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Next Generation Object Storage Technology by Enrico Signoretti

Independent storage analyst Enrico Signoretti will be Cloudian's guest speaker in this special event. In response to today's demanding enterprise users and service provider’s needs, Enrico will talk about the usage of object storage technologies aiming at delivering next generation services, providing true storage scalability, and facilitating data access, recovery and protection.

In this webinar, Enrico will explore:

The challenges enterprises face with traditional storage technologies
The gap between end-user expectations and IT delivery
How object storage technologies can form the foundation for a new approach to petabyte-scale storage
When and where Object Storage makes sense
How Cloudian does Object Storage
Common use cases and deployment techniques
Recorded Oct 14 2014 55 mins
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Presented by
Enrico Signoretti
Presentation preview: Next Generation Object Storage Technology by Enrico Signoretti

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  • Four Reasons Why Your Backup & Recovery Hardware will Break by 2020 Recorded: Jan 26 2017 46 mins
    George Crump, Storage Switzerland Doug Soltesz, Cloudian
    While backup software vendors continue to innovate, hardware vendors have been resting on their deduplication laurels. In the meantime, the amount of data that organizations store continues to grow at an alarming pace and the backup and disaster recovery expectations of users are higher than ever. Most backup solutions today simply will not be able to keep pace with these realities. If organizations don't act now to address the weaknesses in their backup hardware, they will not be able to meet organizational demands by 2020. In this webinar, Cloudian and Storage Switzerland will discuss three areas where IT professionals need to expect more from their backup hardware and where they should demand less.

    Four Reasons Why Backup Hardware Will Break by 2020:

    1. Not Cost Effective Enough
    2. Not Scalable Enough
    3. Only Good for Backups - Not Enough Use Cases
    4. Too Much Deduplication
  • Deduplicaton for S3 Streams: A Cloud First Model for Data Reduction Recorded: Oct 26 2016 61 mins
    Hugh Emberson, CTO & Co-Founder, StorReduce | Douglas Soltesz, Director Product Solutions, Cloudian
    Deduplication isn’t built into object storage, so what do you do when your data is highly dedupable? Current appliances on the market only enable CIFS & NFS shares, NOT S3 API. This puts your Cloud First model in the back seat, as applications continue to work in legacy mode, preventing you from taking full advantage of the S3 API.

    Cloudian and StorReduce have teamed up providing a S3 enabled deduplication gateway. This can be seamless integrated with any existing S3 based application. Certified by Veritas NetBackup and Commvault, learn how the StorReduce and Cloudian solution can:

    Lower TCO for backup data
    Enable Cloud First
    Reduce network bandwidth
    Tier On Premises S3 data to AWS Cloud
  • LIVE DEMO: A Power User Session on S3 CLI Recorded: Oct 19 2016 33 mins
    Douglas Soltesz, Director Product Solutions, Cloudian
    Amazon Web Service Command Line Interface (AWS CLI). A unified tool designed to help you manage your AWS services. It uses a simple set of file commands for efficient file transfers to and from S3 storage. The unified tool is extensible and can be used with any Amazon S3 compatible storage such as Cloudian HyperStore. In this 30-minute live demo, we will demonstrate how to:

    Configure AWS CLI with Amazon S3
    Configure AWS CLI with S3 compatible storage Cloudian HyperStore
    Create S3 buckets and demonstrate multi-part upload
    The goal of this live demo is to help you get started on the road to scale-out object storage.
  • 3 Reasons to Build a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Rubrik & Cloudian Recorded: Sep 13 2016 62 mins
    Eshwar Belani, Head of Alliances, Rubrik | Douglas Soltesz, Director Product Solutions, Cloudian
    Economic conditions over the past decade have forced businesses to consider minimizing their data footprints in order to cut their enterprise server spend by more than $90 billion. However, with advances in enterprise technology and applications, data growth has been exponential. More than 1 quintillion bytes of data have been created within the last 2 years alone and data protection experts have been asked to do more with less.

    In this webinar, discover how software-defined converged data management platform and scale-out cloud storage from Rubrik and Cloudian, help data protection experts do more with less while ensuring datacenter admins meet their SLAs.

