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Advanced Persistent Threats – Stepping Back From The Edge

Advanced Persistent Threats have captured the imagination, or struck fear depending upon your perspective, in both enterprise and carrier network managers due to their high profile attacks. But what exactly is an Advanced Persistent Threat?

As this session will explore, an APT is actually a combination of a number of coordinated factors or efforts designed to enter a network surreptitiously to achieve a specific purpose.  These efforts will include some sort of exploit such as a Trojan or worm but will also include social engineering and any number of other methods that will help the attackers to achieve their purpose.

As an APT is a multi-layered attack on the network, your defenses against it must be multi-layered as well.  While no network orientated defense can prevent human error or imprudent actions, the solution against APTs must be able to detect and react to the widest possible range of existing and potential exploits and the mechanisms to deploy them.

But an efficient APT solution is more than just the hardware.  As the exploits themselves change, so must the intelligence embedded in the solution.  In order to be truly effective, the ideal solution must be as agile as the threat that it is designed to counter.  This can only be done with a fully committed and proactive research, detection and analysis capability supported by a global real time detection and delivery mechanism.
Recorded Dec 5 2013 31 mins
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Presented by
Patrick Grillo, Director, Fortinet
Presentation preview: Advanced Persistent Threats – Stepping Back From The Edge

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  • Using Authentication and Identity Management to Secure a Financial Network May 9 2017 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    Using Authentication and Identity Management to Secure a Financial Network:
    The Door is Still Open and the Horse is Almost out of the Barn

    Carbanak. JP Morgan/Chase. Dyre Wolf. Bank of America. Bangladesh. Tesco Bank. This roll call should be proof enough of the attractiveness of the FSI to the hacker/cyber criminal community. While not all of them can be associated with Authentication and Identity Management issues, it’s undeniable that they have played a prominent role.

    An increased focus on authentication and identity management is a right step forward but just confirming a user’s identify is only half the task. With the concept of Zero Trust gaining momentum, authentication and identification must be reinforced by the network itself through policy based access and segmentation.

    This session will look back at some of the data breaches that have been attributed to weak authentication methods and how they might have been prevented. At the same time, the concept of internal network segmentation will be presented to show how both halves of the equation need to be brought together to effectively close off this common attack vector.
  • Faster, Wider and Stronger Cyber Security with SIEM Recorded: Mar 29 2017 45 mins
    Dan Hanman, Consulting Systems Engineer SIEM
    Locks, barriers and traps will eventually be broken and overcome. The enterprise security infrastructure must continuously evolve in order to continue to protect the enterprise’s assets and provide mitigation in case of a breach.

    Security operations tools can play a critical role in maintaining the enterprise security posture through internal and external evolution.

    During this presentation, we will explore the role of SIEM as an enabler and how FortiSIEM can be a catalyst for a more efficient, effective and complete cybersecurity infrastructure.
  • Securing the Migration to Industry 4.0 Recorded: Mar 15 2017 49 mins
    Ronen Shpirer, Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet
    Digital Transformation, alongside European and country specific initiatives, liberalisation and competitive pressures, is transforming utilities, factories and critical infrastructure and their Operational Technology.

    With emphasis on Cyber Physical Systems, design-Customer-Supply chain collaboration, mobility and the cloud as the core enablers of his transformation, OT security must evolve to meet today’s cyber security challenges.

    This session will provide a high level view of these changes, the security challenges they present, and the security solutions which must be put in place to ensure a secured industrial transformation.
  • Securing The Multi-Dimensional Cloud Recorded: Feb 22 2017 44 mins
    Ronen Shpirer, Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet
    Software is eating the world – driving digital transformation and changing the way businesses do business. Cloud is a core enabler in every enterprise’s digital transformation voyage - facilitating innovation, agility and cost efficiency.

    But harnessing the power of the cloud creates a multi-dimensional environment where applications, data and information are borderless and yet, regardless of their changing location and existence, must be protected and secured as part of the enterprise overall security strategy and posture.

    This session will provide an overview of the unique security challenges in a multi-dimensional cloud environment, and the solution framework required for empowering and securing digital transformation.
  • It’s My Life but I no Longer Have Control Over it! Recorded: Dec 7 2016 45 mins
    Simon Bryden, Consulting Systems Engineer
    We all know that technology plays a role in our everyday life but do you know the extent of that role? Advertising tells us to spend more and more of our life online and embrace technology in our homes, cars and everywhere else a microchip can be placed.

    But nowhere is there a message about the consequences of the misuse of that technology. 2016 has seen a rise in the number of incidents involving ransomware, IoT, and simply well intentioned connectivity gone wrong. That momentum is set to continue into 2017 and beyond.

