Informatica Procurement 7.3 - What's New? - One Search Procurement

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Melanie Hackel, Product Manager & Ben Rund, Sr. Director Product Marketing
More Efficiency with One Search in Catalog Procurement

Informatica Procurement supports enterprise companies in catalog procurement with an industry-independent catalog procurement solution that enables fast and cost-efficient procurement of products and services as well as supplier integration.

Learn more on Informatica Procurement 7.3

1.Informatica Procurement at a glance
2.Search simplified for everyone
3.Easy creation and integration of external index catalogs for one search
4.Usability leap: Last shopping cart and more
5.Secure SAP integration with OCI 5.0
Jul 30 2014
23 mins
Informatica Procurement 7.3  - What's New? - One Search Procurement
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Big Data and Data Management

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  • Informatica, Cognizant & Financial Services Customers panel discussion with IDC Sep 15 2015 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    IDC Informatica Cognizant
    Join Informatica, Cognizant and Financial Services Organizations as we host a panel discussion webinar in partnership with IDC.

    During this 60 minute webinar we will be reviewing the recent IDC research sponsored by Informatica and Cognizant with Banks and Insurance companies around EMEA and the corresponding white paper titled:

    Customer-Centric Financial Services: Balancing Digital Transformation and Data Governance

    Register now to hear from your peers as they debate whether data governance is necessary to take customer centricity to the next level. And how Pursuing an enterprise wide data governance strategy could enable Financial Services institutions to maximize the value of data when it comes to product definition, sales, and marketing on top of achieving regulatory compliance.
  • The Secret to a Better Order to Cash Process Sep 14 2015 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Myles F. Suer, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing, Informatica
    This BrightTalk will share how customer data plays a predominate role in determining the quality of an organization's order to cash process. It will share as well how improving and enriching customer data can play a key role in reducing order, invoice, and fulfillment errors; customer disputes; incorrect application of payment terms; approval of inappropriate orders: and incorrect delivery of tax documents.It will finally show how these actions maximize cash preservation, quicken collections, reduce the cost of collections, and improve working capital turnover and days sales outstanding.
  • Data Quality: The Key to How Marketers Build & Sustain Customer Relationships Aug 27 2015 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    J. Matthew Collins, SVP Global Marketing and Go-to-Market Strategy, Dun & Bradstreet Inc..
    Marketers today enjoy potential opportunities from data like never before. While the insights gained from this information can lead to great things, in the age of Big Data, there is more information available than can be easily managed.

    Marketers must cope with obtaining meaningful data from a growing range of sources, maintaining and updating the data as it decays, and being able to use the data across systems and applications to draw actionable insights.

    Looking at these big challenges, it’s easy to see why a Gartner survey found that 82% of CMOs feel underprepared to deal with the data explosion. CRM tools that help manage customer relationships help direct a marketer’s focus and create efficiencies, but without quality data, a CRM’s potential benefits cannot be fully realized. In turn, the customer relationship suffers.

    Marketers need a way to make technology work for them to drive insights, while being able to acquire and retain the referential external data from trusted sources to fully understand their prospects and customers. With this ideal world in place, marketers can drive decisions, increase ROI, and maintain great customer relationships to keep their organizations competitive. Register for this webinar for a look at the three key challenges marketers face with data today, and the strategy for mitigating the issue using a new way of looking at data.

    Presented by Dun & Bradstreet and Informatica Data as a Service.
  • Achieving Cloud Data Warehousing Scale with Redshift and S3 Aug 25 2015 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Ian Firman, BI Architect, Red Hat and Ashwin Viswanath, Cloud Product Marketing, Informatica
    Most enterprises are still deciding what the core components of a cloud data warehousing and analytics solution should be. Come see how Red Hat deployed a secure cloud data warehousing architecture inside Amazon VPC using Amazon Redshift and S3. In this in-depth session, get practical advice on how Red Hat shortened the timeline to ingest new data sources and optimized query performance. Also learn how creating virtual data marts can lead to greater agility and faster insights.
  • How to Become Customer Centric with Data in Financial Services: A Live Demo Aug 25 2015 4:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Josh Lee, Director, Industry Marketing, Informatica and Peter Manta, Solutions Architect, Financial Services, Informatica
    Historically, managing customer data across multiple channels has been both a complex and time consuming task. What if there was a faster, more effective way for you to manage your customer relationships and govern your data through one, complete solution? Now there is.

    The power of great customer data fuels a financial institutions ability to provide a single, holistic and trusted view of your business by integrating customer information across all channels and touch points. With a complete view of relationships amongst account / policy holders, households, agents/brokers and employees, you can build better profiles to deliver better customer experiences.