    Key topics to cover:

    Scale-out Storage
    TCO / Economics of the datacenter
    S3 API: Data protection between Rubrik, Cloudian and Amazon S3
    Advantages of cost savings of intelligent data recovery from the cloud
    On-premise software-defined storage (SDS)
  • Amazon S3 API - Advanced Features Recorded: Aug 23 2016 65 mins
    Chris M Evans, Technology Analyst, Architecting.it, Paul Turner, CMO, Cloudian
    The Simple Storage Service (S3) from Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been established as the standard interface for object storage and has been adopted as the de facto by the storage industry. The Amazon S3 API contains many advanced features that enterprises expect in every storage platform. Join us in this webinar to look at how these features are implemented and how object storage solution providers can extend the S3 API to add even more value to on-premises deployments. In this webinar you will learn about:

    Versioning - the ability to retain a historical record of object updates
    Tiering and ILM - moving object data through a data lifecycle
    Replication - protecting data across multiple data centres/regions
    Logging and Billing - tracking and charging for resource usage.
  • On-Demand: Amazon S3 Security Perspective Recorded: Jul 21 2016 66 mins
    Chris M Evans, Technology Analyst, Architecting.it, Paul Turner, CMO, Cloudian
    Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) is recognized as the de facto standard interface for interacting with object stores. Deploying an object solution at scale requires rich and robust security that both protects data on the infrastructure and ensures only the right level of access is granted to end users. Join us for the second of our S3 webinars, when we discuss all things security related. You will learn:

    - Accessing S3 resources using access keys and signing.
    - How to use Identity and Account Management.
    - Supporting external users.
    - Using code to manage access permissions.
    - How data is protected in-flight and at rest.
    - Encryption choices; using S3, Key management or customer supplied keys
  • Why the Enterprise is moving away from NAS and adopting Object Storage Recorded: Jul 14 2016 47 mins
    Victor Salvacruz, Technical Marketing Engineer, Clouidian
    Join Cloudian Technical Marketing Manager, Victor Salvacruz for an interactive webinar, comparing NAS and object storage. In this webinar, Victor will discuss the advantages of object storage for cloud deployments specifically in regards to scalability, durability, and manageability as well as the cost savings. Also, learn why Cloudian is the only software-defined object storage solution that is 100% S3 compatible.
  • Amazon S3 Series: Introduction to the S3 API Recorded: Jun 30 2016 61 mins
    Chris M Evans, Technology Analyst, Architecting.it & Victor Salvacruz, Technical Marketing Manager, Cloudian
    Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) has set the bar for cloud storage with the S3 API rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for object storage platforms. Many vendors claim compatibility with S3, however with the depth of features the API offers, few actually provide the level of support many IT organisations need. In this primer webinar, we will provide an introduction to the S3 API and explain:

    - What S3 is and how it fits into the wider Amazon Web Services portfolio
    - What the S3 API is and how it is used to store/retrieve data from the public cloud
    - How developers and users can interact with S3
  • Everything you need to know about the S3 Object Storage Service and S3 API compa Recorded: Mar 24 2016 59 mins
    Chris M. Evans, Technology Analyst, Architecting.it | Vikram Gupta, Sr. Director of Partner & Product Management, Cloudian
    Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) has set the bar for cloud storage with the S3 API rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for object storage platforms. Many vendors claim compatibility with S3, however with the depth of features the API offers, few actually provide the level of support many IT organisations need.

    In this webinar, we will discuss:
    What the S3 API actually is, and how it has become a standard in the industry.
    How S3 offers a wealth of security features to meet access and compliance requirements
    The advanced features of S3, including encryption, archiving and data protection.
    How object solutions are supporting S3 today
  • 451 Research & Cloudian Discuss Trends in Cloud Services: How to Become a Leader Recorded: Feb 18 2016 58 mins
    Al Sadowski, Research Director at 451 Research and Paul Turner, CMO at Cloudian
    Become a leading Cloud Innovator! There's a market opportunity for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to adopt and offer their customer's new service offerings. The Cloud Infrastructure market is growing at 29.1% with global spending on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) reaching almost $16.5 billion in 2015.

    You're invited to join Al Sadowski, 451 Research Director for Service Providers, and Paul Turner, Cloudian's CMO, as they discuss top business drivers to migrate to cloud, along with implementation considerations for leading services such as Amazon S3, which has become the defacto standard with over 5 trillion objects.

    Discussion topics include:
    - Cloud market growth rates and adoption analysis
    - Top considerations for businesses adopting cloud services
    - How to implement Storage, Backup and Collaboration as a Service

