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Real World Applications of AI in FinServ Customer Data Strategy

There are hidden insights in your data that can help you improve experiences and reduce risk. During this webinar, Informatica experts will share several examples of how Financial Services organizations are improving experiences and reducing risk by leveraging a Customer 360 view to get a better understanding of the individuals they interact with. We will also share how those insights can be confidently linked to individuals and key relationships identified so that timely action can be taken.
Recorded Jun 11 2019 36 mins
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Presented by
Peter Ku, VP Informatica, Chris Cingrani, Informatica, Glenn Riedel, Informatica, Bryan Weinman, Informatica
Presentation preview: Real World Applications of AI in FinServ Customer Data Strategy

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  • Reimagining Data Governance: GDPR - The Gloves are off (2/3) Sep 18 2019 1:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Paul Garstang & Steve Holyer
    As part of the 'Re-imagining Data Governance - The Key to Privacy by Design' Series

    Recent announcements from the Information Commissioners Office are a crystal clear indicator that any “Honeymoon Period” around GDPR fines and enforcement is clearly over. There is now clear intent to enforce significant penalties when customer data is found to have been compromised. This webinar will look at how you can quickly remove customer data completely from vulnerable Testing and Development systems, and thereby remove any associated concerns associated with breach risk when this data is shared with business partners, or moved offshore. We will also look at how production applications can implement a second tier of security around sensitive customer data, and strictly limit who in the user community is given visibility.

    These approaches to securing and limiting access to Customer Data should be key elements within your overall GDPR Privacy By Design strategy, and in this webinar we will revisit how effective Data Governance holds the key to business freedom. Enabling stakeholders to focus on their operational objectives, confident in the knowledge that critical compliance requirements are imbedded in their core business data flows and architecture.
  • Reimagining Data Governance - The Key to Privacy by Design (1/3) Aug 21 2019 1:00 pm UTC 120 mins
    Paul Garstang & Steve Holyer
    With organizations collecting an ever-increasing volume of data, the risk of a data breach or falling foul of a regulator is also increasing, especially as the consequences for non-compliance with data regulations can be enormous. Where private individual’s information is concerned Data security, privacy and protection is clearly a “must have” requirement in most data programs.

    Organizations are starting to realize that effective Data Governance helps an organization to avoid such issues, by defining how its data is to be acquired, stored, backed up, and secured against inappropriate access, theft, or misuse. As the move towards the Democratisation and self-service data platforms increases, the levels of data security inherent in such requirements will need to increase.

    This webinar explores how an effective Data Governance platform must also understand what the sensitive data landscape within the organisation looks like, how that data is being consumed, and therefore how it must be Governed, to ensure Privacy & Compliance standards are achieved.

    As part of the Re-imagining Data Governance series of webinars, Informatica will explore how technology is now bridging the gap between the worlds of Governance and Privacy, to ensure data of the right quality, is accessible when and where it is needed, complete with all the required Privacy & Compliance measures in place. The commercial dividend of this, is to free up project team resource, enabling teams to work faster, with greater freedom and improved agility.
  • Meet the Experts: Accelerate Cloud Benefits with Trusted Data Aug 20 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Donal Dunne, Product Marketing Sean O’Shea, Product Management
    Data in the cloud (and in hybrid cloud/on-premises environments) needs to be just as trusted, governed, and fit-for-purpose as data inside your data center. By inserting data quality into your cloud initiatives, you build trust in your Cloud Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, and SaaS applications, boost adoption and alignment with business needs. Quality data drives business outcomes such as deeper customer engagement, improved cross and upsell activities, better customer segmentation, increased marketing effectiveness, and sales team productivity.

    In this webinar, our team of Informatica quality experts will share how Informatica Cloud Data Quality’s intelligent self-service approach enables you to cleanse, standardize, and enrich all data—using an extensive set of prebuilt data quality rules that accelerates cloud benefits through faster migrations and gain more trusted insights from Cloud Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, and SaaS applications
  • Meet the Experts: Innovations in Data Governance and Quality Aug 8 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chris Phillips, Informatica
    Informatica is continually innovating to deliver greater value and more intelligent solutions for our customers. Be sure to join us as our data governance and quality product experts share the technical details of our latest capabilities and answer your questions about how you can use them.

