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Learn What's New About VxBlock Systems

Join our Global Chief Technical Officer to hear what’s new about the IT industry’s leading converged infrastructure system for modernizing data center operations and optimizing critical business workloads: VxBlock 1000.

Learn About VxBlock Breakthrough Capabilities
• Perpetual architecture for mixing a broad range of technologies and accepting future technologies from Dell, Cisco and VMware
• Modular lifecycle management for flexibly sustaining individual and groups of components independently and proactively planning system lifecyle
• Automated operations for quickly configuring and right-sizing resources for workloads as you need them

Who Should Attend and Why
• Current VxBlock 1000 Users
- See the latest system enhancements to optimize your system and what is planned in the near future
• Current VxBlock/Vblock 3xx,5xx and 7xx Users
- Learn the technology and business advantages of refreshing and consolidating older system workloads in the VxBlock 1000
- Understand how to extend the life of various components in your current systems by migrating them to the VxBlock 1000
- See new modular lifecycle management that surpasses today’s Release Certification Matrix (RCM) to simplify upgrades
- Discover how VMware vRealize-based workflow automation configuration saves you hours of manual work
• Organizations evaluating VxBlock for the first time
- Get a quick introduction to the VxBlock and its future from one of Dell Technologies’ most respected leaders and customer advocates

Nigel Moulton, Global CTO, Modern Data Centre Business Unit, Dell Technologies
Recorded May 20 2020 59 mins
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Nigel Moulton, Global CTO, Modern Data Centre Business Unit, Dell Technologies
Presentation preview: Learn What's New About VxBlock Systems

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  • Foglight Evolve - container management Recorded: Sep 17 2020 24 mins
    Andy Lawrie
    If you think VMs and containers are similar, think again. For IT organizations currently running VMs, whether locally or in the cloud, and looking into starting new development in the cloud employing containers, the entire lifecycle matters.
    Unlike VMs, managing containers starts when the first code is written, and continues through monitoring and testing in production. Teams, especially DevOps, need to know what is different about building and deploying containers, and how they have to be assembled, managed, and monitored in production.
    In this webcast, we explore why teams are increasingly using containers, and what effect these decisions have on their operational strategies.
  • Built-in automation with converged infrastructure Recorded: Sep 16 2020 36 mins
    John Scarborough
    Reduce manual tasks by 98%, using built-in automation
  • Connect to SupportAssist for business PCs Recorded: Sep 15 2020 61 mins
    Stephen Young | Dell Technologies
    Connect to SupportAssist for business PCs – Learn how to maximize your ProSupport Suite for PCs experience

    This webinar series shows the SupportAssist for business PCs features as part of the ProSupport Suite for PCs. IT Managers can learn how to get connected with a live deployment demonstration and how to manage their Dell fleet in TechDirect, Dell’s online self-service portal. Experience access to insights and tools that deliver best-in-class PC performance and fast issue resolution to your team so they can work anywhere, anytime, without the stress of technology hiccups.
  • A Scalable Infrastructure for Advanced Analytics and AI Recorded: Sep 15 2020 33 mins
    Dr. Florian Baumann, UDS CTO Dell Technologies (Specializing in Automotive and AI)
    Development AI and Analytics solutions is a massively complex process, requiring management of vast data sets and data management capabilities. In turn, this leads to subsequent iterative development using algorithm performance testing against defined test cases, and development of real-time inference engines driven by deep Neural Networks via the process of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

    Innovation in algorithms, toolchains, annotation services and access to public training data sets makes it desirable to be able to participate in the development ecosystem, whilst still carefully managing security and access to highly-valuable and company confidential information.

