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Informatica Procurement 7.3 - What's New? - One Search Procurement

More Efficiency with One Search in Catalog Procurement

Informatica Procurement supports enterprise companies in catalog procurement with an industry-independent catalog procurement solution that enables fast and cost-efficient procurement of products and services as well as supplier i
More Efficiency with One Search in Catalog Procurement

Informatica Procurement supports enterprise companies in catalog procurement with an industry-independent catalog procurement solution that enables fast and cost-efficient procurement of products and services as well as supplier integration.

Learn more on Informatica Procurement 7.3

1.Informatica Procurement at a glance
2.Search simplified for everyone
3.Easy creation and integration of external index catalogs for one search
4.Usability leap: Last shopping cart and more
5.Secure SAP integration with OCI 5.0
Recorded Jul 30 2014 23 mins
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Presented by
Melanie Hackel, Product Manager & Ben Rund, Sr. Director Product Marketing
Presentation preview: Informatica Procurement 7.3  - What's New? - One Search Procurement
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    You’ll learn about:
    •Concepts and principles of modern Records Management
    •Determining and implementing records requirements
    •Responsibilities, monitoring, and training

    The latest review to the International Standard (ISO14589) and how it will impact and help government agencies and businesses alike
  • In spite of IT’s stepped up efforts, firms continue to face increased risk exposure from gaps in compliance, security and illegal behavior. Unfortunately much of this risk stems from what a company doesn’t know about their information.

    In this webinar, information governance experts will discuss:
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    •Impact on industries including retail, banking and finance
    •Tips for a future-proof analytics strategy with high ROI
  • SQL has long been the most widely used language for big data analysis. The SQL-on-Hadoop ecosystem is loaded with both commercial and open source alternatives, each offering tools optimized for various use cases. Fledgling analytical engines are in incubation, but are they ready to become full-fledged members of your enterprise infrastructure? Are they ready to fly?

    In the real world, enterprises must understand their needs and select a SQL-on-Hadoop solution that addresses them. Points to consider: What are your analytics use cases-will a single user be working on data discovery or will multiple users perform daily analytics? Will you need to modify SQL to adjust to different deployment scenarios, or does a single solution exist for on-premises, Cloud, and Hadoop? Can a single solution support a variety of workloads from quick-hit dashboards to complex, resource-intensive, join-filled queries?

    In this webcast, you will learn:

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    * How Ambari and Kerberos fit in for management and security of your data.
    * How HPE Vertica for SQL on Hadoop can be used as part of a modern IT infrastructure to deliver high-performance SQL on Hadoop.
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    •Understand the access of Hadoop cluster in production usage
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    There are no prerequisites – all we need is for you to be a Big Data and Hadoop enthusiast.
    Jaymin Patel has 11+ years of experience as a software professional and has specialized in Object Oriented Design and Analysis with extensive experience in Java and J2ee technologies. His expertise also lies in Big Data processing and analytics using Hadoop, MapReduce, Machine Learning, Mahout, and R technologies. With certifications in SCJP (Sun certified Java Programmer) 5.0 and Core Spring Certified Professional 3.0, his enthusiasm for learning and exploring the vast world of Big Data is endless – and he intends to share his knowledge with professionals around the world.
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  • Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF), powered by Apache NiFi, is the first integrated platform that solves the complexity and challenges of collecting and transporting data from a multitude of sources be it big or small, fast or slow, always connected or intermittently available. Hortonworks DataFlow is a single combined platform for data acquisition, simple event processing, transport and delivery, designed to accommodate the highly diverse and complicated dataflows generated by a world of connected people, systems and things. We will cover, the benefits, the features of HDF and the use cases that are transforming businesses today.
  • Whatever use case you select, you cannot deliver business value if you implement your big data project in a silo. Tying in your big data with your data warehouse, CRM, and ERP applications is paramount to democratizing enterprise data and empowering business users with holistic answers. Data virtualization leader Denodo will demonstrate how you can virtually integrate your big data with other enterprise data at a fraction of the time and cost of physical ETL.

    This compelling content is presented by experts with deep experience in analytics, big data, and data integration. Expect to walk away with actionable insights in 60 minutes:

    * Learn about the latest innovations in big data, and which ones should matter to you most
    * The three practical use cases for which you can use big data now
    * Examples of customers who are successfully combining Hadoop with enterprise data using data virtualization

    Featured Presenters:

    Forrester: Noel Yuhanna – Principal Analyst
    Hortonworks: Matthew Morgan – VP, Product and Alliance
    Denodo: Ravi Shankar – Chief Marketing Officer


    * Forrester: How to keep up with the major innovations in big data – 20 min
    * Hortonworks: Top three big data use cases – 15 min
    * Denodo: Democratizing big data with data virtualization – 15 min
    * Q&A – 10 min
  • Paypal processes nearly 11.5 million payments a day, helping customers send money safely and flexibly. With 162 million active digital wallets, PayPal has created an open, secure and global payments ecosystem, supporting 203 markets and 100 currencies. To support an infrastructure of this scale, PayPal has built a massive and highly scalable enterprise data integration platform.

    In this webinar the PayPal Architect will share details on their journey to build business trust in the data and help end-users understand how data in reports and dashboards is originated. He will also cover how PayPal ensures that business users and technical users all have a common vocabulary for business terms. This helps all stakeholders keep in sync while building reports and sharing analysis. Finally the PayPal Architect will discuss the development team’s imperative to conduct full impact analysis for any proposed change within the data integration environment. He will share how they use data lineage to maintain full insight into impact of change in order to estimate the effort required, minimize risks to the environment and improve productivity.

    The PayPal expert will share his extensive expertise built through this journey at PayPal. The Architect will discuss lessons learned and best practices in using metadata management and business glossary to support better decision making, build business trust of the data and improve overall productivity.
  • After a record-setting year in 2015, where will the tech M&A market go in 2016? What trends that pushed M&A spending to its highest level since the Internet Bubble burst will continue to drive deals and which ones will wind down? What other sectors are likely to see the most activity this year? And most importantly, what valuations will be handed out in deals over the coming year? Drawing on data and views from across 451 Research, the Tech M&A Outlook webinar maps many of the major developments in the IT landscape (IoT, Big Data, cloud computing) to how those influence corporate acquisition strategies. Join us for a look ahead to what we expect for tech M&A in 2016.
  • Every business has data, but only a few are treating it as a strategic asset for actionable insights. Many struggle with locating and aggregating data, while others wrestle with visualizing and interpreting the data. Join Clive Bearman and Ron Lunasin for an interactive and demo-focused session on how to leverage the latest technologies in the cloud analytics market to make every-line of business data-driven. You’ll see how companies from different industries are using the Informatica Cloud to make waves across their companies by connecting, aggregating and relating data from different sources. You’ll also discover how to achieve amazing insights with the Salesforce Analytics Cloud. Finally you’ll learn the 5 top tips that ensure that your data will always be clean, connected and contextual with Wave Analytics and Informatica.

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  • Title: Informatica Procurement 7.3 - What's New? - One Search Procurement
  • Live at: Jul 30 2014 7:00 am
  • Presented by: Melanie Hackel, Product Manager & Ben Rund, Sr. Director Product Marketing
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