CIO Integration Strategies for Salesforce

Eric Johnson, CIO, Informatica and Derald Sue, CIO, InsideTrack
Salesforce is rapidly being used for many cloud-first initiatives – from accelerating sales and marketing performance, to developing custom apps to solve a variety of business needs. Due to its wide-ranging use across the enterprise, CIOs are becoming very involved in designing the entire implementation and integration strategy for Salesforce within their organizations.

Join this fireside chat between Derald Sue, CIO of InsideTrack, a recognized IDG Computerworld’s 2014 Premier 100 IT Leaders, and Eric Johnson, CIO of Informatica and learn:

•How InsideTrack achieved a 100% return on its Informatica Cloud investment in just one month

•How InsideTrack generates valuable strategic insights from millions of rows of data each day from disparate sources

•How InsideTrack eliminated costly and time-consuming manual coding and realized a 6X return on integration development productivity

Presented by:
Eric Johnson, CIO, Informatica
Derald Sue, CIO, InsideTrack
Moderated by:
Ashwin Viswanath, Informatica Cloud
Apr 23 2014
48 mins
CIO Integration Strategies for Salesforce
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  • Maximizing Informatica from PowerCenter to Cloud with Enterprise Scheduling Jun 24 2015 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Nick Brisoux, Cloud Platform Evangelist, Informatica & Pat Cameron, Director of Automation Technology, HelpSystems
    Informatica is critical to managing your company’s data. As your data grows exponentially, maintaining an on premise solution will become more expensive and time-consuming to manage. Augmenting your existing Informatica investment in PowerCenter by using Informatica Cloud gives you greater flexibility for accessing and transforming your data to meet your storage and processing needs.

    Join Nick Brisoux, Cloud Platform Evangelist at Informatica, and Pat Cameron, Director of Automation Technology at HelpSystems, to discuss the benefits of a hybrid Informatica deployment. With the Informatica Seal of Approval, Skybot Scheduler assists with making this transition, while allowing you to monitor Informatica workflows from a central console and integrate data across other systems and applications. With Skybot, you can:

    Schedule workflows with a certified Informatica partner
    Gain cross-system capabilities for your Informatica workflows
    Integrate your data with other business-critical applications, including SAP, Oracle, and Windows Task Scheduler
    Save time on thousands of critical data and file transfers

    Register for the webinar today to maximize your Informatica application.
  • Panel on the Final 12 Months for IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products) Jun 23 2015 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Informatica and HighPoint Solutions
    Informatica and HighPoint Solutions will be co-hosting a panel discussion with leading global Pharmaceutical companies where they will discuss the challenges, solutions and most importantly, how their companies can benefit from IDMP compliance.
  • How Marketers Can Turn Customer Data into Marketing Genius Jun 22 2015 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Cheyanne Ritz
    Marketers: Who is the most valuable person that could call you a marketing genius? Is it your boss, your colleagues, your shareholders? In today’s world, being called a marketing genius by your customers is the most valuable. The job of the marketer is changing to provide new value to the organization as they become more data-driven, using customer information to create insights and drive growth. 3 out of 4 marketers say they will be responsible for the customer experience at their organization in the next five years, according to The Economist. Interaction at all points of the customer journey requires great communication in every channel. Attend this webinar for marketers to learn how to use your customer contact data from all points of acquisition and retention to provide a great customer journey, across lines of business, touch points, and channels.
  • Data Governance Demo: A Framework to Become Regulation Ready in Fin Serv Jun 11 2015 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Thai Dao, Solutions Lead, Financial Services, Informatica
    Whether ensuring financial solvency, securing personal client information or ensuring consistent business definitions, data is an integral part of being “Regulation Ready” and data governance requires focus on all aspects of your enterprise data.

    Understanding how secure your data is, is a common requirement of most data-related regulations and creating a data governance framework keeps you from reinventing the wheel with every new regulation. This framework requires industry leading data management, security and metadata technology.

    Informatica specializes in making customers Regulation Ready through robust data solutions; helping financial institutions and insurers secure their data, understand definitions and comply with ever-changing regulations.

