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A Close Look at How the AU5800 Enhanced a Nationally Ranked Hospital Laboratory

What you’ll learn about the AU5800 chemistry analyzer:

•Typical performance observed (reproducibility, reference ranges)
•Impact on the laboratory’s turnaround time (TAT) targets
•Operator feedback on instrument features
•Instrument uptime metrics

P.A.C.E. credit will be available for your participation*
Recorded Nov 17 2015 51 mins
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Presented by
Steven H. Y. Wong, Ph.D. DABCC(TC), FACB
Presentation preview: A Close Look at How the AU5800 Enhanced a Nationally Ranked Hospital Laboratory

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  • How do you Decide Whom to Biopsy for Prostate Cancer? Recorded: Feb 17 2017 61 mins
    Dr. E. David Crawford
    In our webinar, Identifying Men with Prostate Cancer—The Role of phi and Other Biomarkers, Dr. E. David Crawford will discuss key issues that challenge a physician's ability to make informed decisions regarding whom to biopsy for prostate cancer. After the webinar, you will be able to:

    • Understand the historical perspective and controversy regarding prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening

    • Improve your interpretation of a PSA result

    • Use biomarkers, such as Prostate Health Index (phi), to reduce negative biopsies and have more confidence in the decision to biopsy

    • Understand how the phi score, combined with family and patient history, can determine patient management decisions

    Dr. Crawford is an internationally renowned urologist and distinguished endowed professor of surgery, urology and radiation oncology. He also serves as the head of the section of urologic oncology at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado. Dr. Crawford received his medical degree from the University of Cincinnati. His postgraduate training included an internship and residency in urology at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati. He subsequently completed a genitourinary cancer fellowship at the University of California Medical Center in Los Angeles.
  • Automated Microscopy Data Comparison to Manual Microscopic Review Recorded: Jan 11 2017 26 mins
    Dr. Michael Samoszuk
    In this webinar, Dr. Michael Samoszuk will discuss the correlation between images of urine sediment particles captured on the iRICELL3000 and images viewed manually under the microscope using actual patient samples. Attendees will learn how these images compare and how automated microscopy helps to reduce user subjectivity in microscopy by standardizing the process.
  • Achieve Better Hematology Quality Control with Bulls X̄B Recorded: Dec 13 2016 50 mins
    Dr. Guido Vranken and Lobke Tremmerie
    In this webinar, Dr. Guido Vranken and product manager Lobke Tremmerie discuss how to implement Bulls XB algorithm, which uses RBC indices to create a weighted moving average of patient sample results, to statistically monitor hematology results. This unique algorithm, offered on Beckman Coulter hematology instruments, allows users to monitor result quality with no additional reagents, software licenses or costs. Laboratories worldwide can implement this simple, powerful tool to enhance results and improve compliance. P.A.C.E. credit is available for your participation.*

    Dr. Guido Vranken has been working with customers for over 30 years across different disciplines, including protein chemistry, immunoassay and hematology. He specializes in conducting internal and external validation studies. Dr. Vranken spent three years as a lecturer on statistics at the University of Ghent.

