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PRIIPs: Tackling the Hard Topics

Join us for this pragmatic, action-based webinar where you’ll learn the details about the hot topics that will help you move forward in your PRIIPs integration.

The webinar will be hosted by Funds Europe’s Editor-In-Chief Nick Fitzpatrick, with a presentation by Mario Mantrisi, Chief Strategy and Research Officer at KNEIP. Our panel includes:
•Luc Schmitt, Head of Business Legal, The OneLife Company
•Maurits Rost, Project Manager PRIIPs, NN Investment Partners
•Sara Hanvik, PRIIPs Project Manager, SEB IM
Recorded Oct 13 2016 58 mins
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Presented by
Luc Schmitt (OneLife), Maurits Rost (NN Investment Partners), Sara Hanvik (SEB IM), Mario Mantrisi (KNEIP)
Presentation preview: PRIIPs: Tackling the Hard Topics

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  • Asset Managers Webinar - Getting the most out of CAMRADATA Live Mar 24 2020 10:30 am UTC 45 mins
    Sean Thompson & Amy Richardson
    CAMRADATA Live has changed significantly over the last 18mths and we now offer so much more to asset managers within their existing subscription. As some managers may not be aware of all these benefits, CAMRADATA will be hosting a live webinar to demonstrate the value added functionalities now available to you, listed below:

    The Knowledge Bank – populate all your thought leadership to The Knowledge Bank at no additional cost.

    Manager Search Activity Report - our new detailed quarterly asset manager search activity report provides a deeper analysis on the search activity in CAMRADATA Live.

    On-Line Analytical Tools – our Peer Group Reporting and IQ Reporting tools are now available as part of your subscription.

    On-Line Manager Directory – be listed in our on-line manager directory providing quicker and easier access to all your information.

    Unlimited Logins – Logins now available for anyone within your firm at no additional cost.
  • Opportunities in Emerging Markets Today, a Sweet Spot for Quants Mar 10 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Arup Datta, Head of Global Quantitative Equity Team, Mackenzie Investments; Nick Fitzpatrick, Editor, Funds Europe
    Despite the current global environment of extreme market volatility amid numerous geopolitical and macroeconomic issues, emerging markets remain intriguing for institutional investors looking to add a compelling and low-correlation component to their portfolio.

    Join our webinar on March 10, when Arup Datta, Head of Global Quantitative Equity Team at Mackenzie Investments, will share his expert insights, from the perspective of a disciplined, risk-aware quantitative investor, on emerging market trends.

    Arup Datta has more than 27 years of experience in quant equity investing, with significant exposure to emerging markets. While there are additional layers of complexity to consider when investing in emerging markets, he can help investors navigate this challenging space to enhance their potential for generating alpha.

    In this webinar, Arup Datta will:

    • Compare quant and fundamental approaches to emerging market investing and why he favours a quant approach to uncover specific opportunities in emerging markets.

    • Highlight his team’s approach to quant investing, with its focus on alpha over asset gathering, and how they are well-positioned to thrive in today’s emerging markets.

    • Shed light on why it’s particularly attractive to invest in emerging markets now, as they remain a relatively overlooked or misunderstood category by many institutional investors.
  • SFTR Webinar Series – Ask the Experts Mar 10 2020 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    UnaVista | London Stock Exchange Group
    This webinar will give viewers the chance to ask the hard unanswered questions on SFTR reporting to a panel of experts. The webinar agenda will be created by the viewers. Register and we will build the conversation around your questions. You will also get a chance to ask questions live to the panellists and participate in a series of polls with your peers to benchmark your preparations for SFTR against the rest of the industry.

    Get your questions answered. Submit a question on this link

    • Leonard Ng – Partner, Sidley Austin LLP

    Expert Panel:
    • David Broadway – Investment Operations Lead at The Investment Association
    • James Stacey – Regulatory Business Analyst at LCH
    • Catherine Talks – Product Manager, UnaVista at London Stock Exchange
    • Que Phuong Dufournet-Tran – Director, Trading Services & Analytics, Regulatory Affairs at IHS Markit
  • Addressing the Impact of Tougher Rules on Investment Governance on Trustees Recorded: Feb 11 2020 28 mins
    Sean.Thompson, Managing Director, CAMRADATA; Amy Richardson, Senior Director, CAMRADATA
    Explore the tougher rules on investment governance affecting trustees’ responsibilities going forwards.

    From December 2019, trustees are legally required to run competitive tender processes to recruit fiduciary managers. Trustees will also be required to set strategic objectives for consultants, so they can measure whether the service is good value for money.

    Whether trustees are using a fiduciary management or investment consultancy advisory governance model; trustees are responsible for monitoring asset performance. This is also one way to measure whether the service has been good value for money.