    Although past performance does not guarantee future results, this session will focus on what we have seen this year and what we expect to see in the near future.
  • One Firewall to Rule them All! Recorded: Nov 8 2016 27 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    The firewall wars have caused nothing but confusion in the market. Lines have been drawn between UTM and NGFW; are they different or are they the same thing? Unfortunately that confusion has led to introducing complexity and vulnerability in enterprise networks. There is a better way. Rather than fighting through a sea of acronyms, focus on what’s really important - How can I simplify my security infrastructure and improve my ability to fight off advanced attacks, no matter where they occur in the network?

    This session will present a new way of thinking about firewalls, one without the confusion, acronyms and complexity.
  • Stop Taking a Reactive Approach to Network Security Recorded: Oct 11 2016 42 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    Preparation and advance planning are key words for a number of activities but when it comes to securing a network, it seems that being reactive is more the norm.

    This session will focus on the consequences of not taking a proactive approach: dealing with the consequences of past decisions while trying to respond to the challenges of today.
  • Scaling & Segmenting the Agile Data Center with Software Defined Security Recorded: Sep 21 2016 43 mins
    Ronen Shpirer, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    Data center transformation with server and network virtualization are leading to agile IT environments that accelerate business initiatives and deliver more responsive applications.

    How can security itself be made more elastic and agile in Software-Defined Data Centers?

    A vision for Software-Defined Security is introduced, and a three-part framework will outline how network security is evolving across all layers of the network architecture, from the data plane to the control plane to the management plane.
  • Secure Unified Access Layer – Creating Universal Solutions Recorded: Jun 23 2016 36 mins
    Ben Wilson, Senior Director, Product Management, Fortinet
    During the past 15 years, access layer solutions have evolved, especially in terms wireless connectivity.

    Today's wireless connectivity has multiple approaches, each better meeting the specific requirements of organisations through a choice of different architectures. Whether its a refresh, redeployment, change of application or a brand new site, there are a lot of options.

    During this webinar we’ll examine different approaches and how to apply them to different verticals or deployment scenarios. As wireless connectivity continues to evolve, we will also look to the future and see how trends in new hardware can provide cutting edge solutions to meet the potential needs of tomorrow's organisations.

    The presentation will end with an overview of Fortinet's Secure Access Architecture and how it can meet today's and tomorrow's wireless requirements.
  • Advanced Threat Protection – Can Technology Alone Deliver What’s Needed? Recorded: Jun 15 2016 36 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Strategy
    More and more solutions are crowding into the market but data breaches are still happening and there’s no end in sight. Is an over reliance of technology creating a false sense of “everything’s okay”? This session will focus on the three key aspects of comprehensive advanced threat protection; technology, awareness and in particular the role of threat intelligence.
  • The Internet of Things – Good, Bad or just plain Ugly? Recorded: May 26 2016 28 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    IoT is everywhere these days and like most new and shiny things our attention is focused on its coolness factor.

    However, behind that pleasing and shining exterior lurks a potentially devastating menace. In the rush to bring product to market, very few if any manufacturers are security conscious, and as more and more of these products are deployed in the enterprise, the risk of a successful network breach increases exponentially.

    This session will focus on the potential dangers with IoT and look at the question of how and why IoT security is different from traditional IT security.
  • Securing ICS/SCADA Networks Recorded: May 17 2016 48 mins
    Ronen Shpirer, Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet
    Automation is at the base of many industries and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) is the base architecture enabling interactive automation of the industrial environment. The industrial environment has been going through rapid innovation, moving from isolated legacy systems to IP based, interconnected systems. In recent years, the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) upon which much of our critical infrastructure and manufacturing industry depends, have come under increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber-attacks.

    Join Fortinet to learn more about the ICS/SCADA specific environment, its security challenges and Fortinet’s unique solutions for the industrial environment.
  • Gartner on demand Webcast: The Growing Need for Internal Segmentation Firewall Recorded: May 10 2016 40 mins
    Lawrence Pingree, Research Director, Gartner & Warren Wu, Fortinet
    Cloud applications and BYOD have brought new functionality to enterprise networks - and unfortunately, also new security weaknesses and opportunities for cyber espionage. The addition of an Internal Segmentation Firewall (ISFW) offers strategic protections within the network that can bolster existing defenses and limit potential exposures.

