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Security Network in a Virtual, Cloudy World: Virtualization Best Practices

Over the past decade, virtualization technology has delivered cost savings and flexibility to IT, but it also introduced new security challenges. Attend this upcoming webinar to learn what Corey Nachreiner identifies as some security risks inherent to virtualization, and shares with you how to protect yourself from these risks.

The agenda’s:
Though I’m sure you are all fairly familiar with the technology, I’ll start by sharing a two minute history of virtualization—mostly to identify some of the terms I’ll use through-out the presentation

Next, I talk about some of the security challenges specific to virtualization, as well as highlight how attackers have started targeting this technology with new malware

Finally, I’m not here to scare you away from virtualization—It’s a fantastic technology that has truly revolutionized the way we do business—so I’ll end by sharing some tips and best practices that will help create virtual environments that are just as secure as the physical ones they replace.
Recorded May 14 2014 61 mins
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Presented by
Corey Nachreiner, Director of Security Strategy for WatchGuard
Presentation preview: Security Network in a Virtual, Cloudy World: Virtualization Best Practices

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  • Secure Wi-Fi with Ryan Orsi: Iot Current and Future Threats Apr 20 2017 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Ryan Orsi, Secure Wi-Fi Expert
    It's expected that by 2020, annual revenues around IoT solutions could exceed $470 billion. As all things IoT saturate the market (cars, tea kettles, toasters!) what does that mean from a security standpoint? What vulnerabilities aren't included in the fine print of these technologies? Join Ryan Orsi in episode three of our webinar series for a look at the current state of Wi-Fi Iot and what may lay ahead.
  • Secure Wi-Fi with Ryan Orsi: Defending Your Airspace Apr 13 2017 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Ryan Orsi, Secure Wi-Fi Expert
    During our previous episode, Anatomy of a Wi-Fi Hack, we took a deep dive into the who, what, where and how of wireless hacking.

    In episode two of this webinar series, WatchGuard's Ryan Orsi explores what measures can and should be taken to defend the Wi-Fi airspace around us.
  • Secure Wi-Fi with Ryan Orsi: Anatomy of a Wi-Fi Hack Apr 6 2017 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Ryan Orsi, Secure Wi-Fi Expert
    565,000. Alarmingly, that’s the number of videos currently available on Youtube that explain how to execute a wireless attack. In less than a weekend, anyone with Internet access and some free time can become a Wi-Fi MiTM (Man in the Middle) and wreak havoc on your network.

    Join WatchGuard's Ryan Orsi in episode one of our three-part Secure Wi-Fi miniseries as he explores the motives, execution, and anatomy of a Wi-Fi hack.
  • The Top 3 Security Silos and How to Unify Them Recorded: Jan 31 2017 23 mins
    Alexandra Lating, Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Marc Laliberte, Information Security Analyst
    When cyber criminals lurk behind every dark corner of your network, where do you look for protection?

    Having disparate security solutions – from the network, endpoint, and threat intelligence feeds – is no longer enough. There needs to be correlation among these environments, or bad actors are certain to exploit your technology silos.

    Join Alexandra Lating, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Marc Laliberte, Information Security Analyst, for a look at the key players needed to defend your network, but more importantly – what happens when you bring them together.

    Having the right security measures is a good start, but it’s only half the battle. You need a unified security front. You need Correlation.
  • WatchGuard 2017 Security Predictions Recorded: Dec 15 2016 59 mins
    Corey Nachreiner, CTO; Ben Brobak, Product Mgr; Marc Laliberte, Security Analyst; Ryan Orsi, Dir. Strategic Alliances
    2017 is sure to be marked by significant change and innovation within the world of technology. But as technology evolves, cyber threats are all too certain to follow suit.

    With our best crystal ball firmly in hand, WatchGuard is proud to present our 2017 Security Predictions. Join WatchGuard CTO Corey Nachreiner and his panel of security experts for an exciting, interactive discussion on the upcoming year in network security. They’ll take a look at the top security trends that are the basis for our predictions, along with some key tips and tricks for staying ahead of them.
  • Staying Ahead of Hackers with NSS CAWS Advanced Exploit Testing Recorded: Nov 17 2016 40 mins
    Brendan Patterson, director of product management, and Rob Johnson, sales engineer
    Over 90% of all breaches are enabled by a few hundred commercial exploit kits that hackers share and sell in the black market. The typical IT environment may have thousands of unpatched vulnerabilities, but at any given time, only a small handful of vulnerabilities are being actively exploited. To stay ahead of these attacks, WatchGuard participates in NSS exploit testing using CAWS (Cyber Advanced Warning System) - a cloud hosted software service that actively monitors and harvests live cyber threats and attacks, and then tests them against environments protected by the most widely used security solutions in the industry.