    Join us for a special one-hour webinar as Informatica experts demonstrate the latest and most robust data solutions so you can become more customer-centric with your data. During this session, you will see how the Informatica Total Customer Relationship solution:

    •Integrates customer data to be consistent
    •Evaluates data quality to ensure cleanliness and accuracy
    •Removes duplicates and enriches data to enhance customer profiles
    •Validates data to ensure you reach your customers
    •Relates data so you can see relationships

    Register today and learn how you can data fuel your financial enterprise with clean, consistent and connected customer profiles.
  • Better Data is Everyone's Job - Data Governance’s Silver Bullet? Aug 20 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Terri Mikol, Director, Data Governance, UPMC & Rob Karel, VP, Product Strategy & Marketing, Informatica
    “Better data is everyone’s job” is a bold statement and an audacious goal for every organization. At University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), it is precisely what drives their data governance initiative. As the largest nongovernmental employer in Pennsylvania, UPMC is committed to delivering superior medical service to its millions of patients. To achieve that goal, every piece of data could have impact on the outcome.

    Join us to hear a refreshing dialogue between Terri Mikol, Director of Data Governance at UPMC, and Rob Karel, VP of Product Strategy and Marketing at Informatica, on the revolution (instead of evolution) of the data governance program at UPMC.

    Their conversation will reveal:

    •The business imperatives behind the data governance program
    •Secrets that inspire everyone in the organization to become a data hero
    •Key aspects of the data that need to be governed to ensure clean, connected and safe data is always available and fit for use
  • Informatica BOST Toolkit Launch Event Aug 4 2015 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    David Lyle, VP Business Transformation Services
    Informatica launches the BOST Toolkit for Enterprise Architects. Please join us for a webinar on the details of the BOST Toolkit offering, why Informatica has invested and is launching a solution for Enterprise Architects, and how this offering helps you realize accelerated value in the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform.
  • Best Practices for Modernizing with a Hub-based Data Architecture Recorded: Jul 28 2015 58 mins
    John Myers, Managing Research Director, EMA & Charles Hughes, Director, Strategic Business Development, Informatica
    Are you looking to consolidate and update your enterprise applications? Would you like to be able to deliver the same curated data sets to multiple analytics and operational systems in parallel? Do you have a proliferation of point-to-point integrations across your enterprise? Are you looking to modernize your architecture to reduce data and application integration complexity? Does it take too long and require retesting each time you want to add or change an application interface?

    Adding a hub-based data delivery and management solution to your data integration environment can address these challenges with:

    •Increased data agility from a hub-based publish and subscribe architecture
    •Reduced time and cost to add or modify data interfaces
    •Accelerated time to application consolidation and modernization
    •A data broker to deliver data to multiple analytics systems in parallel
    •Self-service data delivery via a web-based tool

    Join this webinar with Charles Hughes, Director of Strategic Development at Informatica, and guest speaker John Myers, Managing Research Director from Enterprise Management Associates, to learn about the challenges of evolving data infrastructures and the benefits of a data integration architecture based on a modern publish and subscribe hub-based solution.
  • Big Data, Simplification and Compliance Recorded: Jul 27 2015 58 mins
    Paul Garstang & Steve Holyer from the Data Security Group at Informatica
    Informatica has been positioned as "a Leader" in Gartner's 2015 Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement*. According to the report, the desire to leverage Archives as a secondary data store for Big Data Analytics is driving the growth of the Structured Data Archiving market. For many though it’s the desire to reduce complexity in the IT landscape, drive down cost and enable records management & compliance teams to gain easy access to the critical data.

    Join this webinar to understand how Informatica is helping organisations integrate their legacy data assets into their Big Data Strategies, thus simplifying and reducing the cost of their legacy estates. Also see how this approach is being applied to Live platforms to drive down operational costs and significantly reduce the risk associated with uncontrolled data growth.

    *Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement, Garth Landers, Alan Dayley, Sheila Childs, 16 June 2015.
  • Fixing the No. 1 Mistake That Every Salesforce Buyer Makes Recorded: Jul 16 2015 58 mins
    Steve Faris, Chief Platform Officer, Bluewolf and Clive Bearman, Director Product Marketing at Informatica Cloud
    Don’t let complex data get in the way of innovation.

    Join this webcast to hear experts from Informatica and Bluewolf discuss how to fix the most common data challenges Salesforce customers face.
    You will learn how different companies successfully:
    •Cleaned a mature Salesforce org full of dirty data
    •Integrated newly acquired companies and divisions quickly
    •Created complete customer profiles despite fragmented data

    Register Now

    Join Informatica Cloud and Bluewolf to hear experts discuss how companies are unlocking real value and ROI from their Salesforce investments as reported in the State of Salesforce 2014-15 report. Learn how you can conquer Salesforce data quality problems over the data lifecycle to ensure CRM system data integrity.
    We hope you can join us - Register Now!
  • First Niagara Financial Group Invests in Customer Experience with Customer360 Recorded: Jul 16 2015 61 mins
    Jeff Semonovich, First Niagara Financial Group, Satish Puskoor, Deloitte Consulting LLP & Jakki Geiger, Informatica
    To help drive incremental revenue and long-term value for its shareholders, First Niagara made a commitment to compete on customer experience and product innovation. By creating a customer-centric culture, the bank is empowering all of its team members to be even more responsive to customers’ individual needs across lines of business, channels and touch points.