    This webcast – “Strong on the Inside: The Growing Need for Internal Segmentation Firewalls” – features leading experts from Gartner and Fortinet as they discuss the latest in internal network security for today’s threat landscape, including:

    •Why targeted attacks worldwide are becoming more pervasive, and how a single malicious breach can cripple a company
    •How ISFWs differ from traditional firewalls - and why they can uniquely reduce the attack surface, contain internal threats, and minimize damages after a breach occurs
    •Why multi-gigabit performance is critical to an ISFW’s ability to provide deep visibility without slowing down the network
  • Your Money or Your Life: Defeating Ransomware Recorded: Apr 13 2016 47 mins
    Simon Bryden, Consulting Systems Engineer
    Ransomware is an ever-increasing threat to enterprises and new strains are being seen on a regular basis. This presentation starts by tracing the history of ransomware from its roots as being not much more than an annoyance, to the current highly sophisticated encrypting varieties.
    Following this will be a deep dive into how the malware is delivered to the victim, and an analysis of the different stages of an attack.
    Finally, we will look at methods of mitigating the attack in order to minimise or eliminate the damage done.
  • Security that counts: What’s in your Data Center? Recorded: Mar 17 2016 43 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    The Data Center is not an island. It is part of a complex ecosystem, working and evolving together for the overall benefit of the enterprise.

    Data Center security can no longer be treated as an island. It must integrate and interact with the overall enterprise ecosystem and security infrastructure to provide a real-time, effective security posture.

    This webinar will present a high level view as to the importance of deploying an integrated, end-to-end enterprise security platform for achieving data center security.

    Because sometimes, the best data center security solution has nothing to do with the data center!
  • Lessons learned about Advanced Threat Protection Recorded: Mar 17 2016 38 mins
    Tyson Macaulay, Chief Security Strategist and VP Security Services
    According to recent surveys, the majority of IT Security Executives are concerned about protecting customer data from cybercriminals, but only 1 in 3 is concerned about the loss of their own company’s intellectual property. While understandable, such thinking can also be disastrous, for organizations small and large.

    In this webinar, Fortinet Chief Security Strategist Tyson MacAulay, discusses accounts of real-world attacks on unsuspecting businesses, targeted by sophisticated cybercriminals, as well as the measures they have taken to successfully defend themselves.
  • Deploy Next Generation Firewalls for Internal Protection Recorded: Mar 15 2016 2 mins
    John Kindervag, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst
    John Kindervag from Forrester talks about protecting your organization against internal threats through a zero trust approach that you can start to deploy today by using Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) to protect internal network segments.
  • Internal Segmentation Firewalls for Zero-Trust Networks Recorded: Mar 14 2016 3 mins
    John Kindervag, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst
    Forrester VP and Principal Analyst John Kindervag discusses how traditional firewalls need to evolve into Internal Segmentation Firewalls for zero-trust networks.

    Instead of hierarchical networks with Next-Generation Firewalls at the edge, firewalls need to act as internal “network segmentation gateways” with high performance, security effectiveness and compatibility with existing deployments.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: For all of the Network, All of the Time Recorded: Feb 25 2016 48 mins
    Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet
    The headlines are full of claims by security companies having the key to solving the problem of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

    However, on closer inspection it seems that while the technology that they’re touting is interesting, it’s only a partial solution because it only addresses part of the problem.

    In today’s changing threat horizon, attacks can come from anywhere, at anytime and in any form. An effective Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) capability must be able operate in the same manner - everywhere in the network, with any technology and fully collaborative.

    This webinar will present and focus on the following:
    1.The range of technologies needed
    2.How to close off exploitable gaps with common threat intelligence
    3.Technology is only part of the final solution
  • The Evolving Threat Landscape Recorded: Dec 2 2015 47 mins
    Simon Bryden, Consulting Systems Engineer, Fortinet
    This webinar reviews some of the headline attacks and threat events of 2015, then asks what can be learned from them. After looking at some of the trends and directions that today's attacks are taking, it looks at key challenges facing the enterprise, and how they can be addressed by leveraging the latest developments in security technologies, combined with constantly updated threat intelligence.
Fortinet EMEA
Fortinet is a global leader and innovator in Network Security. Our mission is to deliver the most innovative, highest performing network security platform to secure and simplify your IT infrastructure.

We are a provider of network security appliances and security subscription services for carriers, data centers, enterprises, distributed offices and MSSPs. Because of constant innovation of our custom ASICs, hardware systems, network software, management capabilities and security research, we have a large, rapidly growing and highly satisfied customer base, including the majority of the Fortune Global 100, and we continue to set the pace in the Network Security market.

Our market position and solution effectiveness has been widely validated by industry analysts, independent testing labs, business organizations, and the media worldwide. Our broad product line of complementary solutions goes beyond Network Security to help secure the extended enterprise.

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  • Presented by: Patrick Grillo, Director, Fortinet
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