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Service Catalog: Transforming IT into an App Store

As consumers, we flock to service providers that clearly communicate the value that they offer us - from online travel websites to app stores. However, when it comes to providing technology based services to internal customers, why are businesses unable to articulate the value of the services they provide? Join this webinar for a virtual workshop exploring how an App Store's "Service Catalog" (Music, Books, etc.) directly relates to mapping Business Services (Finance, HR, etc.) to delivering value. We will also discuss how the intuitive nature of the App Store can help drive the successful adoption of a Service Catalog.
Recorded Nov 16 2011 48 mins
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Presented by
Jason Rosenfeld, ITSM Practice Lead, Cask, LLC and Jason Hopwood, Axios Systems
Presentation preview: Service Catalog: Transforming IT into an App Store

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  • Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD) Enterprise Onboarding Success Story Recorded: Jan 15 2019 9 mins
    Gean Giraud
    Today’s workforce expects a world class and customer centric onboarding experience but often, this is not the case. Manual processes, multiple systems and limited visibility get in the way which cause long-lasting employee frustrations for all involved in the process. Cask with the power of the ServiceNow platform provides transformation solutions tailored to our client’s needs. Get an inside look at how we helped one of our clients transform their onboarding experience and reduce their onboarding time by 80%.
  • Lighten Your Compliance Burden using ServiceNow GRC and the Unified Compliance F Recorded: Dec 20 2018 38 mins
    Jon Zayicek and Ben Condie
    Join Cask if you're having trouble protecting your data?

    We get it. It's a complex job for compliance teams that are required to comply with specific regulations and standards such as GLBA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, NIST, ISO, SOC 1/2/3, etc.

    Here's what you'll learn:
    • Tie risk scoring to the CIA Triad (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability)
    • Begin your journey toward zero touch compliance: reduce risk through automation of monitoring compliance activities
    • Decrease repetitive compliance activities for employees by leveraging a set of common controls across NIST, SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and other standards.

    We'll see you there.
  • Unleashing the Power of Self Service Recorded: Nov 16 2018 36 mins
    Mark Smiley and Matt Walton
    There is a great amount of focus (rightly so) that goes into managing contact centers. Driving down the cost per contact is one of the primary objectives of a support organization, and our associates at Cask work closely with our clients to maximize efficiency while maintaining exceptional levels of customer service. Working with the ServiceNow platform, contact center costs can be decreased substantially by enabling a world-class self-service support channel. Our expertise at Cask helps to maximize the potential of self-service by designing the support portal and fortifying it with a top-notch knowledge management process, ensuring that your customers have easy access to relevant and timely information when they need it.

    Becton Dickinson was in a position where their consumers had no automated mechanism to seek guidance or submit requests for a specific set of services that a division offered.

    Cask used our capabilities in portal design, knowledge management, and case workflow design to enable consumers to skip the need to email or call a contact center to submit these orders manually. The result was a significant increase in BD’s abilities to fulfill orders, while at the same time decreasing the number of customer contacts via email and phone calls.

    Tune in to find out more.


    MARK SMILEY, Principal Advisor, Customer Service Management at Cask
    With over 15 years of operational and consulting experience, Mark works closely with clients to enhance their support organization's capabilities to provide world class customer service in an efficient and empowering way.

    MATT WALTON, Principal Consultant at Cask
    Matt is a global IT leader who's worked various roles within this space over the past 17 years. He has worked in both consulting and industry positions and has focused primarily on the ServiceNow platform and strategic process improvement over the past several years.
  • Decrease the Time to Productivity Gap for Contractors & New Hires Recorded: Nov 15 2018 42 mins
    Kevin Griggs
    Gain actionable strategies and key takeaways to improve your onboarding process by:
    • Decreasing time to productivity
    • Employee turnover
    • Hiring costs

    Identify hotspots in your organization where complicated, antiquated or unconnected processes are holding you back.

