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MDM as a Platform for Systems Consolidation, Migration and Upgrade

How was your last data migration project – was it on time and within budget? Between 1999 and 2007, 84% of the data migrations went over budget and overtime. On an average, data migration projects cost $875,000, and roughly 30% of it is due to project overrun. To complicate the issue further, too often consolidations, migrations, and upgrades are handled as a one-off project leading to costly delays in product launch, minimal to no best practices and reusable assets, and increased risks to realizing business objectives. To top it all, 34% of migrations have lost or missed data.

Successful organizations have combatted these issues using master data management (MDM) as a platform for their systems consolidation, migration, and upgrade projects. MDM creates authoritative and trustworthy data for use in migration, simplifies migration architecture using hub-and-spoke architecture, maintains data consistency across new and old systems post-migration, and, above all, enables reuse of data, mappings, and rules for the next migration project. MDM allows organizations to minimize risk and increase the speed of data migration.

In this webinar, you will learn:
-The challenges in systems consolidation, migration and upgrade
-How MDM helps address these challenges in pre-migration, during-migration, and post-migration phases
-Examples of companies using MDM to manage data migration as a repeatable process
-Expanding the use of MDM beyond data migration for operational and analytical purposes
Recorded Mar 19 2014 28 mins
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Presented by
Ravi Shankar, VP, MDM Product Marketing, Informatica
Presentation preview: MDM as a Platform for Systems Consolidation, Migration and Upgrade

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  • 4 Steps to Clean Your Contact Data Across All Apps Nov 3 2016 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Donal Dunne, Chris Phillips
    Powering Your Marketing and Sales Applications with Clean Data. “According to 92 percent of marketing and sales influencers surveyed, having valid contact data to work with is “very important” for their marketing and sales success.” (Source: Ascend2). Positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools for the ninth consecutive year, Informatica is now offering an innovative, new approach to improving data quality designed specifically to turn this situation around: Cloud Data Quality Radar.

    Without clean data, you can’t communicate and engage effectively with your customers and prospects - This directly impacts marketing campaign effectiveness, sales productivity and the customer experience.

    One of the biggest challenges sales and marketing organizations face is that data decays over time - people move houses, switch jobs, or change their phone numbers. When combined with the fact that data is captured from an ever increasing number of sources and is used in different ways, the problem becomes exponentially worse.

    Informatica Cloud Data Quality Radar is a cloud application that quickly identifies, fixes, and monitors data quality problems in your business applications like Salesfroce and Marketo. Attend this short webinar to hear how you can:

    •Easily identify and visualize data quality issues within your applications – and drive increased confidence in data
    •Automatically fix the most impactful data quality problems sooner - while reducing reliance on IT for data quality related activities
    •Continuously monitor data quality across source systems
  • Fuel Insights and Action with D&B data in Informatica MDM Nov 2 2016 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dan Paner, Product Management - Informatica, and Nakul Kapoor - Dun & Bradstreet
    Natively integrated into the latest version of Informatica Master Data Management 10.2, customers will soon be able to gain instant access to Dun & Bradstreet data. Powered by Informatica Data as a Service, MDM customers will be able to access D&B's powerful business data to power their business.
  • Informatica Cloud Fall 2016 - R26 Release Nov 1 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Informatica Cloud Product Marketing and Management Team
    Discover breakthrough performance and scale for your analytics use cases with Informatica Cloud’s new release

    Join the Informatica Cloud product team to find out what's new in the Fall 2016 release and explore all the key capabilities. The Fall 2016 release includes various new capabilities and enhancements expanding the potential of Informatica Cloud data and application integration, core platform, data management and easy connectivity to provide outstanding performance, scalability and efficiency.

    •New Data Quality capability to assess and fix the data quality issues in your Salesforce orgs
    •Maximize scaling, speed of execution and flexibility for your data integrations tasks using advanced transformations like partitioning and router
    •Increased performance for cloud data warehouse like Amazon Redshift with enhanced lookup and caching support
    •Advanced support for complex hierarchical data sources via XML, JSON, REST
    •Out-of-the-box analytical solution templates with dynamic creation of relational targets
    •New and enhanced connectors include Amazon QuickSight & Aurora, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Azure Table, Microsoft Dynamics AX2012, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, Google Storage and Big Query, Oracle Eloqua, Qlik, Teradata and more

    Please join the Informatica Cloud team to learn more on Informatica Cloud’s exciting new features and capabilities with the Fall 2016 release.
  • Addressing Key Manufacturing Business Challenges with Total Customer Centricity Oct 26 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Wipro and Informatica
    The role of master data management (MDM) in the manufacturing industry has been evolving. Now it is tackling an array of business challenges in addition to addressing the traditional use cases like customer de-duplication and consolidation. Some of the early adopters in the industry have seen significant business advantages. In fact, a 360-degree view of customers fueled one $60 billion manufacturing company to improve cross-sell and upsell success by five percent. According to industry analysts, “eighty-nine percent of companies plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016.” And yet, “fewer than half of companies rate their customer experience as exceptional today, but two-thirds expect it to be in two years.”

