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Konvergenz in Telekommunikationsnetzen – übergreifendes Datenmodell für OSS & IT

Konvergenz in Telekommunikationsnetzen – ein übergreifendes Datenmodell für OSS und IT Automatisierung

Die integrierte Verwaltung aller Netz- und Serviceressourcen in Telekommunikationsnetzen bildet die Basis einer modernen OSS/BSS Architektur. Die Konvergenz der Technologien führt aber gleichzeitig zu einem Verschmelzen von OSS und IT Themen. Weiterhin werden im Rahmen von Virtualisierungen in naher Zukunft verstärkt auch Aufgabenstellungen aus dem Netz in das Data Center verlagert. Die Herausforderung für die Netzbetreiber ist somit, Transparenz über alle Ressourcen der gesamten Service-Kette zu erhalten, d.h. von der physikalischen, über die logische bis zur Service Ebene und von Telekommunikation über IT bis Data Center. Diese Transparenz ist die Grundlage für alle Planungs- und Engineering, Service Fulfillment und Service Assurance Prozesse und bildet somit die Basis für jegliche Art der OSS und IT Automatisierung. Neben funktionaler Themen in den unterschiedlichen Bereichen steht also insbesondere die für einen effizienten Netzbetrieb zwingend erforderliche Durchgängigkeit im Vordergrund. Das übergreifende Datenmodell bildet die Basis für die „out of the box“ integrierten Lösungen von FNT Command, wodurch diese nahtlose Navigation zwischen den unterschiedlichen Layern und Bereichen ermöglicht wird.
Recorded Jul 3 2014 47 mins
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Ulrich Schälling
Presentation preview: Konvergenz in Telekommunikationsnetzen – übergreifendes Datenmodell für OSS & IT

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  • How a catalog can drive business for MTDC & Hosting Provider Recorded: Apr 28 2017 5 mins
    Patrick Buech
    Putting the customer center-stage when defining the service portfolio is crucial in order to stay successful in a highly competitive market. However, service providers in the multi-tenant and hosting market need to leverage a new catalog-driven approach to drive their organization end-2-end: from order management, delivery and provisioning, to billing, accounting and finally, to operation.

    In this interview, service management expert Patrick Büch explains how to tackle today’s challenges and how to increase an organization’s flexibility and agility in terms of how services are offered to the customer.

    For more details, please see the further information in the section "attchments": Expert Paper and website link.
  • How to unleash hidden potentials in your service organization Recorded: Nov 24 2016 39 mins
    Patrick Büch; Business Line Manager
    The times where IT executives have traditionally been focused on cost control and managing the day-to-day running of IT are eventually gone. CIOs are challenged in refocus their priorities towards business initiatives and revenue growth. This can be a demanding task as many IT organizations still act in a re-active manner and follow a classic build-to-order approach.

    This must be changed and service management is the key to success. However just establishing an service organization is not enough. An outside-in perspective is necessary, looking at the organization from the customer’s viewpoint and using this perspective to design new services that actually provide value to business.

    This webinar examines the necessary changes in service organizations and how these will unleash hidden potentials like for example a significant reduction in costs.
  • IT Service Design for the ICT Factory Recorded: Nov 3 2016 6 mins
    FNT Software
    As digitization progresses, the management of hybrid IT environments is more challenging than ever before. Service managers need tools to achieve better efficiency in service provisioning and service delivery while reducing the time-to-market and time-to-deliver. How can this transformation be aligned with business needs?

    Watch our video to learn the about the two essentials for state-of-the-art IT Service Management, and how it helps you to find the right balance between costs, risk, and agility.

    The FNT approach will provide answers on how to:
    -increase transparency within the ICT infrastructure
    -standardize delivery processes and services
    -decrease costs while increasing the agility of the service delivery chain
  • Innovations Empowering a Smart World - NetWork'16 Keynote Recorded: Sep 2 2016 53 mins
    Eric Brabänder, Patrick Büch
    During the keynote FNT presented its vision of being the engine of the ICT factory for organizations in the era of the digital transformation. FNT also presented the resulting product strategy and gave a live demo of an integrated customer use case based on FNT's products FNT Command, FNT ServicePlanet, FNT ProcessEngine, FNT Monitoring etc.

    FNT also presented in the live case how Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies will influence the discipline of data center management in the future.

