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Win-Win Negotiations for Collections

A struggling economy requires great negotiation skills when speaking with patients or customers who owe you MONEY. This 45-minute webinar will help your staff increase collections without damaging relationships through Win-Win Negotiations.

Attendees will learn how to:
•Engage debtors in a negotiation process that benefits both parties
•Avoid stalemates through active listening
•Learn key phrases that instantly build rapport and trust
•Successfully close calls to INCREASE collections

And you'll ALSO learn how a scene from the classic Tarantino film Pulp Fiction can change your entire perspective on negotiating with your slow-paying clients or patients!
Recorded Mar 27 2014 48 mins
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Presented by
Nathan Hagge, Former Professional Collector, Current Collection Sales Executive
Presentation preview: Win-Win Negotiations for Collections

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  • Legal Landmines: How Changing Collection Laws Can Affect YOUR Business Recorded: Oct 4 2017 60 mins
    Michelle Kreidler Dove, Esq.
    The dynamic nature of collection rules and regulations has many businesses and healthcare facilities unclear as to how far they can go in pursuit of delinquent accounts. This free, on-demand webcast will educate and engage viewers with insightful tips for effectively and safely refining their internal collections practices.
    You’ll learn tips such as:
    How to ensure accurate and effective credit reporting
    Why recent changes in case law should have you rethinking your current processes
    What Important information should be included in your consumer agreement
    How you can work with your collection agency to maximize recoveries.

    Michelle Kreidler Dove, Esq., General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at IC System leads this engaging presentation that will answer your most pressing collections-law related questions. You’ll benefit by taking cues and lessons learned from the experts at I.C. System, a family-owned, Seventy-nine year old collection agency.
  • How to make patient information work for you Recorded: Jul 12 2017 20 mins
    Robin Borneman
    Collecting payments for healthcare services is more challenging than ever. The more patient data gathered during the initial point of contact with patients, the more equipped your office will be when collecting any unpaid balances down the road. In this engaging Webinar, you’ll learn some actionable tips for improving your patient contact procedures to collect more money when the time comes.

    Robin Borneman, the Training and Development Manager at IC System, will lead this 30-minute presentation, bringing with her 14 years of collections industry experience in healthcare, government, and financial services.

    In this webcast you will learn:

    •Critical Information to collect at registration.
    •Benefits of using, asking, and retaining HSA information.
    •Intake: How much is too much?
    •How to use the information to recover the cost of service.
  • WHY NICE PEOPLE COLLECT BAD DEBT Recorded: Jul 19 2016 60 mins
    Nathan Hagge - Business Development Manager
    Learn how to collect from the experts! This information-packed webinar assists office management in preventing and recovering past due accounts.
  • Collection Tips in 10 Minutes - #9 - How to resolve customer conflict Recorded: Apr 22 2016 11 mins
    Nathan Hagge - Business Development Manager
    In this installment of Collection Tips in 10 minutes we focus on the importance of good customer service. We detail tips for diffusing customer conflict as well. Please view the previous installments in this series for additional tips and tactics to make your office run better!
  • The Age of Compliance and the Impact on Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle Recorded: Mar 22 2016 61 mins
    Shawn Yates
    The arrival of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and associated increased legislation in the area of Healthcare Debt Collection has made the job of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Professionals more challenging than ever before.

