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Stop Taking a Reactive Approach to Network Security

Preparation and advance planning are key words for a number of activities but when it comes to securing a network, it seems that being reactive is more the norm.

This session will focus on the consequences of not taking a proactive approach: dealing with the consequences of past decisions while trying to respond to the challenges of today.
Recorded Oct 11 2016 42 mins
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Presented by
Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
Presentation preview: Stop Taking a Reactive Approach to Network Security

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  • 4 Key Ingredients for Endpoint Resilience Oct 29 2020 10:00 am UTC 52 mins
    Tsailing Merrem, Director of Product Marketing, & Anthony Giandomenico, Practice Director, Digital Forensics
    Endpoint visibility alone isn't enough, and EDR solutions have needed to evolve dramatically to keep pace with an expanding threat landscape. Join us to learn why FortiEDR helps you achieve true endpoint resilience, including:

    - The critical combination of prevention, detection, and real-time response capabilities
    - The ability to automate key workflows
    - Robust support for remote work environments where endpoint protection is typically inadequate

    Endpoint resilience is an achievable state thanks to the power of FortiEDR. Learn how to enable advanced, real-time threat protection for endpoints both pre- and post-infection.
  • 5 Key Factors to Automating Your Endpoint Protection Oct 8 2020 9:00 am UTC 54 mins
    Tsailing Merrem, Director, Products & Solutions, Fortinet, and Roy Katmor, General Manager, Endpoint Solutions, Fortinet
    Many security leaders have realized by now that threat prevention alone does not equate to complete protection when it comes to endpoints. Today’s modern enterprises need real-time threat detection and automated response capabilities to combat sophisticated attacks. Take part in this webinar to learn how automated endpoint protection, detection, and response can:

    - Speed the time from detection to remediation
    - Minimise business downtime
    - Reduce operational costs

    Not only can you detect and prevent breaches with the FortiEDR solution, but you also have the ability to streamline SOC operations by automating manual processes, freeing security teams to become more proactive to prevent stalling business operations.
  • A First-of-its Kind Secure SD-WAN Solution for Multi-Cloud Application Recorded: Sep 3 2020 43 mins
    Vinod Sundarraj, Sr. Director, Products and Solutions, Fortinet
    Networking and security teams are constantly challenged with balancing security, complexity, and application performance. That’s why a Secure SD-WAN solution for multi-cloud environments is a true game-changer.

    Find out how a seamless cloud-to-cloud network and security architecture with transportable policies and application-aware routing for network traffic allows teams to:

    - Deliver the best application experience
    - Increase overall visibility
    - Enable consistent control
    - Optimize total cost of ownership
  • Revolutionize Your Security Operations with FortiAI Recorded: Aug 26 2020 46 mins
    Anthony Giandomenico, Practice Director, Digital Forensics & Incident Response, & Damien Lim, Director, Products & Solutions
    In this tech-saturated world, many organizations are experiencing the burden of an overwhelmed security operations team that is struggling to keep up with threat alerts. That's where the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) fundamentally makes SecOps teams more effective.

    When deployed the right way, AI-driven solutions:

    - Help mitigate the effects of staffing shortages and close cyberskills gaps
    - Embed into a SecOps team's people, processes, and technology
    - Perform low-tier tasks and assist human analysts
    - Help teams improve on more rapid detection and response to security incidents
  • Use a Zero-Trust Network Access Approach to Defend your Network Recorded: Aug 19 2020 39 mins
    Peter Newton, Sr Director, Products and Solutions, Fortinet
    Zero-Trust Network Access is a must for modern network security. Fortinet’s Zero-Trust Network Access approach provides the framework and tools to understand:

    - What is on your network
    - Who is on your network
    - How to protect assets on and off the network

    When you automatically extend trust to any device or user in your network, you put your organization at risk, intentionally or not. Fortinet’s Zero-Trust Network Access framework specifically addresses this challenge by shifting the fundamental paradigm open networks built around inherent trust to a Zero-Trust framework, thanks to the adoption of rigorous network access controls.
  • Defend Your Web Applications with Amazon CloudFront and Fortinet WAF Recorded: Aug 13 2020 50 mins
    Shawn Brady, Head of Global Partnerships, AWS, & Brian Schwarz, Director, Product Marketing, Fortinet
    Today, you not only need to build applications that meet the global scale and performance requirements demanded by your customers, but also secure those applications against an ever expanding and evolving threat landscape. To help you keep pace with modern application deployments, Fortinet, an industry leader in application security, and Amazon CloudFront, AWS’s secure and high performing Content Delivery Network, have partnered to provide customers with industry-leading performance and security on AWS.