    To watch the subtitled version, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4kNHlvRZD0
  • Data Center Management - Why It's Time to Automate Recorded: Aug 18 2016 28 mins
    Andrè Grossmann (R&M), Claudia Lehmann (FNT)
    “Internet of computers” + “Internet of things” + “Industry 4.0” = “Internet of Everything.” That means huge growth in the volume of data that has to be transmitted, processed, and stored. To accommodate this growth, automated data center management systems are essential for provisioning and management of a large number of assets and connections. All activities and changes must be logged for later reference and auditing. Unauthorized changes should automatically generate alarms, thus enabling rapid fault location and correction. To optimize data center infrastructure operation and for precise capacity planning, the system needs to provide tailored reports and analysis. The combination of R&MinteliPhy expertise and FNT technology delivers unique transparency and control in the data center.
  • Tools and methods to support your colocation growth ambition Recorded: May 19 2016 36 mins
    Soeren Juul Schroeder, Vice President, UK/Ireland & Nordics/Baltics
    The colocation industry is currently undergoing a significant change. Traditionally, it has focused solely on providing power, cooling and space at scale, but with high resilience, today’s buyers are more frequently expecting additional services to be made available.

    Join us for this BrightTALK webinar, where we’ll discuss what these additional services are and how you can enable your organisation to deliver these with the support of FNT’s market leading software suite to support your future growth.
  • Production Planning for Business Services - Thinking ahead instead of redocument Recorded: Mar 31 2016 35 mins
    Patrick Büch, Head of Business Line Service Management
    Production Planning for Business Services - Thinking ahead instead of redocument

    - modularization of services and variant Management
    - in-house production depth and Multi Provider Management
    - mind shift from silo mentality to inter-divisional production line
  • FNT Monitoring - Boost your operation reliability and efficiency Recorded: Mar 10 2016 25 mins
    Oliver Lindner (Head of Business Line DCIM)
    FNT Monitoring - Boost your operation reliability and efficiency
  • Complete Control of Your IT Infrastructure With Integrated Workflows Recorded: Feb 18 2016 45 mins
    Eric Brabänder, Chief Marketing Officer
    Complete Control of Your IT Infrastructure With Integrated Workflows
  • How to support ITSM processes with mobile applications Recorded: Nov 19 2015 21 mins
    Horst Haag, Chief Technology Officer
    How to Support ITSM Processes with Mobile Applications

    To access information just in time and whenever needed greatly enhances productivity and agility. Therefore, mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones offer a huge range of useful features to accelerate daily work processes. From the control of work orders to automated data collection, numerous options emerge as to how direct access to IT services or asset data can be provided just-in-time and therefore support work processes efficiently.

    In this webcast, Horst Haag will show how mobile devices and applications, such as FNT Command Mobile, can become an indispensable companion for your Service Asset and Configuration Management.
  • The Data Center Colocation Challenge – Diversification needs to be managed Recorded: Nov 12 2015 42 mins
    Ulrich Schälling, Head of Business Line Networks
    The Data Center Colocation Challenge – Diversification needs to be managed

    Data Center Colocation Providers are operating in a challenging and competitive environment. Commoditization of space and power is driving colocation providers to differentiate through an extended product and service portfolio. This diversification requires management solutions that support streamlined operational processes in order to deliver these services with the highest level of quality at minimal cost.

    FNT‘s solution addresses this challenge by providing a holistic view of all the different resources and services as part of the offered product and service portfolio to be managed by the Colocation provider. Not only space, power and cooling, but also for example the physical cable as well as the logical transport connections are covered to ensure customer SLAs and efficient operations. The FNT solution bridges the gap not only between Facility and Telecommunications but also IT and supports various diversification scenarios such as remote multi-tenancy asset management for end customer cages and suites. Integrated within colocation operator's processes, the FNT solution leads to unparalleled operational efficiency and unprecedented provisioning speed and quality.
  • Standardized Service Monitoring Solution with FNT ServicePlanet by OpenAdvice Recorded: Oct 23 2015 39 mins
    Peter Faust (OpenAdvice), Patrick Büch (FNT)
    Standardized Service Monitoring Solution with FNT ServicePlanet by OpenAdvice
  • Getting yourself ready for success with Web-scale IT Recorded: Sep 10 2015 29 mins
    Soeren Juul Schroeder, Vice President, UK/Ireland & Nordics/Baltics
    Getting yourself ready for success with Web-scale IT

    Todays businesses are increasingly demanding their IT functions to strike the right balance between cost, risk and agility to meet the ever-changing demands of the business’ key functions. Analyst firm Gartner recommends driving towards Bimodal IT in the pursue of maximum flexibility in the IT eco-system. Also companies like Google, Facebook and Netflix have demonstrated the value of Web-scale IT, by achieving ultimate scalability and agility at minimum risk and cost.