    Listen as IC System's Vice President of Healthcare discusses these issues in detail, and shares tips and tactics to help insure that your Healthcare Business Office stays efficient, effective and compliant.
  • Collection Tips in 10 Minutes - #8 - A Peek Behind the Collection Curtain Recorded: Jan 25 2016 11 mins
    Nathan Hagge - Business Development Manager
    In this Tips in 10 Minutes we examine:
    * Collection timetables with internal and external efforts
    * Tiering & Scoring of accounts. Factors that determine work effort/prioritization
    * Skiptracing
    * Letters & email
    * Credit reporting
    * Calls
    * Legal options
  • The Future of Credit Reporting and Credit Disputes Recorded: Nov 19 2015 48 mins
    Michelle Dove - Corporate Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
    The process of credit reporting isn't as easy as just sending a name and amount to the credit bureaus. New regulatory policies and changes to credit reporting requirements have made it harder than ever to credit report a consumer. IC System's Corporate Counsel Michelle Dove offers her take on the issue in our webinar, The Future of Credit Reporting and Credit Disputes
  • Collection Tips in 10 Minutes - #7 - Why A Nationally Licensed Agency Matters Recorded: Oct 22 2015 10 mins
    Nathan Hagge - Business Development Manager
    This 10 Minute presentation will cover why employing a Nationally Licensed Collection Agency is wise. It will highlight:
    *what being licensed means?
    *statistics on transient populations
    *risks to your office by not working with a Nationally Licensed Collection Agency
  • Collection Tips in 10 Minutes - #6 - Finding a Secure Collection Partner Recorded: Sep 25 2015 10 mins
    Nathan Hagge - Business Development Manager
    Finding a Secure Collection Partner in the Healthcare Industry is an imperative. This installment of Collection Tips in 10 Minutes will focus upon:

    * The rising trend in security breaches
    * Risks to Patients and Providers
    * Security Checklist
    * Quality Control Checklist
  • Collection Tips in 10 Minutes - #5 - Debt Submittal Dos and Don'ts Recorded: Aug 21 2015 11 mins
    Nathan Hagge - Business Development Manager
    This lesson will focus upon:
    * Learning the minimum required information for debt submittal
    * What additional information will be helpful to provide
    * What NOT to submit
    * Questions to ask before submitting
  • Collection Tips in 10 Minutes - #4 - Making Medical Debt Easier for Consumers Recorded: Jul 22 2015 11 mins
    Nathan Hagge - Business Development Manager
    In this part in our Collection Tips in 10 Minutes series we highlight findings from the CFPB report on medical and non-medical debt. Also, we focus on consumer challenges with medical debt, and how to make paying bills easier for your consumers.
  • Legal Landmines: What You Need to Know About the TCPA Recorded: Jun 18 2015 39 mins
    Michelle Dove - Corporate Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
    With the vast majority of cell phone users in the marketplace, understanding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and its restrictions on calling consumer cell phones is more important than ever. Join this informative webinar conducted by Michelle Dove, IC System’s Corporate Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, and learn the following about the TCPA:

    What does the TCPA Regulate?
    What are the risks and penalties of noncompliance?
    How can you protect your office?
    Is your collection agency putting you at risk?
  • Collection Tips in 10 Minutes - #3 - Financial Policy Dos & Don'ts Recorded: May 27 2015 11 mins
    Nathan Hagge - Business Development Manager
    IC System has developed a series of short webinars dedicated to helping your office with information and best practices for internal debt collections. This webinar will focus on traits of a solid Financial Policy. It will address why they are important, what risks are associated with a poorly written policy, and tips for writing a STRONG, effective financial policy.
  • Collection Tips in 10 Minutes - #2 - Debunking Collection Agency Myths Recorded: Apr 20 2015 10 mins
    Nathan Hagge - Business Development Manager
    I.C. System has developed a series of short webinars dedicated to helping your office with internal debt collections. We will post a new short-form webinar monthly. This informative series will help you understand what is realistic and unrealistic to expect from your collection agency.
  • Collection Tips in 10 Minutes - #1 - Customer Care Negotiating Recorded: Apr 17 2015 9 mins
    Nathan Hagge - Business Development Manager
    I.C. System has created a series of short webinars to provide tips to help your office. In this webinar a helpful framework for dealing with displeased customers is presented.
  • How to Deal with an Irate Customer! Recorded: Jan 15 2015 62 mins
    Nathan Hagge & Bryan Campbell
    No one likes to deal with unpleasant customers. When customers are being difficult, it is vital to maintain a calm and professional demeanor. The tips provided in this webinar will show you what it takes to provide the service that results in satisfied customers — the kind who support your business, purchase from you, and recommend your organization to others!

