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The Best Way to Modernize Your File Infrastructure [EMEA]

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 99% of file storage will be in the cloud. Join us as we discuss how traditional file infrastructure evolved, it’s strengths and weaknesses, and why moving this infrastructure to the cloud is now inevitable.

Find out why now is the time to be evaluating cloud solutions that replace your legacy file infrastructure.

Understand why unstructured data is overwhelming traditional file storage architectures, especially for companies with multiple locations. Learn how cloud solutions have evolved to solve these problems, and why a file services platform offers the most comprehensive solution.

Understand why a file services platform is emerging as the best way to modernize your file infrastructure today. Understand the 5 key areas of functionality that are essential to fully migrating your file storage, protection, and data sharing to the cloud.

Watch to learn:
-How legacy file storage architectures have evolved from their start in the data center
-The impact of unstructured data on distributed storage architectures
-The top 3 ways the cloud is being used to solve file infrastructure complexity
- Why cloud migration of file infrastructure is likely to follow Gartner’s prediction
- Why a file services platform represents the most mature cloud solution for file infrastructure
- How a cloud native solution dramatically reduces cost, complexity and increases productivity
- The three stages of a file journey to the cloud
Recorded Jun 2 2020 38 mins
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Presented by
Anne Blanchard, Sr. Director of Product Marketing; Greg Palinckx VP, Solution Architecture; Tom Rose, VP, Technical Marketing
Presentation preview: The Best Way to Modernize Your File Infrastructure [EMEA]

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  • 5 Reasons Why Traditional Backup Doesn’t Work During a Ransomware Attack Aug 26 2021 3:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    Nasuni's John Bilotti, CIO/CISO, Barrie Kuza, VP of Product Management and Anne Blanchard, Sr. Director of Product Marketing
    Ransomware is targeting file servers because they store sensitive data and are scattered across many locations which allows for a higher attack surface. As more companies shift to the cloud, reliance on a traditional backup solution is no longer a sound strategy as they may require weeks to recover files, lack the scale needed to handle distributed attacks and running multiple backups in preparation for attacks is expensive.

    Join three cyber-security experts as they discuss the limitations of traditional backup when it comes to ransomware and how modern cloud solutions are stepping in to fill the gap when it comes to:
    · Rapid file restoration
    · Multi-site restoration
    · Training, testing and preparing for attacks
    · Predictable RPO’s and RTO’s that help your business manage risk
    · Immutable file storage options other than tape
  • Exploring Cyber Threats & Breach Prevention 2021 Aug 17 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Michelle Drolet, Towerwall | David LeBlanc, SecureCloudDB | Bharath Vasudevan, Alert Logic | Nasuni | CyberArk
    The last 12 months have been incredibly turbulent in the cybersecurity world. The move to a hybrid work model has seen many organisations turn their security on its head, with the adoption of security solutions like SASE and Zero Trust. Ransomware has also spiked: according to a new Group-IB report, in 2020 ransomware surged by 150%. As the security landscape evolves and new threats seem to be at every corner, it’s essential to re-evaluate your security posture to ensure that your organisation is as safe as possible.

    But what are the key trends thought leaders expect to face this year, and how can we navigate these security threats? Are security teams fully prepared to tackle new risks and breaches?

    Join our panel of expert thought leaders as we discuss:
    - The key cybersecurity trends of 2021, from SASE, ZTNA and beyond
    - Breach prevention, and how to find the right solution for your organisation
    - What the ‘new normal’ means for your security teams
    - Identity-first security, and why it’s so valuable today
    - And more