    Learn how you can become a leading Cloud Innovator and ride the new IT wave.
  • S3 Technical Deep Dive on Object Storage & Hybrid Cloud Recorded: Nov 17 2015 60 mins
    Gary Ogasawara, Vice President of Engineering at Cloudian
    Cloudian’s recent product innovation is revolutionizing leading-edge petabyte scale computing in the enterprise. Join Gary Ogasawara, Vice President of Engineering at Cloudian, on November 17th for a technical discussion on extensions to the S3 API to make it an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage platform for enterprise object storage. Amazon S3 API compatibility ensures full portability of already working applications. Using Cloudian's HyperStore platform instead of AWS, enterprise data can be brought on-premise for better data security and manageability at lower cost. For STaaS providers, S3 API compatibility provides the same benefits of a fully controlled storage platform, and opens up a large range of compatible applications. Beyond the basic object CRUD operations provided by S3, there are many advanced APIs like versioning, multi-part upload, access control list. And beyond the S3 API, Cloudian is committed to providing all operations by API and has added APIs to make the platform enterprise-ready, including multi-tenancy.
    Webinar discussion topics will include:
    - Why the S3 API Matters
    - S3 API advanced features
    - Extending the functionality of the S3 API to make an enterprise-ready platform
    - Administrative API extensions
  • Manage Data Deluge with Turnkey Storage & Infinite Scalability Recorded: Oct 15 2015 44 mins
    Vince Curella, Intel | Don Frame, Lenovo | Paul Turner, Cloudian
    Join Vince Curella, Intel North American Service Providers Technical Sales Manger, Don Frame, Lenovo North America's Director of Enterprise Systems Group Brand Management, and Paul Turner, Cloudian CMO and Technology Evangelist, on October 15th as they introduce new “turnkey” pre-certified storage appliances that take the guess work out of configuring the right server/storage combination. The combined Intel, Lenovo, and Cloudian turnkey system solves data deluge management challenges by speeding up deployment times and mitigating the risk of application downtime or performance problems that can occur from misconfigured systems.

    Intel, Lenovo, and Cloudian are revolutionizing leading-edge petabyte scale computing for enterprise and STaaS customers—now they do it together—with modern solutions that offer scale out architecture, hybrid cloud tiering, S3 compatibility, and multi-data center multi-tenancy features.

    Webinar discussion topics will include:
    •Simplifying backup and archival for big data
    •Enabling in-place smart data analytics
    •Centralize and control remote office backup
    •Scale out architecture to handle large cloud deployments
    •S3 compatibility to enable a private and public cloud environments
    •Enterprise file synchronization and sharing for the Internet of Everything

    ***Webinar starts at 9am PDT | 11am CDT | Noon EDT***
  • Reveal the Secrets of "Forever Live" Storage for the Enterprise Recorded: Sep 29 2015 53 mins
    Simon Robinson, 451 Research and Vikram Gupta, Cloudian
    Join Simon Robinson, 451 Research’s Storage Research Vice President, and Vikram Gupta, Cloudian’s Product Development Director, on September 29th as they reveal the secrets of “forever live” storage, new storage technology that provides petabyte scale data resiliency with no downtime. Simon will present the challenges of managing data growth and new hardware technology that addresses these challenge — micro servers, capacity-optimized drives (SMR, Helium, etc.), and object storage.

    Cloudian’s recent new product innovation is revolutionizing leading-edge petabyte scale computing in the enterprise. Tune-in and learn how Cloudian is changing the game for hybrid cloud storage, with new MicroCloud server and storage technologies, the smart data storage alternative to traditional, expensive storage arrays.

    Webinar discussion topics will include how to achieve:
    •“Always-on” access to business critical data
    •Infinite scalability
    •Continuous operations with no downtime
  • Simplify MAM Environments with Active Archive & Scale-Out Storage Recorded: Aug 27 2015 53 mins
    Vikram Gupta, Cloudian, and Dave Thomson, QStar Technologies
    Digital assets in broadcast and media environments can generate revenue for decades, but if they become damaged or lost, they are either impossible or very expensive to recreate. Ensuring the long
    term security of these high-value assets is essential. Cloudian and QStar Technologies regard data security and easy access to data as key requirements for organizations wishing to safely use their assets.
    These days, the ability to easily scale archives to accommodate larger volumes of data necessitated by 4K and 8K resolution equipment is also paramount.
  • Enabling the 3rd Platform with Smart Data Storage Recorded: Jul 28 2015 49 mins
    Ashish Nadkarni, IDC. Paul Turner, Cloudian
    In 2015, the 3rd Platform will account for one third of global ICT spending and 100% of spending growth," said Frank Gens, Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst at IDC. "The industry is now entering the most critical period yet in the 3rd Platform era: the 'Innovation Stage.' Over the next several years, we expect to see an explosion of innovation and value creation on top of the 3rd Platform's foundation. This stage will be driven by a new wave of core technologies – Innovation Accelerators – that radically extend the 3rd Platform's capabilities and applications across all industries."
    In this webinar, you'll learn about the 3rd platform and it's implications for Storage systems. In particular, you'll hear about Smart Data Storage systems which provide the low cost scaling, geo-distribution and multi-tenancy which the 3rd platform requires.
  • Build a simple and efficient private cloud for the distributed enterprise Recorded: May 14 2015 34 mins
    Vikram Gupta, Saimon Michelson
    Organizations have effectively eliminated the pains of branch office IT management by centrally hosting remote office applications and delivering them up as web-based services. Without the need for branch office server and business IT infrastructure of the past, organizations are re-thinking how they deploy data storage to remote offices for local file sharing and backup. Today’s ROBO user needs simple, managed solutions that leverage the cloud for low-cost ‘always-on’ disaster recovery.