    Are you ready to make onboarding a lot faster, easier and more effective?
  • Enterprise Asset Management Success Stories Recorded: Nov 14 2018 11 mins
    Jason Love
    Enterprise Asset Management Success Stories with Cask and Stave.
  • Solving the Contact Center Puzzle Recorded: Jun 15 2018 59 mins
    Mark Smiley and Matt Walton
    Join Cask to learn how different pieces come together to build an awesome environment for all in Customer Service
  • Good, Fast, Cheap ServiceNow HR Case Implementation... Which Do You Pick? Recorded: May 29 2018 35 mins
    Kevin Griggs
    Join Cask. There’s a lot to be said for standing up a basic ServiceNow HR Case Management implementation. However, “good, fast and cheap” are really difficult to achieve at the same time. Focus on ensuring you get a “good” implementation partner that works with your team and aligns to your HR strategy.
  • Data Matters: Turn ITSM Data into Information to Make Better IT Decisions Recorded: May 23 2018 55 mins
    Kevin Griggs
    Join Cask for an informative webinar exploring strategies for leveraging the data you already have in your ITSM system.
  • Using All of the Tools to Provide Great Customer Service Recorded: Apr 30 2018 57 mins
    Mark Smiley, Matt Walton
    Join Cask for an interactive conversation and demonstration as our team at Cask highlights the multiple and meaningful avenues of support that your organization can provide to your customers.

    We'll discuss how your investment in the ServiceNow platform can help you deliver best in class support, and review some of the key processes that ensure that an exceptional level of service is provided with every customer interaction
  • Delivering Transformational User Experiences that Drive Results Recorded: Apr 26 2018 49 mins
    Stephanie Otto, Jason Rosenfeld
    Don’t miss this incredible opportunity from Cask to find out key ways to drive successful transformation of ServiceNow in your organization.

    Are you struggling to drive adoption of the platform? Do you need to increase automation, self service and business results? Stephanie Otto and Jason Rosenfeld will analyze the key drivers of digital transformation to set you up for success. You will walk away with actionable elements and methodologies to apply design thinking to create solutions that resonate with your audience and best practices on how to ensure rapid adoption.

    We will demonstrate real world examples of how this has been done effectively and help guide your journey to increase your return on investment and build brand equity.
  • Financial Management in a FITARA World Recorded: Nov 19 2015 56 mins
    Moderator: Sean Lingo, Speakers: Suzanne Chartol, Paul Gvoth, Daniel Greer
    With the passage of the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), agencies are looking for ways to improve IT financial accountability and performance. Cask and Apptio invite you to a live webinar, Financial Management in a FITARA World, where you will learn how to promote transparency in existing IT assets to enable better IT planning and budgeting.

    Register for the webinar to learn:
    •How to drive IT cost savings and efficiencies
    •How to grow a mature financial management capability
    •Best practices to help you achieve FITARA compliance
    •Tools and techniques to better assess and manage your IT planning and budgeting requirements
  • Transforming Higher Ed IT Panel: Making the Shift to a Services Focus Recorded: Oct 21 2015 64 mins
    Host: Director of Enterprise Solutions, Jason Rosenfeld
    The fall semester has started at universities across the country, and many schools are beginning to look out into 2016...With over 150 universities across the globe downloading our white paper, Services University: Transform Higher Education IT Organizations with a Services Focus, we thought it made a ton of sense to talk to some of our customers about these topics and share this conversation with you!

    Join us on October 21st, to hear from Cask's panel of university customers who are transforming their IT organizations by making the shift to become a services-focused organization. Cask’s Director of Enterprise Solutions, Jason Rosenfeld, will be hosting a panel with several university leaders, to hear their advice, learn from their successes and pitfalls, and hear what they are looking forward to for 2016. We welcome our amazing panel including:

    Lisa Kass, Associate Director, University of Southern California
    Carol Gonzales, Associate CIO, Cal Poly Pomona
    Borre Ulrichsen, CIO, California State University - East Bay

    In this webinar, you will get the opportunity to hear the opinions of industry experts based on their first-hand experiences. Some of the questions we’ll be sure to ask are:

    How are Higher Ed IT Departments different from IT departments in other industries? How are they similar?
    What is the most important step in becoming a services-focused organization?
    What is the biggest challenge in transforming an organization to a services focused one?
    What initiatives are you focusing on for 2016?

    Watch on demand now and bring your questions to learn how a shift to a services focus can help your organization.
  • Transition Planning and Support: Secret Sauce Recorded: Sep 15 2015 61 mins
    Kenneth ("kengon") Gonzalez, Senior Advisor, Cask
    In this session, we will continue our detailed investigation of the ITIL® framework, as we take on Transition Planning and Support. It’s one of the most recognized processes from the Service Transition book.