    Watch this webinar to learn how the combined offerings of Amazon Cloudfront, AWS WAF, Fortinet WAF Managed Rules and FortiWeb:

    - Secures your entire infrastructure including network, web applications, and APIs for both cloud and/or on-premises environments
    - Protects against known vulnerabilities such as the OWASP Top 10 and zero-day threats
    - Provides the high availability and low latency required for your data, applications, and APIs
    - Quickly deploys in AWS Marketplace with minimal management resources
  • Applying the Most Dynamic and Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence to the Kill Recorded: Jul 30 2020 43 mins
    David Finger, Sr Director, Products & Solutions, Fortinet
    As the threat landscape continues to increase in volume and sophistication at an impressive rate, traditional security controls and threat intelligence are often outpaced by automated and sophisticated cyber attacks. In addition, organizations struggle to find qualified cybersecurity professionals to investigate and respond to incidents. Fortunately, applying artificial intelligence (AI) to cyber security can help. Join us to learn how Fortinet is harnessing the power of AI with:

    - Machine learning (ML) systems in FortiGuard Labs threat intelligence
    - ML systems in products such as FortiSandbox
    - Expert systems such as FortiSIEM and FortiAI Virtual Security Analyst
  • Minimizing Risk: The ROI of Your Cybersecurity Investments Recorded: Jul 28 2020 50 mins
    Joe Robertson, EMEA CISO, Fortinet, and Rick Peters, North America CISO, Fortinet
    As the digital landscape evolves and information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) converge, business executives and boards of directors need a clear technology investment strategy. In this webinar, our experts will explain:

    - Why IT / OT convergence is inevitable (and has probably already started, whether you are aware of it or not)
    - How the bad guys use IT to cross into OT and the impact this has on cybersecurity investments
    - How to justify investment in security using the ROSI calculation (Return on Security Investment)
    - How to properly estimate the value of what you are protecting

    All security teams need to demonstrate the value of technology investments through a set of measures that give meaning to the investment as a true solution. Join our experts to learn how to have the right conversations, and come away with advice and best practices to explain ROI.
  • How the Threat Landscape Has Changed with COVID-19 Recorded: Jul 21 2020 50 mins
    Derek Manky, Sr. Director, Global Security Strategists, Fortinet, Aamir Lahkani Sr. Security Strategist, Fortinet
    In the midst of an unforeseen influx of remote workers due to COVID-19, hackers and cybercriminals across the globe are quickly taking advantage of new vulnerabilities.

    Join our expert panel to learn:

    - How the threat landscape is changing in the face of a global pandemic
    - What techniques bad actors are using to compromise networks
    - Recent successful campaigns leveraged by attackers across the globe

    Plus, Derek Manky, a leader of Fortinet’s threat research group, FortiGuard Labs, will discuss recent findings from the team in the past weeks. Tracking billions of security events each day has helped FortiGuard Labs understand what tactics are being used to deploy cyberattacks, and what can be done to prevent them.
  • Hyper-scale Security in Mobile Networks Recorded: Jul 15 2020 56 mins
    Ronen Shpirer, Director CSPs Solutions Marketing, Fortinet, and Randy Fitton, Head of Asia and CIS Countries, NoviFlow
    Enhanced bandwidth, massive connectivity and ultra-low latency are key components in MNOs’ ability to deliver value and drive growth and innovation for the consumer and business segments.
    The successful delivery and consumption of a set of value add services will also depend on the MNO’s ability to safeguard technology, infrastructure and use cases – while maintaining the hyper scalability required in terms of performance.

    Join this webinar to learn why security hyperscalability is now required in MNOs networks and how Fortinet and NoviFlow have teamed up to deliver the industry’s most agile and performant hyperscale solution for 4G and 5G. To demonstrate the benefits of this approach the webinar will also showcase a live demo featuring our joint CG-NAT solution.
  • Rethinking 4G and 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) Security Recorded: Jun 9 2020 48 mins
    Ronen Shpirer, Director CSP Solutions Marketing, Fortinet, Tom Walker, Manager Telco CSE EMEA
    Securing a versatile, hybrid and highly scalable 4G and 5G radio access network (RAN) is more important than ever due to the evolving nature of technology and new possible use cases. Securing the RAN mandates a new kind of SecGW infrastructure, one that is agile and hybrid, and yet capable of supporting the mixed architectures and different performance, scalability and QoS requirements LTE-A and 5G bring to bear.