    Join us for a webinar to hear how Jeff Semonovich, SVP & Managing Director of Enterprise Services at First Niagara, is leading the effort to implement a Customer360 platform to help improve customer service and increase cross sell revenue. He will explain how the bank is rethinking the way it manages and internally shares customer data to be more agile, to innovate faster, and to future-proof the bank’s customer-centricity strategy.

    Find out how First Niagara is using the Informatica Total Customer Relationship solution to bring together business-critical customer data from multiple siloed applications, clean and enrich it, merge duplicates, and manage household, business and influencer network relationships. Then, fuel their analytics and operational applications so employees are empowered to execute the bank’s customer-centric strategy.

    During this webinar, Jeff Semonovich from First Niagara, Satish Puskoor, Specialist Leader in Information Management from Deloitte, and Jakki Geiger, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing in Information Quality Solutions from Informatica, will:

    • Discuss barriers to seeing a total customer relationship view across products and channels
    • Explain how First Niagara is shifting from a product-centric to a customer-centric view
    • Share the business benefits First Niagara expects to achieve
    • Reveal the lessons First Niagara has learned from this experience
    • Answer your customer data management questions in the live Q&A
  • Faster Well Data, Better Business Decisions. Are you Operationally Ready? Recorded: Jul 15 2015 45 mins
    Hari Kalla, Practice Manager, Data Mgmt & John Nettuno, Director, SSG Ltd.; Garnie Bolling, Solution Architect, Informatica
    Critical decisions that impact your productivity, profitability and safety in E&P rely on your surface and subsurface data from the well.

    But, real time capture and interpretation of data used to monitor and measure well performance continues to be elusive. To be operationally ready, you need to eliminate the lag time between when the information is generated and the time your decision makers use it.

    During this webinar, you will hear from experts in data management and integration at Informatica and SSG, who will share their views on big data integration, including how you can:

    •Gain high speed access real time well data using industry WITSML standards
    •Deliver well data to critical business applications and operational analytics used throughout your company
    •Measure your business value through decreased costs, reduced downtime, and increased asset utilization
    •Adopt best practices for establishing an impactful well data management program

    While optimizing the digital oil field can be challenging, operationally ready E&P companies are using Informatica to improve production efficiency and gain improved visibility to the well that brings significant business benefits.

    We hope you join us for this discussion and to learn more about how using great data enhances your existing processes and delivers business value.
  • Mastering Digital Business Transformation with Informatica MDM Recorded: Jul 14 2015 57 mins
    Prash Chandramohan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Informatica and Nimish Mehta, CEO, LumenData
    Digital Business Transformation requires a ""Stable Core"" that acts as a system of record. Informatica MDM is your stable core that allows you to become a data ready enterprise and provide differentiated service to your customers.

    In this webinar, Prash Chandramohan will provide an overview of Informatica's MDM offerings that will address your unique requirements. Nimish Mehta will share his experience and best practices working with organizations who have used Informatica MDM to transform their business and drive better customer experience, faster time to market, operational efficiencies and be compliant with government regulations.
    This session will cover following topics
    - Digital Transformation and MDM
    - Overview of Informatica Master Data Management
    - Customer Case Study
    - Transformative Customer Experiences and the role of MDM
    - Business and Technical considerations when deploying MDM
    - Typical timelines, budgets and resources
    - Q&A
  • Accurate Analytics to Become Decision Ready in Financial Services A Live Demo Recorded: Jul 9 2015 55 mins
    Josh Lee, Director Industry Marketing, Informatica & Peter Manta, Solutions Architect,Financial Services, Informatica
    In the financial services industry, the power of good data is critical to driving healthy operations. While that is a simple thing to say, it’s often not so simple to accomplish.

    The power of great data fuels a financial institutions ability to make smart business decisions, power client satisfaction and increase operations. In fact, understanding and analyzing data is in the DNA of becoming “Decision Ready”, but without quality data, your analytics won’t mean a thing.