    In this complimentary webinar, you’ll hear from Chris Phillips, Senior Director of Product Management at Informatica:

    - What’s new and what’s coming next
    - Best practices for better implementation planning
    - How we can help you to scale your data governance and quality journey
  • Accelerate Self-Service Analytics with Informatica EDC and Tableau Aug 1 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Nick Brisoux, Tableau, Gaurav Pathak, Informatica, Dharma Kuthanur, Informatica
    AI-enabled intelligent data curation is required to handle the scale of the modern enterprise data landscape and automatically scan, catalog, discover and profile diverse types of data across cloud and on-premises. But AI alone is not enough. That has to be combined with the shared contextual data knowledge that is often siloed across the enterprise. You need a data catalog that combines AI, human knowledge, and enterprise scale & connectivity. And all of that data knowledge has to be intelligently made available to users in the context of their reports and analysis.

    Join experts from Informatica and Tableau to learn more about how our joint solution addresses these requirements. We will discuss how the new Tableau extension for Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) enables users to leverage an intelligent search bar within Tableau to find data assets certified by data stewards and access business and technical context, data quality, profiling statistics, and peer recommendations from within their familiar, easy-to-use Tableau interface. Users can also collaborate with their peers on the data assets via reviews, ratings, and Q&A, all without leaving the Tableau interface.
  • Meet the Experts: Informatica MDM – Reference 360 Deep Dive Jul 24 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mrityunjay Sharma, Prash Chandramohan, Monica Mullen, Informatica
    Organizations all over the world are looking for ways to optimize and automate the management of data. Reference data management provides a unique opportunity for these organizations. It helps them solve many data challenges surrounding reporting, compliance with regulations, and data strategy initiatives such as master data management, data warehouse modernization, and more.

    In this webinar, you will hear from product experts about Reference 360 and learn about the latest solution from Informatica designed to manage reference data:

    - Key features and capabilities of Reference 360
    - Challenges that you can address using the solution
    - A demo showcasing powerful capabilities of Reference 360
  • Meet the Experts: How to Get Most Out of Your AI-driven iPaaS Jul 23 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Puneet Gupta, Informatica, Nassir Khan, Informatica,
    Enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud and investing in SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. You need a comprehensive next-gen integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution to manage expanding data management use cases for multi-cloud and hybrid architectures.

    A modern iPaaS needs to go beyond just fundamental integration patterns and capabilities, such as data integration and app integration. It needs to cater to a myriad of evolving use cases and patterns, such as B2B integration, data quality, master data management, database and streaming ingestion, and more in order to keep up with the evolving needs of your business.

    Register for this webinar to learn how Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) – the industry’s next-gen iPaaS – is evolving beyond traditional capabilities and patterns with AI-driven capabilities and a microservices-based architecture .
  • Achieving and maintaining compliance with NYDFS cybersecurity regulation Recorded: Jul 18 2019 40 mins
    Antonio Anderson, Executive Director -Trustmark, John Ford, Founder&CEO - Sienna group, Yomar Rosendo, Director - Informatica
    Join us for this case study that takes you through a NYDFS compliance journey featuring Trustmark, Sienna Group and Informatica. Three thought leaders who bring a wealth of experience share how organizations are protecting their most sensitive information. Learn the importance of the regulation and how leading organizations are able to get ahead of critical mandates using innovative technologies that support data privacy governance along with data retention requirement in mind that create risk. Hear from the experts and start your journey to NYDFS compliance today!
  • Meet the Experts: Deep-Dive, Demo - Informatica Cloud Integration Hub Recorded: Jul 17 2019 59 mins
    Kobi Gol, Director Product Management, Deepa Sankar, Sr. Director Product Marketing
    Join this technical webinar with a demo to learn more about the Informatica Cloud Integration Hub, which enables you to simplify and streamline complex, point-to-point data integrations and govern your integration architecture with a modern pub-sub data integration hub. Whether you are starting a new cloud data integration project or updating your existing cloud integration investment, your goal is to eliminate hairball, spaghetti-like integrations, support multi-latency services, and reduce the time to onboarding applications. The Cloud Integration Hub enables you to efficiently connect, integrate, and share data at any latency from cloud applications, cloud ecosystems, and on-premises applications.

    Join Informatica product experts as they dive deep into Cloud Integration Hub and discuss such topics as:
    •Building integrations with Cloud Integration Hub
    •Leveraging your existing investments in Informatica Cloud Data Integration and modernizing your architecture
    •Orchestrating data integration functions and seamlessly working with and complementing other cloud services within Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services environments
    •Accelerating integration projects, reducing complexity, and enabling self-service subscription to data
    •Presenting a demo of Cloud Integration Hub
  • Integration at Scale and Ingestion at Scale - Meet the Experts Deep-Dive & Demo Recorded: Jul 16 2019 42 mins
    Sumeet Agrawal, Amit Kara, Sam Tawfik
    As you look to integrate and ingest large amounts of data at speed and scale, Informatica has two new big data cloud services to help.

