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Break the Kill Chain – Protecting Against the Known and the Unknown

2014 was a banner year for high profile data breaches. But a data breach is not necessarily an Advanced Targeted Attack. Too many data breaches occur because of a lack of focus across the spectrum of possible threats or attack vectors. This session will focus on the different elements that make up the “Kill Chain” and the steps that an enterprise can take to break the chain and minimize the chances of a data breach.
Recorded Dec 2 2014 31 mins
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Presented by
Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Fortinet
Presentation preview: Break the Kill Chain – Protecting Against the Known and the Unknown

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  • AI and the new Cyber Battlefield Jul 17 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Simon Bryden, Consulting Systems Engineer
    As the scale and complexity of cyber attacks grows faster than ever, new ways must be explored to fight back.

    Using machines to perform tasks such as malware analysis and real-time anomaly detection means a faster time to protection, frees up analyst time for more advanced research, and marks a big step forward in the battle against cyber crime.

    This session discusses how you can leverage machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques to enhance and extend your existing detection methods.
  • What Does “Next Generation Security” Mean To You? Jul 3 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    Although overused, Next Generation Security still means keeping up with the challenges of securing today’s networks. The fundamental rule of keeping up with those challenges is having both a vision and an architecture that provides the foundation, regardless of how the market or the threats themselves change.

    This session will focus on what is needed in an evolving security architecture to provide Next Generation Security in a constantly changing environment.
  • IoT - Forget the Hype and Focus on What It Means for Your Organisation Recorded: Jun 12 2018 36 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    As IoT shows its staying power as a major headline item, organisations should be looking beyond the hype, numbers and endless marketing claims. While IoT as a technology has found a place beyond the consumer market, enterprises continue to struggle to develop a deployment strategy that includes comprehensive security considerations.

    This session will focus on the different options for IoT connectivity and the role that security must play in each of them to ensure that your IoT deployment is a success and the not foundation for the next big headline.
  • Protecting Against Ransomware Recorded: Jun 6 2018 45 mins
    Nick Frost (Principal Consultant, ISF) | Raja Mukerji (ExtraHop) | Patrick Grillo (Fortinet) | Rob McGovern (LogRhythm)
    What are the lessons learned from the biggest ransomware attacks to date (Wannacry, NotPetya)? How are organizations preparing against the next big attack?

    Join top security experts for this interactive Q&A discussion on:
    - Trends in ransomware attacks
    - Backups, patches and other ways to protect your data
    - How to bolster your organization's security culture
    - Other threats on the horizon

    - Nick Frost, Principal Consultant, Information Security Forum (ISF)
    - Raja Mukerji, Co-Founder and President, ExtraHop
    - Patrick Grillo, Senior Director Solutions Marketing, Fortinet
    - Rob McGovern, Technical Product Manager, LogRhythm

    The session streamed live from London from the Infosecurity Europe conference.
  • Defending the Cloud Recorded: Jun 5 2018 51 mins
    Alex Hilton (CIF) | Chris Hill (Barracuda Networks) | Patrick Grillo (Fortinet) | Paul Dignan (F5 Networks)
    This panel of cloud and security experts will discuss the different ways enterprises are securing their cloud environments.

    Join top cloud and security experts for this interactive Q&A discussion on:
    - The top cloud trends in 2018
    - Encryption, key management and beyond
    - Biggest threats to the cloud
    - How to better safeguard data and privacy

    - Alex Hilton, Chief Executive, Cloud Industry Forum
    - Chris Hill, RVP Cloud EMEA, Barracuda Networks
    - Patrick Grillo, Senior Director Solutions Marketing, Fortinet
    - Paul Dignan, Global Technical Account Manager, F5 Networks

    The session will be streamed LIVE from London from the Infosecurity Europe conference.
  • Securing the Transforming Industrial Environment Recorded: May 29 2018 56 mins
    Ronen Shpirer, Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet
    IoT, IIoT, OT... It is likely that for many of us these acronyms are confusing. The fact is that traditional industrial environments, such as utilities and production, have started a digital transformation process which harness these and other technologies to become more efficient, automated and competitive.

    Within this transformation from a well-defined and well-controlled industrial ecosystem to a dynamic and open one, lurks a shift in the security challenges, needs and solutions/architecture.

    This session will focus on the technologies and challenges digital transformation introduces in industrial environments and how Fortinet’s Security Fabric is deployed in such an environments to provide the required security infrastructure and posture, including demonstration of some simplified use cases.
  • Security is NOT an Abstract Concept – Building Consensus in the Boardroom Recorded: Apr 24 2018 35 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    Making the connection between “Cause and Effect” is difficult enough but when technology executives need to explain their strategy to a non-technical audience, all too often the key message is lost in technical jargon.