    Join us for a special one-hour webinar as experts from Informatica and Tableau demonstrate the latest and most robust data solutions to build an accurate analytics and business intelligence platform across your organization. During this session, you will see how great data can enable you to:

    •Improve portfolio and investment health
    •Integrate customer channels and expand customer relationships
    •Reduce fraud
    •Lower expenses
  • 1st Birthday of Informatica Rev: What's New and How to Use It Recorded: Jul 8 2015 62 mins
    Rev Product and Support Team
    Rev recently turned 1! Join us to learn about what's new and get more done faster; better data for analytics, better quality data from partners and getting things done better.
  • Panel on the Final 12 Months for IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products) Recorded: Jul 7 2015 54 mins
    Informatica and HighPoint Solutions
    Informatica and HighPoint Solutions will be co-hosting a panel discussion with leading global Pharmaceutical companies where they will discuss the challenges, solutions and most importantly, how their companies can benefit from IDMP compliance.
  • Data Centric Security - Breaches are now WHEN not IF - How to Survive & Prosper Recorded: Jun 29 2015 50 mins
    Paul Garstang & Steve Holyer from the Data Security Group at Informatica
    The new reality is that we will suffer Data Breaches. This means we must shift our thinking, understand our exposure points, and then act to minimise the impact and consequences.

    This webinar looks at this growing challenge and how Informatica is helping clients to build a new Data Centric Security model, which identifies sensitive data assets, the exposure and risk levels across the data landscape, and how to use masking techniques to protect high risk data in both production and non-production environments.
  • Maximizing Informatica from PowerCenter to Cloud with Enterprise Scheduling Recorded: Jun 24 2015 45 mins
    Ron Lunasin, Senior Director, Informatica Cloud & Pat Cameron, Director of Automation Technology, HelpSystems
    Informatica is critical to managing your company’s data. As your data grows exponentially, maintaining an on premise solution will become more expensive and time-consuming to manage. Augmenting your existing Informatica investment in PowerCenter by using Informatica Cloud gives you greater flexibility for accessing and transforming your data to meet your storage and processing needs.

    Join Ron Lunasin, Senior Director, Cloud at Informatica, and Pat Cameron, Director of Automation Technology at HelpSystems, to discuss the benefits of a hybrid Informatica deployment. With the Informatica Seal of Approval, Skybot Scheduler assists with making this transition, while allowing you to monitor Informatica workflows from a central console and integrate data across other systems and applications. With Skybot, you can:

    Schedule workflows with a certified Informatica partner
    Gain cross-system capabilities for your Informatica workflows
    Integrate your data with other business-critical applications, including SAP, Oracle, and Windows Task Scheduler
    Save time on thousands of critical data and file transfers

    Register for the webinar today to maximize your Informatica application.
  • How Marketers Can Turn Customer Data into Marketing Genius Recorded: Jun 22 2015 25 mins
    Cheyanne Ritz, Digital & Content Marketing Manager, Informatica Data as a Service
    Marketers: Who is the most valuable person that could call you a marketing genius? Is it your boss, your colleagues, your shareholders? In today’s world, being called a marketing genius by your customers is the most valuable. The job of the marketer is changing to provide new value to the organization as they become more data-driven, using customer information to create insights and drive growth. 3 out of 4 marketers say they will be responsible for the customer experience at their organization in the next five years, according to The Economist. Interaction at all points of the customer journey requires great communication in every channel. Attend this webinar for marketers to learn how to use your customer contact data from all points of acquisition and retention to provide a great customer journey, across lines of business, touch points, and channels.
  • Planning Your Journey to the Cloud with Informatica Recorded: Jun 19 2015 60 mins
    Bobby Caudill and Tim Boyle
    You work for government. Of course, you are seeking Cloud solutions. With the ever-increasing capabilities of Cloud solutions coupled with continually improving cost structures, it’s no longer just about getting good marks on a scorecard, now, it’s truly about efficiency and effectiveness.
    However, your agency is flooded with data and every day, the agency collects more. You don’t worry, you’re an Informatica customer, but, you do have questions how to deal with this situation.
    So how does Informatica help hasten your journey to the Cloud?
    On June 19th, Tim Boyle and Bobby Caudill are hosting an exclusive “Customers Only” webinar to answer this very question. Tim and Bobby will discuss the following topics, plus more:
    •Enterprise Data Management – How the Cloud impacts EDM strategy
    •Integrating Data in a Hybrid Cloud – What happens when your data needs to be used on-prem and in the Cloud
    •Security and Privacy – Best approaches to protecting test and production data

    Thank you,

    Ps – If you live in the DC Metropolitan area are planning to attend the 2015 AWS Government, Education, and Nonprofits Symposium, drop by our booth 35 and say Hi.
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Informatica Webcasts target IT and business professionals who are focused on data integration and enterprise data management. These webcasts provide the latest best practices, strategies, and tips and tricks to help organizations put information potential to work to gain a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy. Informatica Corporation is the world’s number one independent provider of data integration and data management software. Thousands of enterprises worldwide depend on Informatica data integration, data quality, and big data solutions to access, integrate, and trust their information assets residing on premise and in the Cloud.

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