    But what can the rest of us mortals do if we don’t have the size of Google, the deep pockets of Facebook or the momentum of Netflix? Can we still benefit from Web-scale IT (spoiler alert: We can!) and should Bimodal IT even be in our vocabulary (spoiler alert: It should!) and more importantly: What can we do today to prepare ourselves for this new reality?
  • Data Center Business Value Dashboards in Action Recorded: Aug 27 2015 21 mins
    Oliver Lindner, Head of Business Line DCIM
    Data Center Business Value Dashboards in Action

    Take metrics and measurements to the next level: key performance indicators bring transparency into your data center management.

    The data center was seen as a cost factor in the past, whereas for modern organizations it is the driver of business. Put a value to its contribution by measuring the right values. Rather than concentrating on technical details of data center operations, business oriented indicators put value to your data center output and allow you to involve your senior management.

    In this webcast Oliver Lindner, Business Line Manager for Data Centers, gives you practical examples and shows how to design KPIs that fit your business needs.
  • Redefine IT Performance - Highlights and Features of FNT ServicePlanet 3 Recorded: Aug 20 2015 27 mins
    Patrick Büch, Head of Business Line Service Management; Hans-Jörg Roser, Product Manager
    FNT ServicePlanet 3: Better Performance in IT Service Management with Proven Methodology

    • New major release FNT ServicePlanet 3 supports IT service management in modern, hybrid IT environments
    • More efficient definition and management of business services using proven methodology
    • Features designed to enable development of intelligent IT factory
  • For the Intelligent IT of Tomorrow - Highlights and Features of FNT Command 10 Recorded: Jul 23 2015 34 mins
    Claudia Lehmann, Product Marketing Manager
    For the Intelligent IT of Tomorrow - Highlights and Features of FNT Command 10
  • FNT StagingArea - Automation is the key to success Recorded: Jul 9 2015 46 mins
    Markus Kohn, Product Manager
    FNT StagingArea - Automation is the key to success in IT-Asset & Inventory Management

    The FNT StagingArea is the Integration and Automation Tool for FNT Command. The webinar covers the following questions:

    -How do you model Integrations Jobs for FNT Command with the FNT StagingArea?
    -What are the Monitoring and Reporting capabilities?
    -What are the features of the next Releases?

    In this webcast the Product Manager Markus Kohn presents a live-demo of the modern ETL tool FNT StagingArea. It will show you how easy the modeling of interfaces for different integration scenarios can be.
  • Value-Driven Service Management - An innovative Approach Recorded: Feb 19 2015 36 mins
    Patrick Büch, Head of Business Line Service Management
    Value-Driven Service Management – An innovative Approach to Industrializing Services
    In this age of digital transformation, IT organizations don't just support the business – they are the business. This leads to a significant change in how IT organizations needs to be operated today. Value-Driven Service Management is a new approach to digitize and industrialize services to not only provide value to the business but also support business growth.
  • Are you managing your data center or is it managing you? Recorded: Feb 17 2015 24 mins
    Soeren Schroeder, Vice President, UK/Ireland & Nordics at FNT
    Are you managing your data center or is it managing you – 3 ways of getting in control.

    Soeren Schroeder, Vice President, UK/Ireland & Nordics at FNT will provide you with 3 simple steps to start the journey towards better transparency in your data center and give some advise how to get in control.
  • Manage your IT infrastructure easily - autodiscovery and automatic inventory Recorded: Feb 12 2015 24 mins
    Horst Haag, Chief Technology Officer
    Manage your IT infrastructure easily with autodiscovery and automatic inventory in FNT Command.
    This webinar shows the intelligent connection between the "real world" IT and the To-Be/Plan documentation within FNT Command as a CMDB/CMS-System.
    The automated discovery leads to increased efficiency and cost reduction for your CMDB system.
Infrastructure and Service Management for IT and Telecommunication
FNT is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for IT management, data center infrastructure management and telecommunication infrastructure management worldwide.

With headquarter in Ellwangen / Germany, FNT's innovative software suite FNT Command is used worldwide as an OSS / IT management application for communications service providers, enterprises and governmental organizations by more than 25.000 users since 1994.

FNT’s customer base includes with more than 500 customers a wide range of well-known organizations working in various sectors, such as the automotive industry, banks, insurers, chemicals, energy management, airports, clinics, media, industry, telecommunications and IT service providers as well as public institutions. Almost half of Germany's DAX30 listed companies are part of the customer base.

FNT operates internationally and has subsidiaries in the United States (Parsippany, New Jersey), Dubai, Mosocw and Singapore.

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  • Title: Konvergenz in Telekommunikationsnetzen – übergreifendes Datenmodell für OSS & IT
  • Live at: Jul 3 2014 8:00 am
  • Presented by: Ulrich Schälling
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