    Join us for a special demonstration webinar to see Informatica in action and understand how our solutions allow you to:
    •Deliver seamless data reporting to regulators
    •Secure sensitive information
    •Provide regulatory transparency of data definitions
    •Securely manage the information lifecycle
    •Improve solvency reporting
  • Building a Regulation-Ready Business with a Holistic Data Governance Practice May 28 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    David Loshin, Principal Consultant, Knowledge Integrity & Robert Karel, VP, Product Strategy & Product Marketing, Informatica
    Organizations across industries face an ongoing challenge to meet the stringent data-related regulatory compliance requirements. The major pain points boil down to accessing quality data that provides the necessary auditability and transparency required by auditors and regulators, and the ability to prove that sensitive data is being protected. Those data related problems present a daunting obstacle for your company to meet current as well as future compliance requirements.

    A holistic, agile data governance program can help companies address the above data challenges and become regulation–ready. A well-designed data governance program delivers the following:

    •Guaranteed access to clean, relevant, trusted and auditable data to create accurate and auditable reports to meet compliance mandates.
    •Improved operational efficiency by enabling a collaborative and repeatable process across key stakeholders
    •Enabling a true data-driven business environment for your organization to drive continued innovations and growth

    Please join us to hear David Loshin, established industry expert in data governance and data quality, and Rob Karel, VP of Strategy and Product Marketing at Informatica to discuss best practices for data governance, how organizations can leverage data governance programs to address existing and future compliance requirements, and how to turn your data governance program into a strategic initiative that drives significant business benefits for your organization.
  • Successful Application Consolidation & Migration: Data Management Best Practices May 28 2015 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Philip Russom-Research Director TDWI, Rob Myers-Technical Delivery Manager & Paul Garstang-ILM Specialist Informatica
    According to Gartner, “through 2019, more than 50% of data migration projects will exceed budget and/or result in some form of business disruption due to flawed execution."(1) Furthermore, 1 in 6 large IT projects go over budget by 200%, according to a Harvard Business Review article. It is widely recognized that application migration and consolidation projects are “risky business” – high-ticket items for the corporation, with a scary chance of failing. If you are undertaking any IT modernization or rationalization project, such as consolidating applications or migrating applications to the cloud or ‘on-prem’ application, such as SAP, this webinar is a must-see.

    The webinar is going to shine the light on the critical role that data plays in the success or failure of these projects. Application data consolidation and migration is typically 30% to 40% of the application go-live effort. There is a multitude of data issues that can plague a project like this and lead to its doom, and these are not always recognized and understood early on, which is the biggest problem.

    In this webinar, Philip Russom of TDWI will walk us through the potential data pitfalls a corporation should consider when undertaking an application consolidation or migration project. Philip will share best practices for managing data in order to minimize risks and ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of these projects. Rob will discuss Informatica’s unique methodology and solution to support these best practices. Rob will also share real-life examples on how Informatica is helping customers reduce risks and complete application consolidation and migration projects on budget and on schedule.

    1) Gartner report titled "Best Practices Mitigate Data Migration Risks and Challenges" published on December 9, 2014
  • Essential Practices for Successful PIM Implementations – People, Processes, Tool Recorded: May 26 2015 39 mins
    Michael DePetro, Sr. Technical Delivery Manager, PIM Practice, Informatica & Nicholas Goupil, Product Marketing Manager, Info
    Michael DePetro, Sr. Technical Delivery Manager, Americas PIM Practice, Informatica, brings 15+ years’ experience to the table in successful Master Data Management projects. Implementing a Product Information Management solution is not just installing an IT tool. PIM is a program enabler for information transformation in the enterprise for both Business and IT.

    In this webinar, Michael will share his expertise on key agilities when implementing PIM in order to drive business goals like omnichannel ready experience, faster time to market, operational efficiencies or regulation ready data.

