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Technology Fridays: PowerProtect Backup Service

Technology Fridays: PowerProtect Backup Service
Recorded Jun 14 2021 77 mins
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Dell Technologies
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  • The Best of Both Clouds: Why a Hybrid Cloud Strategy Maximizes Your Investments Recorded: Jul 20 2021 31 mins
    Dell Technologies and Forrester
    How can you ensure that your organization’s cloud strategy is agile enough to power any use case? What is the best approach to leveraging public clouds and private clouds? Forrester Analyst Tracy Woo and Future-as-a-Service expert Neil Cattermull explore the misconception that you have to choose one cloud over the other. For organizations, leveraging a hybrid approach can maximize IT control and flexibility.

    Session Lead: Luke Mahon, Director of APEX Technical Marketing, Dell Technologies
    Panelist: Neil Cattermull, Director at the Future as a Service (social influencer)
    Panelist: Tracy Woo, Forrester analyst
  • Running SAP in an “as-a-Service” model, 3 things you need to know Recorded: Jun 30 2021 41 mins
    Joakim Zetterblad, Global Head of SAP Practice , Dell Technologies
    Join this webinar to learn 3 critical success factors for running SAP in an “as-a-service” model. As you prepare for the migration to S/4HANA and broader adoption of new Data Driven business processes, you might consider running SAP “as-a-service". In this webinar, we will discuss the Good and Bad with an “as-a-service" approach and share 3 critical success factors to how you build a model that delivers to all promises. It's all about the results, and recent studies show that the main drivers behind running SAP “as-a-service" is Simplification, Cost reduction, Flexibility, and Scalability. But how do you get there? Is public cloud the answer? Should you put “all eggs in one basket”? In this webinar, you will get valuable insights into these questions and others. Welcome and looking forward to your participation.

    We kindly invite the first 50 registered participants for a virtual lunch, (20 Euro virtual card) to join this Lunch & Learn event.
  • In a World of Cyber-Attacks, is Data Safe on a Mainframe? Recorded: Jun 29 2021 88 mins
    Mark Wilson, BMC Mainframe Services Technical & Security Director
    Please join Dell Technologies and Mark Wilson to learn about effective data resiliency and recovery solutions to protect data against malicious attacks.

    Regardless of the computing platform, thieves can compromise data. In 2020, cyber-attacks were estimated to be occurring every 39 seconds1. In 2019, Accenture forecasted that over $5T of global value would be at risk over the next 5 years2 due to cybercrime. And, unfortunately, 2020 kept this prediction on track. This no cost virtual event will give you valuable insight into how mainframes and storage can be (and are) compromised. You will learn about field-tested solutions for the protection and recovery of mainframe data in a world full of ransomware, phishing, data leakage, hacking and insider threats where “when, not if” is not a cliché.

    • Is the mainframe really a desirable target for cyber criminals?
    • Breaching mainframe security and compromising data is not an urban legend
    • A solid, tested DR strategy is not enough
    • Believe it or not, cyber resiliency and protection can SAVE storage capacity and reduce costs.
    • Don’t know where to start? Dell Technologies Cyber Advisory and Implementation Services can help

    Mark Wilson has an extensive background in cybersecurity. His specialties include: zSeries security, particularly, RACF Audits, training and penetration testing. He is a thought leader and international speaker in mainframe security and technology, IBM Champion and passionate advocate of all things Z. With over four decades of experience in IBM Z across diverse sectors and environments, Mark has worked in both hands-on technical and strategic roles. His deep insight and solutions-driven approach makes him highly valued by clients across the world as well as technology partners. In addition to leading the BMC Mainframe Services Technical and Security teams, Mark is also the Guide Share Europe (GSE) UK Region and conference Manager.
  • The Tricky Business of Cloud Migration Costs Recorded: Jun 17 2021 34 mins
    Andy Lawrie
    If all the growth in your business is like an airplane, your job in IT is to keep building the runway it needs for a smooth take-off. As you start moving applications and data to the cloud, are you sure you know how much it will cost? Are you sure you’re moving the right workloads to the cloud and keeping the right ones on premises? Are you sure you can monitor costs and performance to get the most out of cloud migration?

    Join this webinar for some of the lessons our customers have learned. You’ll see how you can avoid the biggest cloud-migration budget pitfalls by:

    Understand and control of your data before your cloud migration, not after.
    Taking a hard look at which workloads to migrate and which to leave on premises
    Monitoring all the resources your workloads are burning up, like compute, memory, network and storage
  • How Edge Networking Can Add Value to Your Business Recorded: Jun 16 2021 45 mins
    Dell Technologies, ESG and Intel
    Communication service providers are under pressure to provide quality of service against increased bandwidth requirements while adding new edge services quickly to meet their customers' needs.