    When technology is embraced by business leaders, it’s because of the perceived business benefit the technology could bring to the organization. What is frequently not discussed, or even thought about at this level, are the security implications associated with technology. The challenge for the senior technology executives is to be able to associate technology with risk, and risk with business disruption, without resorting to a Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt strategy.

    This session will focus on how senior technology executives can better relate to a non-technical audience, using tangible and quantifiable examples, to both inform and persuade of the need of making security an essential component of any business plan.
  • SD-WAN is Dead. Long Live Secure SD-WAN! Recorded: Mar 20 2018 46 mins
    Ronen Shpirer, Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet
    In the age of Digital Transformation, SD-WAN is on the lips of all enterprises and service providers. While the operational and commercial benefits of SD-WAN are clear, the focus on these as THE consideration is dangerous, as along its benefits comes a greater cyber security risk.

    This session will focus on Secure SD-WAN and the built-in benefits it provides, from both the operational and security points of view.
  • Remind me WHAT This GDPR Thing is all About Again? Recorded: Feb 20 2018 49 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    Are you Prepared, Blissfully Unaware or in Full Panic Mode?

    It’s 2018 and May 25th, aka G-Day (GDPR day), is rapidly approaching. Hopefully your organization is well on its way to completing the necessary steps to bring itself into line with the new regulations. However we all know that the best laid plans always have a way of falling behind.

    This session will focus on the data breach prevention aspect of GDPR and will identify the key areas where you should have the right technology in place. Remember, no network can be made 100% hacker proof but with the right preparations, processes and technology in place, you can be well equipped to deal with any intrusion and minimize or even eliminate the possibility of data breach related fine from your local Data Protection authorities.
  • Hunting the Hunters or Can you cover your cyber tracks to avoid being caught? Recorded: Jan 23 2018 35 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    While some hackers crave the attention of a high profile attack or data breach, others prefer to work in shadows either trying to hide their tracks or are indifferent all together.

    Regardless, accurately understanding where an attack comes from is very helpful in defending against future attacks. More importantly, when companies and key organizations work together it is possible to tie together a multitude of individual footprints into a single, conclusive trail back to the originator.

    This session will focus on the importance of attribution and includes a case study of how a major cyber criminal was taken down, from the lowest foot soldier to the kingpin himself.
  • The 2018 Cyber Threat Predictions from FortiGuard Labs Recorded: Dec 15 2017 6 mins
    Derek Manky, Global Security Strategist, Fortinet
    Join Derek Manky, Global Security Strategist at Fortinet, to learn about the top Threat Predictions for 2018, as identified by FortiGuard Labs' 200 expert threat researchers, and gain the latest intelligence on the threat landscape and our predictions for every critical area including malware, botnets, mobile threats and more.

    You can also access our 2018 Threat Prediction Report attached to understand what cybercriminals have in store for us and what you, as an IT security professional, should be most prepared to address.
  • Avoid Security Landmines & Their Million Dollar Consequences Recorded: Dec 13 2017 39 mins
    Anthony Giandomenico, Senior Security Strategist & Researcher, FortiGuard Labs
    Each quarter, our expert threat researchers from FortiGuard Labs analyse data from millions of sensors around the globe to identify the most current and dangerous threats, and dissect how and why they are succeeding.

    Join this webinar for a first-hand look at this past quarter's findings, plus actionable steps to help you avoid these pitfalls. Learn more about these top takeaways that include:

    •Insight into the Equifax breach; Apache and other exploit trends
    •Evidence mobile malware is on the rise and how to stop it
    •A list of vulnerabilities attacked, by frequency so you can prioritize patching
  • Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Jump Back into the Cyber Pool... Recorded: Nov 16 2017 45 mins
    Simon Bryden, Consulting Systems Engineer
    If nothing else, the last 12 months have proved that we can never overestimate what can happen when you combine poor security hygiene with politics, human ingenuity and human error - if we can believe the latest headlines.

    Wannacry, NotPetya and Equifax have dominated headlines but it’s not hard to compile a much larger list if you look a little bit deeper. And while past results are no guarantee for future performance, it is that time of the year to look ahead to see what might be in store for 2018. However, looking ahead without taking the past into account can only give a partial perspective.

    This Fortinet “Threats on the Horizon” summit presentation will summarize what we have seen so far in 2017 and present our perspective for what we can expect in 2018.
  • Securing SDx and Automation Recorded: Nov 7 2017 43 mins
    Nicolas Thomas, Fortinet Consulting System Engineer
    Software Defined everything (SDx) relies heavily on automation. As organizations adopt SDx, daily tasks become more automated and traditional security architectures (such as DC perimeter security) are not enough.

    Constant changes automated throughout the system and the integration and separation of responsibilities shake our security habits. In this session, we will look at how security architecture and solutions can adapt to those moving targets and provide the automated approach to make these environments even more secure.