    - Expectations
    - Change Management
    - PIM Enterprise Approach
    - Time Lines
    - Core Team Utilization
    - Partners in Implementation
  • Achieving Great Customer Communication with Data Quality and Mobile Services Recorded: May 21 2015 53 mins
    Ryan Murray, Data as a Service Technical Specialist, Informatica
    Attend this webinar for a comprehensive look at the most innovative and accurate services available for data quality and mobile communication. Informatica Data as a Service offers global verification services for better customer communication across channels. Reduce costs associated with contact data, catch invalid data before it enters your systems, and cleanse existing data using Email Verification, Address Verification, and Phone Validation. Communicate with customers using the most popular form of communication in history - SMS Mobile Messaging. These cloud-based products can be easily and quickly implemented into any system or application. In this webinar, see a product demo, common use cases, and how each service works, presented by Data as a Service Technical Specialist Allison Hepburn.
  • Agile Reporting in Salesforce Recorded: May 20 2015 34 mins
    Chris Hammond, Project Director, BT Retail and Ajay Gandhi, VP Cloud Product Marketing, Informatica
    BT Retail is all about productivity.

    The London-based telecommunications company offers broadband, phone and networking services, all with one goal in mind – helping it's customers become more efficient.

    And just like its customers, BT needs to make accurate, informative decisions to grow as a business.

    That growth starts with data.

    Join one of the world’s leading communications providers, BT Retail, to find out how they:

    - Unified reporting between multiple Salesforce instances
    - Provided optimal timely data to achieve a single view of customers
    - Migrated from a two week manual integration process to a daily automated run
    - Enable strategic decisions based on a unified dashboard in Salesforce!
  • AddressDoctor Spring Release 5.7.0: Features and Functionalities Recorded: Apr 30 2015 32 mins
    Amarpal Sohi, Technical Product Manager Informatica Data as a Service
    In this webinar you will learn more about the AddressDoctor spring release 5.7.0:

    •Improved Coverage of Business Names and Addresses in the United Kingdom
    •Building-Level Rooftop Geocoding for United Kingdom
    •Ability to Retrieve UPRN as Enrichment for United Kingdom Addresses
    •Ability to Retrieve Province ISO Codes in Batch, Interactive, and Fast Completion Results
    •Multi-Language support for localities in Switzerland
    •Ability to Retrieve NIS Code as Enrichment for Belgium Addresses
    •New point geocoding feature for Australia
    •Ability to Remove Locality and Province Descriptors from China and Japan Addresses
    •Improved Parsing and Validation of India Addresses
    •Ability to Retrieve FIAS ID as Enrichment for Russia Addresses
    •Introduction of Cyrillic Script for Bulgaria Addresses
    •Ability to Validate Slovakia Addresses that Contain Street Name Abbreviations
  • Top Strategies for Managing Pipeline with Salesforce Analytics Cloud Recorded: Apr 29 2015 57 mins
    Brian Wickham, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Ron Lunasin, Informatica, Anna Rosenman, Salesforce
    Salesforce Analytics Cloud is the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user. But to truly unlock customer insights, organizations need to first connect, relate and aggregate data from everywhere.

    Join Informatica, Salesforce and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) for an interactive webcast on how HMH is using Analytics Cloud as an essential business platform, along with the help of Informatica to transform their sales organization’s ability to more effectively manage pipeline across their sales organization.
  • Customer Ready: 5 Things That Are Driving Shopper Expectations Today Recorded: Apr 28 2015 60 mins
    Sucharita Mulpuru, VP & Principle Analyst, Forrester & Ben Rund, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Informatica
    In this webinar Sucharita Mulpuru, Forrester VICE PRESIDENT, PRINCIPAL ANALYST SERVING EBUSINESS & CHANNEL STRATEGY PROFESSIONALS, will share "5 Things That Are Driving Shopper Expectations Today" helping your organization to be "Customer Ready".

    1.Need for Speed: Expectations around delivery speed, innovations from companies like Amazon and Co.
    2.The Price Competition: The economy, driving prices down.
    3.M-Commerce: Mobile moments and the concept of continuous partial attention.
    4.Connectivity: Fast connectivity and ubiquitous connections.
    5.Customer Journey: The Ease of finding anything, anywhere, anytime. Seamlessly catalogued content.