    You'll learn:
    Why making it personal doesn’t mean taking anything an unyielding customer says personally…. What’s in a name?

    How to Free Yourself from the burden of an unpleasant call even before it occurs.

    A framework to follow to maintain and enhance the relationship you enjoy with your customer!
  • Adding Interest Charges to Past Due Accounts. Is the Reward worth the Risk? Recorded: Dec 11 2014 46 mins
    Brian Eggert
    Interest rates and other finance charges can be an essential component to your office’s billing practices. But is your business charging them correctly? Such fees are a highly misunderstood but also highly scrutinized issue for businesses today, and excessive fees could make your business vulnerable to lawsuits.

    Help your office limit its risks and put its worries to rest by listening to this informative webinar on interest and finance charges, and ensure your office is accurately assessing these fees.

    Join us as Brian Eggert, Supervisor of I.C. System’s Client Service and Records Management Department’s, discusses the fascinating ins and outs of interest and other finance charges. The topics will include:

    • What’s the difference between interest and other finance charges?
    • How do I establish an interest rate in my office?
    • Why are there different rates I can charge from state to state?
    • How much interest is too much?
  • Collection Fees. What’s legal, what’s trouble. Recorded: Sep 25 2014 77 mins
    Brian Eggert, Supervisor of I.C. System’s Client Service and Records Management Departments
    Collection Fees are a necessary part of the billing and collections process for many businesses and medical practices. They are an often misunderstood, and misused practice that can actually put your business at risk if you are not properly applying and calculating fees. In this information-packed Live Webcast you’ll learn:

    •What are Reasonable or Excessive Collection Fees?
    •When can I Add Collection Fees?
    •How do I Legally and Safely Add Collection Fees?
    •What are the Risks and Benefits of Applying Fees?

    When used properly collection fees can be an effective deterrent and a critical element of your billing and collections process. Tune in as Brian Eggert, Supervisor of I.C. System’s Client Service and Records Management Departments, presents this engaging presentation that will improve your existing procedures and enable you to sleep better knowing you are properly applying the tools legally at your disposal for increasing your collections.
  • Back to School, Back to Basics...Back to Collections! Recorded: Sep 11 2014 48 mins
    Bryan Campbell, Strategic Partnerships
    The changing of the leaves signifies more than just the kids heading back to school, it also means the beginning of Collection Season! September means higher contact rates and higher collections for your business. In this engaging live WEBCAST you'll learn:

    The best time of year to contact clients
    Why you should review your internal policies
    Basic techniques for maximizing collections on each call
    What to do if your internal practices fail
  • Leveraging Front Desk Staff for More Effective Collections Recorded: Jul 15 2014 38 mins
    Matthew Roark
    Getting paid for the services you provide is often the most trying part of your business. For Dental, Veterinarian, Chiropractic or Medical practices there is an underused asset available to combat increasing unpaid invoices - your existing Front Desk Staff! In this 45-minute interactive presentation you'll learn:

    Who should be responsible for collections activities.

    Tips for gathering critical information.

    How to alleviate confusion.

    How to better protect your patient's identity.

    Tips for making more effective collection calls
Tips and Tactics to help your office collect slow paying accounts.
Debt Collection Tips from the Experts! IC System is a dedicated and talented collection of Accounts Receivable Management experts, in business since 1938. We are a family and Women-owned collection agency headquartered in Minnesota. Our BrightTalk Channel provides insightful and tangible advice for you and your staff to positively impact payment BEFORE sending accounts to collections. Learn from the experts how industry regulations, changing demographics and advancing technologies will impact your specific collections environment.

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  • Title: Win-Win Negotiations for Collections
  • Live at: Mar 27 2014 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Nathan Hagge, Former Professional Collector, Current Collection Sales Executive
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