    This webinar will present the mobile network evolution, its impact on the security requirements for LTE-A and 5G RAN and how Fortinet’s FortiGate platform provides a state-of-the-art security solution for the evolving mobile RAN.
  • [Panel] Digital Transformation and the Need for SD-WAN Recorded: May 20 2020 59 mins
    Moderator: Steve Brumer, BH IoT Group | Yishay Yovel, Cato Networks | Brenden Rawle, Equinix | Patrick Grillo, Fortinet
    To compete in today's digital economy, it's essential that businesses make branch offices an integral part of the network. Cloud-based applications - including global collaboration ones whose use has skyrocketed due to COVID-19 - require bandwidth that is robust and highly scalable, and with data centers becoming more virtualized and distributed than ever, MPLS can no longer cut it.

    With SD-WAN a key part of the puzzle piece of successful Digital Transformation, it’s crucial that business looking to adopt SD-WAN as part of their DX strategy have all bases covered, namely:

    - Ensuring they have a dynamic SD-WAN that recognizes and supports business-critical applications
    - Making sure the have the ability to modify WAN policies to cater for application criticality, performance needs and security requirements
    - Establishing an SD-WAN strategy in the age of the Edge that understands the need for centralized visibility spans the distributed network

    But how do businesses ensure that their SD-WAN strategy and toolkit address the above? Join this panel of experts as they explore the key points of a winning SD network, and help drive your business to Digital Transformation success.
  • Accelerating Cloud Adoption through Automated Visibility and Control Recorded: May 20 2020 57 mins
    Sherelle Farrington, Cloud Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet, and Roy Scotford, Consulting Systems Engineer, Fortinet
    Agile, software-defined worlds make for agile, software-defined risks. Addressing them before it’s too late is critical to avoiding the potential for hefty fines. Luckily, there are agile, software-defined solutions.

    When your organization is moving at today’s velocity, with applications and data dispersed across a myriad of different cloud platforms, each with their own way of doing and reporting things, meeting the stringent demands of risk and compliance can be a major challenge.

    Join Fortinet cloud security experts for a live walkthrough of how an automated, proactive approach to cloud security analytics and posture management can help address challenges such as:

    - What is actually deployed in my public cloud environments?
    - What risks are there? Which ones are critical?
    - What is being stored there? Is it secure? Is it malicious?
    - Who/what is accessing and changing what, when?
    - How do I demonstrate compliance?

    As a leader in dynamic cloud security, Fortinet solutions deliver effective, automated and scalable cloud security, so that you can take your cloud journey with confidence.
  • Enabling a Secure Remote Workforce Recorded: May 12 2020 25 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, Fortinet
    Providing secure remote access for employees has been a long-standing part of any IT strategy but with the recent need for more employees to work remotely than anticipated, organizations can find that existing capabilities are being overwhelmed.

    While supporting this type of workforce with little to no notice is critical to business continuity, ensuring the security of both the remote employee and the organization is equally critical.

    Join us to walk through the key considerations for responding to these new requirements:

    - Do all remote users need the same capabilities?
    - Can the existing infrastructure support and scale to this new remote workforce?
    - Is Two Factor Authentication (2FA) a requirement?
    - Can the cloud be leveraged to gain speed and agility?
  • SD-WAN: A Network as a Service (NaaS) Foundations Recorded: May 6 2020 41 mins
    Ronen Shpirer, Director CSPs Solutions Marketing, Fortinet, and Claudio Salmin, Manager, Consulting Systems Engineering
    The ability of MSSPs to deliver Network as a Service (NaaS) is a key factor in their ability to compete and drive service innovation and growth. NaaS enables the delivery of a range of networking services to enterprises and SMBs, in a cloud-like consumption experience.

    A common, yet limited set of networking, management, automation and orchestration solutions, all serving as the services’ delivery platform, is a key factor in the ability to deliver effective and profitable NaaS-based services.

    This webinar will highlight the flexibility of Fortinet’s FortiGate as a foundational platform for NaaS service delivery.
  • Delivering Security, Resilience and Performance in an Agile Cloud World Recorded: Mar 3 2020 43 mins
    Sherelle Farrington, Cloud Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet, and Joeri Van Hoof, Consulting Systems Engineer, Fortinet
    As you’re embracing cloud to support your organization’s digital strategy, adapting security to an agile, software-defined world is critical to success.