    Join our complimentary Meet the Experts webinar on July 16 to discover the capabilities of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) Integration at Scale and IICS Ingestion at Scale. You will learn:

    - How to lower overall TCO with AI-based auto scaling and provisioning of serverless Spark support
    - How to manage streaming and IoT data with real-time monitoring and lifecycle management
    - How to accelerate AI/ML and advanced analytics projects with Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation and DataRobot

    These services will help you manage the massive data ingestion and cloud data integration challenges they face in the Data 3.0 era, so you can deliver better analytics, accelerate success, and future-proof your organization.
  • Railinc: Best Practices for Deploying and Adopting an Intelligent Data Catalog Recorded: Jul 10 2019 58 mins
    Ramesh Veerappan, Shawn Petway, - Railinc, Dharma Kuthanur- Informatica
    As Railinc modernizes its data infrastructure, critical data has become distributed across Oracle, data lake and tools like SAS, and business users have been challenged to find and understand the data they need. Railinc embarked on a major effort across business & IT to address this problem by cataloging all data assets and adding business context to the data to enable easy search and discovery. Confidence in the data was improved through visibility into how datasets were created and business descriptions and tags that added business context, along with a focused/phased approach to drive business user adoption. Railinc will share valuable lessons and best practices related to both: (1) deployment and scaling; (2) driving business user adoption.
  • Building a Strong Office of the CDO Recorded: Jun 27 2019 46 mins
    Juan Tello, CDO, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Juan Riojas, CDO, Informatica
    Data is no longer an advantage; everyone has it. But how you harness data to power your business can give your organization the competitive edge. The Chief Data Officer is a critical enabler among the leadership team, providing the executive ownership needed to enhance decision making, improve operational efficiency, and empower innovation.
  • GDPR, CCPA, LGPD: It’s Time for an Enterprise Data Privacy Program Recorded: Jun 26 2019 15 mins
    Dan Everett, VP Product and Solution Marketing, Informatica
    Companies are having to address a growing number of data privacy and protection regulations. Instead of approaching each one as a separate “project,” it’s time to take an enterprise data privacy program approach that can be used across regulations.

    In this webinar we will discuss a six-step framework that can help you create a foundation for enterprise data privacy. Learn how this framework can help you capitalize on the learnings from each specific regulation project, to speed implementation, reduce costs, and increase compliance.
  • Cloud Data Modernization Recorded: Jun 26 2019 59 mins
    Karthik Venkatraman and Vijay Prabhu
    Cloud data warehousing is no longer a new concept, it’s now on the fast track. Enterprises increasingly deploy cloud data warehouses as a fundamental part of their data infrastructure. It is not a matter of if you should take advantage of cloud data warehousing. It's a matter of how.

    We have seen countless customers reduce their on-premises software footprint, decrease costs, and increase agility by moving some or all their existing enterprise data warehouse workloads to Amazon Redshift. In this webinar, industry experts will share insights into the shift to cloud data warehousing and data management best practices on how you can:

    Gain insights into our Solutions for Modernizing your Cloud Data Warehouse and Data Lake Management
    Demonstrations of our market leading Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and Enterprise Data Catalog, allowing you to:
    Discover all data across your enterprise and ingest into any AWS Service.
    Increase performance by moving any data workloads to AWS S3 or Redshift.
    Lift and shift your legacy on-premise Data Warehouse into AWS with ease.
  • Industrial Data 4.0: Observations from the Frontlines Recorded: Jun 25 2019 52 mins
    Stephan Zoder, Informatica Sr Dir Industry Consulting and Malik Azeez, Paradigm Technology Dir of PIM
    In far too many manufacturing organizations, data is treated as overhead instead of a strategic advantage. In this webinar, Informatica and Paradigm Technology will explore the convergence of Operational and Information Technology and how data management plays an integral part in realizing key benefits from business-transformational projects. In order to support an Industry 4.0 world, a Data 4.0 precursor is a must-have requirement.
  • Meet the Experts: Deep-Dive, Demo, Roadmap-Informatica Cloud App/API Integration Recorded: Jun 13 2019 60 mins
    Luc Clement, Senior Director Product Management, Cloud Application & API Integration
    To fulfill your API-first strategy you need to integrate on premises data and applications with Cloud and other on-premises applications, data sources and services.

    Did you know that the Cloud Application Integration Service can connect these systems in real time using APIs?

    Did you also know that you can implement and host business services and microservices and expose these to your applications and partners in the Cloud and on premises?