    But how do trustees monitor this on an independent basis? And without using resource and time? CAMRADATA will provide information on how we are currently working with institutional investors and discuss some of the reports that are available to all trustees to help them monitor performance on an independent, ongoing and automated basis, to help meet these new requirements.
  • Currency Management: Capitalizing on Industry Challenges Recorded: Jan 30 2020 45 mins
    Andy Lemon, Head of Currency Management Global Foreign Exchange, Northern Trust; Alex Dunegan, CEO Lumint Corporation
    Managing and mitigating the impact of currency volatility in global investments – both at the portfolio and investor level - can help drive better performance outcomes and attract additional investor flows. However, the process can be time-consuming and complex leading to additional risk and cost pressures. As asset managers and asset owners grapple with unprecedented industry challenges from multiple sources, many are evaluating their options to access external support and expertise for their currency management needs. But what are the factors to consider when delegating elements of this key function to a third party?

    Join our webinar on January 30th, when Northern Trust’s Head of Currency Management Global Foreign Exchange, Andy Lemon and Lumint Corporation’s CEO, Alex Dunegan, will discuss the key issues shaping the global currency management industry including:

    • Mounting pressures from escalating regulatory and compliance challenges, technology costs and operational complexity
    • The continued squeeze on cost margins, demand for product scalability and strong focus on accountability and oversight
    • Why these industry challenges are driving many to consider consolidation and / or delegation to a third party
    • Insights into key considerations and the increasingly sophisticated solutions available
    • What’s in store for currency management in 2020
  • SFTR Webinar Series - SFTR Testing and Buy-side Consensus Recorded: Nov 27 2019 61 mins
    UnaVista | LSEG | Delta Capita
    UnaVista and Delta Capita discuss the importance of testing as a way of preparing for reporting obligations under this important upcoming regulation.

    The webinar provides an insight into the market issues today and a detailed exam of industry standards-based testing, the benefits of that approach and a number of best practice examples.

    Key points include:
    • SFTR challenges for the buy-side
    • What is a test pack?
    • Testing approach: traceability and best practices
    • How this benefits the buy-side
    • Q&A

    Our panel of experts also discussed quick polls and answered audience questions during the webinar and at the Q&A session.

    • Host: Marcus Jeffery, Global Head of Pre-Sales, Director, UnaVista at London Stock Exchange Group
    Expert Panel:
    • David Field, Head of Prime Services & Securities Finance, Delta Capita
    • Tom Wieczorek, Managing Director, Global Product Management, UnaVista at London Stock Exchange Group

    The webinar recording is available to you to view on-demand and share via the same link.
  • Navigating equities in volatile markets Recorded: Nov 19 2019 43 mins
    Athina Georgopoulou, BlackRock; Jean-Maurice Ladure, MSCI
    Income can be hard to find, particularly in Europe where yields remain low. Interest rates on US sovereign bonds have declined from a high of 9% in the 1990’s to approximately 2%.1 In this backdrop, high dividend strategies may be able to help investors seek income.

    Join iShares and MSCI to find out more about how quality dividends can help strengthen your income.


    • Athina Georgopoulou, iShares EMEA Smart Beta Strategist, BlackRock

    • Jean-Maurice Ladure, Executive Director, Head of Equity Solutions Research, MSCI
  • Using Digitalization to drive Transformation in Investment Management Recorded: Nov 13 2019 46 mins
    Geoff Hodge, Chairman and President of North America, Milestone Group; Phil Davies, CTO, Milestone Group
    Firms are finally embracing digital technologies, from appointing chief digital officers, launching Al initiatives, to piloting blockchain proof of concepts. But the time will soon come when these projects will have to show practical results.

    Hear Milestone Group’s Chairman and President of North America, Geoff Hodge and CTO Phil Davies discuss how digitalization is poised to transform the global funds management and administration landscape.

    The webinar will cover:
    What is digitalization
    Why it will transform current operating models
    When will we see it impact current technology plans
    How to prepare to take advantage of digitalization
  • SFTR Webinar Series – SFTR from the Beginning to the End Recorded: Nov 7 2019 47 mins
    UnaVista | LSEG | MTS | LCH
    In this webinar, we'll be discussing the process around SFTR, from execution through clearing to reporting. We will have a panel of experts from UnaVista, MTS and LCH that come together to explain their approach to SFTR, some of the key challenges as well as solutions that can simplify reporting obligations and reduce the burden on clients’ internal infrastructure.

