanding of building a data governance strategy, including how to:
    • Establish a definition for enterprise data and what constitutes trustworthy data
    • Measure progress towards building a trustworthy source of information
    • Drive best practices in data management
    • Protect enterprise data against security breaches
    • More efficiently transfer data to analytical environments

    Good data management is essential in today’s insurance environment. Listen in on this webcast for expert insight on building a robust data strategy.
Putting Information Potential to Work
Informatica Webcasts target IT and business professionals who are focused on data integration and enterprise data management. These webcasts provide the latest best practices, strategies, and tips and tricks to help organizations put information potential to work to gain a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy. Informatica Corporation is the world’s number one independent provider of data integration and data management software. Thousands of enterprises worldwide depend on Informatica data integration, data quality, and big data solutions to access, integrate, and trust their information assets residing on premise and in the Cloud.

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  • Title: MDM as a Platform for Systems Consolidation, Migration and Upgrade
  • Live at: Mar 19 2014 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ravi Shankar, VP, MDM Product Marketing, Informatica
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