    Virtual Edge Platform (VEP) allows many virtual network functions (VNFs) to run on a single x86 physical device. It also helps reduce both CapEx and OpEx by decreasing hardware expenses, power, operations, and management expenses. Join us to learn how the communication services providers can add more value to their business and their customers by taking advantage of the Dell EMC Virtual Edge Platform.

    • Raghupathy N - Systems Engineering Director, EMEA Networking, Dell
    • Bob Laliberte - Sr. Analyst, ESG
    • Bill Mcdonald - Segment Manager for the Enterprise Edge, Intel
  • Technology Fridays: PowerEdge servers Recorded: Jun 14 2021 66 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Technology Fridays: PowerEdge servers R650xs & R750xs: EMC PowerEdge “XS” fills the gap and PowerEdge 15G Servers Integration and automation
  • Technology Fridays: PowerProtect Backup Service Recorded: Jun 14 2021 77 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Technology Fridays: PowerProtect Backup Service
  • Technology Fridays: The Technology enabling the change Recorded: Jun 14 2021 49 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Technology Fridays: The Technology enabling the change
  • Be more productive with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Recorded: Jun 10 2021 60 mins
    Michael O'Boyle, Thibaut Perrin, Jean-Christophe Marcelin
    Times like these have required many organizations to scale up capacity and make changes to accommodate remote workers and other surges in demand that are almost unprecedented.

    Join us for a webinar where we will show you the synergy between the ansible automation platform, the dell technologies integration and how our partner CrossVale can help you move forward with your digital transformation. You’ll also learn about how to use Ansible to manage, integrate, and support your growing environment – all while using tools you are familiar with to keep up with capacity demands of the shifting world.
  • Navigating the Challenges of Driving and Scaling AI Adoption Recorded: Jun 9 2021 54 mins
    Said Tabet, Dell Technologies ; Zohar Bronfman, Pecan ; Niranjan Ramsunder, UST ; Thomas Dickey, Johnson & Johnson
    Navigating the Challenges of Driving and Scaling AI Adoption: Expert Insights from the Ecosystem

    It’s been predicted that the global data analytics market will be valued at over $132 billion by 2026, and the business value of artificial intelligence will reach over $3.9 trillion within the same five years. Organizations from multiple industry verticals are looking to use their data to better understand and serve their customers and increase their bottom line.
    Organizations understand that AI will power the next revolution in analytics, but at the same time rollouts of AI have been slow – and there’s a clear gap between the savings potential with AI and most organizations ability to implement and deploy models and scalable solutions.
    During this virtual discussion, we plan to address why adopting AI is so challenging and what organizations can do to drive real business value to their customers. Please join us for a highly interactive discussion with exclusive insights from 4 experts that are shaping the AI ecosystem by creating innovative solutions, driving and scaling AI adoption successfully, and building out the larger data management context. You will hear firsthand what organizations can do to obtain tangible business value from AI, and what future use cases are most applicable.
    • Brendan Donovan; Rick Carey; Marc O'Regan; Bruno Domingues; Martin Arnold
    Banks, asset managers, insurers and other firms are realising that using several cloud service providers (CSPs) instead of one gives them greater flexibility and agility. An agile business is better able to address challenges and succeed in a financial services marketplace that has become increasingly competitive, less secure and more regulated.
    The benefits of cloud – public, private and hybrid – are well-known. It is “always on”. Its applications are kept up to date. It is flexible because usage can be scaled up or down with ease, and firms only pay for what they use based on an “as-a-service” consumption model.
    There are risks, as with any IT infrastructure. One is cyber security. Yet CSPs have robust security and recovery procedures in place which are often better than what individual firms can manage themselves. And, with multi-cloud, if one provider goes down there are others ready to take up the slack. Another risk is regulatory compliance. European supervisors like the EBA, ESMA, EIOPA, and national supervisors like FCA and BaFin, have set strict guidelines for firms outsourcing to cloud providers. Yet they make sense and are comparatively easy to follow.

    This webinar, hosted by the Financial Times in partnership with Dell Technologies and Intel, brings together senior executives from major financial institutions and big technology companies. They will discuss how a flexible, multi-cloud strategy can enhance business agility.
  • 5 Steps to Battle Endpoint Cybercrime with KACE Recorded: May 27 2021 34 mins
    Nick Gore, Timo Weberskirch
    Cyberattacks are increasing across all industries, and cybercriminals are savvier than ever. Businesses are at risk of disruption, incurring devastating financial and reputational damage.

    Endpoint updates are becoming more complex and challenging than ever with Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and internet-of-things (IoT) technologies. Each device connecting to your network increases the number of threats from malware and viruses.

