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Rethink Analytics with an Enterprise Data Hub

Cloudera's Director of Data Science Josh Wills and Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing Sandy Lii explain how advanced analytics with an enterprise data hub will allow you to use all of your data, do more with your data, and deliver insights sooner. This breaks-down the barriers caused by increasingly high data storage and/or processing costs, silo-ed data sources, complex management and security, and lack of analytics agility.
Recorded Apr 10 2014 57 mins
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Presented by
Josh Wills, Director of Data Science, Cloudera
Presentation preview: Rethink Analytics with an Enterprise Data Hub

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  • Machine Learning Loves Hadoop Recorded: Jun 18 2014 46 mins
    Sean Owen, Director of Data Science at Cloudera
    During this live webinar you will hear from Cloudera’s Director of Data Science, Sean Owen, as he discusses how Cloudera’s enterprise data hub allows data scientist to leverage libraries full of machine learning algorithms to analyze high dimensional, high volume data. Sean will also speak to common machine learning challenges and how Cloudera’s enterprise data hub can help eliminate these issues.

    Topics we will cover during the 1 hour session will include:
    What is machine learning?
    Why should I use machine learning algorithms?
    What are the common challenges of machine learning?
    How does Cloudera’s enterprise data hub support machine learning?

    Following the presentation, Sean will be holding a live Q&A to address any outstanding questions of yours.
  • Building a Hadoop Data Warehouse with Impala Recorded: Apr 14 2014 38 mins
    Marcel Kornacker, Technical Lead; Architect of Cloudera Impala
    Impala raises the bar for SQL query performance on Apache Hadoop. With Impala, you can query Hadoop data – including SELECT, JOIN, and aggregate functions – in real time to do BI-style analysis. As a result, Impala makes a Hadoop-based enterprise data hub function like an enterprise data warehouse for native Big Data.
    In this webinar featuring Impala architect Marcel Kornacker, you will explore:

    * How Impala's architecture supports query speed over Hadoop data that not only convincingly exceeds that of Hive, but also that of a proprietary analytic DBMS over its own native columnar format.
    * The current state of, and roadmap for, Impala's analytic SQL functionality.
    * An example configuration and benchmark suite that demonstrate how Impala offers a high level of performance, functionality, and ability to handle a multi-user workload, while retaining Hadoop’s traditional strengths of flexibility and ease of scaling.
  • Building a Hadoop Data Warehouse: Hadoop 101 for EDW Professionals Recorded: Apr 10 2014 67 mins
    Dr. Ralph Kimball, Founder, The Kimball Group; Matt Brandwein, Director Product Marketing, Cloudera
    Dr. Ralph Kimball describes how Apache Hadoop complements and integrates effectively with the existing enterprise data warehouse. The Hadoop environment's revolutionary architectural advantages open the door to more data and more kinds of data than are possible to analyze with conventional RDBMSs, and additionally offer a whole series of new forms of integrated analysis.

    Dr. Kimball explains how Hadoop can be both:

    A destination data warehouse, and also
    An efficient staging and ETL source for an existing data warehouse
    You will also learn how enterprise conformed dimensions can be used as the basis for integrating Hadoop and conventional data warehouses.
  • Rethink Analytics with an Enterprise Data Hub Recorded: Apr 10 2014 57 mins
    Josh Wills, Director of Data Science, Cloudera
    Cloudera's Director of Data Science Josh Wills and Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing Sandy Lii explain how advanced analytics with an enterprise data hub will allow you to use all of your data, do more with your data, and deliver insights sooner. This breaks-down the barriers caused by increasingly high data storage and/or processing costs, silo-ed data sources, complex management and security, and lack of analytics agility.
  • 7 habits of highly *ineffective* Big Data security Recorded: Apr 8 2014 57 mins
    David Tishgart, Sr. Director of Alliances
    It’s an inconvenient truth that proven and well-understood data security methods were designed to work with relational database management systems. Over the decades, certain habits became second nature to security-minded IT professionals. But many of these habits are now fundamentally incompatible with Big Data/NoSQL environments.