    Join Brendan Patterson, director of product management at WatchGuard, and Rob Johnson, sales engineer at NSS Labs, for a behind the scenes look at the CAWS test system, and how it helps enable WatchGuard to stop hackers in their tracks.
  • Defending Your Wi-Fi Airspace Against Threats: Tips You Need to Know Recorded: Oct 26 2016 60 mins
    Ryan Orsi, Director of Strategic Alliances
    Organizations across all industries are facing increased pressure from customers, vendors, and employees to offer Wi-Fi access. While offering this service provides significant gains, businesses cannot forget about the critical security measures needed to defend against wireless threats.

    Join Ryan Orsi, Director of Strategic Alliances, as he delves into the top challenges of deploying enterprise-grade, secure Wi-Fi, and the key solutions within reach of all organizations.
  • Ransomware: How to Battle the Most Evolved Recorded: Aug 25 2016 60 mins
    Ben Brobak and Marc Laliberte
    Large corporations are no longer the primary target for hackers, making network security for small and mid-sized businesses more important than ever before. Ransomware has evolved dramatically over the last few years, but one thing remains the same: it can wreak havoc the likes of which many businesses will never recover from.

    Join Ben Brobak, Technical Product Manager, and Marc Laliberte, Information Security Analyst, as they take a look at the evolution of Ransomware – and the best ways for businesses to protect themselves.
  • Top 5 Least Wanted Malware Recorded: Jun 30 2016 60 mins
    Corey Nachreiner, chief technology officer, and Marc Laliberte, information security analyst
    New breeds of malware are emerging every day. These network threats can run the gamut from minor bugs, to ransomware programs used to extort money and subject victims to the mercy of their data kidnapper. All malware is unwanted, but which types of malware are the most deadly to the health of your network?

    Join Corey Nachreiner, CTO, and Marc Laliberte, information security analyst, as they discuss their Top 5 Least Wanted Malware: what they are, and more importantly, how to avoid them.
  • The Four Biggest Blind Spots to Network Protection Recorded: May 26 2016 44 mins
    Julian Matossian, Senior Product Manager, and Nick Kelly, Director of Product Marketing
    If you can’t see what’s on your network, then you can’t control it.

    As new technologies emerge each day, so do the associated security threats - are you confident that you can see them before they wreak havoc on your network? 86% of executives aren’t, believing there are gaps in their ability to see what’s really going on inside their network.

    Join Julian Matossian, Senior Product Manager, and Nick Kelly, Director of Product Marketing, as they delve into the current state of network visibility: the challenges, blind spots, and most importantly, the solutions to help illuminate your network.

    Having the right security measures in place is only half the battle – you need to know exactly what they’re protecting you from.
  • Secure Wireless in 2016 Recorded: Feb 3 2016 50 mins
    Ryan Orsi, Director of Product Management, WatchGuard, and Nick Kelly, Director of Product Marketing, WatchGuard
    The demand for Wi-Fi access is exploding, with 63 percent of all Internet traffic projected to travel over Wi-Fi by 2019. For as much as Wi-Fi can do for your business, organizations that wish to take advantage can NOT forget about security.
    Join us to discuss the top 7 threats to your wireless network in 2016 and gain powerful insight and tips for protecting your wireless network.
    Wi-Fi is easy. Security is the challenge. You need a dedicated security partner to protect you and your customers.
  • WatchGuard 2016 Security Predictions Discussion Recorded: Jan 20 2016 60 mins
    Corey Nachreiner, WatchGuard CTO; Ben Brobak, Technical Product Mgr and CISSP; and Marc Laliberte, Support Engineer
    Imagine what will happen this year in information security. The start of the new year brings with it the prospect of many exciting new opportunities but also dangerous new threats. WatchGuard is proud to present our 2016 Security Predictions. In this interactive webinar, our security experts will share insights on the very real security trends that are the basis for our 2016 predictions, with tips and tricks for staying safe this year. As part of the discussion, we'll take a look back at our 2015 predictions and the important lessons we learned from them.
  • Security for Distributed Enterprises Recorded: Nov 23 2015 26 mins
    Ben Brobak, Product Manager and CISSP, and Nick Kelly, Director of Product Marketing
    Worried about hackers breaking in your front door? Don’t be! They are already climbing in your windows.