    Join us on November 7th to learn how to ensure your operations team don’t put security in too late in the automation game.
  • Securing All of Your Data on All of Your Clouds Recorded: Oct 18 2017 43 mins
    Ronen Shpirer, Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet
    Your data is created, processed and consumed everywhere in your data center, and in an multi-dimensional hybrid cloud environment.

    Securing and protecting this data seamlessly across these environments in a coherent way is crucial to the effectiveness of your security posture.

    This session will provide a mix of information and live demonstrations on seamlessly securing all of your data on all of your clouds.
  • Three Revelations from the new Fortinet Threat Landscape Report Recorded: Jul 20 2017 38 mins
    Douglas Jose Pereira dos Santos, Security Strategist, FortiGuard Labs
    Come on a guided tour of the newest Fortinet Threat Landscape Report findings with our expert, Douglas Santos from FortiGuard Labs.

    Take a deep dive into trends such as questionable applications and botnets, exploit activity and when cybercriminals are most active. We'll discuss the correlation between infrastructure and infestation, detail exploit and ransomworm activity, and give recommendations on how to best prepare for the next attack.
  • The FortiGuard Q1 2017 Threat Landscape Report - Critical Findings Recorded: Jun 28 2017 24 mins
    Derek Manky, Global Security Strategist, FortiGuard
    In this webcast, Derek Manky, Global Security Strategist, highlights the main findings from the FortiGuard Threat Landscape Report and discusses their implication for Enterprise Security Leaders.

    This report identifies the threats and trends IT security professionals, from CISO to Security Operations, should be most prepared to address. It draws from the FortiGuard Labs’ vast array of network devices and sensors within production devices, comprising billions of events and incidents observed in live production environments around the world between January 1 and March 31, 2017.
  • The Evolving Threat Landscape versus Advanced Threat Protection Recorded: Jun 28 2017 40 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    As the most recent outbreak of ransomware has proven once again, a debilitating attack can come from anywhere, with any sort of malware, and have a global impact. While headlines and marketing statements constantly shout “Zero Day”, even old malware can be used effectively to wreak havoc in a network if it’s not properly configured and up to date.

    The threat landscape never stops evolving and neither should an enterprise’s cyber security strategy. New products, new features and efficient source of threat intelligence are just some of the tools that an enterprise should look for from their security vendors.

    This session will look at the evolution of Advanced Threat Protection and how continuous development across the full range of technologies is crucial to maintaining security efficacy.
  • A Connected TV, Fridge and Car Get Together and Order from an Online Bar... Recorded: Jun 15 2017 41 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    Has the world of IoT taken over your world? As yet another technology is being embraced for all of the wonderful things that it can do, the not so nice side of IoT is either being ignored or not understood by consumers and enterprises alike.

    In some ways IoT is nothing new, computers and mobile devices such as phones and tablets have been connecting to enterprise and carrier networks for years. But as whole new categories of devices are being recreated and connected, we see enterprises struggling with how to master and control this modern and high tech Hydra.

    This session will focus on the challenge of securing IoT devices in the enterprise network and will identify three key issues that enterprises need to be aware of in order to securely leverage the potential advantages of IoT.
  • [Video Panel] Protecting the IoT: Threats, Vulnerabilities & Solutions Recorded: Jun 7 2017 48 mins
    Josh Downs, BrightTALK, Patrick Grillo, Fortinet, Danielle Cattedu, CSA & Marc Laliberte, WatchGuard
    - BrightTALK at Infosecurity Europe 2017 -

    IoT networks grow by the day - prompting sleepless nights from security professionals the world over. As more and more devices join the network, how can we ensure that they're not becoming the latest weak link in the network?

    This expert panel will look at vulnerabilities in the IoT, those that are more obvious and those that perhaps aren't. It'll also cover the latest threats targeting IoT networks; the mechanisms and techniques that are being used and how to stop them.

    The IoT will be critical to business and consumer life from hospitals to connected cars to factory floors. Security and privacy remain key concerns and this panel will break down what the explosion of IoT networks will mean for security professionals.
Fortinet EMEA
Fortinet is a global leader and innovator in Network Security. Our mission is to deliver the most innovative, highest performing network security platform to secure and simplify your IT infrastructure.

We are a provider of network security appliances and security subscription services for carriers, data centers, enterprises, distributed offices and MSSPs. Because of constant innovation of our custom ASICs, hardware systems, network software, management capabilities and security research, we have a large, rapidly growing and highly satisfied customer base, including the majority of the Fortune Global 100, and we continue to set the pace in the Network Security market.

Our market position and solution effectiveness has been widely validated by industry analysts, independent testing labs, business organizations, and the media worldwide. Our broad product line of complementary solutions goes beyond Network Security to help secure the extended enterprise.

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  • Title: Break the Kill Chain – Protecting Against the Known and the Unknown
  • Live at: Dec 2 2014 10:00 am
  • Presented by: Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Fortinet
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