    Join this webinar to learn five steps for building a unified endpoint security strategy that will give you:
    - Clear visibility into all the devices connecting to your network
    - Automated patching and software deployment
    - Protection from threats such as unpatched operating systems and applications
    - Peace of mind that security compliance regulations are being met
  • Low-latency trading Recorded: May 27 2021 68 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Since the start of the 21st Century, the financial markets have become dominated by computer-based trading. Computers and electronic communication have all but consigned face-to-face trading to the history books. Algorithmic Trading (AT), trading where computers assist in the decision-making process, has come to dominate order volumes in most traded instruments. According to a 2021 consultation paper on Algorithmic Trading from ESMA, the European Union's regulatory body[1], 70-80% of all trading activity has included some form of algorithm in the decision process. Furthermore, in the most liquid markets, High-Frequency Trading (HFT), a subset of Algorithmic Trading, accounts for 60%+ of all trading volumes[2].

    Both HFT and AT come under the umbrella of Electronic Trading. In this webinar, we consider the subset of Algorithmic and Electronic Trading that is latency-sensitive and referred to as low-latency trading. While HFT dominates this, we examine the more general latency-sensitive scenarios as well.
  • Your Microsoft 365 Productivity Cloud and the Security it Deserves Recorded: May 19 2021 34 mins
    Alain Luxembourg - Barracuda
    Are Microsoft 365 applications like Teams, Outlook and SharePoint rapidly turning into the core of your work? A significant part, if not all, of your productivity, critical communication and data are in this environment. Losing this data is not an option.
  • AI in trading Recorded: May 12 2021 82 mins
    Dell Technologies
    This webinar covers the challenges and opportunities for machine learning in algorithmic trading. It takes a fresh perspective on how machine learning practitioners view application areas, identifying the unique circumstances encountered in algorithmic trading and the many ways in which both researchers and practitioners in the field of quantitative finance are solving these problems by integrating and adapting domain specific solutions with general machine learning approaches and Intel HPC solutions.
  • Next Generation Servers for the NHS Recorded: May 12 2021 62 mins
    Mark McLean; Chris Lacey; Paul Jones; Luke Twigger
    A technical look at the new 15th Generation Dell PowerEdge Servers and how they can support the ever-increasing demands placed on the NHS. Members of Dell’s UK NHS Team are joined by server expert Mark McLean to look at the new features and developments that have been brought to the PowerEdge platform and specifically look at how these advancements relate to the challenges NHS organisations now face in the digital era.

    Mark McLean (PowerEdge Field Marketing)
    Chris Lacey (NHS Solutions Consultant)
    Paul Jones (NHS Solutions Consultant)
    Luke Twigger (NHS Solutions Consultant).
  • Technology Fridays Unleash the innovation with new 15G PowerEdge servers Recorded: May 10 2021 58 mins
    Ivan Bolfan, DCCS Business Developer Manager Lead, CEE ; Gergely Rab, DCCS Compute Specialist, SEE, Dell Technologies
    Technology Fridays Unleash the innovation with new 15G PowerEdge servers
  • Expect Exceptional from your Hyperconverged Infrastructure. Recorded: Apr 27 2021 40 mins
    Karol Boguniewicz (Senior Technologist), Justin Jones (Product Specialist) from Dell Technologies, & Chris Murphy, Intel
    Today more than ever IT teams are expected to adjust to changing business needs, responding to both crisis and opportunity. VxRail is the number one HCI solution in the market and continues to raise the bar for what “standard” means. Delivering unrivaled productivity, remarkable results and unique advantages, organizations can realize substantial benefits with a cost-effective, efficient, reliable, and high-performing infrastructure foundation.

    Join Dell Technologies as we look at how organizations can:
    • Say yes to new projects and initiatives with the knowledge they have a rock-solid, automated backbone for IT operations.
    • Feel confident knowing that they will experience exceptional ease of use, lower downtime and more agility as well as deliver measurable gains in ROI and TCO.
    • Rapidly respond to changing needs, focus on innovation, drive developer productivity and explore opportunities wherever they are found.
    • Hear a real-life example of how a customer is using VxRail to drive their business forward.
  • PowerProtect DP series – product overview & demo Recorded: Apr 23 2021 47 mins
    Dell Technologies
    PowerProtect DP series – product overview & demo
  • PowerStore – product overview & demo Recorded: Apr 23 2021 46 mins
    Andy Grimbleby ; Chris Holloway
    PowerStore – product overview & demo
Enabling Transformation
Webinar channel dedicated to IT and digital business transformation through trusted hybrid cloud and big-data solutions, built upon a modern data center infrastructure that incorporates industry-leading converged infrastructure, servers, storage, and cybersecurity technologies.

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