    Join our cloud security experts to decrypt the hype, understand the realities, and set yourself up for success on this cloud journey.

    We’ll walk you through:

    - What’s built-in, what’s covered, what’s not
    - Designing for traditional and microservice architectures, such as containers and Kubernetes
    - Real-world architectures in AWS and Azure
    - What SD-WAN has to do with cloud
    - Automating cloud security, with templates, cloud tools and Infrastructure-as-Code
    - Proactively managing cloud risk and simplifying compliance

    Fortinet is a leader in dynamic cloud security, offering solutions engineered to deliver effective, automated and scalable cloud security.
  • Peeling Back the Layers of the Latest Targets and Trends of Cyber Crime Recorded: Dec 18 2019 25 mins
    Aamir Lakhani, Senior Security Strategist, FortiGuard Labs
    Join our FortiGuard Labs expert to gain an understanding of cyber threat trends that our recent Quarterly Threat Landscape Report has uncovered, such as attacks against edge services, a spike in Malware-as-a-Service, and OT vulnerabilities.

    Get an in-depth look at the most pressing cybersecurity concerns and attack trends and find out what you can do to combat them. Discover what types of best practices and techniques can be implemented to maintain a proactive security posture.
  • Ask the Expert – Can Security be an Innovation Enabler? Recorded: Nov 4 2019 16 mins
    Sherelle Farrington, Cloud Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet
    Join this live interactive Q&A session with Sherelle Farrington, Cloud Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet, where we'll be tackling key topics such as:

    1. How can we change security from a blocker into a digital innovation enabler?

    2. Isn’t a diverse, disparate mix of platforms a security nightmare?

    3. Can security even keep up with these dynamic, agile environments?

    4. How do we shift towards a more proactive, risk-focused approach?

    5. What impact are these evolving technologies having on overall infrastructure design?
  • Live Video Panel: Securing Your Hybrid and Private Cloud Networks Recorded: Nov 4 2019 60 mins
    Hadar Freehling, VMware | Sherelle Farrington, Fortinet | W. Curtis Preston, Druva | Bob Ghaffari, Intel
    As network architectures move to the cloud, knowing how to secure them is vital.

    Join experts in this live video panel as they discuss all things virtual and cloud networking - from security, network virtualisation, and beyond.

    Topics include:

    - Micro-segmentation and securing your application infrastructure

    - Readying today's hybrid and private cloud networks for tomorrow

    - SD-WAN, IoT and Edge computing: how they are changing the cloud network landscape

    W. Curtis Preston, Chief Technical Evangelist, Druva
    Hadar Freehling, Cloud Security Solutions Architect, VMware
    Sherelle Farrington, Cloud Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet
    Bob Ghaffari, GM, Enterprise & Cloud Networking Division, Intel Corporation

    David Welch, CTO, House of Brick
  • JumpStart Guide to Application Security in AWS Recorded: Oct 31 2019 51 mins
    Aiden Walden, Global Director of Public Cloud Architecture, Fortinet, Nam Le, Solutions Architect, AWS Marketplace
    As organizations begin to transition their applications into cloud environments, security teams must provide application security support and insight during the process.

    Join experts from SANS, AWS Marketplace and Fortinet as they discuss having a defined plan and integrating security within the development process - which allows for:

    - greater visibility within the application delivery process,
    - visibility into the security stance of the application
    - a defined remediation process for application security vulnerabilities.
Fortinet EMEA
Fortinet is a global leader and innovator in Network Security. Our mission is to deliver the most innovative, highest performing network security platform to secure and simplify your IT infrastructure.

We are a provider of network security appliances and security subscription services for carriers, data centers, enterprises, distributed offices and MSSPs. Because of constant innovation of our custom ASICs, hardware systems, network software, management capabilities and security research, we have a large, rapidly growing and highly satisfied customer base, including the majority of the Fortune Global 100, and we continue to set the pace in the Network Security market.

Our market position and solution effectiveness has been widely validated by industry analysts, independent testing labs, business organizations, and the media worldwide. Our broad product line of complementary solutions goes beyond Network Security to help secure the extended enterprise.

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  • Title: Stop Taking a Reactive Approach to Network Security
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  • Presented by: Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
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