    • Host: Marcus Jeffery, Global Head of Pre-Sales, Director, UnaVista at London Stock Exchange Group
    Expert Panel:
    • Tom Harry, Product Manager, Regulatory Specialist, MTS at London Stock Exchange Group
    • James Stacey, Regulatory Business Analyst, LCH
    • Catherine Talks, Product Manager, UnaVista at London Stock Exchange Group
  • Assessment of Value Webinar Recorded: Sep 17 2019 48 mins
    Devin McCune, Broadridge Financial Solutions; Peter Capper, The Investment Association; Nick Fitzpatrick, Funds Europe
    In our latest webinar, we are focusing on the Assessment of Value ruling. We will be covering a variety of very important questions, which at times could bring ambiguity into the implementation process:

    -What is value, how does a firm define it, and how is it measured?
    -What challenges will a fund company face when trying to devise metrics to measure value, including on-boarding new INEDs, evaluation of funds versus peers/benchmarks?
    -What actions can and should be taken if a fund’s value is called into question? (what if a fund isn’t providing value)
    -What is the outcome of the value review for the INEDs, management, and the end investor?

    We welcome your questions, comments and feedback following the conclusion of this webinar. Our goal is to help inform you as you move forward with implementing your company’s Assessment of Value process.
  • SFTR Webinar Series - 5 things you should know about your clients Recorded: Sep 11 2019 47 mins
    UnaVista | LSEG, Message Automation | Broadridge Financial Solutions
    As part of their SFTR preparation process, many firms in the industry will need to know more about their clients in order to prepare adequate plans in place ahead of the deadline in advance of this important regulation.

    Having a structured approach can, no doubt, help financial institutions to achieve an effective client outreach process necessitated by new regulatory compliance obligations, such as, in this case, SFTR, ensuring a fully tracked, efficient and client-centric approach to collecting data and documentation.

    In this webinar, UnaVista and Broadridge come together to discuss 5 key components of that outreach that are critical but can sometimes get overlooked, including:

    • How to get the required reference data (LEI, ISINs)?
    • Who will generate UTI?
    • Are they small non-financial counterparties (NFC-)?
    • Do they have a non-EEA reporting obligation?
    • Agreeing on the workflow

    Our panel of experts will also discuss quick polls and answer any audience questions during the live webinar and real-time Q&A session.

    11 September 2019 at 3.00pm London | 4.00pm Paris | 10.00am New York

    Even if you cannot attend on the date, we encourage you to register anyway. The webinar will be recorded and we’ll make the link available to all registrants who are unable to join us live.

    Expert Panel:
    • Catherine Talks, Product Manager, UnaVista | London Stock Exchange Group; and
    • Dean Bruyns, Senior Product Manager, Message Automation | Broadridge Financial Solutions.

    Hosted by: UnaVista | London Stock Exchange Group
  • ETFs: A primary vehicle for ESG investing Recorded: Jul 9 2019 36 mins
    James Gloak, BlackRock; Guido Giese, MSCI, Romil Patel, Funds Europe
    European investors are on the global frontline when it comes to incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) characteristics into investment decisions and are using ETFs as the default way to access markets in a sustainable way. This is just one of many trends helping fuel robust growth in ETF allocations among the institutional funds, asset managers, insurance companies, and discretionary wealth managers.

    Join iShares and MSCI for a lively discussion around ESG investing and the index insights you need to know when implementing ESG into your portfolios.
  • SFTR Webinar Series - SFTR reporting options for cleared trades Recorded: Jun 27 2019 43 mins
    UnaVista | LSEG, LCH
    Given the complex nature of reporting requirements for security financing transactions and how these relate to cleared trades under SFTR many firms will struggle to prepare for the right level of reporting. There are ways to simplify the process and ensure help is available especially to firms clearing through LCH’s RepoClear that can be offered assisted reporting for SFTR.

    In this webinar, we'll be discussing some of the key factors, challenges and critical issues as well as LCH’s collaboration with UnaVista that will significantly simplify reporting obligations under SFTR for RepoClear members. UnaVista has a proven track record of partnering with the industry to reduce the burden on clients’ internal infrastructure.

    • Host: Mark Husler, CEO, UnaVista at London Stock Exchange Group
    • UnaVista speaker: Tom Wieczorek, MD Global Product Management, UnaVista at London Stock Exchange Group
    • Guest presenter: James Stacey, Regulatory Business Analyst, LCH
  • 2019: The Tipping Point For Outsourced Trading Recorded: Jun 20 2019 43 mins
    Gary Paulin, Northern Trust Capital Markets, Nick Fitzpatrick, Funds Europe
    2019 has continued with the funds industry facing unprecedented pressures – with economic, commercial and regulatory factors calling into question some existing operating models. Whilst these stresses present a challenge – when it comes to the trading desk, outsourcing is beginning to be seen as an increasingly compelling opportunity. Is it time for asset managers to re-evaluate outsourced trading solutions?
  • SFTR Webinar Series – How to prepare your data for reporting Recorded: Jun 18 2019 42 mins
    UnaVista | LSEG, Luxoft
    SFTR Data Preparation, Enrichment and Interoperability

    Given the very manual nature of workflows used for security financing transactions in general and security lending transaction and given the level of detail being required to be reported under SFTR many firms will struggle to obtain the data points needed for reporting. Service providers are offering data enrichment services to help clients navigate the reportable data points.