    In this webinar, Wipro and Informatica will discuss how better customer data can help tackle some of the major strategic and operational business challenges manufacturers face. Our conversation will focus on:

    •Industry trends impacting the customer experience and need for a 360-degree view of customers
    •An overview of key TCC solution capabilities and value-add
    •Business benefits of improved customer information
    •A customer success story
  • How nCino is Revolutionizing the Future of Banking with Informatica Cloud Oct 17 2016 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Mark Wood, nCino and Tamara Striffler, Informatica
    One of the top five concerns for the banking industry in 2016 is technology risk. Outdated IT systems are cumbersome and can result in security risk and significant losses. Today’s financial institutions are looking for a scalable, secure system that provides insight and helps to facilitate a positive customer experience. nCino is the worldwide leader in cloud banking. With its Bank Operating System, built on the Salesforce platform, financial institutions can deliver the speed and digital experience that customers expect, backed by the quality and transparency that bankers need.

    In this webinar you will learn how nCino uses Informatica Cloud to engineer complex integration use cases to integrate customer data, files and images with the nCino Bank Operating System. nCino will discuss how embedding industry leading integration and data management capabilities from Informatica Cloud into nCino’s Bank Operating Systems helps provide true insight into the bank via a comprehensive end to end solution that helps streamline lending performance. As a result, banks are able to increase operational efficiency, on board clients faster, reduce loan closing times, and increase revenues.
  • Insurers & GDPR: Thinking beyond compliance, turn your obligation to opportunity Oct 13 2016 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Andrew Joss, Head of Industry Consulting – Financial Services, Informatica & Steve Parry, Executive Vice President, Entity
    From 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect every organisation that processes EU residents’ personally identifiable information (PII). Non-compliance with GDPR could be catastrophic – in terms of fines and reputational damage - however, non-compliance could also mean a significant loss of competitive advantage.

    This webinar explores the strategic impact GDPR will have across insurance organisations and their data landscapes. In reality, GDPR is a clarion call for treating data as a strategic asset – and affects all of us, regardless of whether you are a Chief Data Officer, Head of Risk/Legal or a CMO.

    Join this webinar and learn:
    - The data challenge GDPR poses to Insurers, and what compliance means to you and your organisation
    - How to treat Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as a strategic asset, and use it to create foundations for success across your organisation
    - How to address the GDPR compliance challenge, and turn it into competitive advantage
  • Making Salesforce Your Single Customer View Oct 13 2016 10:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Phil Turton, Cloud Sales Lead, Informatica UK & Ireland
    Customer data is increasingly dispersed across various company platforms and processes. This presentation outlines how Informatica Cloud Customer 360 and Informatica Cloud Integration can enable Salesforce to become the customer master record – creating one single customer view and improving customer intimacy across the business.
  • Cloud Integration Hub Introduction and Demo Oct 12 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Scott Hedrick, Director of Product Marketing and the Informatica Expert Team
    Simplify your complex cloud and hybrid data integration with a publish/subscribe hub designed for enterprise data. Informatica's popular Integration Hub is now available as a service within Informatica Cloud. Learn how to boost the efficiency of your SaaS, cloud and hybrid data integration with Cloud Integration Hub.
  • Understanding the Impact of GDPR on the Public Sector Oct 6 2016 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Andrew Joss – Head of Industry Consulting, EMEA
    From May 2018, the new EU General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) will require all Public Sector organisations to more effectively understand how they manage data on their citizens, contractors and staff. Citizens will have significantly more rights and powers on how their data is used and consumed, with large fines available for any breaches of the regulation.

    Join this webinar to understand:

    - What GDPR is and what it means to Public Sector bodies
    - The potential impact of Brexit
    - The range of data challenges and opportunities the new regulation will create
    - What data capabilities agencies will need to consider
    - Learn what best practice approaches commercial organisations are already taking to ensure timely compliance
  • The Cloud Integration Need – Why Customers Are Buying And Implementing an iPaaS Live 30 mins
    Phil Turton, Cloud Sales Lead, Informatica UK & Ireland
    Companies of all shapes and sizes are currently in the market for a cloud integration/iPaaS platform. The demand comes from a variety of different sources. The presentation talks through the key themes and areas of demand, using real customer cases to demonstrate why a host of UK-based businesses entered the market and bought a cloud platform.
  • Embracing Digital Disruption in the Automotive Sector Recorded: Sep 27 2016 54 mins
    Monica McDonnell and Richard Foskett with 30+ Years of Automotive & Data Management Experience discuss Disruption & Data.
    The Connected Car is a clear example of digital disruption, affecting both products and business models within the automotive industry. New entrants such as Tesla and Uber are digital natives, and their business models are centered around the customer experience. In contrast, incumbents must change their business models (and supporting IT) from product-centric to customer-centric, with a strong services component.