    An approach to use a scalable architecture that also offers access to multiple public cloud services at the lowest cost, with the greatest agility whilst still enabling individual companies to innovate and accelerate the process is essential to take a leading position in this market.
  • Control your SharePoint data growth & optimize performance Recorded: Sep 10 2020 35 mins
    Quest Platfom Management
    The Microsoft SharePoint on premises infrastructure is continuously growing despite fast market adoption of Office365. Data is provided and consumed in higher quality and quantity. The question for a SharePoint Administrator is not whether SharePoint is run on premises or in the cloud as the hybrid infrastructure is already omnipresent. SharePoint is treated as a „service“- consumed by business and users. Hence the same management principles apply for the service Deploying Cloud Management Principles such as transparent, standardized cost structure, backup and recovery & end user satisfaction to on premises infrastructure is mandatory. Learn how to deploy SharePoint efficiently with maximum end-user satisfaction
  • Simpler data center fabric deployment Recorded: Sep 10 2020 36 mins
    Lee Larter
    Redefine the network for the cloud era with tighter integration & combined development efforts with SD-WAN
  • Business continuity - always on availability Recorded: Sep 9 2020 16 mins
    Stewart Hunwick
    See how Dell can help you to avoid any downtime
  • Better together: KACE & Dell Recorded: Sep 4 2020 41 mins
    We grew up together and we fit together perfectly. No other solution on the market manages devices as efficiently as KACE, and with Dell hardware we can do it even better. See for yourself how an optimal synergy between device and system management solution works. Let us show you our unique features for Dell devices.
  • Taking back control – Active Directory Lifecycle Management Recorded: Sep 3 2020 48 mins
    Dan Marano, Ian Stimpson
    In these difficult times, when things go back to normal how will you regain control and bounce back from the identity management challenges brough on by suddenly remote workers, furloughed employees and terminated staff? In this webinar you’ll learn strategies and technologies that can simplify and accelerate the process to ensure continuity and prepare you for the next wave of changes. Learn how to secure, automate and bring consistency to an ever changing joiner/mover/leaver landscape.
  • Foglight Evolve - cloud migration Recorded: Aug 20 2020 33 mins
    Andy Lawrie
    It can take a lot of research to estimate costs, dependencies, availability and capacity before migrating workloads to the cloud. But, what if you could have accurate estimates of all key migration metrics at your fingertips? You can then avoid complications and unexpected costs.
    Even after you’ve migrated workloads to the cloud, cloud performance can be inhibited by zombie VMs that can get very expensive if they are migrated to or maintained in the cloud. By optimizing workloads before migration, you can avoid performance bottlenecks and downtime. Join us for this webinar to learn tips and tricks on how to optimize, migrate and manage your hybrid IT environment.
  • Connect to SupportAssist for business PCs Recorded: Aug 18 2020 60 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Connect to SupportAssist for business PCs – Learn how to maximize your ProSupport Suite for PCs experience

    This webinar series shows the SupportAssist for business PCs features as part of the ProSupport Suite for PCs. IT Managers can learn how to get connected with a live deployment demonstration and how to manage their Dell fleet in TechDirect, Dell’s online self-service portal. Experience access to insights and tools that deliver best-in-class PC performance and fast issue resolution to your team so they can work anywhere, anytime, without the stress of technology hiccups.
  • Workforce Transformation Recorded: Aug 11 2020 48 mins
    Randy Kendzior, Dell Technologies; David Lancaster, Dell Technologies
    The workforce is evolving. Unlike ever before, employees require technology that is easy to use, accommodates their work preferences, adapts to any environment and makes them future-ready in the workforce. It is now more important than ever to attract and retain talent with the right set of technology tools. Through thousands of customer conversations and research investments, Dell Technologies has identified distinct ways that people work, each with unique requirements for keeping them productive throughout the day.

    For all the different ways your employees work, whether it’s from home, their desk, from meeting to meeting, or from city to city, there’s a Dell Technologies solution that works even harder for them. Designed and developed together for each employee type, only Dell Technologies offers the optimal suite of compute devices and accessories, plus services and software to enable personalized productivity. Putting the right devices in people’s hands, laps or offices will help your workforce perform at its best.

    Let’s work together to find a comprehensive future-ready strategy that enables innovation and empowers you to transform the way business gets done.
  • Move, Store, Process Recorded: Jul 30 2020 45 mins
    Werner Schueler, Enterprise Key Account Manager, Intel Corporation
    Address modern workload challenges with latest Intel technologies: Intel Xeon Scalable Platform, Intel Deep Learning Boost and Optane Persistent Memory directly supporting key SAP, VMware and AI workloads.
    Join the session and win a prize.
  • Achieving the Intelligent Enterprise Recorded: Jul 30 2020 52 mins
    Mark Mulvany – Dell Technologies, EMEA Hybrid Cloud Lead
    Navigate the choices for Microsoft workload placement from Azure Cloud, Azure Stack, Software defined data centres to existing cloud and infrastructure.
  • Make innovation real with AI and HPC Recorded: Jul 30 2020 22 mins
    Christopher Huggins – Dell Technologies, Director High Performance Computing & AI, EMEA
    Data analytics, HPC and AI are technologies designed to unlock the value of your data. While they have long been treated as separate, the three technologies are converging as it becomes clear that analytics and AI are both big-data problems that require the power, scalable compute, networking and storage provided by HPC.