    Moderated by:
    Michelle Drolet, CEO, Towerwall

    Panelists include:
    Bharath Vasudevan, VP, Alert Logic
    David LeBlanc, SecureCloudDB
    Nasuni (panelist tbc)
    CyberArk (panelist tbc)
  • Nasuni and WVD: The Backbone of a Truly Global Workforce Aug 12 2021 6:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    Tom Rose, Vice President of of Technical Marketing, Nasuni and John Kelbley, Specialist Director, Windows Virtual Desktop
    Join us as Joh Kelbley and Tom Rose dive into the flexibility and performance advantages of Nasuni and Windows Virtual Desktop. If your employees are scattered across offices, work from home, or you just want more resiliency this combination of solutions might be the perfect fit.
  • Ransomware Realities: It's When, Not If, You're Attacked Aug 10 2021 3:00 pm UTC 25 mins
    Jerome Wendt, President & Founder, DCIG
    Ransomware attacks are currently the number one threat to companies worldwide. In this webinar, President and Founder of DCIG, Jerome Wendt breaks down the threats that ransomware attacks presents to every organization. Learn the different entry points and attack methods that cyber criminals use in their ransomware attacks as well as the step-by-step process organizations can take to properly respond and mitigate future ransomware attacks.
  • 3 Ways Nasuni Meets Enterprise File Collaboration Challenges Jul 29 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ken Clipperton, Lead Storage Analyst & Todd Dorsey, Storage Analyst, DCIG and Anne Blanchard, Nasuni
    In many organizations, core business processes rely on effective file-based collaboration. When a modern, distributed workforce uses legacy systems for file collaboration, the result can be end-user frustrations, increased costs, and notable risks. As a help to organizations seeking better results, DCIG has published the 2021-22 DCIG TOP 5 Enterprise Multi-site File Collaboration Solutions report. In this report, DCIG recognizes Nasuni as a TOP 5 solution enabling effective file collaboration across the enterprise. In this session attendees will learn:

    - File collaboration challenges in the multi-site enterprise
    - SDS-based file collaboration benefits
    - Distinguishing features of DCIG TOP 5 solutions
    - Notable features that earned Nasuni recognition as a DCIG TOP 5 solution
  • Taking Advantage of Data Center Trends in 2021 Recorded: Jul 22 2021 62 mins
    Nasuni: Coan Dillahunty, Wipro: Bala Kalavala, Deloitte: Rajeev Pai, Boit: Urvashi Batra - Moderator: Cisco, Lukas Krattiger
    Data centers are facing the same challenges as businesses around the world and are continuing to adjust from the implications of Covid-19, accelerated Digital Transformation and the impact of emerging technologies.As a result, in 2021, Gartner predicts that global spending in data center infrastructure is expected to grow 6%.

    In this BrightTALK Summit panel, we’re here to discuss what the key trends and changes driving this spend increase are, and what future-focused businesses should be thinking about in their 2021 data center strategies. From a greater emphasis on private clouds to increased sustainability initiatives, join this panel of experts to learn:

    - The key data center predictions and trends in 2021
    - How the pandemic has driven changes to the data center industry that are still being felt a year on
    - How to navigate the changes and trends in 2021
    - How increased compliance needs is impacting the data center
    - And more
  • File Backup is Broken! (Ransomware Proves it) Recorded: Jul 21 2021 21 mins
    Andres Rodriguez, Founder & CTO at Nasuni
    Experts and vendors alike will all tell you the best way to protect against ransomware is a solid file backup solution that follows a 3-2-1 approach. But is it? Backing up files is easy… it’s a simple file copy from point A to point B, after all. What’s not being talked about, that will bring your business to its knees, is the restore. Restoring an entire file system, also just a copy from point A to point B, which will take… how long?? Join for a discussion on how backups are not providing the protection from ransomware that everyone thinks they do.