    Join a product expert as he dives deep into the API and application integration capabilities offered by our API platform for accelerating your digital transformation. You will learn:

    1. What are APIs
    2. Examples of use
    3. Types of APIs and services
    4. SOA and microservices architectural styles used to build API-based business services and applications
    5. How Informatica helps you achieve this with its iPaaS services
  • Redesigning PIM: Moving to an Event- and Cloud-based Architecture Recorded: Jun 13 2019 36 mins
    Thomas Thykjær, Solution Architect for Master Data Management, Elkjøp
    To meet changing consumer expectations along with explosive growth of items for sale, Elkjøp, a leading Nordic consumer electronics retailer, transformed their management product content. Using SAP rule-based automation and MS Azure event-based micro services in their PIM strategy, they moved to an event- and Cloud-based architecture, where they redesigned the process for onboarding article information. The retailer has reduced time-to-market by streamlining PIM workflows, which not only provides business users with an automated end-to-end article onboarding process, but delivers high-quality, engaging and well-informed product experience that drives conversions across all touchpoints
  • Redesigning PIM: Moving to an Event- and Cloud-based Architecture Recorded: Jun 13 2019 36 mins
    Thomas Thykjær, Solution Architect for Master Data Management, Elkjøp
    To meet changing consumer expectations along with explosive growth of items for sale, Elkjøp, a leading Nordic consumer electronics retailer, transformed their management product content. Using SAP rule-based automation and MS Azure event-based micro services in their PIM strategy, they moved to an event- and Cloud-based architecture, where they redesigned the process for onboarding article information. The retailer has reduced time-to-market by streamlining PIM workflows, which not only provides business users with an automated end-to-end article onboarding process, but delivers high-quality, engaging and well-informed product experience that drives conversions across all touchpoints
  • The Power of Hybrid Integration Platform: Take advantage of Cloud Agility Recorded: Jun 12 2019 52 mins
    Greg Hanson
    Digital Transformation, Customer Experience and Cloud First strategy are the common themes across every organization today and one thing that binds them all is data. From data migration to being able to keep these on-premise, cloud and SaaS systems connected to making the right data available quickly for decision and insight.

    Join us for this webinar where Greg Hanson, Informatica’s CTO EMEA, talks about how you can drive your business at jet speed in spite of multi-cloud, hybrid, and ecosystem complexities.

    What will be covered?
    Data 3.0 Journey and how to accelerate your cloud journey
    Why customers are choosing a Hybrid Integration Platform – Art of the possible & Use Cases
    Why Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS)? Deploying next-gen iPaaS to address the growing complexity of data management and multiple integration patterns across multi-cloud and hybrid architectures vs tactical cloud integration tools
    Customer Success Story
  • Keys to Building End-to-End Intelligent Data Pipelines for AI & ML Projects Recorded: Jun 11 2019 58 mins
    Vamshi Sriperumbudur, Informatica, Sumeet Agrawal, Informatica, Brian Dirking, Databricks, Prasad Kona , Databricks
    Faster access to accurate and prepared datasets is critical for enterprise analytics to deliver better business outcomes. Informatica and Databricks partnered to provide a scalable data and machine learning solution with faster data discovery, ingestion, and preparation that accelerates development and increases model accuracy.

    Setup your AI/ML projects for success with the following critical capabilities:
    - Enable data engineers to quickly ingest high volumes of data from multiple hybrid sources into Delta Lake for high reliability and performance
    - Faster and lower cost development of high-volume data pipelines for machine learning projects
    - Empower data scientists to build accurate models based on the right dataset and verify lineage of the data used to train the models

    Don’t miss this webinar if you’d like to achieve the holy grail of end-to-end data lineage for analytics. You’ll see an overview of the joint solution and an in-depth demo.
The disruptive power of data. (TM)
Digital transformation changes expectations: better service, faster delivery, with less cost. Businesses must transform to stay relevant and data holds the answers.
As the world’s leader in enterprise cloud data management, we’re prepared to help you intelligently lead—in any sector, category or niche. Informatica provides you with the foresight to become more agile, realize new growth opportunities or create new inventions. With 100% focus on everything data, we offer the versatility needed to succeed.
We invite you to explore all that Informatica has to offer—and unleash the power of data to drive your next intelligent disruption.

Informatica is the only Enterprise Cloud Data Management leader that accelerates data-driven digital transformation. Informatica enables companies to unleash the power of data to fuel innovation, become more agile and realize new growth opportunities, resulting in intelligent market disruptions. With over 9,000 customers worldwide, Informatica is the trusted leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management. For more information, call +1 650-385-5000 (1-800-653-3871 in the U.S.), or visit www.informatica.com.

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  • Title: Real World Applications of AI in FinServ Customer Data Strategy
  • Live at: Jun 11 2019 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Peter Ku, VP Informatica, Chris Cingrani, Informatica, Glenn Riedel, Informatica, Bryan Weinman, Informatica
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