    CTERA Networks is the leader in cloud storage and a provider of a next-generation Cloud Storage Services Platform that transforms Cloudian HyperStore storage into a wide variety of managed file services enabling organizations to serve, protect and collaborate on file-based data, like never before.

    Join Cloudian and CTERA Networks, on Thursday, May 7, at 12:00 p.m. (PST), for a live webinar discussion covering the latest trends and technology innovations in Cloud Attached Storage® architecture that combines secure cloud storage services with on-premises appliances and managed agents.
  • 451 Research presents “Big Data Storage and Analytics Q&A” Recorded: Mar 11 2015 61 mins
    Matt Aslett, John Kreisa, Paul Turner
    Join Cloudian, Hortonworks and 451 Research for a panel-style Q&A discussion about the latest trends and technology innovations in Big Data and Analytics.
    Matt Aslett, 451 Research’s Data Platforms and Analytics Research Director, John Kreisa, Hortonworks' Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Paul Turner, Cloudian’s Chief Marketing Officer, will answer your toughest questions about data storage, data analytics, log data, sensor data and the Internet of Things. Bring your questions or just come and listen!​
    Paul Turner, Charles Eischen
    With Hadoop and Hortonworks Data Platform Qualified on HyperStore Software and Appliances, Customers Can Perform In-Place Data Analysis at Petabyte-Scale

    Join the Cloudian team for a live 30 minute webinar to introduce Cloudian HyperStore 5.1 software. HyperStore is an enhanced Amazon S3-compliant, plug-and-play hybrid cloud software solution that now features full Apache Hadoop integration. Enterprises can now transform big data into smart data by running Hadoop analytics on HyperStore software and appliances. This in-place analytics, with no need to offload data to other systems for Hadoop analyses, enables customers to derive meaningful business intelligence from their data quickly, efficiently and economically.

    You will learn:

    What a hybrid cloud is and how to use HyperStore software and appliances to deploy them
    The many business advantages of running Hadoop analytics on HyperStore in order to quickly realize market- and revenue-shifting insights
    Why analyzing bid data on HyperStore changes the game for organizations as they move closer to realizing the potential of the Internet of Things

    For immediate assistance on Amazon S3-compliant object storage software and how to implement a reliable, affordable and scalable cloud storage solution, contact a Cloudian hybrid object storage expert now.
  • Object Storage and the Cloud: When, Where and Why It Makes Sense Recorded: Oct 28 2014 46 mins
    Paul Turner, CMO, Cloudian
    Cloudian CMO, Paul Turner, demystifies hybrid storage and presents its key benefits. He will provide specific examples of when and where hybrid object storage makes sense. You will learn about the key functionality of the object storage architecture, its advantages within the enterprise context and how to get started on your own Amazon compatible private cloud.
  • Cloudian + Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager (CPBM) 2.2.1 Integration Demo Recorded: Oct 16 2014 24 mins
    Tom O'Dowd
    Cloudian + Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager (CPBM) 2.2.1 Integration Demo

    This demo is divided in 4 parts:

    Part 1: How an administrator installs and configures the Cloudian CPBM connector

    Part 2: How an administrator sets up a Product Bundle and adds a Channel

    Part 3: How a user subscribes to a storage bundle and uploads some files

    Part 4: How a user looks at the bill and the breakdown of the charges
Cloudian: Private and Hybrid Cloud Storage
Cloudian is a Foster City, Calif.-based software company specializing in cloud storage. Cloudian HyperStore® is an S3-compatible cloud object storage platform that enables service providers and enterprises to build reliable, affordable and scalable hybrid cloud storage solutions. Cloudian actively partners with leading cloud computing environments and the vast ecosystem of S3 compatible tools and applications. Cloudian's customers include Vodafone, Nextel, NTT, Nifty, and LunaCloud. The company has additional offices in China and Japan.

For more information or to try Cloudian today, please visit www.cloudian.com. Please connect with us:
Twitter (@CloudianStorage)
Facebook (www.facebook.com/cloudian.cloudstorage)
LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/company/cloudian-inc)
Blog (www.cloudian.com/blog)

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