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Managing Your Email Sender Reputation

In this webinar, Dyn’s Mike Veilleux talks about what today’s businesses should understand about email sender reputation, how to find it, how to improve it, how to maintain it, and how to improve the quality of email sends altogether.
Recorded May 20 2014 58 mins
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Mike Veilleux
Presentation preview: Managing Your Email Sender Reputation

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  • State Of The Cloud: 5 Adoption Trends You Need To Know Recorded: Dec 17 2014 54 mins
    Michael Skok & Phil Hochmuth
    Cloud computing is revolutionizing the technology landscape, creating disruptive changes and presenting huge opportunities for business to innovate, create new value and drive increased revenue.

    60% of enterprises now include Cloud computing as part of their overall enterprise IT budget. Technology entrepreneur Michael Skok and North Bridge teamed up with GigaOm to uncover just what is going on in the Cloud. What they discovered will do more than surprise and inform. It will help you weed through the Cloud clutter. Join Michael and Dyn’s Head of Market Intelligence, Phil Hochmuth, for the most valuable webinar on the Cloud you’ll attend this year.
  • 3 Steps To Optimize Internet Performance Through API's Recorded: Nov 19 2014 47 mins
    Mike Veilleux & Andy Piggott
    Join Dyn speakers, Mike Veilleux and Andy Piggott, in this on demand webinar to learn the 3 important steps in optimizing with APIs:

    -Expand APIs down the stack
    -Use APIs to centralize & scale infrastructure
    -Leverage APIs to enable Internet Performance
  • Reputation Matters: Expert advice for your brand's email ROI Recorded: Nov 12 2014 31 mins
    Steve Wheeler & Kevin Abood
    More than 1 in 5 emails never reach the inbox. That's 20% of lost ROI - before you’ve even had a chance to connect with your customers and subscribers!

    Dyn’s Email experts, Steve Wheeler and Kevin Abood, explain how to avoid this.

    View this on-demand webinar and discover:

    -What is a sender reputation and why it is so important
    -Common causes for inbox failure
    -How to establish and maintain a pristine reputation
    -Best practices for resolving ISP filtering issues
  • How To Expand Your Global Reach Into China Recorded: Oct 28 2014 46 mins
    Andrew Sullivan & Steven Ryder
    With over one billion citizens and a growing middle class, the Chinese market is becoming more and more attractive for businesses worldwide. However, while China offers a great potential for businesses to gain millions of new customers, there are multiple barriers for entry, many of which come down to problems with creating a stable web presence.

    Join Dyn's Director of Architecture, Andrew Sullivan, and C3 Edge's Director of Platform Operations, Steven Ryder, as they discuss the appeal of the Chinese market, the challenges for entry, and the solutions to break through.

    In this webinar, you'll learn about:

    Industries that should be entering the Chinese market
    Why it's difficult to operate outside of China The Great Firewall of China
    Plus more!
  • Internet Visibility: You Don’t Know What You’re Missing Recorded: Oct 16 2014 61 mins
    Mike Kane, Dyn, Ashar Baig, GigaOm & Robert Cohen, Analyst
    Web presence is now a required option for customers accessing a business’s products and services. But more than just an option, web pages have become the face of most companies to the public. The customer web experience represents how you think about your customers…it represents your brand and your value. To better serve customers, companies have begun to make more comprehensive web experiences.

    Complex web pages may bring in video, account information, partner info etc. from dozens of sources to paint a specific picture for each customer. Relevant content, easy-of-use, speed, consistency, reliability, and security are guiding development and management of web presence.

    In this webinar Gigaom Research and Dyn explore the benefits of Internet visibility.
  • Beyond DDoS: Protect Your Website From Holiday Disruptions Recorded: Oct 7 2014 54 mins
    Rami Essaid & Matt Toy
    Many sites experience increased traffic during the holiday season, and occasionally online retailers will find themselves the victims of DDoS to slow down servers and make it more difficult to conduct business online, but have you considered what other attacks to expect?

    Topics include:
    - The most common website attacks
    - How to determine your online vulnerability points
    - Red flags in your performance metrics to watch for
    - The risk indicators of malicious behavior
  • Proven Practices for Securing Your Website Against DDoS Attacks Recorded: Sep 2 2014 42 mins
    Kevin Beaver & Andrew Sullivan
    With distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against your Web presence, time is of the essence, and advance preparation is critical to prevention. Simply jumping on the cloud provider bandwagon won’t prevent DDoS attacks, you need to be able to understand the threats along with the vulnerabilities in your Web environment that are (or will be) creating risks for your business.