    Most importantly automotive incumbents must revolutionize the way they manage the lifeblood of the digital age: data.

    In this webinar, Richard Foskett of Entity Group draws on his 30+ years in the automotive sector to discuss best practices for addressing common data management challenges in order to deliver an enhanced customer experience in a world of high digital expectations.
    You will learn about:

    • How best to harness the value of the data associated with the connected car
    • How data affects the customer experience within the automotive industry
    • Best practice for building a strategic data foundation to embrace digital disruption
  • Hyatt Hotels Transforms the Customer Experience with Customer Data Management Recorded: Sep 21 2016 59 mins
    Tom Smith, Area VP, Hyatt; SriHari Thotapalli, Dir, Customer Data Mgmt, Hyatt; Monica Mullen, Solutions Manager, Informatica
    By empowering its associates worldwide with great customer data, Hyatt Hotels Corporation is creating seamless, memorable and personalized experiences to entice guests to choose Hyatt, increase customer lifetime value, improve efficiencies, and drive growth for their brand. Fueled by customer data management technology and a next-generation customer 360 view, Hyatt is reinvigorating its service culture and fostering innovation on a global scale.

    Join this webinar, hosted by CRM Magazine, to hear Tom Smith and SriHari Thotapalli from Hyatt and Jakki Geiger from Informatica share:

    •How Hyatt is creating a single view of the customer (SVOC) across 600 properties and 12 brands, managing highly complex B2C and B2B customer relationships
    •How an SVOC empowers Hyatt's 100,000 associates to deliver memorable guest experiences
    •The customer data management strategy at the heart of Hyatt's guest experience management strategy
    •The lessons Hyatt's team has learned from this experience as well as the next steps on their journey
  • Overcoming Common Data Challenges to Comply with the New DOL Fiduciary Rule Recorded: Sep 21 2016 45 mins
    Peter Ku, Head of Financial Services Industry Consulting.
    The new ruling by the Department of Labor became law this past June requiring the retirement industry to comply with the covenants by April 10, 2017, with exemptions phasing in through January 1, 2018. The rule drastically changes how financial advice is provided in the United States. It will introduce intense pressure on financial advisors to change the traditional advisory model from commission to fee-based compensation and will substantially change product fees and features.

    Unfortunately, Retirement Planning, Wealth Management, Insurance companies, 401K companies large and small that look to comply with the new rule will face more scrutiny and reporting requirements that will expose holes in existing data management processes and technologies. Learn what some of these data challenges are, why they exist and why they have been difficult to address, and finally solutions to consider for this requirement and other regulations that require Great Data!
  • Meet the Experts: Verifying Contact Data in Salesforce with Ease Recorded: Sep 15 2016 30 mins
    Thomas Brence (Dir Product Marketing) and Cheryl Vail (Presales)
    Embarking on a new data integration project can surface major issues with the quality of your data. Whether your integration efforts live on premise or in the cloud, you will be faced with the level of quality that is not always consistent. For many organizations this is never truer than when integrating with Salesforce in the cloud with many of your challenges coming from having poor quality contact data.

    Join us for this Meet the Experts webinar where we outline how you can ensure that only high quality contact data lives within Salesforce. We’ll show you how to validate all of your addresses throughout the world to ensure accuracy for improved lead routing. We’ll cover how to ensure that not only are your customer email addresses accurate but also that they are safe to send to. And finally we’ll highlight how to validate customer phone numbers across the globe so that your version of Salesforce has the most reliable contact data for your sales team.