    Remote locations are quickly becoming the number one target for cyber criminals. Why not, it’s the fast lane to your company’s most valuable assets, and expanding your company’s footprint often leads to new challenges and blind spots with data security, access, and visibility.

    WatchGuard is proud to present Biggest Security Blind Spot? — an interactive webinar that will bring distributed enterprise security issues to the surface.
    How can I ensure consistency across all locations?
    Is there a faster way to configure more security systems?
    How do I really know what’s going on at all locations, at all times?

    Join Ben Brobak, WatchGuard Product Manager and CISSP, as he answers these complex questions and more, along with Nick Kelly, Director of Product Marketing, who will introduce the solution for a more secure and compliant remote location. Make sure you are prepared for tomorrow’s threats by joining us for Biggest Security Blind Spot?
  • 'Mr. Robot': Analyzing the Popular TV SHow Recorded: Sep 10 2015 48 mins
    Corey Nachreiner, CTO, Nick Kelly, Director of Product Marketing
    If you didn't catch Mr. Robot, the amazing cyber thriller that just wrapped its first season on USA Network, you missed brilliantly crafted tales of next-gen threats and network security problem-solving. It was more than great entertainment. Each episode drew on real-world security practices that were accurate enough to serve as a learning tool.

    We invite you to join Corey Nachreiner, WatchGuard CTO and long-time security analyst, as he reviews the technical accuracy of Mr. Robot's plot lines to determine:

    What was correct and what was not
    Which of the hacks pose a real threat to your business
    What every organization needs to do to protect itself

    Mr. Robot fans don't want to miss this. And even if you weren't tuned in, it's not too late to learn important lessons from the twisted world of Mr. Robot in this engaging and insightful session. Watch it today!
  • Visibility is Defense Recorded: Jun 22 2015 23 mins
    Nick Kelly, Product Manager
    Bring Big Data Visibility to Your Network Security
    In network security, visibility is protection. That's WatchGuard Dimension.

    In this on-demand demo, Nick Kelly, Product Manager at WatchGuard Technologies, shows how WatchGuard Dimension gives you:

    A high-level view of network activity showing top trends, top clients, and correlated views of top users and applications
    More than 70 comprehensive reports that can be pre-scheduled for email delivery to key stakeholders; plus special reports for HIPAA and PCI compliance
    The Power of Visualization: Leverage filtered traffic to instantly see the most critical information, including bandwidth usage, active users and connections
    Zero Install: No complicated setup is required. Simply import a virtual appliance – includes OS, database, utilities, and WatchGuard server software
    Stop drowning. Go from zero to informed in seconds with WatchGuard Dimension.
  • How to beat the Wi-Fi Blues Recorded: May 27 2015 37 mins
    Ryan Orsi, Product Manager
    Just because Wi-Fi usage has outpaced your original plans doesn’t mean it should be the cause of heartbreak and misery. This is your chance to beat the Wi-Fi blues and keep your users from falling into a funk.

    In this hands-on webinar you’ll learn the top reasons why Wi-Fi networks become slow and unusable—and how to make it right. We’ll cover today’s best practices in Wi-Fi network design, including the latest capacity-planning approach that goes against conventional wisdom. We’ll cover how to:

    Ballpark needs based on types of users and applications
    Maximize frequency re-use, with lower power levels and less shouting
    Configure access points and secure traffic
    Use coverage mapping and conflict mapping tools
    And much more!
    We’ve all got troubles, but wireless access shouldn’t be one of them.
  • What Will (And Won't) Happen In Network Security in 2015 Recorded: Dec 18 2014 64 mins
    Corey Nachreiner, Director of Security Strategy, WatchGuard
    Don’t worry about every network security trend that might happen next year

    Just the important ones.