    Business and information leaders will learn from Sucharita’s experience as a leading expert on eCommerce, multichannel retail, consumer behavior, and trends in the online shopping space. She is also a noted authority on technology developments that affect the online commerce industry and vendors that facilitate online marketing and merchandising.
  • Transforming Financial Institutions through Data Governance Recorded: Apr 23 2015 50 mins
    Julie Lockner, Vice President of Market Development and Evangelist at Informatica
    Data governance is a top strategic priority for financial institutions, and implementing a best-in-class framework requires investment in the right people, processes and technologies. FIMA, the Financial Information Management Association for reference data professionals, has compiled its first annual FIMA benchmarking report to further evaluate the challenges and opportunities present for optimizing a data governance strategy.
  • New Features and Functionalities to Clean and Correct Customer Data Worldwide Recorded: Apr 22 2015 18 mins
    Justin Helmig, VP of Data as a Service Products
    Being customer-ready means staying engaged with your customers with reliable communication that reaches its audience. Customer email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses are at the heart of being customer-ready. Cleansing and verifying customer contact records reduces your costs, increases customer satisfaction, and helps improve your sales and marketing outreach. Informatica Data as a Service just announced new capabilities for its Phone Validation and Contact Record Verification products through new features that are helping enterprises reach customers while improving their overall data quality. Attend this webinar to be among the first to learn about new features of Informatica Data as a Service products, including a valuable global scope added to these products so you can validate contact data no matter where your customers are in the world. Register now to see the latest about Data as a Service’s industry-leading data quality services.
  • New Features and Functionalities to Clean and Correct Customer Data Worldwide Recorded: Apr 22 2015 16 mins
    Justin Helmig, VP of Data as a Service Products
    Being customer-ready means staying engaged with your customers with reliable communication that reaches its audience. Customer email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses are at the heart of being customer-ready. Cleansing and verifying customer contact records reduces your costs, increases customer satisfaction, and helps improve your sales and marketing outreach. Informatica Data as a Service just announced new capabilities for its Phone Validation and Contact Record Verification products through new features that are helping enterprises reach customers while improving their overall data quality. Attend this webinar to be among the first to learn about new features of Informatica Data as a Service products, including a valuable global scope added to these products so you can validate contact data no matter where your customers are in the world. Register now to see the latest about Data as a Service’s industry-leading data quality services.
  • Turning Big Data into Great Data: Best Practices for Data Preparation Recorded: Apr 21 2015 60 mins
    Mark Madsen, Research Analyst and CEO, Third Nature & David Lyle, VP Product Strategy, Informatica
    You have tons of data, but how useful is it? Explosive data volumes and expanding data footprints are a reality for every data services team today. This is why so many enterprises are turning to big data platforms like Hadoop. But could your data consumers get even more value from your big data investments? Big data can be useful but great data that is clean and trusted is better.

    Refining big data into great data offers many benefits:
    - Faster deployment and repeatable delivery of big data projects
    - More comprehensive data for better contextual understanding of information by consumers
    - More trusted information for higher quality business insights

    Join this webinar, with host David Lyle of Informatica and guest speaker Mark Madsen, Research Analyst and CEO from Third Nature, to learn about the differences between what we're used to doing to manage data and how the new big data architecture changes what we do. Mark will review what's different with the data we're adding, how and when to prepare it (or ignore it), how new data changes our data architecture, and how to govern data so that you can expedite and amplify the return on your investments in Hadoop.

    David will discuss how Informatica’s customers have successfully extracted more value from Hadoop for all sorts of applications like targeted marketing and fraud reduction by quickly ingesting, parsing, profiling, transforming, and cleansing big data into great data.
  • Turn up Big Data Volume to Turn up Big Profits in Retail and CPG Recorded: Apr 15 2015 57 mins
    John Haddad, Senior Director-Product & Technical Marketing & David Vancina- Big Data Domain Expert
    Your business is extremely competitive – a loyal customer can be lost with the click of a mouse, the wrong product mix erodes sales, and supply chain inefficiencies eat into profit margins. Have you begun transforming your business using Big Data to engage individually with customers, optimize your merchandising and logistics, and re-gain competitive advantage? If not, then it’s time to start your Big Data journey!