    Service Transition is a seriously undervalued part of the IT services lifecycle, as it stands between design/development and “Business as Usual” (BAU) operations. While there is consensus that this is an important part of the equation, there is frighteningly little consensus about what good operating practices look like. In many cases, people on both sides of the Dev/Ops gulf struggle with where responsibilities start/stop and how to mediate the differences. In this session, we’ll dig down into the guidance to understand the transition stage and its fit within the lifecycle. As we do, we’ll talk about some practical steps you can take to reduce the associated uncertainty with and increase the number of successful transitions.

    During this presentation, we’ll talk about:

    How Transition Planning and Support can be useful to you beyond what is written in the ITIL publications;
    What role Service Transition and Support plays in improving your current practices;
    The different types of planning and how they fit together;
    What you should pay attention to, to ensure you are getting all you can from your Service Transition activities.
    Register now - join us to find out how to have Transition Planning and Support deliver better results for your organization.
  • Service Continuity Management: Ordinary Disasters Recorded: Aug 13 2015 64 mins
    Kenneth ("kengon") Gonzalez, Senior Advisor, Cask
    In this session, we will continue our detailed investigation of the ITIL framework with IT Service Continuity Management. It’s one of the better known (named) processes from the Service Design book

    IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM) is a process that is commonly talked about, but often largely ignored. To make matters worse, it's often confused (and then conflated) with its siblings -- Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery. The unfortunate part of this is that many think of ITSCM in the context of a high visibility, major event (e.g. earthquake, forest fire, hurricane, etc.), not those events which are likely to occur on a near-routine basis. Having an understanding and appreciation of the fit of ITSCM is an important element of any ITSM initiative. During this presentation, we’ll talk about:

    How IT Service Continuity Management can be useful to you beyond what is written in the ITIL publications;
    What role IT Service Continuity Management plays in improving your current practices;
    What you must do to get serious about IT Service Continuity Management;
    What you should pay attention to, to ensure you are getting all you can from your IT Service Continuity Management activities.

    Register now - gain a fresh perspective on how IT Service Continuity Management can help your organization.
  • Demand Management: Uncharted Territory Recorded: Jul 9 2015 58 mins
    Kenneth ("kengon") Gonzalez, Senior Advisor, Cask
    In this session, we will begin our detailed investigation of the ITIL framework with Demand Management. It's one of the lesser known and talked about processes from the Service Strategy book.

    While some would consider Demand Management useful only to those who wish to amaze and confuse their peers at ITSM conferences, these same people would be surprised. An understanding and appreciation of Demand Management is an absolutely critical input to several practice areas which most consider "core" to ITSM.

    During this presentation, we'll talk about:
    - How Demand Management can be useful to you beyond what is written in the ITIL publications;
    - What you can use Demand Management for to improve your current practices;
    - Some of the methods you can use to get serious about Demand Management;
    - What you should pay attention to, to ensure your Demand Management investigations are going well

    Register now - learn how Demand Management can help your organization.
  • ITFM, TBM or BofIT: Which One is Right for You? Recorded: Mar 11 2015 63 mins
    Jason Rosenfeld, Associate Director at Cask & Guest Speaker, Eveline Oehrlich, VP & Research Director at Forrester Research
    “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now." - Alan Lakein

    There is a close connection between purpose and priority. There are many priorities in managing and investing in technology today but which ones are the “highest”, “the top”, “the first”,” the main” and “the most important”. How will you know? Should there only be one priority? Goal setting and planning your IT and business technology investment is a key topic for many technology and business managers. You see three letter acronyms such as ITFM, TBM, BIT (and maybe more) but they all are trying to achieve the same: management of the technology budget to sustain or better continually increase your company’s customer experience. Which acronym and vendor should you follow? Before we answer that, we like to ask you:

    Where are you going?
    Where do you want to be someday?

    Join Cask's Jason Rosenfeld, and featured guest, Eveline Oehrlich of Forrester Research in our upcoming webinar where we will describe the key journey of shifting your technology management strategy from running the business to changing the business – no matter which acronym you want to use.
  • The Secret to Service Management Success Recorded: Sep 25 2014 59 mins
    Moderated by: Stephanie Keelan, Client Services at Cask, Panel Featuring: Cask's Advisors
    The "secret" to Service Management success varies across organizations, as every business has a different set of people, processes, tools, and systems. At Cask, we recognize that every organization is unique, and we tailor our Service Management solutions to fit the needs of our customers. We have worked with clients across all industries and sizes, and at varying levels of maturity, to enable the Service Management transformation that is right for their organization.