    Join subject matter experts Kevin Beaver, information security consultant and author of Hacking For Dummies, and Andrew Sullivan, Director of Architecture with Dyn, who discuss real-world practices you can lean on to protect your enterprise against Web-focused attacks including DNS and NTP amplification and Web application-specific exploits.
  • 3 Ways to Increase Revenue With Targeted Emails Recorded: Aug 21 2014 49 mins
    Noah Jessop, Steve Wheeler and Scott Grant
    In this webinar Dyn experts Steve Wheeler and Scott Grant pair with Command IQ’s CEO Noah Jessop to discuss the importance of deliverability, and explain why targeted email campaigns will help drive your bottom line. The brief overview covers the importance of intent messaging, drip marketing, cart abandonment and re-engagement tactics in reaching your prospective clients. Watch it now on-demand!
  • Four Reasons Your CDN Needs Managed DNS Recorded: Jun 19 2014 45 mins
    Charlie Baker | Phil Hochmuth
    If your company is using a content delivery network (CDN) to deliver videos, pictures, and content, you're putting your CDN investment at risk if you don't have a managed DNS provider to help power that performance. In this exclusive on-demand webinar, Dyn's Director of Performance Assurance, Charlie Baker will explain the importance of pairing CDNs with managed DNS. Watch now!
  • Email Security: Keeping Your Brand Safe Recorded: May 30 2014 53 mins
    Chris Brenton & Scott Grant
    In this webinar, Dyn’s Chris Brenton and Scott Grant will provide an overview of a few of the things you can do to help protect your company and brand from costly email security attacks. From secure transmission and reception of an email to authentication of email messages with SPF and DKIM to monitoring and blocking phishing attacks with DMARC, this webinar is packed with helpful and useful email security knowledge.
  • Intro To DNS Security Recorded: May 20 2014 58 mins
    Cory von Wallenstein | Chris Brenton
    With DNS hijacks happening more frequently, website security has never been more important for your company. However, it can be a daunting task to figure out where you’re getting started, and to evaluate if what you are doing is working. That’s why Dyn's Chris Brenton and Cory von Wallenstein are here.
  • Managed DNS: The Benefits Of Active/Active Failover Recorded: May 20 2014 59 mins
    Cory von Wallenstein | Eric Rosenberry
    Cory von Wallenstein & Iovation Principal Infrastructure Architect Eric Rosenberry took to the airwaves for an hour, discussing the benefits of using the Active/Active Failover setup with managed DNS configurations — a frequently asked question for us. As someone who oversees this process for Dyn client Iovation, Eric was a perfect fit to co-present. There was also a solid 10 minutes of DNS questions and answers, which is always a good time!
  • Transactional Email: Understanding The Email That Everyone Wants To Get Recorded: May 20 2014 39 mins
    Steve Wheeler | Mike Veilleux
    Director of Deliverability Steve Wheeler and Email Product Manager James DeLoid will introduce you to everything you should know about transactional email: the one piece of email everyone wants to receive in their inbox. In this webinar, you’ll learn what transactional email is, what makes transactional email different from other types of email, how to improve your transactional email content, what metrics you need to look at, tips for how your customer service departments should deal with blocked or missing transactional email and more!
  • Three Ways Companies Can Avoid DDoS Attacks Recorded: May 20 2014 16 mins
    Andrew Sullivan
    With DDoS attacks on the rise, companies from the Fortune 500 to the fast-rising startup have to worry about their website disappearing from public view. In this 15-minute webinar, Dyn Principal Architect Andrew Sullivan gives a quick-hit overview of DDoS attacks and three tips on how companies can help plan ahead before getting hit.
  • Managed DNS: Everything You Need To Know About DDoS Attacks Recorded: May 20 2014 59 mins
    Andrew Sullivan
    With major websites going down more frequently due to attacks, DDoS is a hot topic in the managed DNS space and we had a record turnout for our first ever webinar on the subject, led by Andrew Sullivan. In this hour-long webinar, Andrew talked about what DDoS attacks are, what the attacker’s goals are, how attacks can affect you when you are the target and when you are the amplifier, whether outsourcing or anycast can help, the upsides and downsides of each, and tons more!
  • DNS Security: How To Be PCI Compliant Recorded: May 20 2014 56 mins
    Cory von Wallenstein | Chris Brenton
    Dyn’s Director of Security Chris Brenton and Chief Technologist Cory von Wallenstein are back with another webinar dive into DNS security, this time focusing on PCI (payment card industry) compliance. It’s an industry that affects so many (retail merchants, banks, processors, and more) and is evolving constantly due to new requirements and outside threats, so what should those that need to be PCI compliant do to keep up?
  • Using Multiple CDNs To Improve Web Performance Recorded: May 20 2014 60 mins
    Cory von Wallenstein | Aaron Peters
    All Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have small issues, big problems and regions in which they are always slow. So how do those that manage CDNs avoid and mitigate these issues? Dyn's Cory von Wallenstein and Turbobytes’ Aaron Peters explain it all.
  • Managing Your Email Sender Reputation Recorded: May 20 2014 58 mins
    Mike Veilleux
    In this webinar, Dyn’s Mike Veilleux talks about what today’s businesses should understand about email sender reputation, how to find it, how to improve it, how to maintain it, and how to improve the quality of email sends altogether.
  • How To Move Your Data Center To A Cloud Infrastructure Recorded: May 20 2014 58 mins
    Chris Brenton
    In this Dyn webinar, Senior Director of Information Technology Chris Brenton discusses the challenges encountered when moving a data center to a public cloud infrastructure, as well as security options you can leverage to ensure a smooth transition.
  • DNS Build vs. Buy: Cloud vs. On-Premise Recorded: May 20 2014 47 mins
    Cory von Wallenstein
    In this webinar, Dyn's Cory von Wallenstein discusses whether enterprise users should build their own internal DNS infrastructure or use managed services in the cloud instead. Learn about the known and hidden costs of on-premise solutions, what managed services really means, why staffing can be harder than you think, and more!
Internet Performance Solutions
Get insight on how to improve web traffic management and email message management from the technical experts and characters from the Internet performance solutions leaders at Dyn.

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