    In this session you will learn:
    - Why file backups are broken because ‘restore’ is broken
    - How the industry is creating a false sense of protection from ransomware with backups
    - An innovative, alternative approach that lets you simply ‘roll back’ files to a point in time measured in minutes, not days
  • 5 Smart Ways to Approach Hybrid Cloud Recorded: Jul 20 2021 31 mins
    Anne Blanchard, Sr. Director of Product Marketing & Jeff Harrah, Vice President of Global Solutions Architects at Nasuni
    Despite its growing popularity, hybrid cloud solutions can initially seem more complex and unpredictable than on-premises solutions. In this session we’ll look at several successful implementations of hybrid cloud file storage solutions that delivered on their initial promise, and what steps IT managers took ahead of time to ensure their success. Attend this session and learn:
    *How to scope your hybrid cloud project
    *How to strike the right balance between custom and standard solutions
    *How to leverage the flexibility of hybrid cloud
    *Ways to deliver a public cloud experience using pre-integrated on-premises IT resources
  • Storing Files in the Cloud: Strategic, Tactical, or Optional? Recorded: Jun 29 2021 43 mins
    John Capello, VP of Product Strategy and Andres Rodriguez, Founder & CTO, Nasuni, Ken Clipperton, Lead Storage Analyst, DCIG
    Some companies have embraced the cloud to its fullest extent, others are dipping their toes in, and still others are dragging their feet when it comes to storing and managing files in the cloud. So how about it? Is moving files to the cloud inevitable? Does it make businesses more competitive? Foster innovation? Offer more or less security? Is it a paradigm shift or 'ho hum’? Gather up with a great team of innovators and let's discuss! 
    We'll cover:  
    Cloud File Storage – what it means, and what are the options  
    What’s holding people back to migrating to the cloud? Cost? Complexity? Confusion?  
    We’ll get to the bottom of the question; Strategic, Tactical, or Optional?
  • [Ep.2] Mastering Modern Backups: Superior Data Storage in the Cloud Era Recorded: Jun 24 2021 47 mins
    Greg Schulz - StorageIO | Mike Pacheco - Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Nasuni | Simon Ratcliffe - Chief Evangelist, Ensono
    Backup solutions play a critical role in data storage but it’s no secret that they come with their drawbacks. In 2021, IT leaders are facing real challenges when it comes to backup solutions - inefficient operations, costly investments and far from straightforward capacity scaling among them.

    The solution to improving backups and removing these headaches is to eliminate the dependency on separate backup systems. With cloud storage, enterprises can do this and access data protection and availability faster, better and cheaper than today’s hardware systems.

    In episode 2 of Nasuni’s ‘The Power of Cloud Storage’ series, we’re looking at how businesses can overcome these challenges and sharing the benefits of an all-in-one cloud storage solution. Join us to hear:

    - How eliminating backups simplifies data storage and reduces costs while significantly improving the restore process
    - How cloud storage makes the processes of disaster recovery and data restore take mere minutes instead of hours or days
    - How cloud storage centrally stores and makes files instantly available at the click of a button to end-users
    - Why the solution to backup challenges is, ironically, is no backup at all
    - And more
  • How To Optimize Your Game Build Syncs Recorded: Jun 17 2021 61 mins
    John Capello, VP of Product Strategy at Nasuni and Kevin Ashman, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Game Tech
    Nasuni and AWS deliver the best cloud file solution for game development. With Nasuni's global file system, share projects across global development teams with ease. Whether working from home or the office, confidently maintain a follow-the-sun development model to get ahead of the competition.