    This presentation will walk you through the data security implications of key differences between NoSQL and relational databases. You’ll leave the session knowing:
    signs that Big Data/NoSQL may be coming to your organization
    7 security habits that expose Big Data to a breach...or cause major delays/rework
    how early adopters are making new security habits in the era of Big Data
  • Design Patterns for Large-Scale Real-Time Learning Recorded: Mar 19 2014 32 mins
    Sean Owen, Director of Data Science, Cloudera
    Having collected Big Data, organizations are now keen on data science and “Big Learning."

    Much of the focus has been on data science as exploratory analytics, offline, in the lab. However, building a production-ready large-scale operational analytics system remains a difficult and ad-hoc endeavor, especially when real-time answers are required. Design patterns for effective implementations are emerging, which take advantage of relaxed assumptions, adopt a new tiered "lambda" architecture, and pick the right scale-friendly algorithms to succeed.

    Drawing on experience from customer problems, this session will present a reference architecture and algorithm design choices for a successful implementation.
  • 6 ways to exploit Hive – and what to do about it Recorded: Feb 18 2014 51 mins
    Brock Noland, Software Engineer, Cloudera
    Hadoop without security can be a recipe for disaster. In this video, we'll cover six security problems with Apache Hive and how to deploy enterprise-grade security for Hadoop to address them. We discuss the security problems with Hive in detail and then how to secure Hive with Apache Sentry. Additional topics will include Hadoop security and Role Based Access Control (RBAC).
  • From Hadoop to the Enterprise Data Hub: A New Foundation for Modern Information Recorded: Jan 28 2014 57 mins
    Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Ovum; Matt Brandwien Director Product Marketing, Cloudera
    Take a look beyond the hype towards solving real business problems and making Big Data and Hadoop first-class citizens in the enterprise.

    Hear from Ovum and Cloudera how:

    >Hadoop has evolved from its niche origins at large Internet firms into a core component of modern information architecture;
    >You can mainstream Big Data and Hadoop through an “embrace and extend” strategy that maps the platform to your IT organization, the practices for running the data center, and to your core business requirements;
    >You can deploy Hadoop as the foundation of an Enterprise Data Hub to efficiently and securely store, process, analyze, and serve all your data, while complementing existing systems, practices, and skills.
  • The Evolution of Hadoop Adoption in Enterprises Recorded: Jan 22 2014 43 mins
    Amandeep Khurana, Principal Solutions Architect, Cloudera
    Big data has admittedly been a buzzword as of late. Despite the hype, there is actual value behind the buzzword, and real world problems are being solved with big data solutions.

    The Hadoop ecosystem is at the center of this buzz, and has been rapidly maturing into a mainstream technology while its usage has evolved at an equally fast pace.

    In this talk, we'll look at how enterprises have been using the Hadoop ecosystem and how that usage has evolved over time.
  • Enterprise Data Hub: The Next Big Thing for Big Data Recorded: Nov 14 2013 47 mins
    Clarke Patterson, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Cloudera
    It goes without saying that Hadoop has taken the data management industry by storm. As it's adopted, enterprises are looking to leverage it for new and innovative ways. Unfortunately, Hadoop alone will not suffice. Join us to learn how organizations are moving towards an enterprise data hub for Big Data. In doing so, they are transforming their business and using Big Data for competitive advantage.
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Cloudera is revolutionizing enterprise data management by offering the first unified Platform for Big Data, an enterprise data hub built on Apache Hadoop™.

Cloudera offers enterprises one place to store, process and analyze all their data, empowering them to extend the value of existing investments while enabling fundamental new ways to derive value from their data. Only Cloudera offers everything needed on a journey to an enterprise data hub, including software for business critical data challenges such as storage, access, management, analysis, security and search. As the leading educator of Hadoop professionals, Cloudera has trained over 40,000 individuals worldwide. Over 800 partners and a seasoned professional services team help deliver greater time to value.

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  • Title: Rethink Analytics with an Enterprise Data Hub
  • Live at: Apr 10 2014 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Josh Wills, Director of Data Science, Cloudera
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