    The network security trade can feel pretty gloomy. We spend all our time looking for trouble and expecting the worst, and the doom and gloom hits its peak during prediction season. It’s a terrible way to close out the year.

    So this year, we’re taking a more balanced approach.

    For 2015, we’ve identified several security trends you shouldn’t worry about—and some you should. From government policies to business practices to new technologies, we’ll help you gain a little perspective around network security for the new year.

    Hey, we can’t promise it will all be rainbows and unicorns. But if you’re going to look to expert predictions for guidance, wouldn’t it be nice to know what NOT to worry about?

    Join us as WatchGuard’s Director of Security Strategy Corey Nachreiner takes a look into the future and helps you get ready to face 2015.
  • Plug Your Home Office Security Leaks Recorded: Nov 19 2014 50 mins
    Peter McNaull, Director of Technical Marketing, WatchGuard
    Your network security is wrapped up so tight it’s hermetically sealed.

    Until a high-value employee takes work home.

    Suddenly, home office leaks are springing and you don’t have enough fingers to hold back the flood:

    • Consumer firewalls that are full of misconfigured holes
    • Sensitive emails flowing with no end-point security
    • Unencrypted Wi-Fi giving hackers a rich new watering hole

    Don’t let employees’ home offices become unexpected conduits into your secure network. Join Peter McNaull for a webinar on how to Plug Your Home Office Security Leaks and learn how to enable distributed security to give every home office the same protection as a corporate branch.

    Don’t wait until you’re ankle deep. Sign up now and get the tools you need to shore up your protection and extend your security perimeter.
  • Do Advanced Malware and Threats Affect Me? Gauging APTs for SMEs Recorded: Sep 3 2014 64 mins
    Corey Nachreiner, Director of Security Strategy and Research for WatchGuard
    Cyber criminals are targeting your network with a new generation of advanced malware. Many think they are ready to defend against today’s advanced threats. Are you?

    Don’t miss this LIVE webinar on the state of advanced malware featuring Corey Nachreiner, CISSP and Director of Security Strategy and Research for WatchGuard. Find out what to do NOW to protect your business.

    In this webinar you will:

    -- Learn how APTs differ from other malware.
    -- Discover how malware has evolved in recent years.
    -- Learn how hackers breach networks.
    -- Explore what you can do to defend yours.

    Learn that with a little knowledge and foresight, you can implement the proper security technologies and strategies necessary to help keep you from becoming the next data breach headline.
  • Prevailing When Evil Storms Your Network Gates: Infosec Tips I Learned From GoT Recorded: Jul 17 2014 53 mins
    Corey Nachreiner, Director of Security Strategy and Research at WatchGuard Technologies
    In Westeros - the land of dark knights, backstabbing royals, and a myriad of other characters - even the youngest ones have to learn basic self-defense to have any hope of surviving the cruel world imagined by A Game of Thrones (GOT) author, George R. R. Martin. And so too, must every CISO and security pro learn the latest information security best practices if they’re to survive today’s Internet threat landscape.

    Intrigued? In this fun yet informative webinar, noble Corey Nachreiner, Director of Security Strategy and Research at WatchGuard Technologies, will explore the information security tips you could extract from the morbidly dark, yet inescapably addictive fantasy series. He’ll cover lessons such as:

    · Depending on just “The Wall” for defense isn’t wise. The best defense has layers.

    · Never ignore the warnings of ravens because they may contain hints of potential security breaches.

    · Building a strong castle won’t prevent an attacker from tricking an untrained guard into opening your gates.

    Join us. Advance your training and, much like a GOT warrior, learn how you should always stay vigilant.
Learn how to manage the latest network security challenges
WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. is a global leader of integrated, multi-function security solutions that combine industry-standard hardware, best-in-class security features, and policy-based visibility and management tools for every network, wired and wireless. WatchGuard provides easy-to-use but powerful protection to hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide, from SMBs to large distributed enterprises. WatchGuard is headquartered in Seattle, Wash. with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. To learn more, visit us at WatchGuard.com.

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  • Title: Security Network in a Virtual, Cloudy World: Virtualization Best Practices
  • Live at: May 14 2014 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Corey Nachreiner, Director of Security Strategy for WatchGuard
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