    On this talk John Capello, Vice President of Product Strategy at Nasuni and Kevin Ashman, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Game Tech will explain how Game Studios can:
    • Shorten time to release games up to 25%, improve QA through increasing test builds up to 30x, all while recouping up to 10 hours of a developer's time per week.
    • Easily share and collaborate on game builds from anywhere without compromising performance. Choosing Nasuni means no compromise on performance and security for your remote workforce.
    • Significant cost reduction (up to 50%) by reducing and removing legacy on premise infrastructure. Meanwhile, you protect valuable IP with the ability to maintain unlimited copies.
  • Improving Manufacturers' Security and Collaboration with Nasuni and Azure Recorded: Jun 15 2021 48 mins
    Andre Benguerel, Nasuni Technical Consultant
    Join us as Andre Benguerel walks us through all of the advantages the modern manufacturing firm gains by implementing Nasuni on the Azure cloud. Improved global collaboration, protection from ransomware and huge cost savings are all within reach.
  • How Nasuni & AWS Cloud "Redefine" File Infrastructure Economics Recorded: Jun 9 2021 13 mins
    Andy Hardy, VP, EMEA and APJ, Nasuni and Krishnan Kannan, Cloud Economics Segment Lead, AWS
    Join Nasuni and AWS for a discussion on the clouds' economic impact on enterprise IT organizations and its specific benefits in regards to file storage. In this presentation you will learn:
    - How Nasuni provides a modern way of file storage on AWS S3 that does away with file server hardware, backups, and disaster recovery at a much lower cost. 
    - How the great value for customers is that they only pay for what they need and can provide file access everywhere in the world under a single, shared “name space”. No more silos of file data.
    - How AWS’s Cloud Value Framework identifies the specific business benefits of Nasuni and AWS
  • Nasuni vs. NetApp for Next-Generation Cloud File Storage Recorded: Jun 3 2021 19 mins
    Ken Clipperton, Lead Analyst, Storage, DCIG
    File-based workloads are at the heart of innovation and of collaborative workflows. Enterprises today store multiple petabytes of unstructured file data. They increasingly need to process that data in the cloud and to access and collaborate on that file data from many different locations.
    As enterprises deploy these new workloads and expanded usage scenarios, many discover that their legacy filers no longer meet all of their requirements. Consequently, most enterprises now rely on multiple point solutions, each with its own management overhead. To address these challenges, enterprises are looking for a next-generation file infrastructure that:
    • Eliminates silos of data
    • Enables workloads to migrate to the cloud
    • Meets the secure access and collaboration requirements of a distributed enterprise

    This webinar compares Nasuni Cloud File Storage and NetApp Cloud File Services. It is based on DCIG’s recent research into enterprise file services and a DCIG Competitive Intelligence Report commissioned by Nasuni.

    Join this webinar to gain insight into:
    • New dimensions of file storage scalability
    • Seven drivers for cloud file storage adoption
    • NetApp Cloud Services strengths
    • Nasuni Cloud File Storage strengths
    • Questions that help identify the solution that best fits your requirements
  • How To Simplify Your StorSimple Migration Recorded: Jun 1 2021 25 mins
    Anne Blanchard - Senior Director of Product Marketing at Nasuni and Paul Horn - Director of Microsoft Alliances at Nasuni
    One year ago, Microsoft announced the upcoming end of support for the StorSimple 8000 Series and we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to have a successful migration off of StorSimple. The good news is by working with Microsoft ISV Nasuni and Azure, you can actually move to a superior platform quickly and efficiently.

    Experts from Nasuni will discuss how to plan a StorSimple Migration, the various steps to take when evaluating solutions, and how Nasuni can take over the StorSimple’s workload and then some.
  • Migrating Your Windows File Servers to Google Cloud Recorded: May 26 2021 20 mins
    Brien Posey, Windows File Server Expert, Posey Enterprises
    Factors such as work from home and the exponential growth of unstructured data have largely made the traditional approach to enterprise file storage impractical. Organizations can overcome these and other obstacles while also driving down their costs by migrating Windows File Servers to Google cloud. In this webinar, you will learn:

    - The reasons why hosting file data in on-premises Windows File Servers is far less practical than it once was
    - What you should be looking for in a cloud-based file storage solution
    - Why you should prioritize the migration of your file servers to Google cloud
  • [Ep.1] Storage Modernization: Gaining the Competitive Edge With the Cloud Recorded: May 20 2021 42 mins
    Greg Schulz - StorageIO | Stephen Skidmore, Director of Product Marketing and Tom Rose, VP of Technical Marketing at Nasuni
    Switching from legacy, on-premises storage to cloud storage has distinct advantages, including scalability, interoperability and costs savings. In a world where businesses are still adjusting to the events of 2020, these benefits are more useful and apparent in 2021 than ever before.