    Lobke Tremmerie earned her environmental engineering degree from the University of Ghent in 2002. She first became an electrophoresis and nephelometry sales engineer at Analis, Beckman Coulter’s exclusive Belgian distributor. Following her true passion, she transferred into the hematology division in 2004. Ms. Tremmerie currently serves as Analis’ cellular biology product marketing manager.
  • Adjusting Data Parameters to Improve Results and Workflow Recorded: Dec 7 2016 18 mins
    Dr. Michael Samoszuk
    In this webinar, Dr. Michael Samoszuk discusses the correlative relationships between urine chemistry analytes and the particles noted under the microscope. Attendees will learn how using the knowledge of these correlations can optimize parameter setting for improved laboratory workflow.
  • Red Blood Cell Data Correlation Between Urinalysis Methods Recorded: Nov 16 2016 21 mins
    Dr. Michael Samoszuk
    In this webinar, Dr. Michael Samoszuk will discuss how red blood cell data reported from urine chemistry test strip analysis can correlate to red blood cell data gathered from the microscope, even when the data appears to be conflicting. Attendees will discover some of the underlying factors that could cause this to occur and learn how to minimize reporting inconclusive or inaccurate results.
  • Emerging Topics in Antibiotic Resistance Recorded: Oct 12 2016 58 mins
    Barbara Zimmer, Ph.D.
    In this webinar, Dr. Barbara Zimmer will discuss the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance that are most concerning to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Attendees will receive an in-depth review of the classes of beta-lactamase resistance found in Enterobacteriaceae and the challenges associated with detection in the laboratory. P.A.C.E. credit is available for your participation.*
  • A Simple Blood Test for Better Prostate Cancer Detection Recorded: Oct 5 2016 59 mins
    Dr. Vernon Mustoe
    Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men. Fortunately, it can be detected early by monitoring PSA levels. However, PSA tests have limited specificity for cancer, resulting in numerous unnecessary biopsies each year, which creates the need for a more precise test to help with prostate cancer detection. In this webinar, Dr. Vernon Mustoe will discuss how a simple blood test can help provide more accurate information on what an elevated PSA level might mean and the probability of finding prostate cancer on biopsy. P.A.C.E. credit is available for your participation.*

    Dr. Vernon Mustoe is one of Beckman Coulter’s medical affairs managers, supporting customers with advanced clinical and technical issues. Having obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees from New York University, he spent over 23 years in the clinical laboratory. Most recently, he was the Director of Clinical Chemistry and Assistant Director of Laboratory Services at Sisters of Charity Medical Center in Staten Island, N.Y. He has also taught Clinical Pathology at the Bayley Seton Physician Assistant School, as well as Clinical and Anatomic Pathology at the College of Staten Island Campus of the City University of New York. Dr. Mustoe has been with Beckman Coulter since 2001.
  • Improve Lymphocytosis Management for Hematopathology Patients Recorded: Sep 21 2016 59 mins
    Dr. Mikael Roussel
    Dr. Mikael Roussel from the University Hospital of Rennes, France, will lead a discussion around the organization of the cell morphology and flow cytometry core laboratory. Hear his tips using Beckman Coulter's hematology solutions to improve management of patients with lymphocytosis. P.A.C.E. credit is available for your participation.**
  • New Methods for Flow WBC Differential Recorded: Jun 29 2016 61 mins
    Dr. Francis Lacombe, M.D., Ph.D., Université Hôpital, Haut-Lévêque, Pessac, France
    Join Francis Lacombe, M.D., Ph.D., head of the hematology/automation laboratory and director of flow cytometry at the Université Hôpital, Haut-Lévêque, Pessac, France, to learn how Beckman Coulter’s HematoFlow* and CytoDiff* were instrumental to a recent study that tracked blast decrease rate in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients.
  • Lean High-volume Hematology Solutions Recorded: Apr 19 2016 65 mins
    Alan Neal, CSci, MSc, FIBMS, quality manager and lead of specialty, hematology, at Pathology Associates
    Learn how Beckman Coulter’s hematology and laboratory automation technologies have helped standardize procedures, deliver consistent turnaround time, reduce manual intervention, and achieve high auto validation rates. Alan Neal will share how his laboratory implemented Beckman Coulter automation and lean manufacturing principles.