    Join us on September 25th, to hear from Cask's customers. Service Management Practice Lead, Jason Rosenfeld, will be hosting a panel with several of Cask's advisors to hear about their "secret" to Service Management success. In this webinar, you will get the opportunity to hear the opinions of industry experts based on their first-hand experiences:

    What is the first step to Service Management success?
    How do you define and measure success in your organization?
    When can your organization make the move from ITSM to a true Service Management culture?
    Who are the key players enabling transformation?

    Register now - learn what Service Management "secret" can help your organization.
  • Global Consolidation: One Company, One Standard for IT Recorded: Aug 27 2014 42 mins
    Mark Smiley, Senior Advisor at Cask, LLC
    Running a global IT organization today is no easy feat. Many of these organizations are spread across multiple countries, support thousands of people, and deliver services to millions of external customers. All the while, these IT organizations must find ways to of deliver better and faster service, while keeping costs low, and still be recognized as a source of innovation for the business.

    Join Cask's Senior Advisor, Mark Smiley, as he shares some tips on how to manage and consolidate disparate systems, standards, tools and processes in a global organization. Mark Smiley has extensive experience working with internationally recognized organizations to manage the organizational change required to establish a baseline of commonalities between multiple countries and cultures. In this webinar, we will cover how to:

    • Set up common standards across countries
    • Break down cultural barriers to get people working together
    • Reduce the number of systems, tools and vendors to become more efficient
    • Find the right balance to appropriately manage every region

    Register now and learn how to get your organization working as one.
  • itHarmony: Find Your ITSM Tool Partner Recorded: Jul 16 2014 45 mins
    Jason Rosenfeld, Practice Lead at Cask, LLC
    Finding your true love is not easy. For some people it takes over half of a lifetime to do. For others, they may believe they have found their true love, only to spend all of their time and energy constantly trying to change that person. Similarly, many organizations select ITSM tools, only to spend years changing and modifying them until the tool becomes unrecognizable and no longer supports the organization. This leaves them in desperate need of “tool divorce” as they begin running away from their tool rather than thinking strategically and taking the right steps to find the right tool for their organization.

    With the number of ITSM tool vendors out there, we know finding the right one can be as difficult. Don’t end up in another painful ITSM “tool divorce.” Join Jason as he goes through some important concepts to select the right ITSM partner and key actions to ensure you end up in IT harmony with the right ITSM tool.
  • Reducing Regulation Frenzy with Enterprise Governance Recorded: Jun 11 2014 51 mins
    David Marts, Senior Advisor at Cask, LLC
    Modern enterprises are faced with the challenge of achieving strategic objectives while maintaining compliance with both internal and external policies and regulations. Unfortunately, many organizations are overwhelmed by the seemingly endless array of regulations, best practices, and technology standards that impact management decision making. By improving Governance, Risk & Compliance processes, businesses can help manage the policies, procedures and controls needed to meet this challenge. Join Cask to learn:

    • The business value of linking governance requirements to service management processes
    • Some practical tips for GRC success based on real-world experience in environments subject to HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, COBIT and SSAE-16 requirements
    • How to enable your organization to demonstrate compliance and achieve audit success as the routine outcome of normal service management operations

    Instead of a periodic frenzy of activity to generate material to satisfy your auditors, implementation of these suggestions will help ensure that day-to-day incident, change and related ITIL processes not only support efficient service management, but generate records that validate the effectiveness of governance controls.
Transforming the Way People Work
Cask is a results-oriented business and technology consulting firm that helps organizations change, grow and run their businesses at new levels – previously thought not possible. Our team is a rare blend of experienced business consultants and artisan engineers. This unique combination enables our customers to embrace organizational change, adopt transformational technology solutions and operate their business generating optimal results.
We design, develop, and deliver and operate solutions to help customers transform and manage their organization. We provide expert consulting services across multiple domains including:

• Program Management

• Service Management


• Cyber Security

• HR

• Finance

We enable transformation through Organizational Change Management and reinforcement.
We serve Enterprise-size customers across the Public Sector and the Global 2k. Our clients engage us because we have the benefit of repeatability – we have “been there, done that”. Our clients need solution designs and implementations that produce measurable outcomes and drive user adoption, behavioral, and business change

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  • Title: Service Catalog: Transforming IT into an App Store
  • Live at: Nov 16 2011 7:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jason Rosenfeld, ITSM Practice Lead, Cask, LLC and Jason Hopwood, Axios Systems
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