    But not all cloud storage solutions are built equally, and different industries and businesses have different challenges that require different solutions. In episode 1 of Nasuni’s ‘The Power of Cloud Storage’ series we’re diving into what enterprises need to consider from their cloud storage solutions and hearing from those in the field why the right modernization approach can redefine your enterprise storage strategy.

    Join us to hear:

    - The benefits of moving to the cloud - including consolidating NAS and file server silos, enhancing cross-office file sharing, improving data protection, reducing operational inefficiencies and eliminating capacity limitations
    - How a cloud-first approach to your storage can future-proof your business by centralizing data, increasing collaboration and data protection, and offering unrivaled disaster recovery
    - How enterprises can reduce or eliminate legacy file infrastructure capex and opex costs by shifting to cloud-based file storage
    - And more
  • Why Urban Outfitters Made the Move from StorSimple to Microsoft Azure and Nasuni Recorded: May 19 2021 56 mins
    Anne Blanchard, Nasuni Karl Rautenstrauch, Microsoft and Perry Golia, Urban Outfitters
    Microsoft has announced upcoming end of support for the StorSimple 8000 series and there's no time like the present to plan your migration strategy. The good news is by working with Microsoft ISV Nasuni and Azure, you can actually move to a superior platform quickly and efficiently.

    Microsoft and Nasuni will be joined by retail leader Urban Outfitters to share how moving your data from StorSimple to Azure and Nasuni lets you get more value out of your file data, add unlimited capacity, multi-site sharing, synchronization, and data protection all in one solution.

    Attend this webinar and you’ll learn:

    Why moving to a cloud file services platform can actually improve data access performance and data protection
    How Urban Outfitters planned and executed their migration
    How to migrate your data to Azure and Nasuni efficiently and cost effectively
  • Nasuni and WVD: The Backbone of a Truly Global Workforce Recorded: May 13 2021 48 mins
    Tom Rose, Vice President of of Technical Marketing, Nasuni and John Kelbley, Specialist Director, Windows Virtual Desktop
    Join us as Joh Kelbley and Tom Rose dive into the flexibility and performance advantages of Nasuni and Windows Virtual Desktop. If your employees are scattered across offices, work from home, or you just want more resiliency this combination of solutions might be the perfect fit.
  • A Radical New Approach to Enterprise File Storage with Google Cloud & Nasuni Recorded: May 12 2021 33 mins
    Andrew Smith, Cloud Infrastructure Services Research Manager, IDC & Bobby Silva, Global Director of Google Alliances, Nasuni
    Moving servers and applications to the cloud has been the focus of infrastructure modernization efforts for the past several years. But now companies large and small are looking for ways to leverage the benefits of the cloud for file storage. However, due to the inherent complexity, cost, and latency challenges, these file storage workloads are often one of the last pieces of the infrastructure modernization puzzle. Now, file storage is primed for cloud disruption with Google and Nasuni tackling these issues with a much simpler solution that also cuts costs by up to 70%.

    Register to watch Andrew Smith, Research Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Services at IDC, and Bobby Silva, Global Director of Google Alliances, of Nasuni discuss current trends in enterprise cloud storage, challenges organizations struggle with around file storage, and how Google and Nasuni are bringing to market a modern, enterprise cloud file storage offering that pairs Google’s object storage economics with Nasuni’s cloud-native global file system.
Nasuni Cloud File Services
Unstructured file data is growing faster than ever before. The landscape of enterprise file storage is going through a period of rapid change. NAS and SAN are the acronyms of legacy hardware. Object storage is the future - but it needs a file system. Subscribe to the Nasuni channel to learn how UniFS® - the world's first Global File System - is enabling enterprises to take advantage of the cost savings and scale of object storage for files.

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  • Title: The Best Way to Modernize Your File Infrastructure [EMEA]
  • Live at: Jun 2 2020 10:00 am
  • Presented by: Anne Blanchard, Sr. Director of Product Marketing; Greg Palinckx VP, Solution Architecture; Tom Rose, VP, Technical Marketing
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