    This session will demonstrate how Dell Technologies is making the use of HPC to solve big data problems more accessible by providing:

    Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC, AI and Data Analytics
    - Opportunity to work directly with HPC and AI experts
    - VMware solutions for HPC to deliver a secure, elastic, self-service, virtual HPC environment
    - Access to HPC innovation centres
  • Building dynamic multicloud strategies for SAP workloads Recorded: Jul 30 2020 35 mins
    Joakim Zetterblad – Dell Technologies, SAP Practice Lead, EMEA
    Migrating to S/4 HANA, introducing new Leonardo technologies and adopting cloud operating models are driving up complexity and cost. This session will demonstrate how Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned with SAP-certified Edge to Core to Cloud solutions to remove that complexity and accelerate your SAP transformation.

    Learn how to:
    - build a dynamic infrastructure capable of running mixed SAP workloads
    - deliver a dynamic multi-cloud strategy to unify your private and public cloud environments with consistent infrastructure, consistent operations and consistent services
    - provide a framework to orchestrate data management from the edge to the core facilitating the adoption of Leonardo and digitization technologies such as blockchain, machine learning and IoT
  • Cloud is not a destination it’s an operating model Recorded: Jul 30 2020 48 mins
    Mark Mulvany – Dell Technologies, EMEA Hybrid Cloud Lead
    Eliminate silos through a single operational hub for your hybrid cloud

    Discover how the Dell Technologies Cloud platform removes complexity and improves cloud experience by offering consistent infrastructure and operations, across public and private clouds, and the edge — whatever the workload, whatever the location.

    During this session you will learn how to:
    - Remove the complexity of managing multiple clouds
    - Operate both public and private platforms using a single, consistent set of tools and processes
    - Move workloads across clouds - allowing for easy portability of applications with security and data protection policies
    - Integrate on-premise environments with the largest collection of cloud provider partnerships (including AWS, Azure and Google)
    - Reduce OPEX and company-wide spend on cloud and associated technologies
  • Edge will fuel the Digital Future Recorded: Jul 30 2020 47 mins
    Paul Brook – Dell Technologies, EMEA CTO for ARC Team
    By 2022, Gartner predicts that edge data will comprise 75% of enterprise data, up from 10% today.

    But what is the edge? This session will answer the question and look at how Edge computing enables IoT Outcomes by enhancing our ability to collect, refine and analyze the IoT data in place and act on it in real time.

    The presentation will help inform your edge strategy by discussing key considerations including:
    the importance of a data-first architecture
    building out a cloud-enabled mobile edge
    the importance of untethering edge from cloud
  • Get Workload Agile Recorded: Jul 30 2020 35 mins
    Peter Barnes – VP Infrastructure Solutions Group – Western Europe Dell Technologies
    “Workload placement separates the winners from the
    losers in IT” - IDC

    As we enter what is being dubbed the Data Decade it has
    never been more important for organizations to adopt a
    Workload Agile approach.

    One that can deliver a data-first architecture capable of
    handling different types of applications and data,
    different compute demands and outcomes from the edge to
    the core to the cloud.

    Discover how to build an agile infrastructure that can
    dynamically relocate applications and workloads as the
    business and data requirements change over time by:

     understanding your application landscape
     identify where each workload should reside
     determine the right technology to deploy
  • Video Management System Validations: Why Should I care? Recorded: Jul 21 2020 28 mins
    Vince Ricco, UDS BD Safety & Security and Bryce Bergeson, Safety & Security Lab Manager
    Gain insights into Dell Technologies’ global investment in solution Validation Testing and how this translates into optimum deployment outcomes. Learn how to add business intelligence analytics to retail video surveillance and see how this can augment life safety and loss prevention solutions. See how video management and associated workflow storage can be managed as “A Single Volume”.
Enabling Transformation
Webinar channel dedicated to IT and digital business transformation through trusted hybrid cloud and big-data solutions, built upon a modern data center infrastructure that incorporates industry-leading converged infrastructure, servers, storage, and cybersecurity technologies.

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  • Title: Learn What's New About VxBlock Systems
  • Live at: May 20 2020 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Nigel Moulton, Global CTO, Modern Data Centre Business Unit, Dell Technologies
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