    P.A.C.E. credit for this webinar is no longer available. 
  • Driving True Standardization Through a Successful Laboratory Partnership Recorded: Jan 20 2016 36 mins
    Sam Terese, President and CEO of PCL Alverno
    Join Beckman Coulter, for a webinar led by Sam Terese, president and CEO of PCL Alverno, focusing on their recent laboratory experiences. Learn how they were able to improve quality and productivity in their network—and discover the impact of true standardization from instrumentation to informatics—by adopting a continuous process-improvement culture and implementing cutting-edge automation and informatics.
  • Implementing IQCP: How One Medical Center Succeeded Recorded: Dec 15 2015 66 mins
    Nichole Korpi-Steiner, PhD, DABCC, FACB. Jack Zakowski, PhD, FACB (Moderator)
    How One Medical Center Succeeded
    *P.A.C.E. credit for this webinar is no longer available. 
  • Differential Diagnosis of Thrombocytopenia Recorded: Nov 19 2015 70 mins
    Dr. Fernando Chaves
    Differential Diagnosis of Thrombocytopenia
    Discover surprising clinical utilities of platelet morphology that advances patient care with Coulter Automated Intelligent Morphology (AIM).
  • A Close Look at How the AU5800 Enhanced a Nationally Ranked Hospital Laboratory Recorded: Nov 17 2015 51 mins
    Steven H. Y. Wong, Ph.D. DABCC(TC), FACB
    What you’ll learn about the AU5800 chemistry analyzer:

    •Typical performance observed (reproducibility, reference ranges)
    •Impact on the laboratory’s turnaround time (TAT) targets
    •Operator feedback on instrument features
    •Instrument uptime metrics

    P.A.C.E. credit will be available for your participation*
  • Automated Intelligent Morphology in the DxH 800 Recorded: Sep 10 2015 62 mins
    Fernando Chaves, M.D, Director, Global Scientific Affairs Beckman Coulter
    The latest technology solving problems in your laboratory.
    Automatically. The webinar will cover:
    - Introduction to Automated Intelligent Morphology
    - Performance of the DxH AIM technology in real-life examples
    - Case studies showing AIM at work

    P.A.C.E. credit for this webinar is no longer available. 
  • A Deep Dive on StatSpin Express 3 Centrifuge: Operation and Maintenance Recorded: Aug 12 2015 38 mins
    Mary Guan, MBA, MS, Senior Manager Product Management , StatSpin Centrifuges
    This webinar will focus on operations and maintenance of the StatSpin Express 3 centrifuge. By performing simple inspections, routine maintenance and operating the centrifuges as described in this webinar, you can maximize your StatSpin Express 3 uptime and sustain your productivity.

    P.A.C.E. credit for this webinar is no longer available. 
  • Beckman Coulter's New Assay: Access 25(OH) Vitamin D Total Recorded: Mar 25 2015 58 mins
    Dr. Jack Zakowski, Ph.D., FACB
    Meeting the clinical and analytical needs of your laboratory.

    P.A.C.E. credit for this webinar is no longer available. 
  • Calibration Verification & Linearity: CAP, CLSI, and FDA Requirements Recorded: Dec 2 2014 49 mins
    Dr. Jack Zakowski Ph.D., FACB
    Continuing concerns exist in the clinical laboratory community about the appropriate methodologies for satisfying requirements for calibration verification and linearity testing.

    During his presentation, Dr. Jack Zakowski will discuss issues associated with these regulatory requirements and will outline approaches to satisfy them.
  • Mean Platelet Volume: An Old New Parameter Recorded: Nov 18 2014 50 mins
    Dr. Fernando Chaves, Director Global Scientific Affairs
    In this presentation we will re-visit an often overlooked parameter in the CBC, the MPV. This parameter has critical clinical applications, such as discriminating between thrombocytopenias caused by bone marrow disease (low platelet production) versus those caused by increased platelet destruction in the circulation.
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For more than 75 years, Beckman Coulter has been a global leader devoted to providing solutions to laboratories of all sizes – offering a broad portfolio of chemistry, immunoassay, hematology, urinalysis, automation and information systems. Beckman Coulter is, and always has been, singularly devoted to moving science, innovation and the lab forward.

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  • Title: A Close Look at How the AU5800 Enhanced a Nationally Ranked Hospital Laboratory
  • Live at: Nov 17 2015 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Steven H. Y. Wong, Ph.D. DABCC(TC), FACB
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