    In this webinar you will learn:
    •Big Data use-cases and market trends in Retail and CPG
    •Informatica’s Big Data solution for Retail and CPG
    •Real-world customer examples and case studies

    The wealth of data available to Retail and CPG companies often goes untapped, even though it can provide tremendous business value when managed as an asset. Using Informatica to access, transform, cleanse, and master Big Data can turn data captured from POS systems, social media, sales & marketing campaigns, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) feeds, supplier catalogs, clickstreams, mobile devices, and more into Great Data. Delivering great data to business, consumers, and suppliers lets you put the right products in front of the right customers at the right time.

    In this webinar, you will learn how to use Informatica for Big Data use-cases specific to the Retail and CPG industry such as omni-channel marketing campaign and supply chain optimization. Real-world examples and customer case studies will illustrate how other companies are achieving amazing results by fully leveraging their Big Data.
  • Simplifying machine and log data management and analysis on Hadoop Recorded: Apr 14 2015 35 mins
    Ron Papas, Co-founder, X15 Software, and Jon Milelli, Director of Alliances, Informatica
    Join this webinar to learn how Informatica and X15 Software have teamed up to:

    -Provide an end-to-end machine and log data management solution on Hadoop
    -Dramatically simplify and accelerate machine data collection, indexing, storage, analysis and visualization
    -Scale to handle massive volumes of streaming data
    -Gain insights into user activities, product utilization, security threats and many other operational metrics
    -Help you leverage your existing investment in analytic resources and BI technologies
  • Achieving Operational Excellence with Great Data and Intelligent Analytics Recorded: Apr 9 2015 57 mins
    Paul Lilford, Director, Technology Partners, Tableau Software & Will Oppedisano, CTO, Financial Services, Informatica
    Whether you are a retail or commercial bank, mortgage lender or diversified financial services company; everything you do is based on analytics. From branch operations to risk management to compliance and customer service, all business operations are driven by advanced and intelligent analytics.

    But is your data ready? Are you an "Analytics Ready" bank? Great analytics starts with great data management. In this webinar replay, sponsored by Source Media, watch as industry experts from Informatica and Tableau share industry trends and best practices to being an Analytics Ready financial services firm.

    During this session, you will:
    •Learn how great data and analytics can help reduce capital risk
    •Hear about how data quality impacts customer service and operations
    •Understand where big data fits into your data management plans
    •Review the steps you can take to be Data Ready today
  • CHRISTUS Optimizes Supply Chain through Enterprise Analytics Recorded: Apr 8 2015 56 mins
    Alex Zimmerman, Director, Data Management, CHRISTUS & Michelle Blackmer, Healthcare Industry Marketing Director, Informatica
    Accurate, complete, secure — these are the hallmarks of enterprise data at world-class organizations. In healthcare, the importance of these metrics carries even more importance. That’s why CHRISTUS Health takes a systematic approach to managing its information assets. Operating in more than 60 U.S. cities and half a dozen states in Central and South America, CHRISTUS understands the challenges of building information systems that respect privacy, while enabling the kind of analysis that leads to better patient outcomes.

    During this Health Data Management webcast, learn how CHRISTUS Health assembled a comprehensive data strategy for delivering an advanced analytics infrastructure. You’ll hear how a combination of Data Management tools and Data Governance process addressed core challenges of working with multiple systems across the spectrum of healthcare domains. An in-depth Q&A session will let attendees learn about the best practices that enable operational and clinical efficiencies through this next-generation analytical solution.
Putting Information Potential to Work
Informatica Webcasts target IT and business professionals who are focused on data integration and enterprise data management. These webcasts provide the latest best practices, strategies, and tips and tricks to help organizations put information potential to work to gain a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy. Informatica Corporation is the world’s number one independent provider of data integration and data management software. Thousands of enterprises worldwide depend on Informatica data integration, data quality, and big data solutions to access, integrate, and trust their information assets residing on premise and in the Cloud.

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  • Live at: Apr 23 2014 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Eric Johnson, CIO, Informatica and Derald Sue, CIO, InsideTrack
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