    Another aspect key to trade matching between TRs is generation and transmission of UTI details between counterparties.

    In this webinar, we discuss some of the key critical issues relevant to SFTR data preparation.

    • UnaVista Host: Marcus Jeffery, Global Head of Pre-Sales, Director, London Stock Exchange at UnaVista
    • UnaVista Presenter: Steve Holland, Product Manager, London Stock Exchange
    • Guest presenter: Geoff Hutton, Regulatory Specialist at Luxoft
  • SFTR Webinar Series – Which collaborative reporting model is right for you? Recorded: Jun 13 2019 57 mins
    UnaVista | LSEG, Kaizen Reporting
    The decision to keep the reporting in house versus delegation will depend on various factors like, type of the firm, size of the firm, number of SFTs traded and firm’s view towards data security. Risk concerns will play an important role considering the sensitive information that is required to be transmitted in a delegation scenario.

    In this webinar, we'll be discussing some of the key factors, challenges and critical issues as well as 'pros and cons' around delegated reporting.

    • Host: Marcus Jeffery, Global Head of PreSales, Director, London Stock Exchange at UnaVista
    • UV presenter: Tom Wieczorek, MD Global Product Management, UnaVista at London Stock Exchange Group
    • Guest presenter: Jonathan Lee, Senior Regulatory Reporting Specialist (SFTR) at Kaizen Reporting
  • Get the SFTR advantage with UnaVista and IHS Markit Recorded: Apr 15 2019 57 mins
    Marcus Jeffery, UnaVista; Catherine Talks, UnaVista; Fabien Romero, IHS Markit and Jonathan Tsang, IHS Markit
    With a proven track-record of providing regulatory reporting solutions in the financial services industry, UnaVista and IHS Markit have teamed-up to help firms prepare more thoroughly for their SFTR reporting obligations.
  • Using factor analysis in manager selection Recorded: Feb 6 2019 46 mins
    Nick Samuels, Redington; Bernie Nelson, Style Analytics; Nick Fitzpatrick, Funds Europe
    For Asset Owners, the ability to compare equity fund managers for hiring, firing, and allocation decisions lies at the heart of the investment decision making process. With the rise of both factor investing and smart beta products adding to the spectrum of equity funds available to investors, the decision to choose a new manager has become increasingly difficult.

    On the investment manager side, the current fee conscious environment and growing trend to move to lower cost index solution, is putting a strain on active managers. Now more than ever managers need to prove their skill and differentiate themselves from their increasing competition.

    During this webinar we will cover:

    • Different approaches to factor analysis
    • The importance of using factor analysis in the manager selection process
    • How factor attribution can isolate an investment manager’s skill
  • Comprehend, Comply, Compete Recorded: Oct 9 2018 44 mins
    Gerard Walsh, Head of Business Development, Institutional Brokerage, Northern Trust Capital Markets
    The implementation of MiFID II at the beginning of this year brought dramatic changes to the way financial market participants work together. The unbundling of investment research fees from trade execution costs was cited as a strategic priority.
    Ten months on, are the European regulators achieving what they set out to do – transparency for end clients? Was the downside overstated in the run up to MiFID II? What opportunities has the regulation brought to sell-side and buy-side firms? How will all this play out?
    Join our webinar on October 9 with Gerard Walsh, Head of Business Development, Institutional Brokerage, Northern Trust Capital Markets to hear about the story so far and what lies ahead for firms in their Comprehend, Comply and Compete journey.
    The event will be hosted and moderated by Funds Europe’s editor-in-chief Nick Fitzpatrick.
  • BEPS: What does it mean for fund managers? Recorded: Sep 28 2017 63 mins
    Justin Partington, SGG; Laura Charkin, Goodwin; Bart van der Gulik, PWC; Nick Fitzpatrick, Funds Europe
    What are the main issues relevant to the Fund industry that have arisen from Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS)? In this technical webinar, a panel of Fund, Tax and Legal experts discuss what Fund managers can do in anticipation of the EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD I), to come into force in January 2019.
Industry specific webinars for asset management professionals
Welcome to the Funds Europe webinar channel, a place for senior institutional investors, fund selectors, fund buyers, asset servicing professionals and fund distributors. Here you will find the latest thought leadership from global experts on institutional and retail markets, traditional and alternative investments, front and back office.

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  • Title: PRIIPs: Tackling the Hard Topics
  • Live at: Oct 13 2016 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Luc Schmitt (OneLife), Maurits Rost (NN Investment Partners), Sara Hanvik (SEB IM), Mario Mantrisi (KNEIP)
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