    Watch our webinar today so that your next cloud data integration project will be a success and include only high quality contact data.
  • Ten Top Tips For Choosing A Cloud Integration Platform Recorded: Sep 15 2016 28 mins
    Phil Turton, Cloud Sales Lead, Informatica UK & Ireland
    This presentation aims to share Informatica’s experience of hundreds of Cloud Integration engagements. During this short webinar, we will explore the ten top tips for choosing a cloud integration platform – discussing important elements to consider and traps to avoid.
  • Mastering Provider Data with Dr. Nicholas Marko of Gesinger Health System Recorded: Sep 13 2016 62 mins
    Dr. Nicholas Marko, Chief Data Officer & Director of Neurosurgiacal Oncology, Geisinger Health System
    Dr. Nicholas Marko, Chief Data Officer & Director of Neurosurgical Oncology of Geisinger Health System, will discuss, from the Healthcare Provider perspective, the reasons that it is important for health insurers to have updated Provider data sets, including:
    •Trends causing Provider networks to become more complex.
    •Pain points around poor Provider data and how they impact the relationship (financial, networking) between payers and providers.
    •Other drivers relevant for payers to master their Provider data and better manage Physicians, such as Provider hierarchies.
    •Ways that the payer – provider relationship are improved with a Provider Master Data Management solution.
    •How an investment in a Provider solution will pay off for the insurer
  • Independent Research Validates the CDO Role and Mission Recorded: Sep 13 2016 61 mins
    Gene Leganza, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester & Myles Franklin Suer, Chief Platform Evangelist, Informatica
    In our webinar, our guest speaker from Forrester will describe the Informatica-commissioned research on the emerging CDO function. This includes answering the following questions:

    •What is driving the emergence of the CDO role?
    •Is the CDO a short term function and a transition point to something else?
    •What are the key functions that CDOs are trying to accomplish?
    •What relationships does the CDO need?
    •What are the key things that a CDO needs to do to succeed?

    In general, the May 2016 Forrester Consulting study, Data-Centric Business Need a Data-Driven Leader, showed that CDOs are business leaders that have as their goal to build data-driven businesses. This means managing business functions including data governance, data management, data science, and enterprise data strategy. After Forrester shares their CDO research, Informatica will review each of the CDO functions and share how an integrated data platform holistically addresses each function.
  • Dreamforce Preview: Discovering the Future of Salesforce Integration Recorded: Sep 13 2016 24 mins
    Ajay Gandhi, Vice President Product Marketing, Informatica
    Market trends like cloud, big data, mobility, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are profoundly changing the way we use and interact with Salesforce. The trends are driving heightened customer expectations and also creating opportunities for innovation. We see that the best companies are those that can adapt and transform themselves faster than ever. However, success can only be achieved with reliable data that informs decisions and powers change.

    In this webinar we will give you a preview of the Informatica announcements, innovations and demonstrations that will be debuted at this year’s Dreamforce conference. You’ll hear how Informatica can help all Salesforce customers ensure their future success by connecting, cleansing and enhancing data at the heart of every Salesforce system.
  • The FCA Says the Cloud is OK Recorded: Sep 6 2016 58 mins
    Greg Hanson, CTO & VP Cloud EMEA, Informatica & Andrew Joss, Head of Industry consulting – Financial Services, Informatica
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has released guidance for all Financial Services Institutions considering outsourcing to the Cloud, advising a Hybrid or Cloud deployment fosters innovation which can be a driver for effective competition.

    Using a third party provider to integrate with cloud software can open a new world of opportunities including cost efficiencies, increased security and a more flexible infrastructure capacity. These benefits support effective competition.

    Join this webinar and learn:

    1.Trends and drivers of change in Financial Services
    2.The latest guidance, from the FCA, for firms outsourcing to the ‘cloud’ and what it means
    3.Cloud, Hybrid and on-Premise – why no one size fits all and why that’s ok
    4.The benefits and the opportunity available to Financial Services Organisations
  • Informatica Cloud – An Introduction Recorded: Sep 1 2016 30 mins
    Phil Turton, Informatica Cloud Lead, UK & Ireland
    Cloud technology – cloud platforms (e.g. AWS and Azure) and cloud applications (e.g. Salesforce, Workday, Tableau) are becoming an increasingly prevalent constituent of a company’s enterprise architecture. Informatica Cloud is the Gartner market-share leader (22%) in the key “iPaaS” or “Cloud Integration” sector – technology to connect cloud to cloud or cloud back to an on-premise infrastructure. This presentation sets out the market context, Informatica product overview and position within Informatica’s strategy.
Putting Information Potential to Work
Informatica Webcasts target IT and business professionals who are focused on data integration and enterprise data management. These webcasts provide the latest best practices, strategies, and tips and tricks to help organizations put information potential to work to gain a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy. Informatica Corporation is the world’s number one independent provider of data integration and data management software. Thousands of enterprises worldwide depend on Informatica data integration, data quality, and big data solutions to access, integrate, and trust their information assets residing on premise and in the Cloud.

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  • Title: MDM as a Platform for Systems Consolidation, Migration and Upgrade
  • Live at: Mar 19 2014 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ravi Shankar, VP, MDM Product Marketing, Informatica
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